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Mom’s Closet

Mom - 1978Mom’s closet is something that I started to help feel people that are hungry.  Read below to see how it all stated for me.

This is a picture of my mother, Mary Bojarski.  She died of stomach cancer on February 29, 2012.  I was very, very, close with my mom.  Two days after she died, she visited me in my bedroom at about 2:00 in the morning.

I felt her soul / spirit merge with mine and she then channeled / talked with me.  She was actually talking to me and I was asking her questions and she was giving me answers.  It was real and it was amazing and this was in my conscious mind while I was awake.  It was like me having a conversation with you and hearing your voice.

My mom told me to tell my dad not to throw any of her clothes away and she told me to donate her clothes to the needy who could use the clothes.   Then, my mom channeled again with me at night and this time it felt as if she took my spirit and placed it into a homeless person and I felt the pain and suffering which that homeless person felt.  I never want to feel that way again!

She told me that I have a good life and that I needed to now give back to others that are struggling.  She said that I needed to help the needy.  My mom said that she, her angels, and the spirit realm would support me 100%.  This was a real life changing event for me that opened up my eyes.  This is about helping others who need help.

I thought about how I can help and started calling numerous homeless shelters and churches to get a better understanding how they work and wanted to make sure that the needy actually got helped.  So, when your mom, who recently died, comes back to you a few days later and has a discussion with you and tells you to do this, you do it!

My mom also told me that as I start to do this and tell people about this, those people that donate will be positively affected and their hearts will open up more and eventually more and more people will get involved.  I never thought I would ever be doing this but it has given me peace, happiness and love.  I hope it gives you peace, happiness and love.  People are struggling and I just want to help.

She told me that everyone else’s suffering is your suffering, so help stop the suffering.  In any event, the name that I am using to associate all of this with is “Mom’s Closet” after my mom.  I started a website that others can go to where they can get details of Mom’s Closet.  Click HERE to visit the Mom’s Closet Website.  I am sending all of you love and many warm blessings…


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DISCLAIMER:  The healing sessions are not meant to be a substitute for professional medial care or treatment.  They are not intended for diagnosis of illness, prescription of medicine, or to replace your doctor.  There is no guarantee that the healing will work or do anything for you.  My attempted healing is not intended to replace regular medicine, but rather to complement it.  If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor.  I am not a medical doctor, and I do not make medical diagnoses.  I do not prescribe medications and/or medical treatments and I do not interfere with the prescribed medications and/or with medical treatments.

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