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Offering Free Energy Healings to Everyone


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***Thank you so much for visiting my website***

My name is Andrew Bojarski and I am an energy healer.  I offer FREE distant energy healings to anyone that is interested.  I perform the energy healings every Saturday at 10:00 AM. California time.

If you are interested in an energy healing and would like to participate on Saturdays, follow the steps below:

Step #1:  Send me an e-mail to andy.bojarski@verizon.net with your most recent head shot picture and let me know what issues you would like to have healed.   Also, please be sure to state where you are from (ex, Florida USA., Australia, Canada, etc.) so I can connect better with your energies;

Step #2:  This step is very important.  Click HERE and read what to expect before, during, and after the energy healing.  Be sure to study the I AM Presence chart on that page as you read the information on that link;

Step #3:  Click on the audio visualization below.  This is a full energy healing.  Please do this often as you wait for the Saturday energy energy healing.  Your energy healing with me will be very similar to this visualization.

Step #4:  After the energy healing, constantly work on your connection with your I AM presence, and remove things from your life that are not of the Light as you are on your way to ascension as an awakened Being of Light and Child of GOD!!

You can do this energy healing every Saturday if you would like.  I am sending you all of my love and so many blessings…


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DISCLAIMER:  The healing sessions are not meant to be a substitute for professional medial care or treatment.  They are not intended for diagnosis of illness, prescription of medicine, or to replace your doctor.  There is no guarantee that the healing will work or do anything for you.  My attempted healing is not intended to replace regular medicine, but rather to complement it.  If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor.  I am not a medical doctor, and I do not make medical diagnoses.  I do not prescribe medications and/or medical treatments and I do not interfere with the prescribed medications and/or with medical treatments.

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