How Energy Healings Work


All About Energy Healings…

My distance energy healings that I perform are all free.  I do it out of love and service to you, a glorious and perfect child of God that you are.  You are the Light!  You do not have to be physically present with me for the energy healing to take place.  I project the energy to you, regardless of your physical location.

If you want me to try to help you, you have to connect with your I AM Presence, know and accept that your I AM Presence is the only giver, doer, and owner of all perfection and beauty in your life.  Your I AM Presence is your individualization of your God Self and is your Creator.  It is your higher self.

In addition, please read all the information below and follow the instructions given to help make your healing experience as perfect as it can be.

You have to trust that this energy healing will help you, and you have to accept the Divine Energy that flows through you from your Individualized God Self, your I AM Presence.  You accept by having the intention to accept and having love in your heart.

The energies may be blocked if you question the process, have doubts, fears, or any expectations.  Just allow to process to flow and relax, trust, surrender, accept, and see what happens!

I do not guarantee that I will help you with any physical pain or discomfort, or in any other way, but please read the HEALING TESTIMONIALS to see what others have said after their healing experience.  This may help you decide whether an energy healing is right for you.  Each healing lasts about 1 hour.

Study the picture and chart below of your I AM Presence before the energy healing. 


Listen to the MP3 audio visualization meditation below before the energy healing…

Do not drink any alcohol, smoke any cigarettes, pipes, marijuana, or take any recreational drugs, or chewing tobacco or eat any meat the day before the energy healing or the day of the energy healing.

What to expect DURING the energy healing…

Please make sure that you are lying down on your back with your eyes closed during the one hour energy healing and that you are not interrupted by pets, family members, house guests, or anyone or anything else.  It is best to be in a room by yourself with no pets or guests.

Also, please go to the bathroom before you lie down.  You want to be undisturbed during the full hour of the energy healing as you are lying down in a calm, peaceful, quiet environment.

Just lay down in you bed or couch for approximately 1 hour and make sure your shoes are off and you are comfortable and not wearing any leather clothing items.  Wear comfortable clothes that are not tight on your waist area, like sweats.  Remove all jewelry.  You can have crystals if you would like close to you.

You can have meditative background music playing, but no headphones or ear buds.  Also, if you have a candle, please light it and dedicate it to the healing team to show gratitude for the energy healing.  However, music and candles are not required.

I will project healing energies to you during the one hour energy healing period and connect you to your I AM Presence.  I will bring in the Angels, Arch Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, and many other Ascended Masters to help with the energy healing, and many other Higher Light Beings.

However, I do not heal you.  I AM but a channel that helps to connect you with your I AM Presence, your individualized God Self.  Your I AM Presence will determine what healing you are ready to receive based on your awareness and soul expansion level of the Light within you.

During the one hour that you are lying down, try to think of a moment in your life when you were very happy and focus your attention on that moment during the healing and take a few deep breaths before the healing begins.  This will help you to relax during the healing and just let go for 1 hour.  If your vision shifts to something or someone else, just let go and follow your inner promptings.

If you cannot think of a beautiful moment that has given you happiness in your life, try to think of something that puts a smile on your face: children laughing, a vacation place you want to go to, etc.  This will help your connection with your I AM Presence.

Please understand that every individual’s energy healing experience is different, unique, and personal to them.  However, below are some wonderful examples of different feeling sensations that people have experienced during their individual energy healing.  You can use these examples as a guide of what you may possibly experience during your energy healing session.

It is important that you do not have any expectations about any of these sensations and do not have any fear with respect to these sensations.  Fear is a block and will prevent the flow of energy.  Do not be afraid if you feel any of the items below.

  1. You may feel completely relaxed, like you are are in a sauna or spa and feel really good during the energy healing.
  2. You may fall asleep throughout the entire hour (or longer) of the energy healing or during parts of the energy healing and awaken from a deep, deep, sleep.
  3. As your eyes are closed, you may see white light, or you may see different colored light (gold, green, or violet, for example) in blocks or in combination of these colors or any of the colors of the rainbow.
  4. You may feel what others have described as near death experiences with the Light.
  5. As your eyes are closed, you may see faces of people you know or do not know, places you know or do not know, shapes, Angelic Beings, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Deceased Family Members, Other Light Beings, or Me.
  6. You may hear Angelic Beings, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Me, Deceased Family Members, Other Light Beings, or GOD speaking to you.
  7. You may feel heat or cold sensations throughout the body or on certain areas of the body.
  8. You may hear or smell things.
  9. You may feel slight or strong tingling sensations throughout the body or certain areas of the body.
  10. You may feel energy surges throughout your body or certain parts of the body, like ants crawling on your body or certain parts of your body.
  11. You may have a feeling of  lightness like you are drifting in clouds or are being lifted from the body.
  12. You may cry a lot or a little and feel a small or large release from your body leaving you.
  13. You may laugh out hysterically in ecstasy and joy.
  14. You may have various different visions of you or other people in this lifetime or past lifetimes.  Or you may have various visions of other places from past lifetimes.
  15. You may have no feelings whatsoever, nothing different from before, and not feel anything.
  16. You may feel pressure or slight discomfort in certain parts of your body or your chakras (energy centers in your body) or you may feel jolts in your body at certain times.
  17. You may feel ringing in the ears or feel hands touching you around the head area or certain parts of your body.
  18. You may be taken out of your body and see yourself lying down from above or be taken for a ride in the Universe with a loved one.
  19. You may feel your eyes flickering up and down or left to right as your energy vibration is increased and the atomic structure of your optic nerve is raised allowing you to be elevated to a higher energy octave above the human octave.
  20. You may have a combination of all or some of the above.

To read more of what people have experienced during their energy healings, please click on the HEALING TESTIMONIALS

What to expect AFTER the energy healing…

Once the energy healing is completed after the full hour, you may be asleep.  That is OK.  Let the energies integrate within you and do their work for you.

Sleep is good and allows the energies to enter your consciousness more, so do not be concerned that you have overslept past the one hour that the healing took place.

Also, I would strongly recommend that if you have an appointment and need to be somewhere after the energy healing, that you have someone in your home wake you up or set your alarm clock to wake you up after the energy healing.  This way you would not miss your appointment.

However, I would recommend not having any appointments after the energy healing as you want to relax after the energy healing and rest.  There have been people that have slept for hours after the energy healing.

After the energy healing, drink lots and lots of water.

After the energy healing, it is OK to eat, but do not eat any meat as you will absorb into your body the fear energies of the animal that was killed for the food.  As you continue on your awakening, you will no longer eat meat as animals are not here to be killed for food.  Your heightened awareness will guide you to this.

After the energy healing, try not to exercise or move around too much.  No heavy lifting or exertion, or sex activities.  Lie down and rest and relax and allow the energies to integrate into you.

After the energy healing, do not smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana, or anything dealing with smoking whatsoever. If you use any of these stimulant or have these addictions, as you continue on your awakening, you will no longer have needs for them.  Your heightened awareness will guide you to this but YOU must break from these addictions yourself.

After the energy healing, do not drink any alcohol or chew any tobacco or take any recreational drugs.  Again, if you use any of these stimulant or have these addictions, as you continue on your awakening, you will no longer have needs for them.  Your heightened awareness will guide you to this but YOU must break free from these addictions.

Here are some sensations that you may feel after the energy healing.

  1. You may feel that you are lighter and feel as if a load of weight was released from your being and you may want to cry or laugh.
  2. You may feel relaxed and tired like you want to sleep.  That is OK as the new energies are integrating within your being.
  3. You may feel very happy.
  4. Your pain that you may have had in certain parts of your physical body may be eliminated or minimized.
  5. You may feel dizzy and weak.  This is good as the energies are being integrated into your being.  Just relax, rest, and let the energies do their job.
  6. You may have discomfort in certain parts of your body or your entire body for a while.  Again this is OK, as the energies are working on you and are being integrated.
  7. You may feel a difference in consciousness.  This may happen over the next few days or weeks where things that were important to you are no longer that important.  You may view life differently and contemplate your life and where it is heading.  This is a sign of your awakening and connection with your I AM Presence, which is what you definitely want.

Relax, smile and enjoy your day or evening.  If you had a great experience and are feeling better, tell your friends and share your experience on Facebook or other social media and refer others to me that you feel may need help.  Stay in contact with me a few days after and tell me how you are feeling…

If you feel that the energy healing has helped you and you are in a financial position to donate, feel free to provide an energy exchange by donating any amount you feel is appropriate.  To give a donation, please Click HERE or the donate button on the left.


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DISCLAIMER:  The healing sessions are not meant to be a substitute for professional medial care or treatment.  They are not intended for diagnosis of illness, prescription of medicine, or to replace your doctor.  There is no guarantee that the healing will work or do anything for you.  My attempted healing is not intended to replace regular medicine, but rather to complement it.  If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please immediately consult a medical doctor.  I am not a medical doctor, and I do not make medical diagnoses.  I do not prescribe medications and/or medical treatments and I do not interfere with the prescribed medications and/or with medical treatments.


  1. Hi
    My name is paunta I will love to get healing from you
    I am going thurogh a very hard time of emotional and mental I lost my dad last year and at same time dealing with family issue and inherited issue and I had to come to Iran and it been very hard and difficult to deal with for me I feel like I lost my pace and happiness can’t focus and got super sensitive I cry a lot
    I just can’t Handel all this thing specially that my dads family trying to take advantage of me ((
    Please help me to get my health and pace back to I can get strong to stand up for my self and get back what is rightfully is min
    Thank you so much


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