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The more humanity can accept the Ascended Masters Presence, the wider they open the door for the Ascended Masters to pour greater and greater help to humanity; but the rejection of the Ascended Masters, by those who do not agree with this truth, does not remove the Ascended Masters or that truth from existence and activity in the universe.

221.  NILA R. – Canada

Hi Andy, here’s my testimony for the healing session. In the beginning I was feeling relaxed, and gradually after half an hour I saw a vortex opening in the sky and a cascade showering over me. I felt like a rush of emotions needing to come out.

I felt presence of light beings all around me. I felt a release afterwards. I now feel lighter. Thank you again for this healing.

220.  BIANCA R. – Romania

I want to share with everyone my feedback in regards to the healing session with Andy.It was my second session and it was very different from the first one, much deeper and profound. In the first session I had a live healing, this time it was a distant healing with me laying down.Before the session, and before starting to speak on Skype with Andy I started to feel his energies connecting with me, my heart space getting really warm.

When the session began I started to remember the happy moments in my life and in the mean time focusing on the areas of my body where I had pain. I felt all my body getting warm, especially my arms that were hurting the most. I felt my body was uplifted and I started to have visions of my past lives most of them from ancient times and I felt really sorry for the bad things I did back then.

I also had a vision of an old man with white beard that seemed to me a very evolved spirit that told me “you are so blessed my dear” and a woman that was praying for me whom I recognized to be Mother Marry. Then at some point my hands started to get really hot like different energies were passing through and there was a very sharp pain in my upper right ribs and my intuition told me to place my palms on them and so the pain was gone.

After the session was over I could still feel my body warm but I also felt very released like the stones from my heart were gone. After the session Andy said that my spirit sent out love to everyone on Earth and beyond to all the beings of the Universe, that I am on the right way to ascension and to continue with my meditations and self healing. Many thanks Andy for your guidance! God bless you!

219.  DOTTIE C. – USA, California

I feel blessed, enriched and expanded following my recent energy healing with Andy. I requested a singleness of heart… washing, clearing and increased capacity to be/see with the eyes of Love; and restoration of hearing & action of facial muscles. 🙂

Andy, I am eternally grateful to you for this/your most beautiful heart service.. and from deep places… to my Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Great Beings of the Light, who responded instantaneously with Their energies, healing and love.

My body, soul & being was bathed in waves of heavenly energy. I could feel the strength of that energy present in different parts of my body… legs, arms … then following the healing… & present still, in my neck and head; and clarity & peace throughout my various energy bodies. I can sense that this restoration & work continues.. and is so lovingly bringing these soul requests to birth.

I never questioned for a moment the purity, beauty & power of this healing.  Tenderly, lovingly, joyously yours,

Dottie 🙂

218.  J.K. – England

Hello just wish to say a Big Thanks to Andy for his amazing healing. I began by thinking of my cat Cleopatra who is now in Spirit world. Then I saw St Germain.

Then I saw Egyptian and Eastern women and a gold statue. Oddly enough as I’m doing Beauty Therapy at College I had been offered a training job at Nefertiti Beauty Salon over the Easter Holiday Periods.

I saw colors of purple and yellow and orange, brown and red over my stomach. Ive had many problems in my tummy area. Then I saw a Egyptian mummy it was a male figure just dressed in white bandages. He opened my tummy and pulled it apart with his hands, then his hands slid up and he pulled out my heart.

I feel it was a sign that he had healed my heart. I felt some pain also in my leg where I had had a fall many years back. Then I felt warm energy and I felt very happy I felt it glide upwards to my chest and also my foot that had been hurting the day before.

I had asked for some wishes. In my healing I saw me getting married and I saw 2 children they were about 5 or 6. Then I was worried if they were to be my future children or not. I then saw a double pram. I had wished for twins so I saw that as a sign that I will have 2 children.

I saw a house with 2 cars in the drive and I saw an abundance of cash flowing through the air in front of my home. I felt so relieved as I’m over 50 now and that was a sign from above that all my wishes have already been granted.

I’m so grateful to Andy and the Masters for their amazing healing experience. The best and strongest healing I’ve ever had in my life.
Totally out of this world.  Much love.

217.  MICHELLE L. – USA, Washington

My personal experience of the healing was very profound. I was told by Andy to think of something very joyful that happened in the past. As soon as I brought my joyful experience to mind, the flood gates of emotions came spilling out.

I wasn’t thinking of anything sad other than the happy time in my life. This sadness lasted for a few minutes and then it vanished. I started to see bright colors moving over my eyes throughout most of the session.

I felt my muscles releasing in different parts of my body. Then waves of sadness came over two more times with time in between. When it was over, I felt a sense of peace and calmness and felt a bit tired.

I am looking forward to seeing how my body heals over the coming weeks after releasing all of that pent up draining energy.

Thanks again, Andy…Love and peace to you!


216.  MARIE F. – USA, Florida


Thank you so much for that beautiful energy healing two days ago on 3/21/2015. You are such a wonderful person to offer these sessions and I am eternally grateful. I went into the healing believing that my issues would be resolved and it did.

I fell asleep at some point during the healing but I want to share with you what I felt during the healing before I fell asleep. I forgot to tell you I am not a day sleeper once I am up that’s it until bedtime…lol

Prior to my healing, I had listened to the audio visualization energy healing that is on your site and I must say that first night of listening and visualizing what you were saying to do I started to cry. I felt the energy as you were talking me through. I cried because I felt some healing had started. I even saw my mom.

On Saturday after we spoke and just before our session started I laid on my bed on my back and for about 10 minutes i didn’t feel anything but once I start to visualize what I felt the first night as you told me to I began to feel a warm feeling in my feet.

I also was enveloped by the purple flame, very thick at first and then it got a light purple and then I saw white light. During this time I started to feel cold almost freezing. I was going back and fort between my whole body freezing or just my feet getting warm and tingly and cold.

After awhile, I felt I couldn’t move. And then I started to feel a heaviness in my chest, not pain but as if a pressure was there. I got tighter and tighter and then it went away and at that time I saw your face smiling.

Then the pressure move to my forehead and around my eye, then the pressure moved back to my heart of chest area. Also, during this time I smelled a bad odor for about a second and it was gone. Don’t understand what that was about.

And at some point I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 2:45pm my time. We started around 1pm. After I woke up I was in a haze and then it slowly cleared. I picked up the phone and called you…but i must say that when I woke up I felt light as if something lifted.

Now to the real deal. I have osteoarthritis in my feet and back and often after work my feet swells up and it hurt to walk. Usually in the mornings I have to bend to get out of bed and slowly straighten up before starting my day.

For the past two days no pain in my back and feet and no swelling. Today is Monday, when I got up this morning no pain in my back. I am sitting here typing and my feet are not swollen and no pain.

I had a lot of anger issues and I must say in the past 8 years this is the first time I drove home from work without getting angry in traffic or even when I get home nothing bothers me.

I will continue to listen to the visualization energy healing on your site.

It’s amazing how you can stay so far away and help to heal. I know I am healed and I know this work and I will tell everyone about you.

Thank you again for that amazing session.

Love and light,

215.  RUTH G. – USA, Connecticut

My session with Andy was a wonderful experience. It connected me to a source within myself that gave me insight into the importance of love and forgiveness.

It centered me and connected me to a higher consciousness as I was embraced by a loving energy. It made me feel connected to a higher power, that I was being guided and also grounded to what was important in life.

I came away feeling a sense of peace, love and acceptance. It brought all my fragmented pieces together and made me feel whole. Ruth

214.  DION J. – USA, Florida

My energy healing with Andy was amazing.  As soon as we started and Arc Angel Michael came in, I felt the intense energy and it felt so peaceful and relaxing. As I was leaving my body I felt tingling sensation and then my body slowly became numb.

We went to a healing chamber in the higher realms where I met with the angels. They one by one gave me a healing. I could feel all the different energies. It’s really hard to describe in words. I then went inside of my heart and was able to connect to my higher self, my true self…wow! What an wonderful experience.

I’m so grateful I met Andy, he is an amazing channel and I felt so comfortable with him.

Much Love to All

213.  MARYANNE O. – Germany

Hi Andy,

I have for the past many hours after my energy healing let soft beautiful vibrations flood my inner being.  I feel cushioned and safe. I find myself in a perfect place where I am completely disconnected from anger, anxiety, pain and feelings of disappointment.

I let myself go and bask in the new assurance holding onto it, feeling it surround and engulf my entire being. My healing session took place than 24 hours ago, thereabout and  I still feel the  different colors of light penetrate my conscious mind and lead me to a place of refuge. It’s a gentle release and a new reassurance. Refreshing and soothing.

I cry now as I type these words. For the longest time I’ve handled things my way. I had to slow down when I started experiencing joint pains, pains that would keep me motionless and in bed. That got me thinking of what I have achieved as a person with many questions of my purpose in life.

It made me search for answers. Made me ask more questions.  Questions on life and death, good and evil. I am happy that I bumped onto energy healing and later on to your website. The pieces of my puzzle started to fall in place. I feel blessed to have been a part of an energy healing session with you.  There was a gentle release of tension and weight that I cannot explain.

I still feel the presence of the higher beings we called in and my relationship with Jesus Christ who I call Lord has been renewed.  I finally see how everything fits in. When you called in Archangel Michael a second time, I felt his presence. I had a tingle on my left foot which has troubled me with continuous pain the past few years. As I type away this minute right now, I feel no pain whatsoever.

I have no pain and I cry now because I know this pain was real and disabling.  It took away more than two years of my life that I would have spent differently with my children.

I’m thankful.  It is a spiritual reawakening for me.  I am bursting with love, a beautiful sensation.

Thank you for the work you’re doing shedding light where there is despair and sending love to help mend what is broken.

I’m still basking in the white light soaking in its soft energies. I had to send this note out though as I find the words to describe this beautiful experience and proclaiming that there is indeed refuge in the light.

Stay blessed and keep feeding souls.

I share in your light. Blessings.

212.  RUBY I. – USA, Alabama

Light Greetings to you Andy,

I just finished the healing session and I would like to share my experience as it is still fresh in my mind.

Breathing in the Divine Light and breathing out the Love was a peaceful experience for me. I felt calmness within me and knowing that my breathing out love expanded not only to my family but to the entire Universe, gave me a sense of gratitude.

Throughout the session, I mostly saw Violet Energy in my mind eye and a lot of Orange and Gold Energies as well. When the Master Jesus came down, I saw Gold Energy in circular shape. Again, those are the three colors that I experience throughout my session. Also, I felt strong pulses of energy that came from my head and traveled down my entire body.

I now have met my own Self and now understand the concept of unconditional love. By letting and allowing to receiving the Universe Unconditional Love, I am now able to emit it back to Mother Earth and the Universe. Most importantly, I am able to forgive myself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much, Andy, for your time and kindness in doing this healing session with me.

Love and Blessing to you and the Universe.


211.  ELEANOR C. – USA, Massachusetts

Andy, I had to send you a message right away after my healing. Yes, I felt I immediately had a healing. I first  was amazed because I could see all the colors of the Archangels and felt their presence today. I was grateful that you had connected to them and facilitated such a wonderful healing today. I feel tingly still and I still have a wonderful warm sensation on my forehead and face.

As I told you the pain in my shoulder I had is completely gone.  I have this wonderful smile on my face I can’t remove.

The attachments are completely gone. My energy is almost back to normal and the session has just ended and I  should be resting. If anyone is thinking if they should try it, do it. Something wonderful will come out of it as it did for me.

Thank you from my heart to yours for the love you share by doing this for today. I feel honored for your taking the  time today.  With love and blessings,


210.  WESLEY C. – USA, Massachusetts

I have worked with many intuitive/psychic healers. Andy is someone who I have a particular fondness and appreciation for. His choice to do this work for free, I will not call it right or wrong, but I will say that it shows a tremendous amount about his desire to help people that he has made this service gift to others a daily part of his life. That is something incredibly amazing.

I pick up on energies very easily, and when I felt into Andy’s it felt very good to me. This is a large reason why I decided to do a session with him. His approach was very loving, thoughtful and with a strong desire to help. He’s very genuine, and I could feel the power of his energy before we got started.

When working with healers, one of the most important things is that they are coming from a genuine place of wanting to help the person they’re working on. Andy is this type of person. Very genuine and very caring.

Energy work is something I’ve been doing for about three years now, and it can produce very powerful changes. If it feels like it resonates with you, Andy is an excellent person to help you out.

209.  BHAVANI K. – Australia

Hi Andy, Hope you are well.  Thank you again for the healing session on 5.5.14 all these nos adds up to 555 I just realised, which is an ultimate big life changes happening nos so something big change wave coming through soon 😉

Just wanted to update you post healing- things really geared up in couple of days about sale of business and custody of baby  I have had people coming to see my business for sale, I have had 3 people interested but nobody turned up again 😦 also I had the solicitor from free legal service calling me to help me negotiate with baby father to get the signature for the 100% custody to me but again she said she will send in all the paperwork n speak to father as well but haven’t heard from her so far so its bit of like on hold thing or something like that.

Since you had advised to update you about post healing how I am going so just thought will shoot an email with the updates.  You’re such a wonderful man with so much love whenever I think of u I straight away get connected to u , u have beautiful smile that grin on ur face is still on my mind cant forget those moments spent it was truly sensational n heart touching  will always be grateful to you  Thank you so much again  Bhavani…

Hi Andy,

It was such a blessing and pleasure to see you and talk to you i was absolutely excited and thrilled with yesterday’s healing session experience,

Initially i felt the heat and then cold chills and sensations all over the body,  I could also feel the presence of little fairies around me. Tears rolled out in the expression of gratitude of healing session,  couldn’t have asked for more, feeling so relaxed and excited, calm and newness in me…i could sense the love pouring in and around me.

In fact after the session when i got back to sleep i dreamed of everything being healed and i had so much love around me and for people around me too..

Thank you so much, you are such lovely and wonderful person,  I am blessed to have this session with you, didnt expect it would happen,
Thanks again for everything,  Bhavani

208.  DAVE S. – USA, Idaho

Thank you for facilitating and co-creating the beautiful energy healing today with our I am presence / ascended beings assistance. I felt something significant would be accomplished, but I did not know what or who it would be for or why.

Prior to the healing time I simply asked my I am presence to accomplish with you whatever is best for you, me and humanity. I then tried to visualize Love and Light to you and to all that is, during the healing time.

My human was not aware of the reality of it in higher dimensions.  I am deeply grateful for what you have shared. It is my privilege to work with you and I on honor you by Heart for it. I will look forward to doing it again.

Namaste, Dave

207.  DIANA W. – Canada

Dear Andy,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the session and very powerful, amazing positive changes in my mental body!  I feel released from many shades of sadness, harsh feelings, worries and
almost constant inner disharmony giving space to peace and gladness of the heart.

This experience is like stepping out of winter blizzard to a beautiful, full of flowers meadows with the sun smiling at me, and I am dancing full of joy! The old disturbing and negative thought process is GONE !!!!

It is like your treatment Andy has released my heart from a locked jar when I was able to see the world only through the glass, now I am free to enjoy LIFE!

God bless You, with much love and gratitude.

206.  KAREN T. – Singapore

Dear Andy,

I want to thank you for the amazing clearing on April 21st.  During the clearing I saw many colors. My first color I saw lots of was purple. As the session unfolded, there was much yellow and green appearing as well.

During the session it felt as though someone was supporting my heart from below, it felt a bit of pressure, but not uncomfortable. Shortly thereafter, I felt a total peace and calm throughout my body, then I began to see golden stamped sheets and beautiful pink. I felt great love and joy during the session.

I also saw small visions of movies, like a couple in love, animals living happily, beautiful homes and gardens. Clear, clean water and mountains. It was like a viewing of upcoming life attractions, where the world was at peace, People, animals and plants lived in harmony with respect for all living things. There was much joy and abundance of fresh, clean food and water for all to enjoy. Time to listen to the hearts of all!

It is amazing how I was not in my hometown at this time, but knew the universe had the right time and place for me to be. I want like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing session!

Thank you, Karen

205.  KENNETH Z. – USA, California

I have a hard time falling to sleep because of the chatting in my mind. And if I don’t fall to sleep within 15 minutes or so, my shoulder and knee will get sore and pain when sleeping on the side. After the session, my mind feel calmer and reduce my pain to half ore more. I could sleep much easier now. Thank you Andrew and the archangels and ascended masters for this wonderful healing. You are such a loving and beautiful soul to offer this free healing to help others in the world. With love and light. Nameste.

204.  NANCY Y – USA, California

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your kind heart and gift of healing! Here’s my experience for you to use on your website!

Thank you Andy for your time and healing energy once again! I enjoyed my two sessions with you and feel very blessed to have found you. While the energy feeling was similar my sessions, the color and visuals were completely different.

In my first session, I saw a lot of violet light early on. Half way through, the violet light disappeared and made room for the golden and white light to surface. I felt warmth in both hands and a slight tingly sensation in my right leg.

Today, for most of my second session, I bathed in the warmth of the golden light. This golden light strengthen and grow brighter as I connected with your energy and saw you in my mind’s eye. My body felt safe, warm and protected while my feet remain cold during the session.

There was a slight pressure on my third eye near the end. I had ringing of the ears when the session started however when we were done, the ringing had stopped.

I felt light, energetic and happy at the end of our time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift Andy. I look forward to connect with you again. Blessings, Nancy

203.  MELISSA N. – USA, California

I would like to start with a huge Thank you, to Andy for the healing he did for me..:) I wanted to see more however I’m now feeling this is just the beginning into a bright future of more openness, and love for me to be the I am presence, I am. When it started I was instantly overwhelmed with my eyes moving rapidly. Crazy fast! with a lot off white light flickering too! I then instantly felt and feeling of immense love, it was so strong it I said, out loud “Oh my god” it took my breath away.

Then as fast as it happened I started crying. Tears just flowed out the corners of my eyes. It wasn’t necessarily a sad cry, more a feeling of elation.

It didn’t last very long at all then I felt like a warm blanket of energy was over me sort of hovering it was a calm peaceful feeling. I had that until the end. I then began to see colors, Many bright colors making many shapes coming in and out. I saw my grandmothers face in the right corner hovering. Smiling and so full of love it came and went fast too.

Then I could start to feel my neck and arms had like warm lines heating through them at different times. My head tingled, I felt pressure in my sinus area. My stomach was gurgling too. All at different times. When I got up my nose was red and warm. Lol?

I never felt uncomfortable ever. Just peaceful and content the whole time. I must say and hour went by so fast. Felt like no time at all and it was over. I am so grateful for the experience. thank you so much, Andy you’re a beautiful soul. 🙂

So, after I spoke with you you mentioned my mother and the sadness I expressed. I was really taken back because I completely believe she is ok and her soul is at peace full of love and is with me too! All that stuff. So after I got off the phone I started listening to my I pod. The song that popped up on its own.

Was a song by a woman I had recently found a week ago by chance. Her voice is so beautiful to me. Over and over I’ve been listening to her it’s bordering obsessive. So it starts playing and this one song in particular I love so much because it reminds me of how much I love my children.

In my mind I’m singing it to them. So, this song comes on and all of a sudden I feel a very strong feeling of my mom saying this is me singing it to you this time. So I began to cry so hard. I can’t remember the last time I have felt so much hurt in my heart like the day of her funeral.

So, I’m telling myself Melissa get a grip. Then I said, you know what I’m just going to feel this and let it all out. So my day consisted of crying, resting drinking lots if water feeling so drained. My conclusion is I feel that the 15 year old girl who lost her mother was still holding on the some thoughts and feelings that were deep inside of me.

Just waiting for that day to release all I had held on so tightly to regarding her. to then help me be the me, I know I can be. Without her by my side. Physically, I think it’s really hard living in this physical world to let go completely because it’s so common for us to see touch or hear.

To make us feel it ok. However this path that has led me to to you isn’t anything physical at all of our journey is a map of the unknown. The journey to get to the core of ourselves.

Our true essence, of love it all comes within. I feel as though another piece of the puzzle has connected for me, because of you and the divine guidance we have.  I am so full of gratitude and love. You’re the catalyst of love and through you I found a little more of me.. Thank you..:)  Melissa

Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way. Love and blessings…:)

202.  PHATTANAVADI S. – USA, California

Thank you for taking time clearing all my Chakras with your powerful energy. I did not feel anything that day, however, Master Kuthumi was with me during the session. He wanted me to stay calm, focus and relax so that I would absorb the healing energy from you. He said even though I did not feel anything, rest assure that all Chakras are cleaned and that I should continued with meditation. At the end of the session, he told me don’t forget to thank Andy for the healing. You are the best Andy.

201.  RACHEAL M. – USA, Minnesota

Hi Andy!
I would like to thank you again for the healing energy and balance you helped bring to my body and spirit. Now, 24 hours later, I feel a deep, raw aching in my heart. There is occasionally a racing beat, but most of all I feel more opened. A gentle smile sits on my face, and I feel truly optimistic. I feel real, whereas before it seemed I would often fake it.

In the experience I did invite my spirit animal, we rolled down a hill and played in the grass before going to a healing room and I laid down on a crystal table (these are meditation visualizations I’ve done before and used them to focus my mind while allowing it to be somewhat active and imaginative).

I felt a gentle rocking massage happening in my abdomen that was pleasantly soothing. Some hands touched my thighs from both sides, and eventually I felt a deep pressure under the center of my ribcage that was a little uncomfortable.

My heart did a few little jumps and my throat seemed to want to erupt with sounds. It felt crushed, and tears welled up in my eyes. Eventually these feelings faded. I did see a spiral towards the end. I think I saw white light on a couple occasions as well. I would love to hear if you saw any beings, colors, or shapes while working on me.

In our chat after the work when you told me about some of the blocks in my chakras, I was not surprised. I have struggled with these areas in my own personal meditation and healing. When you mentioned my Root chakra was dirty and that I should walk barefoot outside and be in nature, it was exactly what I have been longing for ever since winter came!

There have been several moments where I felt unbalanced and cried because I couldn’t just step outside and feel the earth energy coming up through my feet. I mean I could, but since I live in Minnesota I would possibly get frostbitten! I will most definitely be taking a walk today and hugging a few trees!

You also told me that my Solar Plexus was dirty and clearing it helped open up the Heart too. This seems pretty accurate to me based on what I felt. Do you remember what in particular it was about the relationship with the Solar Plexus and Heart that I might want to know?

My heart feels achy right now. It was spot on to hear you say that I’ve been holding a great deal of pain in my heart. When I told a close friend, she told me that she had sensed it as well. I have felt super weepy for many months, partly because of the emotions I had “locked in a box and hid away deep in a dark closet.”

I would like to consider myself someone who does personal work, but these issues of shame and guilt are the worst. It has been easy to distract myself from facing them when those feelings have come up. I had been punishing myself for mistakes I thought I’d made that were unforgivable- I had to forgive myself for not being perfect every time.

There was a time when I felt so hopeless and unlovable that I pushed people away. Now I know and feel that this is not the way. I will be making a much more concerted effort to share my feelings, my mistakes, my experiences, and my triumphs.

Even if the energy healing does nothing for the issues I wanted addressed, the fact that my chakras were opened and I received some messages about my internal state is plenty for me! I will let you know in a week or so how my issues I asked for healing are doing. As of yet, it’s not quite enough time for me to tell!
Thanks again! Racheal M

200.  ROMNIA S. – Peru

Dear Andy,

I am so grateful for this wonderful experience, in the beginning of the healing I could feel bright energy flowing through my whole body, top of my crown chakra, were tingling and warmth around my chest, during the healing I almost fell asleep then I began to feel much lighter, and released I was feeling completely peace.

I feel very blessed, plenty of joy with Mother Mary and beloved Jesus surrounding me with lovely energy.. Much Love and Gratitude and Many Blessings. Namaste

199.  SHERRY P. – Canada

Dearest Andy

What can I say? what an amazing experience, an incredible journey can two open hearts take! I am so grateful to share your heart and conscious light with me.

There are things are priceless such as love and things are wordless and that was my experience. symphony of light, beautiful bright living lights with amazing colors I was in them not watching them. I was being drowned gently and beautifully in layers of living lights with so much care and love! I saw faces made with light , line shape of eye and a lip wearing most beautiful smile.

I felt sense of tingling and throbbing and heaviness in palm of my hand. So many colors golden, green, purple! with so many different shades, all I can say an open heart can bring miracles!

No matter how hard I try to explain this wonderful experience there will be a lot of words and feelings unsaid.  My deepest love and gratitude to you, all beautiful angels, spirit guided and ascend masters who made this extraordinary experience happen, A day in this life time I will never forget. LOVE and LIGHT.

198.  SUSAN C. – Malta

A few minutes away from the start of my healing, I could see beautiful and colorful patterns before my real journey started. Right away I could see Archangel Michael pulling me up. He was wearing his armour and had like a golden cord which was attached to me. I was literally looking up at him while he was pulling me upward. The feeling was so peaceful and I felt gratitude while this was happening.

A few moments later I could see myself in one of my past lives. I felt myself surrounded by darkness and dark energies were cornering me – I recognized them to be dark witches.  Now I realize that this had to be shown to me in order for me to understand where my useless fears were coming from.

However although this was happening I could experience fear only for a few seconds as my angels didn’t allow me to go through all that pain. I was immediately put to rest and I just slept for the rest of the healing session.

I can now say that my depression is a thing of the past. So many things and new experiences are unfolding. My intuition and connection to my Higher Self is growing stronger each day. And my knees are no longer a problem.

Dear Andy, once again I wish to thank you and show you my gratitude. I much appreciate you taking your time away from your family in order to assist who ever ask for your help. Many, many blessings.  In Love and Light. Namaste.  Susan

197.  TANIA N. – USA, New York

Hi Andy

I’m so sorry it has taken this long I keep forgetting lol.

Like I said I didn’t experience much but I will try to note everything I recall from my experience.

At first I felt an immediate calm & peace, at ease & not alone. I didn’t particularly feel anyone just felt comforted. I started to feel warm all over & my entire body vibrating smoothly but I could feel it.

My temperature would change at different parts of my body but mostly my hands stayed very warm. Near the beginning as my inner eye lids would blink (while my eyes were closed) I would see bright white with little specs of color on the Inside of my lids as they would blink down quickly.

It was beautiful . At some point toward the middle I felt a sharp pain (not painful) in my middle area.  Followed moments later by a similar pain in my right thigh.

I did feel you very close to my face I think it was close to the beginning. Like you were leaning down over my face looking at me closely ( Hahaha).  I don’t really remember much more.

196.  TINA V. – Finland

Dear Andy,
I feel so grateful of the session that took place yesterday, you are just a blessing for humanity and wonderful soul for what you are doing.
So what happened yesterday? It took around 5 minutes when I started to feel whirling energies around me that continued through the whole session.

It was a very warm feeling, like I was wrapped with these warm, caring and moving energies that came like waves, sometimes really strong. I got shivering all around my body, and sometimes like ants would have walked in my skin.

For some reason there were energies coming from my left side? I saw colors that were mainly violet, some bright green and flashes of red. There were gentle pressures around my body, but not in a particular order. In last 10 minutes the gentle pressures was felt on different parts on my head and I saw some bright red flashes.

Final part was like someone had a pressured my third eye area. A firm pressure like someone would have kept his hands in that area. Afterwards when I talked to Andy I felt happy, clear and like there is such a big space inside me. Difficult to explain.

He told me how he saw my aura and I suddenly noticed that I can see my aura too, in the small picture in the right bottom is Skype. I could not believe that, I just kept watching it!

This was the first time I saw my aura, and with orange on top and violet and some blue on sides of my head, wow! I have had depression, financial problems, feeling unworthy and hopeless. But there is a higher purpose and there is hope.

We need to bring all energy blogs, karma and things that limit us into the light of love to give space for our true selves to play a bigger role inside us. Our true selves are love, happiness and joy. I have learned that every time I feel these feelings it is my true self who is expressing itself. That is part of me who is connected with god and all that is. Go within and find the love that you are.  A big hug from Finland. Love you Andy!  Tina V.

195.  VANESSA B. – Canada

My healing with Andy today was an amazing experience. I feel lighter, clearer, rejuvenated and feel like my light is bursting out from my physical body out to the world – I feel like it is ok to be me, to shine my light regardless of what others think 🙂

During the healing, I felt the energy against my skin at different times, and felt it moving through different parts of my body. I felt my hands pulsate and warm up, seen colors, sparks of light like starts, I seen a cat which I think represents feminine energy and the feeling I am getting is to express that energy as it is really needed in the word. The healing felt very powerful, lots of images and sensations while at the same time, very nurturing and peaceful.

At one point I began to cry however I was not feeling sad and no tears came out – my shoulders shook as I laid there, I was releasing. It didn’t last very long and I felt relaxed and a weight lifted afterwards. I really appreciated the face to face conversations with Andy before and after the session. Andy is very gifted. He is pure, kind, caring and has such a fun loving presence.

I loved hearing about the healing afterwards from his experience, that information provided lots of insights and I know this will continue for days. I feel very blessed to have been guided to connect with Andy and recommend his gifted connection and genuine passion to help others – he is a true earth angel. I have tried Reiki and a few other types of healings and this is my favorite one. Thank you Andy 🙂

194.  MARYBETH S. – USA, New Jersey

How can I ever thank you for caring enough, listening To what I really had to say,really listening to the point where you decided to do something else, but the most important part of that was that you Who is extremely busy has never met me,never really spoke to me,and cared enough to do what you do, & to truly listen to what I was going through.not because of any drama, just listening,and I only shared very little,but because you were listening you changed what you originally had planned. Thank You!

I feel privileged,and honored, that I at least was aware of the synchronicity that led me to you!I’m so grateful for that.For you time,the both of you,are such a blessing!

I still feel different, for the better. I still do not have the bricks that have laid on my chest for the past seven years. You said,have no expectations so therefore if this feeling is only for this one very day, I’m still as grateful as I could ever be,knowing that it will lead to something bigger.

You have to realize that I don’t just about anyone to come in and mess around with mice Iners even by your webpage to see the love in the conviction that you have for St. Germain in the “I Am’s” was the synchronicity that brought me to you,because I feel the same way.

I have never heard anyone speak out, with such passion except for myself.please thank I think Lanny(?name yes) forgive me if I have her name wrong for surely she was just as meaningful.

I thought I would wait a few days before I wrote anything just so it could be more accurate I’m sure this is only the beginning I just wanted to say thank you, so very very much, I have not felt that type of sincere reaction to my needs for a very long time please no I’m not coming from self-pity it just feels good to feel that people choose to do this for me for no other reason but for me.

Not because I’m an executive with the corporation, not because of the money that I make not because of the free spirit or Lehar good I wasn’t that one time just for being me right now, who I am in this place where I’m at and treating me as if I was just as Important or made a difference, as I used to be thank you.

193.  TERRY N – USA, Michigan

– If you have known debilitating fear, worry, desperation and shame…
– If anger, greed, lust, arrogance and a prideful ego have had an adverse effect on you…
– If you have experienced depression, anxiety, unbearable grief and sadness…
– If you have been suicidal, unspeakably lonely and felt self-pity…
– If you were ever physically, sexually, emotionally or verbally abused…
– If you lack self-love, self-acceptance and a trust in your own individual God-self…
– If you viciously judge, condemn and criticize yourself…
– If you feel the need to control and be perfect and don’t allow yourself to make mistakes…

– Finally, if your heart has spoken to you ever so quietly and you know that you deserve to live a life with Love, Truth and Acceptance, then please schedule an energy healing with Andy.

With eternal love and blessings,

Terry Nowak

192.  DEBORAH D. – USA, Oklahoma

The first thing I noticed during the session is that it seemed I went through 3 layers of resistance. All I had to do was notice and release and it was gone. Then, I felt like I was going through clouds or fog, not sure which, but it was nice.

Unfortunately, 3 times, a sound brought me up, a little, out of the meditative state, but I just relaxed again. I kept seeing neon colors several times and also saw some faces but didn’t recognize anyone. At one point, my stomach got so cold, I had to put my hands over it to warm it. Near the end of the session, the back of my neck started hurting quite a bit and I couldn’t seem to let go of the pain or move it so I finally rolled over to my side.

I knew the hour was almost over because I had forgotten about the tornado sirens which is one of the sounds that brought me out of meditation. When I heard them, I knew what time it was because they turn them on at the same time when they test them. Since I knew the session was almost over, I started coming out of the meditation because of the pain I was feeling. I didn’t feel good for about 5 minutes after the session but it left while I was speaking with Andy. I was thankful because in the past, that kind of pain could have ended in a headache that might last a couple of days.

As I spoke with Andy after the session, I realized how important it is to talk to him. Andy explained a lot of things to me. And,he made me realize some of what was going on during the session.

Otherwise, my negative thinking might have made me think I goofed up the healing session. There was about 1/2 pain and 1/4 nice experience during the session, so it was hard to know what to think of it.The other 1/4 was neutral.

I felt I had to work quite a bit to release and accept while so much was going on during the session. It was a lot of work to relax but I was determined.

I can say this, too. Other energy healers have worked with me for just a few minutes and I end up in bed for 2 days with pain and sickness and not much help.If the pain translates into a difference in my life, then I don’t mind it so much.

But, when I don’t get much out of it, then it makes it hard to continue with healers. I’ve already spent most of my life in daily pain so it’s difficult to allow myself to experience a healing. To have Andy work on me for 1 hour and not have more adverse effects than I did, is a miracle.

He has a special gift and I am glad I have had the opportunity to work with him. Since the healing, I can say that some things are better and some things are showing up that now have to be dealt with. But, it’s worth it to move on past where I was before the session with Andy.

Deborah D.

191.  COURTNEY S. – USA, Illinois

Hey Andy!

Thank you again for your energy healing!  I can feel my energy within change and it’s been phenomenal. I continue to do energy work and my body is releasing so much. Last week I was releasing by crying and this week my sinuses are draining (they never do this). My testimonial is as follows:

My energy healing session with Andy was phenomenal. I initially reached out to him because I’ve been in chronic pain for over 2 years. I turned to energy healing during my healing journey because my body simply got tired of harsh painkillers.  My energy healing session with Andy was very peaceful. I can honestly say that the pain has lessened since our session.  He brought in a wonderful young lady named Leila during the healing session and her love was a wonderful addition. She was able to see things in my aura that I had not shared with her or Andy.  I feel more at peace and can feel my body healing. Andy truly has a gift!  Sending so much love, Courtney.

190.  MONICA N. – England

I am very lucky to have a second healing with Andy, I would have a healing every day if possible! Thank you Andy and Leila for the wonderful experience.

The second healing it was a bit different, I was guided by Andy to visualize the most wonderful thinks and he helped me not just to see but to feel every word he said. I had a very intense and loving experience ever.

I had troubles forgiving some one that hurt me in the past, few weeks later after the healing, today I am a new person, I can see clearly that that event in my life it helped me to grow, to be stronger then before and to be at peace. I did forgiven him and I do pray for him to find the light.

I have to mention that Leila is an incredible person, she made me feel like a child again, very happy, she is a very positive and beautiful soul.  Thank you Andy and Leila.

189.  VIJAY S. – South Africa

Hi Andy:

Thank you, thank you Andy for the amazing experience. May God Bless you with Abundance. You are such an amazing and gifted soul. I feel deeply honored and blessed to have come in contact with you…I guess it was all in Divine Timing.

I would really appreciate another healing if I am not being too greedy. I feel so great today…Had a good sleep last night and throughout the night I felt the healing was going on. I was very disorientated but felt your strong connection throughout the night.

Normally when I wake during the night it takes me a while to get back to sleep….but last night I felt your presence so strongly, I needed to get out of my body which happened immediately I put my head on the pillow…felt lots of energy moving up my spine and legs during the night. This morning feel refreshed and renewed ready to tackle the world.

My experience during the healing was beyond my expectations. Firstly I had hoped I would have a Skype healing (live), and whilst talking on Skype, Andy mentioned that he was guided to do a live meditation….I was blown away when he said that, it was confirmation that my guides were actually listening to me. Recently I did feel abandoned by them.

Thank you to my guides. When the healing started I was very excited but also tried to remain calm and prayed we don’t have load shedding, which was happening on a regular basis in our country. Anyway, I will describe what I experienced and saw during my healing. I may not do justice to this article as it is hard to put into words what I felt….you have to experience to know.

When Andy started with the healing and called on Arch Angel Micheal, I literally felt him behind me…could feel his strength. I saw myself in white light and when asked to send out tiny hearts to the universe, I could literally feel the hearts pouring out of my chest and moving out.

Then went into forgiving myself and others, I saw myself on a cross like Jesus, ….then Mother Mary appeared with the red heart and hugged me…
When I went to the crystal healing chambers, I felt firstly lots of knives, steel around me….this I felt were all the obstacles around me, my past that was holding me back. Then I felt Arch Angel Gabriel with the green light remove all out and this disappear into the crystal…..then I saw all the other healing light all around me cleansing and cleaning.

When Andy asked me to go into my heart….first it was dark …then spiral stairs and then a red carpet …..then I saw myself walking down the aisle getting married…..as I was walking I was changing into different, I think different incarnations….once I saw myself as a Christian bride, A Red Indian Girl and then as others not so clear….lots of people around with flowers in their hand. Andy explanation was all the love I am receiving.

Going to the heart space….going into the dark tunnel then the light…means I have moved beyond the earth and into the Astral World….that’s truly amazing (According to Andy). Looking up and meeting my guides….saw stars initially and then saw light beings with wings….my higher self I met was a beautiful lady with white cloths and wings…I merged with her..I was a little child…..many times during the healing I saw myself as a little Red Indian Girl….carefree and in touch with nature.

I also saw lots of other scenes….too many to mention…amongst them ….Lord Shiva carried me …I was a little girl…Then I saw Christ….I literally felt him in my room…and then the electricity went out for a second….we had to reconnect again….amazing the power did not go out for the night….my feeling…the light from Christ was too strong and caused this disconnection. It was not a power cut.

So much to say…please book a healing, it will change your life….I am looking forward now to the changes this healing will bring…I am confident and can feel that many things will shift and change in my life….I feel strongly Andy has opened many doors for me…

I would strongly recommend this healing to anyone on the spiritual path or not….feel honored and blessed if you can get one. Stay Blessed. Love and Light.

188.  PAULINE R. – France

Dear Andy,

Thank you for the beautiful healing session you gave me yesterday. I was a little bit skeptical at first, because I had never done a healing before, but when I talked to you, a few minutes before the session, I felt like you had a real sensitivity and that I could trust you.

During the healing, I felt a great warmness and softness and had the feeling that my legs and arms were being very softly pulled. I sometimes felt tingling in my abdomen and legs and it took me a few minutes when the healing was over, to be able to move again, as if my body had been put to sleep, but my mind was very alert. After the session, I felt very calm and serene and also very tired ! I had a very good night sleep after the session, with the most vivid dreams.

I wonder what you saw during the healing, but maybe it is not important or I don’t need to know.  Today, I started thinking about what you said to me about forgiveness and was able to call someone I hadn’t talked to in a long time ! Our conversation was very calm and natural. I hope these results last. I will let you know!

Thank you from my heart for your time and your kindness,
Be well, Pauline R.

187.  SHARON S. – England

Hi Andy, thank you for amazing experience regarding the healing session that took place on 21 st of February 2015. I feel truly honored to have received a live Skype healing. The process and result was amazing. I feel so much tension has been released, so much forgiveness has released.

I saw lots of different colors and felt extremely relaxed. I felt very light and airy through the session and very connected to you. I truly believe that you are a amazing son of God. I also believe that you have a God given gift to help heal people’s soul’s.

I will highly recommend your healing sessions to others. The cleanse and protect meditation works absolutely wonderful for me. I believe that God, angels, archangels, ascended masters and all our heavenly friends led me to you and your wonderful website.

I use the cleanse and protect healing meditation twice daily. I am so pleased that you are healing many people.  You truly are amazing.  Much love and appreciation.  Sharon.

I can’t put in to words how much benefit I feel from the healing session. I am so happy with the outcome and as each day goes by I am still feeling more and more benefits. I knew not forgiving was only hurting me, still i couldn’t completely forgive though.

With your healing I know that I can and will forgive. I feel that I was carrying around some resentment in my heart, which didn’t benefit myself or my family. You really did help clear this for. I truly believe God and the angels and all our heavenly friends, guided me to you. I am so pleased that they did.

You truly are an amazing and beautiful man. I will be in touch with you again next weekend.  I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Thank you for being you.  Much much love and appreciation

186.  HERDIS S. – Check Republic

This was the first time I received any kind of energy healing. I had no expectations … if anything, I thought I’ll just fall asleep.  That did not happen.  In fact I was alert & observed what is going on.

I experienced waves of cold in the start of the session, so it’s good I was recommended to go under a cover.  However, after the healing session, when I went back to the computer to talk a bit more to Mr. Bojarski, my body was so full of energy that my skin was hot and even slightly sweaty.  I also had a buzzing feeling in my head-much like the one after a massage.

During the healing I also sensed pressure on my heart chakra.  It wasn’t painful nor was it scary, but still very real. I had to take couple of deeper breaths to ease the pressure…

Also, at one point, the top of my head & the back of my neck started tingling. It ended as suddenly as it had started, lasting no more than few minutes.

The boost of energy I have from the healing made it real and helpful! I regained sense of lightness & clarity. And I couldn’t be more grateful!

185.  GERALDINE P. – France

Hello, hello Andy,

THANK YOU for the opportunity you gave me yesterday for living an amazing flow of LOVE. Several times while you lead me through the session I was very moved : Mother Mary in front of me was pure kindness, pure love and I did not want that she kneeled in front of me – so I too kneeled and hugged her. When I met with Jesus, also, that was a wonderful time – and with Archangel Metatron in the meadow, I can’t stop to cry.

As soon as the healing session began, I loved the in-breath into the Light filling my body and the out-breath full of Love. I did like to be in the round pink crystalline room, the presence of all the Beings of Light, among other the archangels, angels, etc… The big pillar of white Light flowing over me, Saint-Germain and the lavender Light in me and coming from him, the protection and presence of Michael archangel over us, Chamuel Archangel and her so lovely tenderness and love,

I remind of the heart, outside it seems like a huge soft red pillow 🙂 and when I heard you tell that there was a little door, I was amazed ! Inside of “my”heart, that was like a cathedral filled with so many wonderful and loving beings. I heard someone who told me that I am wonderful, precious, greater than I believe – that what I did and do is well – to be kind with me, to love myself as I am loved.

When the healing session was ended, I told you what occurred and what I felt. You felt my so moving connection with AA Metatron (our mutual friend 😉 )

I did not imagine to cry again by saying what I lived – but it was like a fountain :D, I cannot stop. That was like a big release. You told me that session was a shift for me.

At the end, the back of my backbone was less painful and that was so nice !

I was pretty sure to remind me today every feeling, every divine sensation I lived, but this is not true, this is less vivid – and I want to live that again and again.

(I was tired after we ended and it was time to dine, but amazingly I was not too much hungry. I had a big ache in my belly and I want just to sleep. Today I have some ups and downs : sometimes totally relaxed in my mind and body, sometimes with some tensions and stress in my body and some unwanted thoughts.

I am going to walk. I need to connect myself to the Nature, the sun :). I know that I something else to tell you, but I cannot remember what it is…:D )

Sending you a lot of Love and hugs, Geraldine

184.  DIANA G. – Wyoming, USA

I was blessed to not only find an available spot for a healing with Andy but to also have another healer join us, Leila. Andy first visited with me and he is always soothing and reminds me how much I am loved.  Then Leila joined us via Skype from Slovakia.

She sees Divine energy and Light and what is the truth of it all. A true innocent Light, a butterfly she is.

Andy guided me as he called upon all the AA and ascended masters. I was able to feel their presence and to visualize through my third eye their outlines and colors. Especially St Germain.

Before the healing I focused on Andy’s guided healing audio on his page and printed out his entire outline to study. Just holding those papers and practicing with the I AM Presence every morning and sometimes twice a day brought me to a new level.

Then to have an actual experience sitting in meditation as Andy called me up to merge with my I AM was an extraordinarily Gift. Tears and tears of healing. My heart was so hurt up to then and it no longer is. The guided journey with Andy was the best! I felt his love and tenderness carry me through and into the Masters realm where I was greeted with pure unconditional Love.

Leila saw the pain of my heart for many lifetimes and then saw them be released. She saw my origins and what my Light was and the block within my third eye, that was released.

After the healing I stayed mellow the rest of the day. I was floating in and out of reality until early evening when I fell asleep and slept peacefully for 10 hours.

Thank you my Soul Tribe. So much Love for you also.

183.  BEN V – Canada

Hey Andy,

Thank you Very much Andy and Leila I really appreciate the work you do and all of the love and effort that comes forth during this divine act of love. I am left completely uplifted from this experience and basking in the light of a thousands suns.

My heart was filled with so much love, joy and bliss there were moments where I literally felt as if I were about to explode. I could feel the energy surging through my body and the visualizations were lovely as well and perfectly delivered by Andy’s calm and loving presence.

Leila is a bundle of Love and it was a pleasure to meet you and have you view my energy and presence thank you so very much for the insights that you provided and I am very honored and blessed to have share that time and space with both of you divine loving beings. Thank you very much you are being of such great service and many will benefit from your sharing of love. Many Blessings! <3<3<3

Love and Light
Namaste, Ben

182.  KIM P. – Australia

Hi Andy

Thanks soo much for the energy healing. I haven’t been able to stop smiling since. It’s kind of like a dark cloud has been lifted from my life and everything is now possible. Divine Love – ya can’t beat it! It’s the best.

Anyone feeling like they need a loving, positive burst or a change in perspective, should definitely try some Reiki Healing. I know that your humbleness has made this healing, truly genuine and heart felt.

Keep shining your Light

Your service is very much appreciated and life changing.

181.  BIANCA R. – Romania

I want to share with everyone the experience I had with Andy’s healing. First of all it was a different healing that not everyone has, i did not lay down and close my eyes and sensed what happened with Andy distantly connecting with me but i actually heard Andy connecting and invoking all Light beings to come forth and I had Leila- Andy’s friend assisting- a very gifted soul, everything through live skype.

This happened as Andy was guided to do it this way and not everyone has it like this so I felt very honoured.

As Andy said in his healing post, our Higher Self will determine what kind of healing we need, for me it was a spiritual one.

I had my body very warm during the process and especially my heart space was opening more and more.Andy sensed that I have done lots of mistakes in this life and in the past lives and i was feeling guilty so forgiveness was needed. I felt how this guilt feeling was going away, I felt the Love of the many Light beings that were with me, I only saw Mother Marry and Jesus but I know there were many more beings that were sending me their Love.

I felt the happiness within my heart when beloved Lord Metatron and Master Kuthumi took my hand and gave me their hugs. I had so much Love coming in and I still feel it very strong even after few hours have passed.My body is still warm and my heart is filled with peace, harmony and Love.

Even if the healing has worked on my spiritual body and I still have pains in my physical body I know that this is only the beginning of my true healing, the one that comes from the Heart!

Many thanks Andy and Leila!

Thank you very much once again!

Lots of Love!

Hi Andy, I hope you are well…I just want to give a bit more of a feedback after the healing last week. I slept pretty well the night of the healing, but next day I felt very sad and unhappy, I thought it was normal as I was releasing those feelings; after few days it was all gone and i felt more positive; but i had a very very weird dream:

As i was sleeping i heard a voice saying “wake up it’s time for a healing” and i saw myself walking out of my body, with a large brown box, like a treasure box, and i saw it opening in from of me; in all this time i saw my body sleeping in my bed and then i heard the voice- which i recognized as my higher self- telling me that my body is being cleaned now and i saw and felt all the colors of the rainbow going through my chakras and i asked the voice how do i heal my liver –

And i was told”just like that” and i saw blue energy going into my liver. and this is all i remember; and the next day i woke up and i visited my energy practitioner and I have been told that the liver energy looks really good, and i said to myself” it was real!!!”

but the next days i started getting old pains which i thought they were healed coming back really bad…and i was disappointed that i had to suffer again and asking myself why is this happening again then a thought came to me and it said “you still need to release the old stuff”

I am still doing the healing visualization that you have on your website to stay connected with my higher self but i am looking forward to book another session whenever you will open more slots 🙂

180. EDNA S. – Colorado, USA

Good morning Andy.

Today is one week that I had the privilege of receiving a great gift from you.

Throughout the week I remained calm and in peace. I have continually tapped into this beautiful energy, but it has not been as strong.

Nonetheless, I will continue to pursue my path to the light because that is where I desire to be.

Thank you once again for this wonderful and pure experience.


On the day of my healing my precious cat mysteriously disappeared. (I believe my husband got rid of him) Normally, I would have reacted with anger, and rage with something like this. But I did not.

Although I was and still am saddened that my husband would do something that would deeply hurt me and my children I AM not angry.

On Tuesday I was mediating and I was able to tap into that beautiful energy provided to me on Monday. I saw my precious cat.

He jumped into my arms and he placed his paws on my cheeks and stared at me (I used to place my hands on his cheeks and stare at him and tell him how much I loved him). After he did this he jumped into the arms of Jesus and Jesus held him.

I understood this to mean that wherever he is whether he is alive or not he is in the best place ever. This brought so much comfort to my heart.

I shared this with my children and they were comforted as well.

179.  DEBORAH D. – Oklahoma, USA

Also, further testimony since my healing session……I no longer have headaches. Yay! I’ve had them for decades and now, they are gone….since the session. Yay!

When I had my appointment with Andy, I was in very bad shape. It could be said that I crawled to the appointment. I had struggles to get through the day and also through the night because of so much pain.

I had been having suicidal thoughts.  I wasn’t sleeping well which left me tired the next day.  There was always something to be dealt with such as headaches or fatigue.

I was always dealing with something stemming from injuries I received as a baby, although I have no memory of what happened. I have had PTSD, whiplash and stomach problems my whole life.

As I’ve grown older, all of these symptoms have simply worsened even though I’ve tried to take care of myself.  I have just been overwhelmed with so many issues to deal with.

I awaken all night long with stomach issues so I rarely get much rest. For the past month, I was also awakening with headaches. Then, during the day, I’m tired and fatigued.  I spent many days in bed just
because of pain and quite often with headaches.

Aspirin doesn’t help and pain medications have complications for me so I’ve tried mind over matter and also going within for answers.

During the healing, I just went within as I listened to Andy.  I could see many of the things he described such as a violet room. I visualized as much as I could as he spoke and I also felt relaxed.  I could feel myself starving for some of the things Andy was saying so I opened to the experience of being loved and forgiven as best I could. At some point, I felt I was floating and being gently supported.

I could see a diamond that I grabbed hold of just before Andy described 3 beautiful flames. I saw the flames but kept hold of that diamond. As Andy described imagery, I could see some of it and some of it I really took to heart because I wanted to make sure I absorbed as much as I could.

I also wanted to be able to bring those images up in my mind to help me relive it. I did not want this experience to end. I enjoyed how pleasant it was and how relaxing and loving it felt to simply let Andy speak to me in a meditative way.

When it was over, I felt good and spent about 20 minutes meditating so it would integrate. When I was done, I got up and my housemate said I seemed energized. I said I was and I continued my day with new freedom and no pain.

I have set an image on my desktop, now, to remind me of the experience and will use it to prompt me to re-live the healing. I am so thankful that I had such a wonderful experience and I believe it will help me to continue on a healing path.

It’s not easy to have so much to deal with and very little resources for help. And, even when I am able to get some help, so often I end up sorry I tried something. Quite often, I end up sick in bed from whatever energy work was done on me.

For some reason, I fall through the cracks and I guess healers don’t have experience with someone with so many problems. I don’t know what it is but I have tried healers my friends like and the healer isn’t able to help me.

Quite often, when someone is done with me, I end up in bed sick for two days. I try to do as much as I can on my own, but there are just times when I need help. That was the case this time with Andy.

I really was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what I could do to keep going. It had been a really bad month for me. I was a multiple personality and got that healed as far as I know.

But, once most of that was healed, I still have had plenty of issues. First and foremost, was to get through all the physical pain and the issues behind them. When your days and nights are a haze of pain, it’s even hard to think straight.

Anyway, I learned about the violet light with Andy and I think it is a godsend. I am now using this as my only focus for healing. Every time I feel something ‘negative,’ I will use it as a prompt to see the violet light. I will go to sleep at night visualizing it and will meditate on it each day.

This is so much easier than what I was doing. I was trying to go within and find what needed healing and the issues behind it. With the violet light, you can just let it do the transmuting and there is no need for details. What a relief.

Thank you Andy and all helpers for focusing your love and acceptance on me for this healing time. As someone who grew up without much love from parents or family and with abuse, it’s not something I’ve felt often.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This experience remains in my heart.

178.  BRIANNA L. – New York, USA

During my Reiki healing session (as I lay in bed with my eyes closed), I instantly saw a violate light in the form of a sphere in front of me. Shortly after, I saw myself being enveloped in a golden light.

This golden light than changed into layers of white, blue and green light. All throughout the healing session, I felt tingling on my arms, legs & between my eyebrows (third eye). After the session was over, I felt so calm & very at peace.

Andrew, thank you so much for what you do! You are such an inspiring and uplifting person & your website is so full of love & positive energy. I send love, light & many blessings your way!

P.S. I look forward to getting in contact with you again in the near future!

177.  SHANNON M. – Georgia, USA

I was affected by your healing Andy. At 1:25 my time I laid down on my couch on my back. I sent my intent to you and asked all the beings in my home to join me and to join your healing.

The ceiling was shifting and moving side to side. That is the first time I have ever seen that with my physical eyes. It was moving like crazy. So I closed my eyes and immediately, my eyes were rolling back and moving so much. They wouldn’t stop.

It was going on for a few minutes. I began to cry and I was weeping feeling so much. I felt love all around me and just kept feeling the words “you are ok” over and over. I was crying so much and then I started to feel beings surround me and I envelope me. I said outloud “I just want it to all go away”.

I was thinking and feeling my past as a little girl and I could feel the pain. It wasn’t unbearable though. It was just that I could feel sadness but each time I felt that, I would feel the love surround me. I cried and released so much.

After that, I felt an immediate release. I began to see colors shifting and zooming in. the first was an indigo color. And then I started to see Gold. I knew that was Andy. I felt Andy with me.

Actually I could feel Andy with me in the beginning as well as I was crying. I laid there for another 20 minutes and my body started feeling really cold. Actually as I type this, my body is cold. I felt weightless also. I remained still on my couch until I felt the nudge to open my eyes.

This was a healing for me. I felt it.

176.  KAREN T. – Singapore

Andy! Want to thank you for the clearing yesterday. I had a wonderful sleep and feel so much better, lighter and happier today! thank you so much. It was all divine timing for sure!!

175.  AMY L. – Massachusetts, USA

I am so grateful for being able to connect with Andy for a healing session.  He is caring and amazing.  I cannot express the words of how thankful I am for the healing session I had with him.

The reason why I contacted Andy for as session was because in the past couple of years I have been going through a lot with family problems and stress from school. Frequently, I would feel so overwhelmed that I did not know how to control my thoughts and actions.

I had a habit of hurting those I love as a result of reacting before thinking and not knowing how to communicate effectively. This brought a lot of guilt into my heart every time this occurred.

Before the session started, I was told that Ascended Master Quan Yin wanted to be a part of my healing session. I was raised a Buddhist so this was such a delightful surprise.

In my minds eye, I saw that Quan Yin was with me throughout the entire session. When we met she gave me a profoundly big and loving hug. I felt a beautiful buzzing sensation throughout my body that lasted the entire session.

I felt so loved, happy, and relaxed. I also saw Ascended Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Master Saint Germain and many more higher beings of light. They were all sending me their love and healing light and it made me smile multiple times throughout the session because I was so blissful.

The experience was so joyful and powerful that I teared up. The buzzing sensation I had the entire time was so intense that even after the session was over I was filled with so much loving energy. The entire experience was simply beautiful to say the least.

I never felt so at one before. I found a sense of purpose within myself that eliminated many of my limited beliefs. I am no longer a prisoner to my own mind.

Every night since the healing session, I would see beautiful light patterns during my sleep reminding me that I am loved by so many and a feeling of euphoria would hit me where I would even giggle in my sleep.

I am so honored to share this experience with Andy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.

Oh yeah! during our healing session i saw Mother Mary with a blue “shawl” thing and long curly hair…and today I came across a painting with the same exact way i saw her in my minds eye!

Sending lots of love and gratitude your way.

174.  SHANA’E – Indiana, USA

My second healing with you was amazing. I was sitting in the shed to my old job and I was leaning back. Closed my eyes a car honked i looked up helped them and then sat back down…and I closed my eyes let the world slip back . The whole world around me shifted into a new reality.

I was in this purple pinkish room and it was so beautiful and then Andy’s essence came and hugged me and I cried and so much…black rope gunk got pulled out of me by the archangels. It came out of my stomach and mouth.

The world shifted some more…I no longer felt tired and sad etc. I felt like a brand new person.

My 3rd most recent healing is indescribable…Ii just know it changed and is currently changing my life.

I feel different. After leaving the healing I had a business partner message me and I got several messages all at once and was able to handle all of those situations with ease.

Next I just had a hyper high just so drunk in love with energy and just felt so freee! my friend said I needed a Reiki Valium. Lol…I just laughed… someone said something that was rude but I ignored it.

Every obstacle every lower dimension issue I’ve had has fallen away/ detached from me. I see it I’m observing but it is no longer really a part of me.

I feel pure happiness for the simple fact that happiness is…and I started to go back into my old way of questioning myself then I remembered who/what I was capable of…I just it felt like energetically I was lovingly reminding myself that I don’t need to explain myself I don’t need to prove myself.

I just feel so happy and thankful just because. everything else that happens is even more whipped cream on my dessert so to speak.

173.  LYNDA P. – Australia

I had my 3rd healing from Andy today. I am always so humbled with Andy’s generosity to share and give freely his healing to others. When the healing started, I saw straight away, a bright light coming from the left side of my eyes and it was there during the whole entire session.

The first 10 minutes I started feeling tingling sensations in my fingers, then that spread to my legs and whole body, the entire time, I also felt a buzzing sensation. I felt warmth overcoming my whole body. I also felt random joints of electricity from certain areas of my body like my neck, shoulders and leg.

I felt very peaceful and relaxed during the healing and was feeling sleepy. I don’t know for some reason I kept thinking or seeing insects like ants, roaches etc so that was weird, why was I thinking about insect? LOL maybe it was a releasing of something that was very hidden.

I also want to add that even before the healing Andy took the time to talk to me and guide me and give me great advice about my issues and blockages in my life. He was able to pinpoint something in my life with someone and help me to find a way or solution to overcome it.

Which I never thought in a million years of doing it like he suggested, but when he told me the truth, I was stunned at first because it was so simple but so powerful and profound. He is in my opinion not just a healer but a very wise seer as well!!

I highly recommend anyone to try a healing with Andy he is truly working for the Light and Love.


172.  LINDA W. – USA, Pennsylvania

My healing session with Andy had been an extremely positive experience. Andy has been a great teacher. From my very first hearing back from him via email, he had been a source of love, bliss, and light. Just reading his email gave me so much happiness and glee. I could tell right away that he was a positive influence in many people’s lives.

I saw so much enthusiasm in Andy through Skype that you would know he would ward off any evil. He was extremely patient and thorough in explaining about his healing and answering my questions that you would know how caring he was of each individual that he came in contact with.

Andy explained some new ideas to me before the healing began. I learned that I should not be involved in the drama of life and that I should not blame anyone for anything in my life, for that would be self-centered. I should also constantly keep joy in my heart for the Chakras and meridians to flow well and be open. I took the time to write this down in the fifteen minutes I had free between the end of Skype and the beginning of the healing session. Then I proceeded to lie on my bed after making sure cellphone was out of the room.

What I saw were images upon images imprinted in my third eye. Especially towards the beginning forty minutes, I felt an opening outward and a pull on my third-eye. When I usually meditate, I would see the color red, and of course I saw red the most throughout the healing. What surprised me though, was that this time I also saw the color blue and a tiny bit of green.

I started out seeing faces of loved ones, such as my paternal grandparents, my paternal second uncle, and my dad, all of them in China. I also saw my beloved brother when he was a younger child, my happiest memory, and lastly I saw Andy’s face.

When I was told by Andy to think of my happiest memory, I did not know which to focus on, so I thought of several. Then a memory of myself in twelfth grade, first Tri came to mind. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I was truly calm in my heart and the most free. As I meditated more on that time, I realized that I didn’t complain once back then, so happiness is no complaints.

That’s why as my mind wandered off to other times, I found myself going back to this time. I also thought of Chinese, my love, and a four-character word came to me that meant “the difference between the sky and the ground.”

Other things Andy told me that I wrote down were that I needed an attitude of gratitude and that what’s most important in helping me heal is feeling. So during the healing session, I did something I had never done before, which was to think back to all the times in my life that I had an attitude of gratitude and then all the times that I respected someone.

I also heard some voices outside my window. When it was exactly 1:50p.m., the end of my healing, I heard the voice say “she’s still sick,” so I checked the watch and told myself that the healing ended and I was all better, and sure enough, after I got up, the voice said “she’s all better.”

There were some physical sensations to my experience as well. I coughed about fourteen little coughs throughout, which I thought were getting rid of sickness and concluding my benefits. Also, at one point in the middle I suddenly had hay fever, which was my mouth swelling, but unlike other mouth swellings, this one lasted only one second and was driven away by sneezing, and I had a notion that I will never have the problem again.

Even as I am typing this, the bottom of my feet are on fire. After the healing, I found myself able to cope with my inflamed gums with more ease. I simply don’t notice the pain is there and have lost discomfort with my gums. Just this morning and for the past couple of days, I have been eating a lot, hoping that eating will bring the inflammation down, to no avail, and now I don’t feel the need to eat anymore.

When the healing session just started, I saw a lotus flower without trying to think of one. I also saw some foods like celery and carrots and later garlic. Near the end of the healing session, I thought of my Qigong teacher and the thought of him gave me the image of him touching my third-eye, with golden light shining from where he touched. The image remained for a while, then my teacher put one hand on my throat Chakra and one hand on my crown Chakra.

He took out from my throat a golden rock and gave it to Andy, then put his hand through my heart, sacral Chakra, and root Chakra, pulling a different colored stone out for Andy each time, and from the Chakra that was supposed to be yellow, he pulled out rainbow. From my crown Chakra was purple and from my third-eye was a color-changing rock, the first rock to be color-changing.

Then I thought that I should heal Andy as well and different colored stones or maybe Chakras came out from Andy to me. Then they all came out from me to Andy and the different stones started going through all the Chakras in his body and going out of the front of his body to make a constantly turning ellipsis.

Then they went the other way and came out to make an ellipsis to his back. I also thought of Jesus, and he got Chakras or stones from my body to Andy, then I thought of Mary, and Mary went into my body and out with Chakras and went in Andy.

I can’t remember how Jesus got Chakras from my body, but last Saint Germaine came to me on his handstand and out with my Chakras in his body and into Andy, him going into Andy also on his handstand. I also had a happy intention to do handstands myself in my mind. But at last, I saw Andy’s and my Chakra fields connect.

At the beginning of healing, I was tempted without meaning to to repeat a mantra that I sometimes use to make myself feel better:I want to make you feel good. I had never repeated it as many times with meaning as I did in the healing session. I also came up with another mantra: How can I help you? that I had never used before and will now use. I used the first mantra in the healing to solve a relationship problem I had with my brother. The answer just came to my mind during the healing.

I am guessing there are more benefits that have not manifested themselves yet. I am excited to see more life-changing improvements and might follow up with more.

It looks like I have more experiences to share.

During the healing, the words of “Become love. Become less” came to me and I believe it is telling me to love and be selfless.

Towards the end if healing, a question arose in my mind as if someone asked: why should I be healed? So I thought about my wish to help advance humanity. But it wasn’t enough to think about the world. I wasn’t subconsciously satisfied until I thought of the entire universe.

I started to think about my other goal that I wanted help with in this healing, which was helping humanity advance, and the image came to me of some place that looked golden, and upon a second look, high in the clouds that I was going, which was where my dream will come true. The words “Become love. Become less” came to me right after that in a scroll that was bound by a ribbon or string and had to be untied. And these are the words it showed.

Also, at last, I saw Jesus stand on his head on my head, both of us facing the same direction.

At the end, I also saw myself in blue light meditating on a giant lotus.

I was quick to help mom with the garbage and dad with shoveling snow right after the healing. Also started doing Qigong meditations again. I was supposed to do at least five times a day though I personally hope to do more than five, yet unable to even start the meditations until today.

It is what I have wanted and wished greatly for all along. I also remember that during the healing, I initially heard golden wings fluttering and later saw red light in the shape of the rolled up thing you blow on during parties. Sorry don’t know what it’s called. My light has been more purplish and rainbow during Qigong meditation after the healing instead of just red. Also saw some visions, which I usually do not see.

When I meditated after the healing, I saw my brother as a younger child, coming to hug me and saying “I love you.” In meditation of Qigong, I am to think of myself as a six-year-old and maintain a childlike heart-mind state. In the past, I had some blockages in doing this, but after the healing with Andy, I suddenly find it easier to think like a child.

I feel that the block I used to have is gone and now energy is free-flowing. It feels very good and I no longer feel stifled. Another one of my goals was to juice fast forever. And after the healing, I am suddenly not hungry and have only been drinking water. I now don’t have to deal with the pain and the regret I always used to feel with eating and related compulsive behavior.

I didn’t really expect myself to start fasting. I forgot about the goal and only had a positive attitude. It worked like magic. I also don’t have one of my compulsive behaviors anymore. Everything feels so smooth now.

To fill in the blank for other experiences, I have remembered more. I saw chopped tomato ring earlier, and later saw my success with graduating from college, represented by a graduating cap, my success with money, represented by actual image of money, and my success with spiritual enlightenment, represented by a light of enlightenment.

Each is at the end of a road that went from bottom to top, and at the beginning of each road, there was the Chinese character for virtue.  It is telling me to be virtuous in order to succeed in all areas of life.

But I could also think that to excel in school, to gain money, and to reach spiritual enlightenment are virtuous. Upon realizing this, I immediately proceeded to gain spiritually by doing guided meditation. This answers a question I have long been asking, which was what is virtue?

A week after the healing, I could lie in bed whenever and get in the same state I was in when I received healing from Andy, and I would see great things. I had compulsive behavior again, and when I did it, I saw Andy’s and my Chakra connection fall to the ground and Andy keep giving me the middle finger or the index finger pointing up, it’s hard to tell which. I saw red Satan for the first time in my life and an angel, one telling me to do it and other telling me to not do it.

Then I stopped the compulsive behavior again thinking of a new revelation told to me by a helping voice, and my revelation is I should be like a man because men are strong, and when you are strong you have great self-control. Great people are all androgynous. I also started imagining opposite gender of those around me, which has helped in my relations with and understanding of them.

I didn’t continue fasting for more than a day and a half, but that had been the longest fasting in a long time. But I lost the regret that went along with eating although I still have great wish to fast. But at least I am still strong and happy.

The inflammation that magically went away with the healing came back after one or two days. I would need daily healing to forget the inflammation but it is definitely gone after a week. It is still amazing how I suddenly stopped feeling pain after healing with Andy because it was a really serious inflammation.

I signed up for love bomb from Andy and tried to recruit my brother to join, and he refused, which led to some negativity and anger, but that was a test and I found ways to talk to someone about it right after and cheer myself in other ways, and I got rid of the negative thinking, which was thinking badly of my brother.

What I saw when I got in to the same state as healing from Andy were Chakras orbiting in a circle around my head and other forces of nature circling around my heart and waist. It was beautiful. Another time I saw the mitochondria, the lysosome, and the ribosome.

I saw “become love” again followed by “become no one.” This seeing things is starting to become a regular thing with me and I am going to do it everyday and increase the frequency. When I do this it feels as if I am connecting with my higher power and they are giving me signs. This is a wonderful gift I have received from Andy. I am going to try asking for fasting when I get in to this state.

Hay fever came back, but they no longer hurt and I treat them like they’re nothing and don’t even lick the itchy part, which I usually do, because they have become nothing to me. I find myself being stronger.

171.  ZAIA F. – Canada

“Hi there, I would like to say how I enjoyed the healing by Andy. He explained to me what is to be expected, I got exactly what he said was going to be there. Angels, Jesus, Master and our descendants.

I felt the love and the healing. I was getting the hearing loss that I HAD for years. Now, I can hear nicely.  I turn the volume down on tv, radio, and mp3.  Thanks Andy Blessing, love and light”

170. KERWIN D. – USA, Missouri

“Andy, I contacted you on 1/1/14 and received my healing session on my 54th birthday 3/21/14. During most of 2013 I was gradually getting ill and by the time my wife and I moved to Missouri. in September , I was unable to work and not able to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time.

My symptoms included extreme weight loss, tremors, fever, cold sensation (unable to stay warm) a full body rash and constant itching. After I scheduled my healing session I was able to be seen at a local hospital and then my V.A. hospital.

I was prescribed wrong medication for high blood pressure which made my conditions worse. After I received the right type of medication I did start to improve, but we knew it was more than just a medical condition. my wife received healing from you after the loss of her mother last April 2013 ,which helped immensely.

So we knew my illness was caused by my need for spiritual healing as well. We did a past life regression in January 2014 and I discovered that I had 2 past lives where I suffered pain and died from being burned and the other life for knowingly causing injury to others through being burned.

I released many built up emotions through the regression and your healing session tops off the end of my ordeal, I still am healing and have minor discomfort with my skin but I have found that a well maintained healthy diet is working great.

I remember feeling a great peace and slept during the healing session , and that night I slept well too. I woke up the next morning with pain in my chest with a hot sensation, at first I was concerned but I realized that it was your healing that was what I felt.

You did tell me before we ended our phone call that I might feel some things and since that time I have not had that type of feeling in my chest again. Lastly, after a battery of blood tests and x-rays and echocardiogram my doctor has told me that there was nothing that they could find wrong.

He was concerned that I may have Lymphoma, Diabetes, heart damage but there isn’t anything. I am no longer on Blood pressure medication too, I was only on it for 2 weeks.

Andy, I want to say that you are a true blessing to those that seek your loving help. I pray that the Creator of all things continue to bless you for all of your days. I will stay in touch , with much love and respect Kerwin D.”

169.  KAI– England (Cat)

“My friend’s daughter’s cat Kai has been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease at only 5 years old.  She describes him as the cat of her heart, and she loves him dearly.   Up until recently, Kai has been strong and robust, and it has all happened very suddenly: weight loss, drinking a lot, and refusing to eat.  He is doing poorly, though the vet is doing all he can.

Kai’s biopsy confirmed that he has kidney failure, with his remaining kidney function being around 40 per cent.  It’s sad news, but Kai is eating and playing, and seems to be doing well for now.

After the healing, I’ve just heard that Kai’s latest blood tests show an improvement in his kidney function, and he has now been downgraded to 2.  He is playing, and eating well (wonderful news).  Thank you again for the love and healing you sent to Kai.

My love to you, Geri xx”

168.  ANDREW M. – USA, Washington

“Andy is such a bright light! My session was so incredible and there was so much going on simultaneously I will probably need another life time to remember it all!

I started by meditating prior to our session and immediately I started crying and releasing a lot of sadness and lower vibrations, so I knew it was going to be powerful.  Immediately I started to feel energy in my right foot and it began to slowly climb up my leg.

There was a lot of activity going on in my right side in general, my knee, my hip and my right arm were all buzzing with energy. At one point, it felt like my right side was almost numb as if I was not connected to my body on that side and a lot of stuff was being cleared out. Several times I felt my left leg and shoulder jerk almost involuntarily.

I was seeing so many vivid colors and fractal designs in front of my closed eyes. Gold and magenta and blue and pink and green. All in swirling, changing patterns. I was aware of Metatron and Archangel Gabriel near me as well as Archangel Michael.

I was shown snippets of images too: Karmic contracts being ripped up and completed. A past life where I was working for  the White Dragon Society as a double agent and that Karma was now cleared too. I kept hearing a voice tell me that “the plans I have envisioned for myself are big, but the reality of my purpose is so much bigger”

Every wave of colors was followed by a wave of pure white light. At the end of my session, my eyes started moving so rapidly back and forth as if I was reading millions of lines of information in mere seconds. I felt very safe and warm and protected the whole time…there were several moments where I was floating outside of my body and could feel a lot of stuff being cleared.

I am really looking forward to seeing how things continue to unfold energetically. I feel I have crossed a major threshold and I am very excited! Thank you, Andy!”

167.  ALTRICIA W. – USA, Florida

“I had a most blessed experience being able to finally connect with Andy after coming across his website about year ago, during a particularly dark time in my life.

Normally I’m a bright, cheerful person, and in the past two years in particular, I noticed that I was struggling with a bit of depression and lack of direction in my life. I’ve had an increased amount of psychic attacks, both in the dream state and not, and I started to worry about my unpredictable state of emotion in everyday life with emotions I was quite unfamiliar with, such as anger, sadness,and  jealousy.

The night of the healing, I was extremely excited and as it started, I started to cry as I focused on my heart center and thought of the happiest moments in my life. As the healing progressed, I could see images in my mind’s eye, of beautiful, scenic places and people, including Andy himself.

I alternated between being awake and asleep. When I was awake, my arms and legs would jerk ever so often, and I could feel warmth near my sacral chakra and around my eye.

After the healing, I had a new found sense of purpose and simply felt driven! I felt so much inner strength, and the next morning, I was able to end a relationship that no longer served me, a decision I’ve struggled making for myself in the last two years, but never had the courage to do so. I’ve never felt so brand new and confident.

Thank you so much Andy for your service and your beautiful light and healing!”

166. ROSA F. – Belgium

“First…thanks for the wonderful healing of yesterday (march 3-2014). Here is my testimonial of what happened to me before and after the healing.

As soon as  we finished talking (previous to the healing)…I lay down in my bed.. and immediatly I began to feel my third eye.., and soft energies around my full body.

I just asked for my beloved AAMichael, AA Raphael, and my dear Germie (St. Germain)…my spiritual guides (that you know who they are) and also asked to my beloved Arcturian Father to be in full presence with me and you…

After a couple of minutes I began to see different colors,  and also the first face was of a gorgeous woman, then a man, later continue seeing more different colors plus different faces (which I cant recognize).

The next thing I felf on the right part of my face  was  like if someone put his hands very softly and then I felt the beard of a man… very soft… but this feeling was for a long time.. I think more than 10 min.. ( I loose the exact time..but for me was very long !!!) of course while feeling that beard I feel also soft waves from head to toes… (geezzzzzzz  how I love to feel  those vibrations..is sooooooooo nice )

Later  I saw a group of people – but it was quite strange… cause it was like looking to a group of people but there was something covering the top  part of the scene.. so the only thing I saw was the people not the  rest of the scene… they all were wearing dark clothes, like winter clothes but was the kind of clothes normally used in the area of Russia, etc..( you know they use special hats and clothes for the winter time)..

and I asked my self where are these people from cause I never saw so many people as a group.  (I always saw one by one)…later after we talk I understand from where they were.

I continue feeling those energies during the rest of the healing, but there was 2 moments in which I have to sit down.. The first time  I remember the song of Deva Premal  : Om Shree Sache , which is asking for Peace…(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAd3NJ3jpPY)  and  I noticed that my arms and hands where moving  in circular movements, like spreading something , and the feeling of my fingers where that they spread like little silver stars or springles…

the second time which was around 10 min before you contact me.. and I did the same..and began singing that song…and when you contact me….you find me singing !!!

Everything that you mention in our conversation of what you saw  and feel.. was almost the same  so I understand later that everything I saw and feel was just the same..

My dear Arcturian Father… how much I love him…. and wish so much to be with him…. I do missed him so much…”

165. HAMZA E. – England

“Dear Andy, thank you for the healing session and my experience is as follows.

I felt calm and relaxed. During session I felt warm and felt heat in my stomach which I believe is healing taking place and is ongoing. Thank you and your team for the session.”

164. CHARLOTTE M. – France

“Dear Andy, thank you so much for the Healing yesterday.

Andy has such a wonderful approach for a Healing Session. Everything feels like  were old friends meeting after a long absence. This made me feel so at ease.

The session itself was an incredible journey with a multitude of different sensations. It started with a wave of heat pulling strongly on the left side of the body and then coming from the third eye.

At one point I felt like I was watching a speeded up version in history from the middle ages to the 70’s.The scene changed when I felt linked to my Soul Family.The energy was so dense.

I felt my body bathed in gold light which continued to expand until it covered the whole earth .It seemed the the whole of humanity was connected.I heard the words We are all one being repeated over and over again.

Other images of wispy green smoke and a violet and transparent field of crystals. At the end I felt so peaceful,calm and full of love all bathed in a bountiful energy.

Blessings, Charlotte”

163.  AMY C. – USA, North Carolina

“Spirit told me to wait until now to express my experience with a healing by Andy. It has been about a month and my vibration has completely skyrocketed.

I can honestly say that I have made a major vibrational jump up the ascension ladder. This was confirmed by a medical intuitive. I have this bliss in my heart and this warm heat in my belly…I am only attracting loving experiences.

This is in direct relation to what I have personally worked through and released up to this point. As I approach each moment with love…love is my experience. As I reach out with love in every situation…love is what I receive back. The incoming energies are incredible and powerful. We are all receiving them!

When Andy was in my heart space, presenting me to heaven, he created a memory in me. I remember the love and adoration that I felt there. The bliss and connection. Proof that the human experience is only temporary. What awaits is more than we could ever dream of…Thank you Andy.”

162. JAMILA E. – England

“Thank you for the wonderful healing session and your feedback as well.

In my Healing session, I felt much relaxed.  I felt the beings working on different parts of my body as I could feel the activity.  I feel much lighter and much more joy after this healing session and continues to be so.  I thank you and the Beings of Light for this experience.  Much Love and Blessings.”

161. CHRISTINE P. – USA, California

Hi Andy.  My healing session with you is a tremendous assistance for me energetically.  I tend to experience things without special “lights, sounds and colors”.

That’s not what’s important, however, the feeling of energetic uplift and greater clarity is.  During my session, I simply allowed you, the Masters, the Archangels to work on me without projecting any particular thoughts or an outcome.  As we moved past the halfway point, I could feel a lot of energies — tingles and sweeps of energy — coming up and down my body.

Afterwards, there was such a feeling of clear expansion.  And I know that a lot has shifted for me from the work you did.

Thank you so much for this amazing, truly beneficial session, Andy!  You put such light and love into your dedicated service, and I am deeply appreciative to have connected with you and also be a brighter light to others.

Namaste, Christine”

160. MILA C. – USA, New York

“Hi Andy, thank you again for spending so much time with me last night and for everything you did and said to me!

It’s really a blessing to have found you..I woke up feeling lighter today.. I feel I let go of my baggage and my mind is more quiet … I still feel very wired and dizzy but that’s nothing new for me:)

So this is what I’ve experienced during the healing session.

I felt the energy coming into my body through my right side, my right leg, slowly coming from my toes up and when it got to my knee I felt pain and it stayed there for about 5 min.. After that I didn’t feel the energy moving forward but it’s like the pain (felt like a nod) moved at the middle of my quad and was vibrating for again about 5 min..

After I felt no more pain and the energy was flowing through my right side of the body from head to toe and suddenly this part of the body felt very light this is when I started getting tingling sensations in my head, particularly the left side next to my year I felt a numbness… A strong pressure … The left side of my body then became hot and dense while the right side felt very light…

During all of this I saw some images, very clear. It wAs like a flash. It was in nature, somewhere in the mountains with a lot of snow.. All wight and I was watching from somewhere up… The next 2 images were again in nature.. A lot of green … Forests and a few lakes and again I was seeing this from somewhere up…

After the energy moved to my left side of the body I fell asleep but I felt half awake but don’t remember what happens after that only that I opened my eyes at 9:10 (exactly 1 hour after) and I saw you very clearly. You were with a little boy holding him in front of you. I had the impression you were somewhere at a race car show….That is all I remember.

Thank you for everything and talk again soon. :)”

159. NORMA S. – Australia

“This is the second healing I have received from Andy Bojarski.

The lead up to this healing was quite intense with some resistance. Over the previous weeks after removing myself from the usual support system of an income I was used to, but in a job that was harming humanity in the medical field, I was facing the illusion of scarcity and surrendering to trust that I would be supported. Feeling helpless at times, underneath I knew I was shifting faith.

In the discussion prior to the this healing I felt there was a new presence guiding me, as I was always used to Christ and a Native American. I do not ask for any particular guidance, but always invite Divine Truth and Divine Love from source within and creator of all.

So I placed some whale song music on and relaxed into the healing. Being the second healing there was not so much clearing to do as I also practice daily, but Andy being Andy with the powerful presence he carries, there is great support as soul family share with each other.

So automatically I was sent straight to the ocean and there were dolphins everywhere, hundreds of them, then I was forced through a light portal and picked up by beings. Now remember I do not go in with any expectations, because my life is about experience and freedom, not following any belief or idea.

So I enter this room with beings of big blue eyes, and they are preparing me for an intense soul transmission. My already embedded soul is replaced with another new soul and there is white light beaming from my chest. Me being curious I asked who this being represents in my human perception, and the being instructed me through mental telepathy…’ask my name?’

The being said Norma….this startled me as this is my name, then I realized I was named after my grandmother, then the being took the form of her. She beamed at me with a beautiful smile and I just burst into tears because I was very close to her as a child, we felt so connected, I have not experienced her since her passing because she entered the highest cosmic order.

She stood up and entering beside her was my grandfather, who had actually brutally sexually abused me as a child. Then they both informed me that because I had been spending these last few years entering my womb and ovaries, taking full responsibility of the pain without blame, as well as facing  my deep shadows for healing which was so so challenging I moved out of survival and entered total forgiveness, which I had done a few weeks ago in deep grief.

Not only had I healed myself but him as well and through God we all broke the deep lineage of sexual abuse. I am 44 now and have been practicing healing as well as nursing for many years and had the wisdom of survival. I cried and cried and wept and wept with such deep love. Then the entire room filled with all the ascended masters.

I was in awe and honour to be surrounded with such love and wisdom. Then a man entered directing me to a white board. He was wearing a white robe and had a short beard and a blue topaz crystal at his third eye. I felt so safe with this immense trust he was showing me that in example with kindness and love for all then we can in turn show others the way, as this is what he represented, he is also an initiator and teacher. I asked for his name ‘Lord Maitreya’, he answered.

In the healing Andy took my hand and we travelled over some land mass to send healing to all the people there, the animals, rivers, trees and lost souls.

I feel so so blessed to be surrounded by such love, so honoured and in deep gratitude that I could share the experience with Andy.”

158. VANDANA S. – USA, Washington DC

“It feels as if it is one of the most powerful healings I have ever had.  To prepare myself for the healing, I had put on an extra heater in my room and had a blanket on, just in case it got too cold.

I lit a lot of candles in the room as advised. When the healing began, I was very relaxed and comfortable. Slowly my body began to have some movements. Mostly the lower part of my body, from waist below had lot of movements like stretching and shaking.

There was this great energy that took over and it was like the movements in my lower back, hip area, legs were happening and I was at all times completely aware and in control but had surrendered to this very beautiful energy that took care of all that was needed to be taken care of.

My awareness was guided to each and every part of the body that needed a release. I heard a lot of growling and other noises in my stomach area. My feet started to move in circles in clockwise direction and the energy was so intense that the socks came off my feet so smoothly.

It was as if they were not needed and the energy just pulled it off my feet and then the circular movement continued in my feet. My legs folded and I was lying down in a cross legged position. Then there was this quiet time with no movement.

Before I realized  the awareness shifted, as I noticed my shoulders started rotating in clockwise direction. My entire back lifted in the lying position so as to make my spine erect. I did not feel any pain, discomfort to tiredness during all these movements.  It was as if some divine energy has taken over and I was feeling very light and relaxed just observing all these bodily movements.

There would be sudden halts in between and then before I know, the energy took over another part of my body.  I had my head move from left to right with such high speed for a while  and then again a calm and quiet. Lastly I had energy around my mouth, sinuses and throat area. It was very intense and heard funny noises from my throat.

I recall talking to God and all the Angels and light beings, calling out for help. I kept on calling on God to please help me get rid of all the energy that is blocking me.  I asked for His help to release all that I needed to let go and kept on affirming that I allow all this stagnant energy to leave my mind, body and spirit and go to the light.

After that it felt as if all this blocked energy was sucked out and I was at peace with myself. I then heard a lot of strange noises and growling in my stomach area.  Then there was this peace again and a feeling of extreme gratitude to all the light beings and Andy for helping me.

As I was basking in this feeling of gratitude, I felt this very strange and very subtle feeling or vibration in my lower chakras. It was as if there was a surge of energy and I could feel it very gently and smoothly vibrating and making its way up aligning itself. Almost as if I was getting a very gentle loving massage in my sacral chakra.

It was a very beautiful experience. I hope the words did justice to this extremely powerful  healing experience I had. Last but not the least when healing was complete and I was done sharing my experience with Andy over the phone, I went to the bathroom to clear my throat. To my surprise, I saw a black phlegm come out of my throat.

I know, that was the release of the intense blocked energy in that area. This healing was very powerful and I felt  it in every cell of my body.  I am so full of Gratitude to Andy for serving me in the most humble way. He is a truly gifted being on this planet and I feel blessed to have connected to him. I thank God and all the light beings that were present during the healing and I thank Andy for allowing this Divine energy to flow through him.

Andy, I wish you a lot of Love, Peace and Joy. I wish you a lot of Abundance, Affluence and Prosperity.

May you continue to share the love you are…

May you continue to be the light    you are…

May you continue to be the blessing  you are…

May you continue to be the healing you are…

May you continue to be the truth you are…

May you continue to be the miracle you are…

May you continue to be the divinity you are…

May you continue to be the oneness you are…

May you continue to be the bliss you are…

With Gratitude, Vandana”

157. UNDINE B. – Germany

“This was an amazing healing session. During the energy healing I suddenly was hearing my grandmothers’ voice, who had died half a year ago. She was telling me in a little poem, that she had often recited when she was still alive, that everything is going to be alright. I will take another healing session with Andy. Thank you very much Andy.”

156. DELORES L. – Canada

“Sunday, February 2, 2014 – Groundhog Day healing session with Andy Bojarski

I had a wonderful healing session with you!  At the start, when I was wondering if you had begun I suddenly heard music playing and I thought, ‘He must be playing music!’ because I wasn’t.

Throughout the session I felt like I was surrounded by a warm loving cocoon of energy. I felt different energies in various parts of my body, especially from my knees to my feet. I felt a lot of energy moving around my sacral chakra.

Another time, I felt energy around my lower back where I had injured it. My entire lower back was very warm. This sensation of warmth continued long after the session. During the healing session, I also felt energy flowing through my meridians, particularly in the lower half of my body.

Soon after the session began, my mother, who had passed over a few years ago, appeared. I could feel that she was very sad and felt a lot of regret about how she had treated me. I told her that I had forgiven her. She said, “I know.” We embraced and I kissed her on both cheeks. She disappeared.

During the session I saw many images. At one point, I saw one of my brothers gleefully chopping up a prized possession of mine with an axe when I was about 7 years old. I wondered why I saw this and I got an answer.

About half way through the session I decided to call in a Light Being who had first made contact with me about 14 years ago. This being had never made contact with humanity and now wishes to. ‘He’ made contact with me again about a year ago to let me know that now was the time to begin working with me.

For various reasons I have not felt ready but during the session with Andy, I called in the Light Being and said, “Now I’m ready to work with you.” As soon as I thought that, a beautiful energy descended into my crown chakra and my heart chakra.

As this being descended and merged with me I saw 2 brilliant star-like beings of electric blue energy tinged with gold and white also descend and remain hovering mid-air above my feet. I then saw many beings of bright white light tinged with gold at my feet. It was then that I was aware that there were many, many beings behind these golden white light beings.

It’s interesting that when the Light Being first contacted me 14 years ago and entered my body, I was shifted off to the side in my energetic body. This time, our energies merged. Then I saw your face. You were smiling from ear to ear and looked so happy! You were surrounded by magenta energy.

Then I was shown a humanoid alien. It was a lovely female alien with fine, feline features. She had golden yellow coloured hair and skin. Her energy felt warm and gentle. I ‘knew’ she was from Lyra and that we had a connection. Then I was shown a ‘stargate’ or a portal of sorts that she had come through to this side.

I was then shown another humanoid alien, a male who was hairless and had light bluish-tinted skin. He was wearing a grey uniform. He was looking at a rather square object that was used to control the portal. I somehow knew there was a malfunction to the portal and he was trying to fix it. Then I became aware again of all of these beings that were at my feet and I sensed the session was complete.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had such a wonderful healing session with you! Since the session, I find it much easier to enter a higher vibration and connect to higher dimensions with no need to be in a meditative state. I just will it to happen and it does.

I also find that I am less easily perturbed by what is going on around me. Thank you. You truly are a blessing! I am still integrating what transpired during the session. I have no doubt that this was an important milestone on my spiritual adventure! Lots of love and light to you, Andy and to your team!

It’s been a 5 days since I had the healing session and I have been integrating the changes. Each day I have had downloads, which often happens to me but I had a major download of energy 2 days after the session. I had just finished a meditation when I felt a download of very high, spiritual energy. It came down and spread throughout my body.  Then a second download of energy. This time I was aware there were colours and geometric codes but the colours and codes are indescribable.

Several minutes later I got a massive download of energy. This time the energy was a beautiful gold. I’ve had downloads of different colours of gold energy before. In this download there were small gold balls of energy. Then golden geometric symbols started to rain down on me and I integrated these energies and symbols.

The first geometric symbol was a solid, thick, golden infinity symbol. Golden infinity symbols were raining down upon me, as a far as my third-eye could see! This shower of gold infinity symbols went on for several minutes. Then the energy changed to a lighter gold colour mixed with white and pinkish hues. I got more geometric codes and objects downloaded into me. This time the symbols were semi-transparent.

Then, the energy changed again. It became more white, still tinged with light pink and gold. As the energy entered me I felt my vibration increase even higher. As this wave of energy hit me, my heart chakra opened even wider and I felt it turn from opening horizontally (front to back) to opening vertically.

As my heart chakra turned to a vertical position, my heart chakra expanded upward and downward. I could feel it merging with my solar plexus, then my sacral, then my root chakra, all the way to my feet. When it reached my feet I could feel a lot of energy grounding into the Earth. I also felt my heart chakra expanding upward through my throat chakra, and third-eye and crown chakras. When the energy merged with my third-eye and crown chakra I could see so much more but what I was seeing was indescribable! I felt so much love and joy. I remained in this heightened state for quite some time.

I’ve had a unified chakra before but it’s never been permanent. Hopefully, this time it is!”

155.  CLAUDIA Z. – England

“Hi Andy. I’m feeling good, much calmer and more centred. I feel more light and happier then before. Thank you for your healing it was needed. I appreciate your work and the being that work with you thank you, Claudia”

154.  JENNY C. – USA, Texas

“Here is what I experienced during and after the healing:

I sensed very subtle energy whirling around my stomach area then some heat on the left chest area.  Those were the areas where feeling of tightness/congestion has been for the past 3 months.

Then I was so relaxed I felt like dozing off or in a thoughtless state.  I was aware the whole time but without thoughts.  Loved that feeling.  It’s similar to the time when I went to the higher dimension during my regression session, thoughtless and complete calmness.

I had much better sleep during the first two nights.  The body is still adjusting but the tightness is definitely lighter.  My meditation state is gradually returning to before the pain.  I feel additional healing is beneficial and I loved the encouragement you gave me.

I don’t pretend to know the meaning of all the roller coaster ups and downs of bodily sensations but one thing for sure is when it’s in pain, there’s much struggle to maintain inner peace.  My experience has been that whenever I thought I found ‘the one’ way or path, the body produced some conditions to prevent me from doing it.

I was unable to focus on just one  tool and had to seek for more.  In the process I learned many different techniques and teachings.  Maybe that’s my soul’s purpose?  I still don’t know.  I just felt this bodily challenge is not only from past wrong choices but something more. I’d be appreciated if more insight is given me so I can be more aligned with my soul’s purpose/mission.

I am very grateful for the healing.  I will continue monitoring my thoughts and be kind to myself.  Many old belief systems surfaced that I can consciously let go.  This is truly the Golden Age we’ve all been waiting for.  I’m also considering moving to a quiet little house where I can focus without disturbances.  I feel the boost of confidence with the healing and from your confirmation of my true state.  Thank you with all my heart!

Hope to talk to you soon.  Love and Gratitude, Jenny”

153. ANN G. – USA, New York

“Thanks so very much for the wonderful healing on 1/25/2014, that was very intense and I love every second of it! It’s been a few days since then and I feel so healthy and light!

My chakras are flowing smoothly and no more nagging pain where I had my hysterectomy.  The surgery happened 4 years ago but had bothered me with nagging pain since then.

This healing is soothing and extremely relaxing and I know that it touched me to the very core and moved me to a better place in my healing and ascension process. I particularly loved the parts when I was enveloped with a very warm loving heat and the pulsing of electric currents along my meridians.  This same comforting heat stayed not only around me but also within.

I felt rapid eye movements quite a few times and at which points I saw different colors such as blue, green, white, gold and purple. Some of them flashed so fast that the purple had an overlay of pinks and the gold with yellow.  I felt you working in my head, third eye then as you worked on my throat chakra/thyroid, I had bouts of coughing feats!

The waves of energy were unmistakable as you moved down to my heart, solar plexus. sacral then to the base chakra.  But even while you were working on specific area one at a time, I could still feel the flow of energy coming through my crown all the way down to my feet.

The buzzing and tingling were in perfect harmony with the high frequency sound that was humming in my ears.  The feeling of being plugged to this very Divine current was indescribably healing and blissful.  Watching your video of connecting with your heart and meeting with Beings of Light just before the healing really put me in the zone and made it easier to connect and feel their presence while the healing was taking place.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful and profound healing you did which is a healing experience like no other! Thanks for all the great service that you do Andy! Words are not enough to describe this experience but please know that I am extremely grateful.  With this in mind, the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you!”

152. ROSA F. – USA, California

“Hello dear Andy,

 Thank you for allowing me time to process and digest the energy the healing session with You and the Your team of Higher Beings so graciously bestowed upon me.

How does one even begin describing an event of such magnitude…? start at the beginning, I suppose.

As I eagerly readied myself for the session I started feeling lightheaded some minutes prior to the appointed hour, thinking to myself ‘ Andy must have started early! So, I lay myself down to fully give in to the energies and the LOVE that was pouring in.

 I recognized the feeling for I have been on the receiving end of these energies for some time now, but the intensity of it have increased greatly during the session with Andy.

 The tingling sensation began at the feet and traveled up the legs and the rest of the body until the the whole of ME vibrated with such intensity that the body merged with the bed with the floor with the Earth and was no separation and no division and no physicality…. I felt all my cells vibrating with Light and Love

All the while, I was in such a state of gratitude for just BE-ing for feeling for receiving. I remembered my favorite places my cherished nature escapades, laughter and great company of friends and family…I was thankful for it all…

At some point I felt the urge to open my eyes for reasons I did not know. The lighting in the room seems to have changed in frequency and as if I was able to see shadows/energy flowing visibly.

It felt comforting and warm.  Meanwhile, my body continued to receive the healing light and continued to vibrate with energy flowing and morphing my entire being. I also felt heat coming in at various points of the body with varying intensity.

The discussion with Andy after the session confirmed the sensations I felt and his experiences from his end blew my mind!

I am still in disbelief of ALL of my good Fortune of meeting with Andy, of having this experience with his team of GREAT BEINGS and their unconditional LOVE that they showered me with.

To say, I highly recommend his services, would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

But, don’t take my word for it….You owe it to yourself to give it a try!  With All My Love and Gratitude,


151. IVAN K. – Canada

“Dear Andy,

It was good to have another healing session with you this last Saturday. This time was very different most likely because I was very stressed around family matters so in the beginning it was not easy for me to settle myself.

My mind was buzzing and for the first little while I felt that this was not going to work well. Last time I was relaxed and fell asleep. This time I was awake throughout although at times I could feel waves of energy. By the end of the healing I was a little more relaxed. We spoke for a short while and then I continued with my evening.

What I did notice an hour or two later was that I was much calmer and thinking more clearly about what I wanted to do as far as the issues going on in my life. So all in all I would say that your healing was very helpful.

Thank you Andy”

150. THUY T. – USA, California

“I intentional put off writing this review because not only did I want to describe the experience but I also want record the shift in my life. It’s been a week since my healing and life couldn’t be better.  Andy is just a gift and blessing.

The protocol is as Andy describes it. We started with a conversation over Skype. Where he takes the time to connect to me.  Andy has such a warm and loving energy, I found easy to disclose what was going on in my life. He gave some really great food for thought. Andy walks you through the process about lighting a candle, in your mind going to a place of joy, the breathing exercise, and what to expect (which can be nothing at all).

Next, I did as instructed.  Additionally, I was fearful of not being able to feel the healing process so I set an alarm on my phone to notify me two minutes before the intended start time and 15 minutes after the completion just in case I feel asleep. I got beneath the covers in bed hoping to warm up before the healing. When the two minute warning when off, my body was still cold particularly my feet. I waited for about two minutes. I knew without a doubt as soon as the healing began.

In my mind’s eye, I could see formations of lights. I knew without a doubt it was Andy and the healing team he brought to help. My body warmed up instantly.  The warmth radiated from head to toe. For lack of better description, I felt and sensed my field of energy radiating from the top of my skin. It was a consistent and subtle feeling that lasted the whole healing.

I could feel the energy move a bit as he focused his attention to the specific area that I was having trouble with.  I felt like I was in and out of consciousness during the healing; not quite asleep but not really awake either. I was completely relaxed and in a state that could almost be described as bliss. I was so warm and relaxed, I didn’t want to leave my bed but as last the alarm when off and I got up.

In hindsight, I should have just continued to sleep because I ended up going back to bed for a nap.

In the days following, life has been different in a positive way. I attribute it to the healing and the synchronicities that have added to my continual spiritual growth. I not only feel lighter but my friends have noticed it in me too.”

149.  CHRISTINA L. – USA, New York

“I came across Andy’s healing site and felt a very strong urge to try. I wanted a healing because I was feeling very fatigue and have thyroid issues. What I have found is that yes my energy level has gone up a bit not much.

However, I have received messages that I need to change my sleeping schedule as well as start a personal spiritual regime on learning how to heal myself. I have decided to clear all the clutter around my life in all areas first. My BIGGEST message is that i have received over the past days is that we can go to as many healing sessions, spiritual healers as we want but this will not resolve the issues permanently.

What I have learned and experienced is that i felt this heavy load on me and i need to clear this out and get tools to help me change my lifestyle. I thank Andy for helping me start this path of recovery  on my journey of life.  I cannot wait to get another healing for you soon.  Thanks so much.”

148. LETTY P. – USA, New York

“Hi Andy is Letty, just want to thank you again for a wonderful healing session yesterday.

It was such a beautiful experience, first I felt jolt sensations on the right side of my face, on my high heart chakra and my navel chakra. Also felt like electric vibrations on my right hand and my fingers.

I could see the violet flame must of the time it was beautiful vibrant color. Also felt pressure on my third eye and crown chakra and I felt a wave of energy all over my body. After we talked I felt a light sensation like a weight lifted from my shoulders. And I feel joy, peace and a knowing that everything is going to be ok.

Your work is a blessing to the world, and I am lucky to have the opportunity to have a healing session with you.  Love and Blessings, Letty.”

147. KEITH H. – Canada

“Hi Andy;  I hope this new day brings light and joy into your life as it has mine. Thank you for your assistance during my healing session last evening.

I have had a decent nights sleep and thought I should write to you about my perceptions and experience during our healing session.

I found quiet in my bedroom, at our agreed time, once the doors were closed for the hour long healing session. I used my imagination and sent prayers out to my angel helpers and all others of the heavenly realms who wished to be part of our healing work to be, for my highest good.

I next imagined seeing and opening double doors left and right with either hand, into my heart area while seeing this red heart shaped candy type heart large enough for me to step into, before me. As I opened the doors to my heart I saw inner walls lined with gold which gave off an incredible bright white light.

I made my way to a white chair immediately inside and took a seat while asking all heavenly helpers to surround me for this healing. I saw light playing before me suggesting those surrounding me but could not make out details due to the brightest of white light and decided to focus my attention on my outer body on the bed.

I was physically lying on my bed with a lit votive candle on a overhead shelf above me.  With eyes closed I attempted to lie still in a resting position, breathing in a deep and slow fashion as possible. A ringing or high pitch sound I often hear in my head area became more apparent, rose and fell in volume.

Within minutes of being quiet in my thoughts and mind I noticed flickering light in my vision which seemed to to come in waves, on and off. My eyes continually fluttered with the light inputs as all else was totally dark and quiet.

At some point I lost all feeling of my body which reminded me of my out of body experience many years ago.  The fluttering continued activating my eyes to dart to and fro, faster and faster.

Soon I felt my whole body flutter and vibrate with increased energies but in a very subtle way, not over powering, but consistent. Mean while I noticed my finger tips and toes seemed to become alive with an electric charge as if they were coming alive with so much power and glow of this whitest of white light.

I could of sworn I was actually glowing a white light all along my body’s edge, but my eyes were completely closed so I am not sure how I could see this but realized I should relax and go with the flow of the healing.

During all this I sensed my Chakra’s being activated with light streaming into my body from the top of my head and directly into my heart space all the while the fluttering vibrations continued to rise then fall a bit before rising again with the ringing sound in my head seeming to ebb and flow like an ocean wave but now higher than usual.

I lost track of time but I recall my injured and some what painful to use right arm felt like it was being moved and massaged in some way at least 2 times during the hour. I also felt a ting of pain in my solar plexus, followed by my lower left-front rib cage and later into an area to the left of my heart space.

By now I am sure most of the hour had passed. Being mental in nature, read “always thinking”, I lied on my bed attempting to make sense of my experience with Andy and his healing process.  This healing process was totally new to me.

In closing, I am certain that this healing process will continue for some time and I am adjusting my awareness to try and track all changes.

I have been ill with arthritis and fibramyalgia type conditions with its many up and downs since the mid 1980’s and struggling to want to stay alive on planet earth. Many times I questioned my sanity and I thought I could not go on like this and just give it all up.

However, I will continue to pray that I will over come all odds and be successful in healing my body with the help of my higher spirit and earthly bound helpers and healers. Lord knows I have overcome so much at this point in my life, being 60 this year.

Thank You Andy for this incredible opportunity to experience a healing with you. May the Blessings of the Angels and Saints be with you always.

You are so gifted and blessed. Sincerely Keith H.”

146. SARAH D. – USA, Wisconsin

“Hi Andy –  I want to thank you for the healing I experienced today.  I am still marveling at the way it felt and the improvements I’m already feeling.

I feel lighter.  I can breathe more easily.  I feel I have an understanding of how to teach myself to switch the dial from “worried mind” to “insightful heart & soul.”

It was a delight to talk with you.   You are so sincere and easy to talk to.  Everything you said was uplifting and helped me to see our path, the path of the human race, is going toward the awakening of EVERY HEART — to awaken to LOVE.

The session was a very interesting and energetically positive experience.  I laid down, with a blanket as you suggested, so I would feel supported and warm.  I set a timer for in case I fell asleep.  lol

At first, I mostly thought about things that have made me most happy in my life, as you suggested I should do.  It was surprising to me that it wasn’t necessarily the times I was having fun and laughing — instead, it was the times I felt understood and loved, and especially, the times I first discovered  a loving spiritual path that felt like home to me. And the ones who helped me on that path.  I love them!

Then, very suddenly, my whole body heated up.  And I felt that there were energetic presences all around me — and I had read in your blog posts that ArchAngel Raphael is often the first, so I imagined him/her healing me.  It felt wonderful.

I felt or “saw” within myself a little part of me that had felt separate, and who feels unhappy all the time, because she feels she has been so “bad” that she can’t be included in the love within.  She’s afraid she’ll be left behind.  And I said to her, “YOU ARE INCLUDED.  You are included.  Nothing you have done is bad enough to exclude you.  Come home to our HEART.”

And then I got the feeling that I had taken a vow at some time that I can’t quite remember, to “never forgive myself” for some thing.  And so today in the session, I declared, out loud, that I DO forgive myself.

You said that each of us is like a glass of clear water, taken from Source, and if we allow guilt, anger, unforgiveness, shame and those kinds of dense feelings, to stay in our glass of water, then our glass of water can’t be harmonious with SOURCE, because it needs to be CLEAR, like SOURCE.

And so I said to myself, “I forgive myself FOR EVERYTHING.”  And I remembered things I had done, that I was ashamed of or sorry for, and I said of each thing “I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR THAT.”  I just stated my declaration, even if I didn’t “feel” it.

And when some part of me wanted to remain in a shamed state of mind, I thought of the clear glass of water, and I said, NO, I WANT TO BE A CLEAR GLASS OF WATER AND I’M RELEASING THIS SHAME AND I FORGIVE MYSELF NOW.

And then, I was just lying there, feeling very pleasant, with an occasional deep breath, when I suddenly thought of St. Germain.  And I remembered that you had said in your blog post that you often call in St. Germain second, and I truly did feel bathed in Violet Light.

And I felt that I was feeling the Presence of St. Germain, who is someone I love very much for many reasons, including his dedication to FREEDOM FOR ALL and PROSPERITY FOR ALL, and because he was so instrumental in creating the United States, which I feel is meant to shine like a beacon of Fair Play, transparency and prosperity, and to be an example in which everyone, of every background, gets along, with respect for the FREEDOM & sovereignty of each person and being.

And I felt St. Germain ministering to me, but I have no clear words for what I felt — I felt love and such intentionality, and tenderness, and skill and mastery.  Such mastery.  I felt the Presence of one who KNOWS and LOVES. It was a joy and a relief.

And then I did a lot of forgiving of everyone and a LOT of asking for forgiveness from every person, in every setting I’ve ever been in — schools, family, church, other organizations, workplaces — every place and everyone.

And I kept remembering the clear glass of water, and I renewed my intention each time that my glass of water be clear and fresh, just like the water of SOURCE.

And then I was just there, and then I remembered that you said you call in ArchAngel Michael, and I checked with how I felt, and I honesty felt a bright blue light around me. The color was not exactly royal blue – the color was sort of indigo, and very bright, beautiful and intensely saturated.  And I thanked ArchAngel Michael for cutting any connection I might have with old energies of guilt, fear, chime and unforgiveness.

And I felt I was continuing being worked on.  And then I felt a lot of pressure in various part so my body.  I felt a great pressure in my left hand, where I accidentally cut myself some years ago when I was feeling a lot of stress and feelings of inadequacy and I was cutting a bagel in the morning and the knife slipped.  And I felt that the physical hurt was being healed and also the emotional and psychological hurt of feeling so inadequate.

And even as I type this, several hours later, I feel the hand is still being worked on & healed.  And then I felt pressure in my head, as if something was being worked on.  My whole body was warm and comfortable.

And then I sat up, because my timer had gone off, and I waited to talk to you on Skype for our after-session conversation.

And then, I had the feeling that the session wasn’t over!  And I sat quietly, and I felt pressure in the area of my third eye.  And I felt that the work was continuing, and that I should just sit quietly and allow it to be done.  So I did!   lol!

And then you and I  talked on Skype, and you told me your impressions.  And you said that you could see my true nature, as a being of light, when we were in the Healing Light Chamber together.  And your description of the beauty of the session was so inspiring, I cried with happiness, joy and gratitude.

We released SO MUCH negative, old energy.  THANK YOU TO ALL THE DIVINE HELPERS WHO HELPED TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.  And it turned out that when I had gotten the feeling that the work was continuing, I was right!  That felt great!  Affirming!

And I feel deeply renewed.  I feel my purpose in life is revealed and renewed.  And your words, that I need to stop thinking and worrying, make SO MUCH SENSE to me, even more now than they did when you said them.

I feel I have a much clearer channel to our Ascended helpers, the Beings of Light, the Saints and our Mother Father God Creative Source  of ALL THAT IS.  I feel emotionally supported by this session and by the beautiful connection I felt with you.

Andy, I highly, highly would recommend a session like this to anyone who wants to feel better about their path in life.  We are indeed ALL BEINGS of LIGHT.  It is SO HELPFUL to talk to someone like you, who can ACTUALLY SEE IT!  WOW!

Andy, you have amazing gifts.  I feel TRULY BLESSED to have had this session with you.   Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your gifts with me today.  I really feel changed and supported in a new way.  I feel I will be getting my inner guidance more easily now.  I feel buoyant.  I feel … happy!  It’s easier to breathe.  What a relief!

And even now, a few minutes later, I feel a kind of upliftment of my heart.  An upliftment of my mood.  Oh, how I have longed for this!  Happy for no reason!  — or, more accurately, happy for every reason!   lol  I’ll stay in touch to let you know new developments.  I feel that in meeting you, I have met a dear friend.  Namaste from my heart!!

Dearest Andy, if anyone is encouraged to have a session with you because of what I’ve shared here, I will be SO HAPPY.  All my very best to everyone!  with SO MUCH love, Sarah in the midwestern USA.”

145.  IVANA B. – England

Hi Andy, thank you so much once again for the healing session earlier. I really do feel different although I can’t quite explain how. Something I have noticed in the few hours between then and now is that I am aware of energies in the room even though there doesn’t appear to be anything there.

During the session I felt active energies throughout my body, like I was buzzing or in motion. I also felt parts of me going really warm, like my shins, my arms, my chest; and others going cold, like my heels and calves. I also felt pressure on different parts of my body at different times.

The pressure felt strongest on my arms – as if three people were on either side of me, pushing down on the lengths of my arms with their hands. I also felt pressure in my chest and at one point it was very concentrated in the centre it was like a sort of pain, however it did not last long. I also felt pressure in my head and my feet, although it went back to my arms, head and feet a number of times. At one point I saw a man coming towards me.

He was clean-shaven with short light hair (I couldn’t quite tell if it was white with age, although he didn’t seem older than 50, or just very blonde). He had a very stern, but benign look on his face, which stuck in my vision for several moments. In one instant I saw a young brunette who’s calm face was at a diagonal to me, but this did not linger.

I also remember feeling your presence and saying hello to you and you saying hello back to me two or three times in quick succession. Then, about two thirds of the way through (at least that’s how long it felt like although I was almost asleep throughout the whole process) my field of view (or whatever it’s called when your eyes are closed!) suddenly went really bright and I felt a surge of energy rise up through my body, like a release.

I will be attentive to any differences from here on out and will definitely keep in touch and let you know any changes I experience. Lots of love,  Ivana.”

144. KRISTEL S. – USA, Massachusetts

“Hi Andy, thank you for the healing you did on me. I lit the candles and laid down. In my mind I did a cord cutting ceremony. I brought in front of me all people with whom I might have unresolved issues with.  I imagined silver cords running from my heart to their hearts.

And then I asked my guides to bring forth all the past life unresolved issues. I imagined the cord from my heart getting thicker and thicker, until it was rope bigger then my wrist. And when I felt I was ready to let go of it all I asked Archangel Michael to cut that cord.

I didn’t see anything and I didn’t hear anything but then again, I never do. I am working towards opening myself up for that but occasionally I did feel energy. I felt energy change around me and at some point I felt myself swirling. Like I was in a gigantic ocean  whirlpool.

Later when you shared what you saw you told me there had been incredible number of souls present, many of them from my past lives with whom I had karmic connection and that you used energy tornado to clear the negative karma. Thank you for healing me, for healing many other souls alongside me and for all the good work you are doing.  You truly are a treasure.

I thought that I will give you follow up testimonial.

You gave me a healing three weeks ago. You told me among other things that my aura is blue and that you balanced my chakras. Well, today I had an opportunity to have my aura and chakra picture taken.

Guess what? My aura was all  dark electric blue. And my chakras were balanced and healthy (I had a chance to compare my picture to my mom’s. My chakras were all nice round dots of correct color, My mom had several chakras odd color and shapes were irregular for many). And when different energies were evaluated mine were all close to optimal and very well balanced.

So, good work, Andy. Thank you for everything.”

143. ROBYN W. – USA, New York

“Dear Andy, thank you so much for taking the time to do a healing on me. What a beautiful experience it was. I feel a lot lighter and much more relaxed.  I also feel that my chakras and all over energy is vibrating at a higher level.

My session was a very exciting experience for me. I learned so much. I also wanted to thank-you for spending a lot of time before and after the healing to explain to me in great detail what happened. It has helped me understand what I need to do to keep my energies at a high frequency. I appreciate your time, energy and caring words.

I want to add some really great news. I was at the gym working out. My lower back is usually very tight. It isn’t anymore. Also, when I use the foam roller, I had some built up pain from working out in my knees and inner thigh. All gone!  So grateful, thank you!!! Hope sharing this makes you as happy as it has made me 🙂  Wishing you all the best blessings with much gratitude, Robyn.”

142. NAHED H. – France

“I can assure you and thank you for your healing , waiting for almost two months was worth it , since the the healing I feel soooo calm, zen very good can’t find the words to describe how good I feel, same for my hip and back that was hurting me for 8 years, the following day of the healing I did not feel any pain at all nada as if I was just complaining for years for nothing.

During the session I could feel vibrations coming up from my feet and hands, and they got intense during the healing, my right hand was as electrified very very strong energy flowing through it, then went up to my heart, third eye then my crown.

Visualized a very tall man with white clothing and white bear, u said he was lord Melchizedeck, sorry for spelling, very pure and humble, imagined lots of stars, loads of them, it was beautiful, could feel my heart expanding many times during the healing 🙂

I can not thank you enough for your kindness and pure love, you are simply a wonderfull angel.  Many many thanks Andy and again enjoy 2014.  Love and light.”

141. KATHI B. – USA, New Jersey

“Thanks Andy for taking the time out to do a healing for me. It was very relaxing.  I felt a lot of heat in my hand threw out the healing.  I also felt heat threw out my body.  I saw a lot of white light all around me.  I felt much lighter and peaceful afterwards.

I appreciate the advice you gave me about working on my Karma, which part to work on and how to do it.  I have a lot to work on.  Thanks again, Blessing and Peace to You.”

140. MARTIN M. – Sweden

“The healing session I got yesterday was wonderful. I felt like a warm blanket was swept around me and warm around my forehead and hearth. Also I drifted in a dream or sleepy state and after looking at my watch I realized more than 50 minutes had pass.  Thanks for this healing-experience.”

139. RANA R. – USA, Iowa

“Thank you so much for the beautiful healing session we had few days ago.

During the session I felt much more settled, deeply rested, waves of joy and energy moving throughout the physiology and a sense of lightness in the body. I saw more light in my vision and much love in my heart.

After the session, I had a very deep, restful and nourishing sleep with the feeling that divine angels and beings were around me helping clearing out my stresses and stains…and I woke up with a sweet feeling of disconnectedness and coherence between my mind, heart, body and soul.

Thank you again for being a pure instrument for the divine energy to flow through to all those who need help.  Much love, blessing and gratitude.”


“Before we spoke I did a meditation and ask Creator to help us connect.  I saw myself dance with Him.

Shortly after I saw”your signature/your colors” (like on the picture of your aura) approching and knew we were connected.  You called me then and we spoke and I already felt your energies.  As I told you during before the healing, my nervous system had been a wreck for years and I felt I needed an extra push to heal it.

It also comes from far (other lifetimes plus this one). I know for a fact that I was poisoned during previous lives and in this lifetime as well.  I have been told (in one of the many dreams I’ve had for a couple of years now that I had everything inside but almost all my connections (nervous system) were broken.  In one other dream I saw myself visiting an old town and the only thing they (I was with three other people) could find inside the houses was a bunch of old dark clothes and just one old light blue top. And the one who seemed in charge said: “Well we are in for a surprise, I didnt know the situation would be like this.”

When I woke up and realize they were talking about me, I was the one surprised they didin’t know how the situation really was. I guess that if most of the connetions are broken they can’t have any idea how things are inside me.  It also comes from far (other lifetimes plus this one). I know for a fact that I was poisoned during previous lives and in this lifetime as well.

Now, THE GOOD NEWS IS…. I know that I have more light blue colored clothes inside……thanks to you …lol !!!  Back to the healing… I went to bed and relaxed.  During the entire healing I could feel you and your team working on me.

No colors or big flashes but a lot of goosebumps, some sensations of needles (like in acupunture – nothing painful but I guess if you repair my nervous system, it’s understandable), I felt as if things were moving inside me but in a very gentle way..

I also had a lot of tingling sensations and at the end I felt my chakras opening up espevially the the first and the second chakra  (belly). I know I’ve had problems with these two. I felt as if my belly itself was opening up.  After the healing, I felt so energised and happy and it lasted a couple of days until that emotional turmoil arrived.

I know for a fact that you have helped me a lot to get prepared for this important November portal and that it would have been even worse  on my physical body without your healing.  In fact, I had a wonderful moment a week ago. I was looking at an object. It was about 20 cm away from me and suddenly I saw it in a different way.

With an extra dimension as if it was embossed and the image wad do sharp. It was great. I know I’ve been tested for the last year and a half regarding what I can do. What I can see (third eye) and so on. It seems that it lasts just a little while and then it’s gone (some things stay) but it is just latent for the right moment to be used again.

I’m still getting healed but the worst is behind.  Thank you sooooooo much again. I’m very grateful to you and to your team for such a beautiful healing/experience.”

137. KIM W. – USA, Nevada

“Andy is a very nice man, very spiritual, and helpful.  I had a healing session with Andy a few months back.  Andy covered many areas spiritually, and was thorough.

Excellent communication from Andy, by telephone and email.  My many layers of lifetime issues at 57 years of age, requires more work.   I feel Andy’s healing session, *did* open the door to my getting to know my neighbor, LaLa, three doors down, soon after!   I’m rather isolated, between jobs; living alone with a kitty cat.  I know Andy is the “real deal.”  Keep going! –Kim.”

136. JOS B. – Belgium

“Hi Andy, thanks for the healing session you gave me a few weeks ago. It was a special experience and I still feel the positive energy flowing through my body. After your healing session my physical pain is reduced.  Thank you and keep up the good work!  Lots of love.”

135. LEELA D. – Belgium

“During the healing, I experienced the joy of giving live to my two children. it was as if they were born again, newly and freshly.  I was dancing of joy, lying in my bed. During our conversation , after the healing, I felt that my heart opened , and all the energy entered me.  I am fulfilled again. I had tears in my eyes, tears of happiness and joy.

This healing will help me to make a bridge of joy over the period of time of inactivity. Saint Germain says that I am loved by AA Michael and Him, and my Master of Sufism Hazrat Inayat Khan. Your words about the healing (about the night and the stars and light beings and the two moons) resonate deep in me .I am thankful for discovering myself more and more as a beautiful being.

Thank You Andy . Thank You. I write all this with the joy of my heart.  I finished this experience with the feeling of wanting to dance.  Thank you.”

134. CHRISTINE P. – USA, California

“Words may not adequately describe my deep gratitude for my healing session with you.  Still, I appreciate so much the tremendous energy work you did on me.   I work with Spirit a lot, yet primarily on an intuitive level.  Thus, what I receive via spiritual impressions tends to be very subtle, yet still quite real.

My session had that quality of sensing the subtle energy vibrations around me and moving through me.  At times, I felt gentle waves of energy moving up or down my body.  Other times, there were small releases of energy in certain muscles, etc.  A beautiful, vibrant energy surrounded me the whole time, so I knew the remote work was being done.

Of course, so much went into my session from you and our guides.  You apply a truly amazing and thorough “protocol” in terms of clearing and then energizing the chakras, subtle bodies, organs, etc.  Wow!  I felt so “smooth” and clear once my session was complete.

Perhaps “integrated” has a whole new awareness for me now.  It was also quite wonderful to hear your impressions of how you saw me energetically from speaking with you following my session.  That gave me a whole other insight about my session, all that was accomplished and how beautiful the process was.

You do such wonderful healing work with pure and clear intention, and a very pure heart.  This session was an immense gift on so many levels.  Many, many blessings to you, Andy.  Spirit has a clear channel in you, and I feel that you benefit each person you touch to.  Namaste, Christine.”

133. CATHERINE L. – Australia

“This is my second Healing Session with Andy…and it was different from the first one…I lit a Candle and rested on my bed…The first thing …. I felt and in my mind eye was Andy standing at the bottom of the bed and could not make out the others at least 4 on either side of him …

I fell asleep for a while during the time…my mind would try and scatter off somewhere and just reminded myself to think of the happy event…I felt warmth come up from the legs and tingling in my mouth…I felt hot… and someone pulled up my light ( which seemed so small)  that was deep within me buried under it felt like a lot of darkness,., It was pulled up to surface…(and now my light was large) ..

My lungs and breathing felt better and easier and I had a lot more energy…After the Healing Andy and I spoke on Skype and I just cried and cried…I am truly so very grateful to have had and spent this time with Andy…Much Love and Gratitude and Many Blessings to You Andy..”

132. TRISH B. – USA, Indiana

“This is my second healing with Andy.  I lit candles and played music this time. After laying down and getting comfortable, I started to feel heat on my leg. It was a comfortable, warm heat on my left leg. It traveled up to my back and stomach/pelvic area, and stayed there for the rest of the session. Right at the beginning-my leg lifted up! As if someone hit my knee with a tiny hammer!

My thoughts were kind of all over the place this go around, but I tried my hardest to focus and relax. I felt energy on my nose (that I kept wiping away-LOL), and I felt energy around my head (felt like someone was behind me) and my hands as well. When Andy described it as a massage-it definitely did feel that way. Towards the middle I saw concurrent circles, and I started to feel myself falling asleep-the energy was that strong. I have had Reiki before, and it felt at least 3-4 times more powerful than that.

Then at the end, my whole body jolted starting from the right side as if someone was using EMT electrical paddles on me!! The jolt was so strong that my whole body moved! It didn’t hurt at all; it took me by surprise however!! Andy said that the jolt was my chakras aligning and releasing what was no longer needed.

Although I wasn’t able to see much-this healing was very powerful and very much needed!! I felt so light, happy, and relaxed after. He even talked to me for a half hour afterwards describing what he saw! And what I need to do to heal myself and finally heal my situation. I really wanted to see what Andy sees when he is doing the reading-

Andy said that he saw us entering my heart. He said I was as giddy as a school girl and kept asking him, “I want to see it! Am I ready yet?”. He said, “Yes of course you are ready!”, then he said the door opened and it filled us with tremendous and beautiful light. When we walked inside, everything was beautiful & light everywhere! Trees and things would move graciously out of the path we were walking, and then we were surrounded by beautiful light beings.

He said we saw higher light beings, including my higher self, and we were both started crying. I think at one point i was being filled with light and the light was like gold dust particles being attracted to me. Andy bent down on one knee, and everyone else did the same.

Not out of ego-but just out of love and compassion for me, for all the lives I had lived, everyone that I have helped in my past life times, for them to make me see who I truly am. He said the space was filled with so much love radiating everywhere! Then he stood up and said this is who I really am! I am a being of love and light, if you could see who you really are…. you would be amazed…

I feel with every fiber in my being that Andy really saw this and I really wish I could have saw it too! (Andy take a video camera with you next time! LOL) I am working on the lessons I have to learn to heal my situation in this lifetime. Andy, much love to you my brother in spirit. I do not know what I would do without you.

Thurs – Nov14th

It looks like this morning that the bleeding has stopped!! now its time to get on my game, watch my diet, exercise, and practice forgiveness and try not to stress so much anymore. i should have been doing this-its like a bonk on the head to remind me. I am so elated right now!!!”

131. NORMA S. – Australia

“We started out our session with a quick chat in Skype, which was respectful and straight to the point. He spoke the truth and identified the core of my healing requirements with a simple inspiring way, as I was feeling disheartened with the world and was wondering why my emotions were all over the place, as I know I have healing potential as well, to share with the world, but needed to cleanse my emotional body.

Andy kindly pointed out that yes I did have some traumatic experiences that were ‘placed in a box, never to be faced’. Indeed this was the core, because I have been recently praying straight to God for healing, and amongst other beautiful healings, along comes powerful Andy, and it was no coincidence that we met. A God send.

In the healing session, Oh My God!  I’m very intuitive, so I watched everything Andy did, he went straight to my heart and opened it right up for me to experience what my heart actually feels like. I burst into tears, not feeling sad but a pure love.

Before the session he asked me to go to my most joyful place and moment, and it was when I travelled with my cousins to Fiji and I noticed Andy was in awe at how I love the ocean and the sunrises and the shooting stars, he wanted to know more, and honestly I had forgotten all the experiences I had with nature throughout my life, which were my happiest moments and I began to weep even more because I now understood why animals would just surround me and that nature would speak to me and I was hugging a tree with a huge smile on my face. this is who I truly am, my heart and soul.

I had forgotten how much nature needed us and the healing. Andy also recognized in the healing that I also have the potential to heal others but I got disheartened along the way, because people did not heal as I would have liked them to heal, my high expectations and I was also hurt by others throughout my life. I just remembered now whilst writing this Mother Mary came along and showed me the peoples lives i have touched and if I had not have been there, a lot of them would have committed suicide.

Andy was showering me with Golden light and wrapping me up with it. Beautiful gorgeous experience, I could have not of asked for a better individual for a healing. Then Christ walked in the middle of the healing and just sat on the ground smiling and laughing at how I would take life way too seriously but was happy with what Andy was doing. I was giggling through the experience as well.

Then I was wondering what Archangel Michael looked like because I have a curious mind lol….So guess what? He rocks up too! And I asked the question, do all celestial beings look the same like Alien light beings? and he said, yes?, but we have our own tasks and we present ourselves to you, however you feel your energy wants to interpret us. So this is how I look like to you…

He was wearing a golden armor and holding a long staff, and he stood sternly and strongly beside me and Andy as a protector, watching over us and making sure nothing came near us. he turned around and said ‘I will always have your back from now on’… Andy also worked on a lot of old injuries I had within my body as i used to think i could fly, literally!..lol…and gravity reminded me very quickly, as i would fall and was not very grounded.

I came from the experience feeling stronger, positive and at ease of my process and transition of healing I am going through within myself at the moment. Andy accurately mentioned I have a pink, glittery blue and green aura.  He also worked on my knees which were hurting me and now feel better.

Thank you Andy, You are such a blessing and God send.”

130. ANJALI K. – USA, Connecticut

“This time my experience was slightly different, yet still an enjoyable one. Once again, I got the chance to see colorful lights flashing constantly while my eyes were closed while also feeling my injured knee being work on. Time flew by really fast and towards the end when I opened my eyes, I had a feeling it was over so when I checked the time, it was exactly the time it was supposed to finish at.

The interesting part was when I looked around my room after being distracted by the noise coming from outside, I felt very lost and disoriented with a strong sense of feeling or “knowing” that I wasn’t actually here in my room the whole time. I felt like I just got back from somewhere far away out of this world and on a higher dimension. It took me a few minutes to adjust to my surroundings after getting up and once I sat down to talk to Andy, I found out that I really was in another dimension, which was my home in a previous life.

I found a lot more about myself from what Andy described of what he saw and experienced, so I am very happy and grateful to know that. This has been a very heart-warming (literally and metaphorically) experience for which I’m very blessed and thankful for.”

129. IVAN K. – Canada

“Dear Andy, I want to write to you about my experience of the healing you did with me yesterday.

I am writing to let you know what a deep and wonderful experience I had with our healing session on Sunday. I lay on my bed for the healing and I could feel the energy as soon as you started the healing session. I could feel this deeply soothing energy flowing through my whole body and my hands were tingling.

I was very relaxed and dozed off for most of the healing. For me the most amazing part of the healing was after. I woke up after about an hour and noticed that the headache I had before was completely gone. I felt relaxed and centered. It was great to talk with you soon after to discuss the healing and all the wonders that you experienced during the healing and the passion with which you spoke.

I honestly believe that anyone who is encountering any energetic blockages or just wants to raise their energies to pave their way for their Ascension would benefit greatly from a healing with you, Andy. Your commitment, love, caring and dedication is blessing for anyone fortunate enough to come to know you.

Last night was one of the best nights sleep that I have had in weeks. Your healing has made a big difference for me and I am eternally grateful to you, Andy. I will be booking another healing for next month… Thank you again. Namaste!  Ivan”

128. KRISTEN J. – Australia

“Thank-you again Andy for the energy healing that you did for me on 25th October 2013. It is the best one that I have had, and I have had quite a few in the past few months. You have helped me so much, and I am truly grateful for your help. I really appreciate all of the work that you, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other light beings did to help me clear out all of the stuff that didn’t serve me anymore.

When you went through what you experienced during my energy healing, what you described was so amazing and it blew me away! I have really started to notice positive changes in my life within a few weeks after the energy healing.

Before the energy healing, I asked Andy to help me overcome my Social Anxiety/Phobia and depression, and to help me with my Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. All this was negatively affecting my life.

During the energy healing, I saw the violet flame. At one point, I also saw what looked like credits at the end of a film, but couldn’t see what the writing was. I also felt tingling in my hands and feet. Afterwards, I felt more relaxed, peaceful and calm. I slept for a while afterwards.

Since then, I have become much more confident with talking to people. I’m actually enjoying being around people, and I am becoming much more interested in going to social events and doing things that I never used to be able to do before. I’m really losing the social anxiety now. I actually got a comment from someone today, saying that I was well spoken, when I wasn’t before.

I am also finding it easier to communicate verbally. I’m actually starting to sing louder and I am becoming less afraid to sing in front of people. My chemical sensitivities are not affecting me anywhere near as much either. My life is so much better now, because Andy helped me to remove all of the negative things that were preventing me from moving my life forward. Now I have a bright future to look forward to.  Thank-you again Andy.”

127.  ROB M. – Canada

“I felt relaxed throughout the session, but the session itself seem to bring about even deeper levels of relaxation. I seemed to experience some subtle energy movement at various times on the surface of my skin. Towards the end of the session (last 20 minutes), I became very (VERY!) cold. Although I had a blanket I still felt very chilled. It was like my body was attempting to deal with some extreme unknown crisis. The sensation subsided towards the end of the hour.

That’s about it Andy. My spiritual path is so important to me and it is a total joy to meet you (on Skype) and experience your work in this area. I am blessed! I look forward to reconnecting with you in the future.  Namaste, and thank you again”

126. KATARZYNA T. – Norway

“Before the healing session, I read to ”think of a moment in my life when I was very happy and was laughing so hard that tears were falling down my face” and I felt like Harry Potter that was wondering what was this moment…

During the session, I felt like falling asleep while being woken up. I went to the place I was last night in my dreams and to the place I lived last time. It was like letting go. Like leaving everybody and going back to ”me”. Nothing was important.

After the session, I felt like laughing a lot :)  It was so good to spend this time with such a person like you Andy :)  Thank you with all my heart :)”

125. GERALDINE P. – France

“At the beginning of the session I felt the presence of the Beings of Light surrounding me. I felt like if somebody pushed on my crown chakra and felt some tinglings on the left side of my face.

Just before some minutes of the end I felt a big pain in the middle of my back, and I had to move to be more comfortable. I felt when the healing session was ended. I stood up and felt refreshed and alert.

What I can say, it is I did not have any desire to smoke during 4 hours after the end of the session and was free of any pain in my right leg until the following day morning.

Thank you Andy for this wonderful time and for the amazing video you sent me about the session. Be blessed. Geraldine”

124. ANONYMOUS A. – Anonymous Location

“The night after the healing I slept very long and deep. This was a long time ago that this happened.  So ….an effect of your healing.  Andy, …. I have a personality disorder as : not really being myself, not really feeling me, caused by stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, traumas.  I feel very bad, anxious and traumatized, and extremely exhausted.

I feel this every second, every hour, every day, for more tha10 years now. I am not happy since more ten 10 years. I don’t feel happy.  I lost joy, spontaneity, flow, …myself. I know that my deepest self is one of joy and happiness. I think my ‘calling’ on earth is to give joy and happiness.

But I have got so much traumatizing experiences, in relations, in jobs, with my parents and sister. I really have developed mental problems: thinking negative, and thinking wrong. Panic attacks. Pain, mental and physical. I cannot work normally. I do voluntary work now and then.

So what do I really want to say .. I am in pain and despair for more than 10 years. My body weighs 1000 kg in the morning and I live with pain constantly. So…..It is logic and normal that this all isn’t solved after 1 healing. It is normal and logical to me that I have not really felt big things…..

Because I simply have a problem ‘FELING’ for many years. I am not really in contact with my feelings. It’s called ‘Apathy’. It is horrible, terrible, it is not a life that anybody would want to have. One effect that I really did feel after your healing was that I slept very long and very deep, this has not happened in years.

And also, during the hour I lay in bed (imagining a happy situation, to open my heart, like you instructed in your intro – video ), I had vague thoughts that becoming happy and healthy again, must be possible again. Because now, for more than 10 years I feel very depressed and sick (sometimes suicidal). Now, I got a longing for being happy again, a deep, deep longing for: just simply feeling good and happy.

Thank You . Thank You”

123. ANNETTE D. – USA, Wyoming

“My session with Andy was very positive and uplifting. I asked for a physical healing with the nerves around my front teeth, but I was also looking for more of an emotionally healing to arrive at a more peaceful state and to be less fearful. During the healing, I was calm and relaxed and could feel some subtle energy movements in my body towards the beginning.

I could strongly feel Andy’s presence during the session, and towards the end could feel a vibrating sensation in my body. After the session while I was talking with Andy on Skype, I felt much calmer and more peaceful. When he described to me what he had seen during the healing session, without a doubt, he was “spot on” about what he perceived that was happening to me emotionally. I am so grateful to Andy for his generosity, kindness and willingness to help those of us who ask.  He truly is an earth angel, and I feel very blessed to know him.”

122. VAISHALI H. – India

“Dear Andy,  thank you so much for the wonderful talk and healing session. Much of my cry for help was addressed today. Your initial talk and guidance was all my heart and soul wanted to hear…something it has been telling me all along but.. the mind want something else, it has some other agendas..The healing session was wonderful for one hour I felt blissful…initially it started with a glow in my heart for a long time..then it went into my head and I felt a glow in my third eye chakra…I felt a warm energy there for sometime.

Later during some part I felt my mind go totally blank completely without any thought..I have been trying to achieve this state since a long time..a quiet mind..I did experience this years back when I went into a samadhi state for sometime. Thereafter it was a quiet and peaceful sleep for the rest of the session.

When woke up I feel so light and so blissful. Now I know the key to my soul being free…if I have no resistance I am free…!   Sending you love and gratitude.”

121. EWA D. – Poland

“Dear Andy, I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me ❤  Here is what I felt during my energy healing.  In the very beginning I felt the heat in my feet and it lasted for quite a while (so, I had to get rid of the blanket), only to change into a chill in the upper half of my body. After a longer while I started to see the light on the level of my third eye – first white and then a beautiful and clear violet one. And I stress the word “clear” because I normally see violet light when I meditate or contemplate, but it’s always “cloudy” then.

The strongest sensation was the energy flow through the middle of my open palms, sort of strong and continuing tingle. And at the very end there was yawning, ongoing for more than an hour afterwards. At about 11 pm that night (the healing took place at 6 pm) I felt really strong pain encompassing the pancreas area, it didn’t last long (4-5 min) but it was mighty. That must have been my solar plexus chakra final cleansing…

My energy jumped up so high that night that I didn’t go to bed till 4 am, not because I couldn’t sleep, I just didn’t want to – I was neither tired nor sleepy.  And today (the first day after healing) is even more amazing – all day long I feel so much joy and happiness, I mean I am normally a very happy person but this is so different… and that feeling I have in my heart… that pure love… I can’t even find the right words to describe it…

Thank you, my dear Andy, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart ❤  I’m sending you love and my laughter ;-)”

120. NISHA V. – India

“Hi Dear Andy, first of all thank you so much for doing a healing for me. You know how nervous i was before starting the healing. It was a wonderful experience.  I felt some pressure on my forehead and some pinprick feeling during the healing. I felt heat in my body. I was remembering happiest moments of my life. I saw your face, Sai Baba, and mother god. I was in a beautiful garden with birds and loved to be there for sometime. I felt a light passing through my body. I felt very light.

After the healing, I felt very calm and happy speaking to you. I was feeling very sleepy after sometime. The body heat and falling asleep lasted for another day.  Once again thank you so much Andy. You are a wonderful person giving so much love and light and speaking to you removes all emotional problems. God Bless.”

119. SHABANA W. – England

“Andy is a wonderful being, full of light, and warmth.  My healing experience was a pleasant one- an hour of real relaxation. At the very beginning of the session, I felt the top half of my crown chakra emptying, giving me a feeling of being light headed.  I find it difficult to stop thinking long enough to meditate usually, but due to this feeling of light headedness I found it impossible to think.

I could feel warmth around my shoulders, and a tingling sensation around my upper back- ironically, this is the area where I experience constant pain, as I had discussed with Andy. I also experienced a tingling sensation in my feet, and a very heavy pulsating energy in my hands later on in the session. Dark purples flashed through my third eye too.

I have no doubt that I will feel further shifts throughout the next few days. Do arrange a healing session with Andy- you will feel his healing presence simply by talking to him as I did via Skype.  With love and much gratitude to you, Andy <3″

118. ANONYMOUS S. – Netherlands

“After lying down, a lot could be released, I felt it as cold and cramps.  I felt  a hand on the right side of my head, they worked on different parts in and on the skull.  On the temporal side, felt like a strong energy field, inside the skull was a pain point, the back in the area of the medulla.

And the front was kind of black, that tried to release.  I did not sleep well, the day after a lot more energy and more uplifted.  It’s a process, and more needs to be released to get rid of old traumas.  Thank you Andy, a wonderful gift you are.”

117. ROSA F. – Belgium

“Hello My dear Andy

Thank you so much for the healing last night…. as I promise (even I didn’t) I was going to do it…..To begin.. About 30 min before you contact me… I began to feel my third eye –  which was a couple of months that I didn’t feel it..!! So I say to myself.. yessssss.!!!!! this is a good feeling that something nice is going to happen with the Healing with Andy…

Then you contact me on skype at the time we scheduled… and I proceed to lay down in my bed, asked the protection of my special friends.. which I used to called them “my gang”.. Maybe some people may think is a huge fault of respect.. but is NOT!!  When you have confidence , trust and good feelings with your real friends… when you know for certain that they are there in the good and not so good times…. you can call your real friends – In my case – I called them “My Gang” and I feel deep in my heart that they LOVE IT..!!!  Of course  you know who they are… so I was sure they will be there…

After my “calling” to “My Gang” I continue my state of meditation… and I began to feel in my etheric body.. a gorgeous soft vibration from head to toes.. OMG… I wished that will never go.. it was a Fantastic feeling !!! After that I began to feel in my right side of my crown chakra an electric (like thousands of ants) going down until my right side of my throat) that was around 2 minutes….. then it stop and began on the left side (but no so strong)…..

Then I began to see in my third eye.. a turquoise color with some white…it changes to emerald green, and come back the turquoise color…. then I began to see a part of face of woman…(nose and mouth) it dissappears and then the hair of a marble statue like those you find in museums,.. then I saw again a face of a beautiful woman, she was really gorgeous….then disappears….

Then I was walking in a road that on the right side there was a base of a city, but everything was in rock… It just came to me.. the ruins of Amarna (the city that Akhenaten and Nefertitis build around 1346 BC)… When I look to the left side I was in another place.. like an Egyptian Temple and I saw a black slave, huge and well body build..! ( lol ) walking with something on his hands and going to somewhere…  After that I began to see forms, that I can describe cause it appears and disappears very fast.. they were not clear.

Meanwhile I was still feeling very soft vibrations around my body… and I ask my Arcturian Father to give me a ride (lol) so I began to see not so clear part of wonderful space…it was outrageous !!!  For some unknown reason I changed the position in my bed… and continue to feel my third eye and the vibrations in all my back… Oh God !! it was fantastic..  I changed again my position.. and open my eyes… and I put my hands on my mouth.. and say

Thank you all.. I know you were there.. so I’m sending all my love and my special chocohugs to all of you.. and I blow a big kiss …. and of course… tears comes to my eyes….. so I stand up and drink water.. I was very thirsty!!  When I look to the clock.. wow.. it was just 1 hour 10 min !!!  You was already online.. and I told you my experience.. but it was really a big surprise YOUR experience.. so please share it… make a video.. you are more expresive when you are on that webcam !! ( LOL )

You know we have a huge connection since we met.. that’s something many people don’t know…  so I hope that the people don’t think is your ego… because what you have experienced is  REAL.. and I hope and wish that those that think and say that you have a huge ego…. realize that these healings you do… and all the things that you feel and see… are NOT FAKE or part of your EGO.. I send them Love and Light…. cause one of these days.. they will have an outrageous experience by their own… and they will remember you !! Lots of hugs and love and thousands of Chocohugs my dear Andy….”

116. MICHAEL V. – Netherlands

“Dear Andy,

Thank you for your great healing!  It feels like a heavy load has been taken off my shoulders.  It is now much easier to be in my heart, and keep my vibration high.  The way you see me as a light being with a beautiful aura, gave me much more self confidence.  And thank you for really taking all the time for this healing, including a (Skype) talk before and after the healing.

Very good idea to do the heart meditation before and after the healing. The second time I  did the heart meditation I met Jesus and Mother Mary in my heart space and we felt very close to each other!  So thank you again for your unconditional love!

Much love, Michael”

115. LOUIE J. – England

“Andy, Wow what an amazing healing and such clarity! I truly feel blessed to of met you Andy!  I felt your amazing presence and beautiful energy as soon as we connected! You truly have touched me with this most amazing healing and healing gift of yours! Thank you so much!

I really feel as though I have had a big amount of fear released! I remember unconsciously saying to myself ‘ I have no fear ‘. This really has lifted my vibration! I experienced a lot of heat and very high energy vibrations through out my whole body for the whole hour! I remember seeing the number 9 on a door, maybe some past life experience. It was a great session! I really feel my heart wide open now and am truly feeling great, I really feel a shift!

Andy you truly have given me so much clarity with what you experienced through my healing, I almost burst into tears whilst on the phone, and you left me lost for words, wow! I feel blessed!  Andy, I am so grateful for this healing and so happy to connect with you! Thank you so much!”

114. FLOORTJE T. – Netherlands

“Dear Andy,

I am in stillness. But I try to write it down. After we spoke, the healing still went on. I got the heat for some time and the cold and Goosebumps also :)  I did your heart meditations in the weeks before. First it was a sweet heart of about two hands size. Later it became a very big heart. A few times later a very strange alien like “heart” which was not a shape of a heart anymore. After that it was all crystal.

Then sort of geometric shape which by entering became sort of crystalline. And when you called just before the healing I was in the middle of this meditation and the ” heart” was now sort of a torus which became reshaped as a spiral and then a sort of a bubble, little bit stretched out, not so solid.

And then you called.  You told me to hold a high vibration. But I felt sad in my chest, by the start of the healing, so I worked on that, to get it at least not so prominent. After that I raised my vibration. That went very well and then I stopped: maybe it was not beneficial for the healing when I went that far, I asked myself, puzzled.

So I went back and forth in vibration :)  I felt like I was a sort of a cosmic being, very large. With the feet on the earth and my body far in cosmos, I felt this and I saw it. I became in deep meditative state, far away. I tried to reach out to source, from the blockages in my heart. Like I did before. Several states dissolved this way. And I reached out again. And suddenly a light bubble, stated God/ Source reached me and filled in my heart.

I was very happy. I was feeling and then I felt suddenly lifted up and sort of a question what I wanted to do – in this state, like a sort of last surprise. I said I would like to fly between the stars and so it was, for a short while. I felt the energies ” broke” and looked at the watch and it was indeed time. I was very still and cried. You called and I was still crying, I was too silent in myself to speak.

After a while I did your heart meditation. No ” heart” at all. Sort of a light, a bit in the distance, It was a spark of light with gold. More gold. Then a golden cross appeared in the light, with vague the Christ on it. I got a stick with a row of presents on it. I had to take one after the other and see what was in it, each time something I did not forgive myself for in a past life.

I had to forgive myself and thank for the experience and go to the next present etc. I did enough, for now?, and I understood I did enough to be on the portal, the beginning of the Christ consciousness dimension. I was very grateful and cautious : what is this?

I could not go downstairs for a long time. I was very still and deep in myself.  Finally I went down and Michael called me an angel, several times and he said I looked very good. I asked: how do I appear to you? Like an angel.  But I am really the same.  I am curious how I will feel tomorrow and after that.

Thank you, dear Andy. I felt like saying: I love you. But I hold back. I hope you understand what I mean.  Last days I feel more and more and more love, like it radiates out of my chest. It seems even more so now, added with it sort of a deep stillness, a deep silent inner peace. I would like to continue this :).  That would be very precious.  Sleeping time. It is long, the text, maybe not so suitable, but this is what it is.

Thank you Andy!!  Lots of love”

113. AMAL A. – Canada

“Andy, I hope this reaches you well! Thank you so much for the energy healing. You are indeed exceptionally gifted. I feel so light right now as if my mind, body, feelings and all the energy around me have been purified! At the beginning of the healing I started feeling warmth to my legs then the way up to my whole body.

For the first time, I feel my vibrations moving through my body like waves, and sometimes it feels like something is being sucked from my throat then my heart. I felt more sensations like cool breeze over my face and my both arms vibrating which I’ve never felt before. I’ve also felt some pressure on my crown and sometimes at the back of my scull.

I’ve seen human faces that I didn’t recognize and that felt like my body was in a different place. Everything felt perfect just the way it is. Thank you for your gift Andy, I am eternally grateful! wishing you love and many blessings on your journey.  Much love and light to you!”

112. ANGELA F. – England

“Lying in the meadow, mother earth, becoming the meadow, seeing the grass-roots within me, under me becoming the grass, the meadow, the blue sky, feeling heat on my legs, becoming the pond water the earth beneath,……… saw some dark energy shapes like sausages jumping out of each side of my body ….

Saw bright red below my back beneath the yellow of my solar plexus chakra……. seeing angelic beings above, seeing a Jamaican friend who I’d been talking to that day rise from my shoulders.

Then saw swords coming in horizontally on each side of my head from ‘ my Shaman’ on one side, and Andy on the other side these were clearing. I was like liquid energy Also saw bubbles and earth in my head some of the bubbles had remnants of a persons bad energy in them some were clearish then they disappeared.

Some voices were distracting and trying to get in the way of the healing. Saw Angel wings sprout from my back my sister’s energy tried to get in the way, then a small witch figure that was with her disappeared ……..

becoming the pond open to the healing saw Jesus’s face, saw some cherubs. Becoming the pond water ….saw an angelic being float up through me blended with me … Saw a few natives, one who’d been in my energy field this past week, from a former lifetime …… from a distance someone said we’ve stopped our evil doings ….. felt relief.

Lying, being the water, felt Andy and the Shaman reach out and pull me up I felt and looked like a Nature Queen. (sort of reminded me a bit of Gustave klimts art …) ‘My Shaman ‘said ‘I can make anything appear,’ as I remembered some of last times healing and saw a hint of a circle of natives…. and I said ‘nooo let the healing happen naturally…’.

Saw colored lights Red, Green and blue /purple flash from my crown. Thought about my crown chakra, and both Andy and my Shaman worked together, Andy with a beautiful lightish purple light and my Shaman with leaves and natural twigs, then after that saw Jesus’s crown of thorns appear on top of the crown.

Saw Jesus standing above my feet with a sunset behind him (the sunset was almost like an old oil painting) then he also stood on my left side and on my right side, then above my head this was blissful he was all around me then he held a large wooden cross above my head.

My sister said something and I said Jesus is here , and she was reassured and left. Then I heard Jesus say, Rise up Angela F. and I sat up.

After the healing I asked Jesus what dimension I was in and he said the 5th. Blessings love and light Andy’s healings are gentle, inspirational, and a joy to receive. A big thank you…”

111. ROSA F. – Belgium

“Thanks for doing the second healing for me…. As I told you.. I was feeling in the last week with a lot of pains, specially my back, plus Friday I got that strange dizziness in my head, plus my arm and left leg.

When preparing to the healing.. I began to do my meditation and feel my eye chakra, so huge !!! Then during the healing.. I saw a white light that later turned into white and parts green.. I saw an eye… like the eye you can see in the pictures of Jesus.. but only one eye.. was so beautiful and tender….

Later I saw a statue completely white (similar of those who can find in the museums) a couple sitting with each other front by the front-from the head to the waist only.., was a couple (a man and a woman) the man was giving something to the woman… was such a beautiful statue…!!!

As the healing continued, I began to feel a bliss in my head, all my back, specially near the kidneys are but lower.. which I had a lot of pain.. and just simply disappears..!! Then my left leg.. another warm bliss. and my left arm (I was feeling a lot of cramps in my left arm and leg)… and the pain and cramps began to disappear..

I even moved my arm and leg in my mind.. I say the pain is OVER!  Then I moved my head.. to see if I can feel the dizziness.. and I didn’t!! Later I open my eyes and put my hands in the prayer position.. … and in my mind there was a lot of Lovely beings.. Saints, angels, archangels… and I say..

Thank you Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, St. Germain, and my greatest gratitude to my dearest Andy…who has this blessing from God to heal everyone…. then I put my hands facing upwards throw a kiss to all of them and say…. All my best chocohugs to all you..

I do Love YOU !!! and have the greatest smile you can’t imagine.!!! When I stand up from my bed.. I didn’t feel anymore the dizziness I have, the pains and feel so Happy and LIGHT !!! that you cannot imagine…My dear Andy…you are more than blessed!!! Loved your new picture on the web.. and I you know those are my favorite colors !! Thousands of choco-light-Love-hugs !!”

110. GLENN O. – Canada

“Hi Andy as you know I was running energy through the whole time you were doing your thing, so what I experienced was, ice-cold spots along with fire hot spots flowing around on my legs and feet at the same time I had pins and needles, tingly kinda feelings running through them (feet and legs) as well.

At one point I was hit with strong energy where it shocked my whole body into a physical like jump. The energy’s were very strong this time I could feel it, hear it and it was so strong that it made me dizzy and a sick feeling, with that said it wasn’t painful or anything it was very interesting.

I saw a bright white fluid light enter my body and I could feel that flowing through my legs and feet the whole time, it is very hard to explain but it felt like being massaged from the inside by a fluid or watery substance.

At one point I was shown wires being connected, (I feel that meant nerves are being worked on or connected again). Then I saw myself like dancing within this fluid white light and then my higher self started to walk away with all this and I said NO that is what I want and he said “the time is not ripe yet” I opened my eyes and it was 11:11am and I was feeling really light-headed, dizzy, sick like and hearing the humming throbbing sound of energy.

This energy sound I also heard throughout this experience. I’m not experiencing much pain other than in my arm. So I think the pain as of right after seems to be better than when we started. I’m not sure how to put everything into words but it was a VERY interesting experience.  Thank you very much Andy.”

109. ANDY S. – USA, California

“I had another healing session with Mr. Bojarski, which took also approximately one hour.  As before,  Mr. Bojarski  put his hands very gently on my shoulder and head.  I have had very pleasant feeling of comfort and relaxation during the session.

The pain in my back was gone for two weeks. Now,  it seldom appears, mainly when getting from sitting to standing position.  The pain in my shoulder was also gone for a week or so.  Now, it pains, when moving the right hand to my back or having the hand above my head (I have a limited movement of my right hand).  Overall, the pain is now of much less intensity then after the first session.

Based on my experience, I strongly believe, that the energy healing provided by Andy helped me very much by substantially reducing the pain.  I am very thankful to Andy for the therapy he provided.  I am so grateful to Andy for the healing.  I feel great.  So far no pain in the back and shoulder areas. I enjoy any moment without pain!!!!”

108. HILARY L. – Canada

“Went on a beautiful soul journey. Andy lightened me with his beautiful lightworking abilities. His amazing Reiki healing has made me feel at one again. Letting go of what was and remaining in the present moment. Felt my body tingle. Felt my heart open like a flower. Explored the world with my soul. Soared above water with my angel wings. Allowed myself to feel bliss shamelessly.

Let go of negative feelings quickly by smiling and feeling as happy as possible. Love emanates through my body continually. Archangel Michael flew me around the Eiffel Tower, Greek turquoise waters, lush greenery in Ireland. My feathery ivory angel wings opened wide and I was free as we are all meant to feel. No longer enslaved in this body, but limitless through flight once again.

Met Grandma, Heather and Riley once again. Had Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael there too. Had Mother Mary tell me to rest and let go of that which I could not control. Felt my heart chakra activated in a way I’d never experienced. Realizing I truly have power over myself and creating my reality. No reason to feel restricted anymore. I am a limitless being.

A spiritual essence manifested in a human body once again. Shifted  state of consciousness. Higher vibration. Shedding old, worn out  ways of my past. Accepting that I am so much more than my past. I  have learned lessons through the things that have happened to me. I am imperfectly perfect.

We are all love and light and here to serve. We are here to assist one another through our journeys to our soul’s  ascension. Through compassion, kindness and helpful ways, we will be back to what we came into this Earth as. A divine being of pure love. ❤ <3″

107. ADELLE B. – Canada

“Dear Andy, Thank you for the wonderful healing session!

The energies that surged through my body were very profound and strong. I have received many healing over the years, but never have I felt anything as powerful and potent as this. I felt safe and cocooned by the love of many high level beings. There was a lovely warmth felt on the parts of my body you were healing.

Throughout the process, there was so much light energy pulsing through my body, I felt directly connected to Source. I had an amazing experience with Mother Mary during the session. Her presence appeared in front of me and she filled my heart with so much divine love from her sacred heart I felt it would literally burst.

This expansive feeling of being loved so deeply brought me tears of gratitude. Following this, a beautiful golden light filled my entire being and my body felt lifted up, transformed and taken to a higher level of consciousness. My body vibrated with joy afterwards and I continue to bask in a blissful, altered state. I consider your healing work to be a valuable asset in the ascension process and I highly recommend it!   Thank you so much Andy!!

(follow up)

Thank you Andy. It was an incredible experience and I remain in a state of bliss. My lower back pain continues to be a problem, but I believe the healing is still occurring. I am grateful for the renewed energies and feel a profound shift. Mother Mary is far more present with me since our session and my heart feels her enduring love.”

106. JULIA R. – USA, California

“I found Andy Bojarski while doing research for a energy healer.  I got laid off from a job in June and now caretaking my beautiful dog, who has kidney disease.  I needed to find a healer that doesn’t charge, since I am struggling financially at this time in my life.

When Andy and I first spoke, I had a very good feeling that he was the right healer for me.  I felt that this was right and scheduled my healing.  Andy and I spoke briefly over the phone before my healing and he instructed me verbally and then I watched his video.  I was ready.

I set aside an hour to lay down and follow his instructions so I can have an Open Heart. He told me to go back and remember happy times in my life…which I did.  I had flashes of faces of people I knew from my childhood, flashes of the place where I grew up, flashes of extremely happy times that I remembered: Going to the Jersey shore with family, etc etc.  I then visualized my heart…and made myself little since My Heart was really big.

The Colors were Red and Pink, with smaller pink hearts around my big red Heart with ribbons.  The Door to my heart had a metal handle, I opened the door and sat in the chair.  I invited Jesus, Arch Angels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.  I also invited my Mom, Dad and Brother-in-law…the floor was gold and I saw flashes of colored lights, red, purple, yellow, white…I asked them questions about what I need to do…if what I wanted to do is right for me etc. etc.

No answers from them, I just saw their faces.  Although Jesus said, “if this is what you want to do, Julia”…My energy healing was yesterday.  Amazing, that today — I just got a beautiful message or answer back.  I found my God Mother in New Jersey and found out from her son, that we are related…I live in CA and I’m thinking of moving back home to New Jersey.  I believe this is a sign..

Thank you Andy, you are incredible and I know more will be revealed from my energy healing.  I absolutely need to keep in touch with you!!!  Thank you for helping others too because we all need to be healed!!!!  Also, I know Andy did energy healing on my doggie, Cole…I’m sure his healing will be revealed soon.”

105. LUC V.L. – Bulgaria

“Dear Andy,

With my second healing that I received this evening, I was very happy to receive a total release of much pain and suffering from this and previous lifetimes.  The kind of energies that I received where totally different as this ones from the first session.  This doesn’t means at all that this time I had less experiences with your healing, No, it was a healing on a different level of reception.

I feel so much more relaxed and the effects of the healing were starting working even after the session.  I feel much better now and I am sure that many people like me will ask you for your help.  Much blessings, light, love and gratitude for all you’ve done for me.  We are all one, thank you for that creator.”

104. LILLIAN L. – Canada

“Thank you, Andy.  I will be eternally grateful for the healing you gave me.  The energies that coursed through my body at the time were truly amazing.  I have never felt anything like it!  But the true gift you gave me was the removal of a huge karmic debt.

This has paved the way for me to do further releasing and to finally get to the point where I have been able to heal my core wound.  I am free at last … and you were a key part of that.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

103. MARTINE B – USA, Texas

“I had a session with Andy, and even I am in wheelchair and have a lot of issues with hubby, his work helped me a lot to calm down for a bit.  I hope  to do another session soon.  Thanks Andy”

102. SARA N. – Canada

“Hello Andy and thanks for the healing I had received on September.11.2013 and it was a very good experience and I thank you for it!

I was relaxed during my healing and I saw yellow and white light, and I saw myself in happier moments when I was young and living with my parents and I felt as if I was reborn again and that felt good! I did not feel tingling sensations or saw purple violet colors either but then again everyone is different.

After the healing I was less tense and for about a week after that it was still good,… and as mentioned earlier Thank You  Andy, and may God Bless You and all that you do for people!”

101. DEBORAH R. – USA, Florida

“Dear Andy, It seems difficult to find words to express my gratitude and my healing experience with you last Saturday.

I have suffered with TMJ (Temporomandibular disorders occur as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint (or TMJ) and surrounding facial muscles) most my life, but now at 59 it is worse with age. This was my main reason for asking for this session with you.

I would like to try to explain to you how you have helped me, but am finding it difficult to put into the English language! Anyway….within two minutes after we got off the phone in preparation for my session, I felt the most amazing LOVE come into my room. In fact,

The Mighty God Presence was so strong I broke into tears of such overwhelming gratitude and thanksgiving for this opportunity to work with you!

I could immediately feel the energy when you started working on me.  There was a strong pressure on my chest over my heart.  And then it was, oh how do I explain this….like from the inside out a pressure coming…pressing from the inside to the out as well.  I “knew” you were working on expanding my heart chakra!

Then the energy moved to my solar plexus, stopped, and I felt a bolt and visually it looked like, oh…I guess best way to describe it looked like a bolt of lightening, kind of piercing but didn’t hurt up through my chest cavity.

Next, I was aware of you working on my eyes.  And at that point, I saw and felt the most beautiful golden bright yellow Light beaming down on and through my forehead (third eye).

THEN…you moved to my left jaw where I have always had much, much discomfort.  And Andy I kid you not, my bone on my left upper jaw literally started to move.  It would get to the point of pain and then it would let up give me a break…then it kept repeating this over and over and over.  I compared it to when I had a baby like contractions.

And I’m here to tell you I consciously released so much “stuff” from my jaw.  I can tell you, I feel the difference.  And, you know what else….I can feel the healing continuing even today two days later! One more thing.  As a bonus, my entire body feels like it has had a major “spring cleaning”!

Seriously, Sat. night walking around I felt like I had no gravity, like my inside felt light as a feather…kind of like a baby is! Well, I wish I could have put this into better words for you. But this is the best I can do because I have never felt anything like this!

Thank you so much Andy for being here on the planet and so freely sharing your GIFT to help us!! You have changed my life because of it!  If there is ever any way I can be of service to help others, please let me know!  As One, Deborah”

100. PAUL E. – England 

“My healing experience with Andy it was blow minding , I didn’t knew exist anything like this … First half of the healing was the most intense , I’ve seen unfamiliar faces , I felt like I was floating above the bed , like I was flying through the stars ! It was a great feeling ! I am not too sure if I was awake or asleep, very confusing and unique experience ! Since the healing I feel very happy , positive and free from stress . Thank you very much Andy!”

99. ABDALLAH E. H. – Saudi Arabia

“Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Thank you Andy for the healing session. I feel wonderful and changed since the healing session.

Actually, the healing took place at a critical time in my spiritual evolution. I was trying for a long time to access my heart (oh, and by the way, the video you did about accessing one’s heart is so beneficial), and ‘walking in’ my heart was always challenging for me, as if I had a blockage there.

Right after the healing session,  everything was changed, as if I am not the same person anymore. My meditation attempts were effortless and natural, as if I can ‘remember’ this state of serenity so clearly, and I remembered that each one of us lived in the heart when we were younger. It is amazing to go back Home.

During the healing session, I felt many different sensations, some physical, some emotional and other visuals.

In the beginning, I felt numbing sensations on top of my head, then I ‘knew’ that you are sitting behind me, like massaging my head energetically, then this sensation moved down my body slowly, till it reached my feet.

I kept feeling gentle tapping on my throat (I smoke, and that was one of my healing requests before we started, and now it is relevant to tell you that my impulse to smoke almost doesn’t exist, it is only my brain that keeps reminding me to follow the habit, but actually, physically and emotionally, I don’t feel that I need nor want to smoke), so I felt my throat being cleansed over and over.

Then, my body started melting, that is, I could feel that I am moving out of my skin, and going on all directions, and then my body was lifted from the left side, which made me feel that endless liquid of energy pouring out of me to the right side.

The sensation and the feeling of this felt like as if I am young toddler, being bathed and cleansed gently by his mother (yes, very loving and caring energy). I felt so safe and loved. You have an amazing heart Andy

Towards the end of the session, I ‘saw’ you putting your both hands inside me, digging below the left side of my rib cage, and you got out two tight wrapped pouches, then I said: “no wait, I need these to be ‘normal’!!! I was worried and a bit frightened, then you said: “Naah”, and I nodded, and they were shot away from your hands, which made me so relieved instantly!

Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t want to know what those pouches were, I am definitely better off without them.

I could fill pages of the different sensations that I felt, but I only wish to share my gratitude and appreciation for your Love Work, and to encourage people to surrender, even momentarily to you gentle and loving energy

Over and again, thank you Andy, and I know that we are still connected spiritually since the session, for we are All One

With Love, Abdallah”

98. TINO H. – USA, Florida

“Hello Andy,

I would like to thank you for the healing today. I had been experiencing a very low vibration due to emotional and physical stress. I really felt great after the healing. During the process, I felt a cold sensation on my legs and arms. I also felt tingling throughout my body including the crown of my head. I’m grateful for the work you do pertaining to helping people receive energy healings.”

97. SUSAN P. – USA, Florida

“Thank you so much for the fabulous healing. I felt incredible afterward, so much so I had difficulty expressing myself. It seemed a big weight had left my body- something I have been trying to do for many years without success. I urge anyone who is considering a healing to have one. This is an amazing, positive experience.

(UPDATE) I’ve been feeling really good since the healing. My back still aches, but it’s been aching for many years. Doesn’t keep me from biking, swimming & Yoga. My swimming has really improved- I have far more stamina.

As to work, there has been none (!) but I am far calmer because I know it will all work out. I just get a little bored & restless. So I bike 15 miles and then swim 2000 yards. And I still have energy left over!  Thanks! I wish I could get a healing every week!!!!”

96. TATIANA T. – USA, North Carolina

“Thank you so much for your kindness and the work that you have done with me yesterday. I felt powerful energy working on me for about an hour and fifteen minutes. When the healing started, I was in a meditative state of mind feeling that I was transported to a higher place.

Different scenes from my childhood came up and different people from work that I had difficulties with. I also felt warmth all over my body and white light inside and outside of my body. I felt that a lot of cleansing took place. I definitely felt the energy working on me, especially in my head and my kidneys. At the end, I saw purple light inside the white light.

Overall, I am feeling much more calmer and not so attached to my own thoughts.  Also, I seem to have less pain in my kidneys. I hope that the energy will continue to work in my body to bring positive results. Last night I have started to chant, “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.” to continue the cleansing process.

Many blessing and once again, thank you so much.”

95. SHANA’E L. – USA, Indiana

“When I did a healing with Andy, it was transformational.  I was tense and stressed out about my relationship and the direction my life was going in.

I first did the “open your heart” video that he put on YouTube. Within minutes I felt blockages break down inside my energy fields and I was crying my eyes out. I saw a strange vision. It was as if a dark being and a light being were fighting over me..only I now understand it to be LOVE. Love was fighting for me AND love won! …

I felt energy shooting through my finger tips at first. I invited Archangel Michael, my great grandmother and grandmother to come with me and Athena to be with me as well and then through my whole body, the whole time I had this warm…safe feeling that just enveloped me.

I was in a deep meditative state that actually felt better than sleeping and when I finished…. I felt rested, at peace, in love with myself, my vibrations were higher than I’ve felt in a long time.  I felt that important cords were broken and karma was cleared away…I feel like a brand new person …

While there are no EXACT words to describe this experience…I can try: Picture going to a luxury spa for your body, soul and mind.. your very being…now picture this luxury spa being within the sacred gates of your heart! being cleansed of leeches of doubt, fear, worry and anything that no longer serves you or helps you to be your true self.”

94. LAKSHMI B. – India

“Thank you and the Higher Being of Light for the wonderful session today… Having a Soul connection with you , helped me ease into the space where I could stay completely open to receiving the energies you were sending my way…

As a channel and healer myself, I rarely give anyone this kind of energetic access to me… But with you , one just knows one is in Safe and in DIVINE Hands :)  God Bless you !!

So the session started and I floated off into a space of nothingness and could feel these powerful waves of pulsating white light washing over me… There was a point when I felt a literal tug at my Heart chakra as if something very painful was being extracted…and I knew these were the old energy blocks ( definitely Karmic) that were being released – more like yanked out than released , actually :)

There was so much of energy flowing as vibrations, particularly thru the left side of my body…I know it is my feminine self that has needs the nurturing and the healing…and the energies were powerfully flowing thru that space…I felt heat and cold intermittently and gentle vibrations thru out…

The other vision that I had was of 2 Seals (like old coins of some sort) in copper and bronze with some symbols and a male character etched on it and I was given the message : Royal Line and Initiation…think this has something to do with past lives and completion of some energetic initiation that had been left incomplete in my past…

Finally after 45 minutes, I knew I was thru the door, the new gateway…there was this ‘lightness of being’ replacing that burden in my Heart… I continued to feel vibrations along my spine, particularly behind my heart region…and it’s only now beginning to settle down, as I type this out to you… :)

Oh & btw, I was thirsty like crazy thru out the session and still feel this soreness in my throat.. something about old throat chakra issues being released..so that I may continue to speak my TRUTH fearlessly and with love…

Yes, the old energy that no longer served the Highest purpose of ALL has finally been disengaged, released and transmuted into the purest  Love & Light…And I am at peace with this new emptiness, this new void that I feel… I know that it’s only by releasing the Old that the NEW can flood in…

There was the line of the Pink Floyd song that kept playing subconsciously in the last 5-10 mns,  as if a question posed to the Higher Beings of Light : “….where were you, when I was lost and broken… “

So once again, THANK YOU for the Love, THANK YOU for the Light and most importantly, THANK YOU for BEing  just who you are…such a pure channel of the Divine Love of God…

May Infinite Lives be Blessed thru You !!  Love, Peace & Gratitude”

93.  ELENA M. – Romania

“Thank you Andy for the energy healing you offered me a week ago! I have to start by mentioning that I am not a spiritual person and when my daughter suggested me the Andy’s healing I wasn’t sure is going to help me , but I have done it ! During the healing haven’t seen anything like other did, but surprisingly I felt the energy all over my body in special on affected parties of my body.

Since the healing I feel wonderful, my heart and my body are lighter, my mind is clearer, I’ve found the peace I have lost it ages ago and even my physical disease are well improved. I never had a spiritual experience before but two days after the healing, walking through a dark room I’ve noticed a light above my head , following me.

I never felt so peaceful and safe in my entire life. I hope I will see the light again soon! For those who have doubt about the healing, should just go for it, I am convinced now that Andy is sent by God to help us all. Thank you Andy from the bottom of my heart!”

92. JUANITA (NITA) B. – South Africa

“Thank you so much for your beautiful healing energy!

For the first ten minutes of the healing, I did not feel much of anything, but then I started feeling some tingling on my crown chakra, stronger than I have ever felt it before. It felt like my crown chakra was a wide open funnel, where Divine energy was being poured in.

After a while I also started feeling strong sensations in my third eye chakra, and then there was the weirdest feeling of a connecting line from my third eye, to the ear chakras (temples) and a connecting line from the third eye to the crown to the jade pillar at the back of my head.

During the whole healing I distinctly felt energy in my heart and sacral chakras as well, but mostly in my head. It is now more than an hour after the healing, and my crown and third eye chakras are still tingling! Or like you so aptly describe it – crawling with ants! During the healing session I also felt pain in my left foot, where I recently had a bit of arthritis (which I forgot to mention).

It is now completely pain free. I fell asleep sometime during the hour that you were working on me, but woke up (without an alarm) promptly when you said you were going to stop. – Amazing!

After discussing with you what I experienced during the healing, I asked you what your experience was. One of the things that you told me was that most of the work you did on me was on my head.

I had a car accident about twenty years ago, with some severe head injuries, and a subsequent brain operation, which I never even mentioned to you, because I thought that it was no longer of consequence, but you picked up that that was the area that needed energy most, and that is certainly where I most felt it!

Your tireless devotion and unconditional love is very much appreciated!  May you be richly blessed for the wonderful work that you are doing.  Much love and light.  I just wanted to tell you, it is now more than 12 hours after the healing, and my crown chakra is still tingling wildly! Lol!  And I feel GREAT!”

91. VIOLAINE L. – USA, New York

“I had the honor to have a healing with Andy. I did not know what I was going to experience. Andy’s energy is so pure and beautiful that my heart opened up just by talking with him. When we actually did the healing, I felt tingling in my hands and in my legs, tears of relief and joy were rolling on my cheeks.

I was honored with the presence of my grand mother, Jesus, Archangel Michael, and Mary.  It is almost as if I could see them. Every time I look at the place (in my home) where the healing occurred, I feel like the Masters are still with me.  Andy saw through me and helped me regain confidence in myself, I felt much stronger emotionally.  I felt my chakra being cleared and I did see Jesus holding my hand. Later in the day, after the healing, I felt like my heart was completely open again.

I am very grateful to have been helped in this way.  I am so blessed. At the end of the healing, I was just ready to get up and do my work: I was energized. I remember now, that I was also thinking about the piece of cheese that was in my fridge as I have felt like it’s time to cleanse my diet and to be a vegan. ;-)

I just remembered that during the healing, I did receive a message that we are all ascending, whether we are aware of it or not, and it is highly time to let go of what is not working whether it is work, relationships, and food is part of it too. T his was one of the best healing I have received.  Andy is more than willing to help any soul who needs it.  If he could help us All as individuals, he would do so. ”

90. YASMINE W. – England

“I found Andy’s website by chance.  However I immediately felt a pulled towards it.  So I read through his website, watched his YouTube videos, just try to get some understanding, get more feeling what this guy is all about.  In the end I decided to contact him & asked for a healing.

I didn’t have any disease or sickness per say but I just had 2 surgeries & I wasn’t dealing with the pain & swelling very well.  Emotional wise, I was feeling a tad bit down, unsettled with work especially.  So I contacted Andy to arrange the time & date.  At this point, he also elaborated what he does, what I needed to do for the healing preparation etc.  We then set the date & time.

About 20 minutes before our appointment, Andy rang me to confirm if I am still good to go.  He then thoroughly explained what he is going to do , what will transpire & asked if I have any question.  For the healing session,  I decided to burn an incense & a candle to express my gratitude upfront.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect to be honest.  I am rather crap in meditating as my mind goes wandering off in a tangent.  So I decided to think of happy thoughts instead whilst I lie in bed.  Sometime along the line, I felt tingling sensation on my arms, tummy & foot. I felt heat spreading over me.

I saw flashes of purple & white.  It was a calming & soothing experience. The healing was meant to be an hour but because I felt so relaxed I actually fell asleep & missed Andy’s call.  When I woke up I feel lighter & happier.  Even feel more joy & radiant.  The pain has lessen too.   I know I dreamt of something but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was! ( how annoying! ).

I have touched base with Andy who then advised me to drink more water as the energy healing will continue it’s work in me for the next few days.  I am very thankful to Andy who has helped channeling the energy to me.  It was a wonderful experience & very beneficial.  Thank you Andy!  Much love.”

89. ANONYMOUS – USA, New Jersey

“The healing I received from Andy was phenomenal!  He immediately got back to me though Skype as he promised and was so down to earth, friendly inspirational. I’ve truly found a friend in Andy, since he allowed me to open up to him at my own pace and compassionately listened to me.

This healing really surprised me in many ways. It started out very subtly with beautiful flashes of violet (Saint Germain) and light green (Archangel Michael) and stayed just like that thought the healing. I felt my heart area warm up and expand and many twitches on my arms and legs along the way.

Later that night before I went to sleep, a beautiful vision appeared to me. On the right, a big ball of white light was glowing, to which I got the feeling was Mother/Father One. On the left, I saw Earth as a planet in space containing souls who were going about their daily tasks, being unaware that the Source is not only watching over them with Love, but also is an integral part of them.

As I was observing this from where I was standing in my vision, I walked up to the ball of White light and entered into where both, Mother and Father welcomed embraced, adored, healed, fed, reassured  and gave me so much love that I can’t put into words. The unconditional loved I received from them was so profound it brings me to tears just thinking about it. It was the best feeling I’ve ever received.

As I started to leave, being all fresh, healed, and happy and beaming in their love, I waked down the long stairway that was leading to Earth that was still roaring with the hustle and bustle of their busy 3D lives.

After the vision ended, I realized that that was really part of my healing process by Andy that was given to me by Mother/Father One. What I got out of that vision was a confirmation that this energy healing healed me in such a way that it could be seen the same way as me going to the Divine Source as a wounded and frightened child where they cared, loved, encouraged and strengthened me up enough so that I could go back down to the veiled Earth ready to do brave through the storm of illusions and do my part in accordance to the Mothers plan. This vision spoke volumes to me and I’m so grateful for it.

A week later, the flashes that I saw during the healing started occurring throughout the day. They were so strong and I felt a lot of pressure on my third eye chakra. I decided to take some time of every day  and close my eyes so I could experience what I was receiving. Beautiful warm (my eyes felt really hot during this) flashes of violet, green, pink, red, yellow, blue and white have being coming in every day.

It felt like the whole angelic realm was making their presence known to me! I saw beautiful healings from St Germain, with the violet flame rotating anti clockwise. During those two weeks I ate strictly vegetarian food but I noticed that when I started eating meat, the flashes didn’t seem so crisp and clear.

Also I noticed that the more angry I became the less healings I could see so I’ve been trying to keep my vibrations high as much as I can. This vision was a huge surprise for me and I hope that having the ability to see with my third-eye chakra will lead to other good abilities.

Andrew’s healing has healed me in a very deep spiritual way that I was hoping for and has given me the clarity I needed. This is a great healing for people coming from all walks of life, as it also comes with a message behind your healing.  It’s truly a great experience.”

88. TRISH B. – USA, Indiana

“I had a wonderful healing experience with Andy! Prior to the healing; I did a forgiveness ceremony to forgive everyone and everything that has happened to me in my life. (the day before) Then I did the “How to Go Inside Your Heart” meditation with Andy’s YouTube video right before our scheduled healing. I believe doing these two things before the healing really help me to let go of all the hurt, anger, fear, grief and sadness I was holding on to from my past.

I played some yoga mantra music in the background, laid down and relaxed. I began to feel a pressure all over my body. (Kind of like someone was laying on me!) Then I felt a warming sensation in my midsection and pelvic areas. (my sacral chakra; my healing was targeted there because I have feminine issues at the moment)

I felt a buzzing or vibrating near the top of my body and my arms. And it felt like my 3rd and 4th toe was being pinched. I also felt something crawling on my legs! It scared me! I thought it was a bug at first. But I let that go and relaxed again. The energy flowed back and forth; up and down. Like it was pulsating.

At one point it felt like someone pushed my head down gently. And I did feel a sensation in my back-like a small prick (probably a cord being cut). And I felt small sensations in my 3rd eye and my crown chakra. In my third eye I usually see a flow-y purple or blue color in a sea of blackness, but during the healing I saw a yellow/gold color; but scrambled/fuzzy (kind of like a old TV set that isn’t on a channel). It moved sporadically and at will. Very faintly I saw circular lines, but when I focused in on it; they dissipated.

All the while I am thinking of stuff that made me laugh. All the silly things I have seen and done. And I saw myself in my own personal world. It was on a beach; I had a little cozy beach shack. I was picking bananas off the trees, playing with kittens and puppies, swimming, and riding my horse into town. I saw myself at my perfect weight, my hair down, feeling happy and healthy, with bright red henna all over my body (no clothing :)  And having my husband there and enjoying our time together.

This experience was completely amazing and I am so glad Andy did this for me. I am feeling better now than I have been for the past couple of months. I feel happier, lighter and more relaxed than ever. Andy-you are so wonderful and such a special person for doing this for people. You are truly a godsend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending you love, light, peace and blessings.”

87. RIA B. – USA, Texas

“My experience was simply amazing.  It felt similar to Reiki, except there was allot more energy.

Couple minutes before the healing started, i felt a cloud of energy – it must have been Andy preparing for my healing. As the healing beyond, I slowly drifted until I was floating on a cloud. Outstanding feeling. I saw various colors as I drifted to sleep. I felt like I was floating. So light, so happy. And was soon fast asleep….I think.

Then I remembered jolting up – midway through the healing. In the middle of my healing I got up,  I didn’t feel the energy anymore, I thought I was done. As I looked at the time, I realized that the healing was ongoing, so I quickly settled to complete the healing. (Andy indicated that I was a bit scared.)

As I settled back, the process started again -I started to feel the energy,  the floating, the lightness, the tingling. And as I drifted to sleep again i saw tender eyes blinking at me – it wasn’t scary. But I saw plenty eyes, one after the next. (Andy said they are people I knew from my past life coming by to say hi.) I also saw a pleasant face, it was so clear, but not someone I know – still a mystery.

After the healing i had a discussion/chat with Andy, most of what he advised were almost the same things I was thinking (that i need to do or change) before the healing.

After the healing, my heart felt so light, so clean and tingled. My head also tingled. I felt so much energy, I meditated for a bit. After the healing session and for 2-4 days after- I felt really good. Super – Positive!! I felt as though I shouldn’t worry.

As though things/opportunities are coming to me. Slept really well the night of the healing and the following night. For the next couple days, at moments when my mind was extremely clear, I had visions. I was extremely aware of my surroundings, and felt as though I was completing a couple things to move on to the next phase of my life. I felt ‘oddly’ physic!!

I still feel good – it’s now almost 2 weeks since I had the healing. I’m days away from being jobless and I feel good, I feel that the universe will watch out for me.”

86. LUC V.L. – Bulgaria

“Dear Andy,

First of all I will thank you for the wonderful job you made for me. During our healing session we had, I felt quiet clear the release of the last parts of the pain that I was still containing.  It was when you worked on my emotional body.   I received so much energies while laying down, from tickle in my arms and legs until much heating on my forehead.

You can compare it with the same sensation you feel in a deep meditation, the difference with you is that it was a lot more intensive. After the session when you called me back and we made an evaluation of it, I still received very strong incoming energies, that much, that I showed you my  “chicken skin” and my hairs up like static electricity.

Just to explain you what kind of very good feelings I experienced.   It is with sure that the blockade I had from this lifetime, as well as the previous one, is totally released thanks to your healing and cooperation with the higher realms.   I feel a kind like much stress has been taken away and I am open only for the better.

I am very grateful for all your wonderful job you did and I send you my love and blessings .  Once more I will thank You and the Higher realms for this wonderful help and support to me.  With Gratitude: Luc”

85. CHAI T.T. – Singapore

“Thank you very much for the wonderful healing session today.

Before the healing started, I asked all Angels and Guides, Quan Yin, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Source, My Higher, Self to be with me, to help me to absorb the healing energy come from you and help me to open up myself to accept the healing energy well.

During the one hour healing session, I felt the energies running all over my body, particularly stronger energies around my neck (as I have neck, shoulder and hand pain).  I felt the energies like trying to release the pain at this area.  I also felt strong energy running at my crown chakra and root chakra area.  My body is warm.  I felt calm, peace and I feel lighter!

Thank you so much Andy for taking time doing this healing for me. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and I wish one day I can help to heal others just like what you are doing now.

With many Blessing and Love


84. LUCA S. – Italy

“Thank  you again by the bottom of my heart for your healing treatment, for your empathy showed taking care  about my situation and for your friendship. Your healing treatment was amazing!

During the treatment i didn’t  see nothing but I felt your energy touch. A lot of warm air surrounded me and I felt a beautiful sense of calm and lightness. During the night I slept very soundly and still now after 2 week ,I feel this beautiful sense of lightness in myself.

Thank you Andy!”

83. YANNICK V.D. – Netherlands

“First of all I want to thank you Andy for answering my unanswered questions I had about higher intelligence and spirituality. It truly opened my eyes and I understand better who I am.

Never did I do a spiritual healing, so this was the first time and it was a great experience. I felt energies flowing into my body and it truly relaxed me. It’s a week later now and I still feel very relaxed, happy, and more confident than before.  The feeling of my chakra opening up was amazing, and it truly feels open.

I’ll be learning more about myself on a consistent basis, and I hope that you will allow me to do more spiritual healing with you.

Thank you again Andy!  Much Love!”

82. LINDA O. – USA, Florida

“Dear Andy,

Thank you so much for my healing session! I asked the Angels and my guides to be with me during my healing session and was looking to open up to further my ascension.

I went in without expectations, as I didn’t want my ego to get in the way. I immediately felt a surge of energy throughout my body as I saw myself jump out of an airplane (without a parachute) and totally surrender into God’s hands and it felt so good to be held by him, having complete trust and faith that I was safe. I then floated throughout the universe in total peace, just going with the flow.

Early on, I saw a pulsing gold star on my neck, where I have been diagnosed with severe degenerated arthritis which causes me intense pain almost daily. I felt so much love and healing there. I also saw a gold and violet flame enter my body through my crown chakra which immersed itself through every part of my body and blessed me immensely.

My hands and feet became so hot, but it was an icy crystalline heat which felt very healing. The energies were pulsing into my legs and feet very intensely. I also remembered handing you lots of “gunk” that as I was handing it to you, when it touched your hand turned into gold orbs that you took away.

I awoke feeling so energized, yet completely serene and peaceful. Inner peace has been so important to me, I think that is why my healing focused around it and why I was floating in an ocean of blue light for much of the session. I felt so much love from you, God and our heavenly team. Thank you so much Andy!!”

(a few days after the healing session )

“I’m doing well, I feel like I am processing lots of energies and I have NOT had one episode with my neck. I can actually easily turn it from side to side without pain! xx Linda”

81. KATHLEEN C. – USA, California

“Dear Andy ~

The healing I received through you yesterday was Divinely- guided.  All day yesterday & today, I have felt a profound peace, as in ‘all is well’ & I am safe & loved.  The anxiety & pain is gone.  I am also feeling balanced, aligned and energized.

I can still feel my beloved Mother Mary surrounding me with her powerful, Divine feminine energy.  ‘Thank You’ from my heart, Andy.  You are here to do the work of God.

Much Love, Kathleen C.”

80. JOANNE R. – USA, Florida

“Andy, Thank you for the energy healing you did with me today.

I began my healing today by requesting complete silence for one hour from all outside sources, I then closed my eyes and cleared my mind of everything other than an immensely happy time in my life recently.

As I laid in complete silence, I felt my breathing change, deeper, more steady… i found myself chuckling occasionally as I concentrated on and relived the event.

I began feeling a strange emptiness, or a gap of some kind, inside my chest, between my heart and my stomach.. It wasn’t so much a painful sensation as it was a strange observation, it kept distracting me from the happiness that I was trying to focus on. I had to keep bringing myself back to the event I was trying to relive in my minds eye.

I believe I drifted off at that point because I remember nothing more until nearly one hour later when the dogs began barking and announcing that my boyfriend was home from work.  I woke up refreshed, feeling cheerful and “light” in spirit. The sensation in my chest was gone.

I do wish to understand what the odd sensation was all about, and hope to revisit that place I was in today and perhaps come to understand that emptiness, as a means to heal it.”

79. TARSHA W. – USA, Michigan

“I had an awesome healing experience with Andy Bojarski today!  The experience I had this evening was so amazing.  I felt a release as if weights we lifted off me and I felt so much lighter in weight after my healings session.

I saw a few silhouettes of Auras, approximately 3 or 4 of them with a violet color trim.  It also felt as if something was crawling on my arm, head, face and toes.  I felt heat on both of my arms. I saw a white light when I opened my eyes and looked around for a few seconds.

I felt tingling in my body throughout the entire healing process as well.  This was an amazing and awesome experience for me.  Please give Andy a try…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!  Thank you so very much Andy Bojarski

Light and Love to you!!  Peace”

78. HELJU B. – England

“Thank you so much for a most beautiful healing session.  To begin with, my room was filled with golden yellow light.  The healing session was so blissful. I slept deeply for the first time and woke feeling refreshed and glowing.

This was obviously because I had been worked on deeply in the inner planes.  I remember also seeing wonderful coloured daisy shaped fairy lights.  My body was all tingly and warm.

There was a feeling of pressure at my crown and throat chakras, which appeared to be releasing and balancing energies.  Thank you once again, you are so special.

Infinite love and blessings”

77. MAIDA H. – Canada

“Firstly, I want to express my SINCERE GRATITUDE and THANK YOU for sharing this most beautiful gift and experience with everyone, including me. I feel very blessed to be part of this healing energy.

Below is my comment for the Testimonial.

“After reading Andy’s blog, his words resonated with me and I requested a healing. Quite frankly, I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to anything new of this nature, so it is something I take my time and must feel very comfortable with the person to allow it. I felt this way with Andy, and that was BEFORE I even met him on Skype.

When we set up the contact via Skype, I was amazed at the simplicity of his message and yet how profound it was. We set up a date for the healing. The day of the healing we met 30 minutes prior and he explained the process, how to visualize being in a happy place to make sure I get the best out of the healing and the time he would start.  He also said that the healing will bring up stuff that I have to work through after.

He cannot do the work but what he is doing is clearing the chakra’s for optimal function. I had also read his page on the pre and post healing. I asked him what exactly does it mean “To go into my heart space?” I hear it all the time, but how do I visualize it?

He then went on to explain a perfect visualization. When the time came for the healing, the exact time he said, I started feeling tingling in the back of my neck and shoulder area.

As I lay down, my mind raced, my heart was pounding and I was breathing faster than usual. I was trying my best to visualize the beach, the water, and relax myself. My mind was shifting between, “Oh I’m feeling something here” to ”ok let’s get back to the water, we’re swimming with the dolphins….”This went on for a bit and I suppose it is due to the skeptic side of me.

Once I managed to go into the visualization of “going into my heart space”, I was able to quiet that mind and really go into my heart. I asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to be by my side as I went through the doors of my heart. I entered a beautiful cave, with beautiful white light emitting from the left side, and saw many Archangels and Ascended masters.

The visualization Andy gave me is exactly what I needed. I felt the tingling throughout my body, particularly when on my Third Eye Chakra and smiled, expressing my gratitude to Andy.

The hour went by fast and I managed to meet with Andy on Skype afterwards and we spoke about what happened. I felt great and had shed a lot of tears during that hour. Andy suggested I take it easy, drink water, but I felt no different.

Less then an hour later, the most beautiful SERENE feeling came over me. I closed my eyes and slept. The next morning I woke up and still felt sleepy and drank lots of water during the day. I felt better and there was a sense of being more CLEAR about what has been going on in my life and what the real issues are.

My sincere thanks to Andy and his beautiful spiritual guides. I look forward to learning and continuing this journey of awakening.”

76. SERGE D.M. – Belgium

“Andy and I had are pre healing session Skype contact and when it was time to start the session I was really relaxed on my bed. But then, short after the session had started something totally unexpected happened and I was disturbed by my father in law, Andy knows the story. So after that interruption I kind of tried to get back in a relaxed state but kept on trying without really succeeding.

During the healing I did feel some subtle warmth all over my body, then but stronger in my head, 2 or 3 times a rare taste in my mouth and then for a longer period nothing. Close to the end of the session there was that sudden twisting around as if my inner body was turned around and around and especially in my right arm, difficult to describe.

And then the hour was finished and left me with some mixed emotions. I really thought that I had missed a lot because of that disturbance in the beginning of the session, so I tried to Skype with Andy but at that moment I couldn’t reach him to ask whether he had noticed something too.

So I wrote him a Skype message to tell what happened, but that evening we had no more contact. After a good night sleep the next day I noticed a difference in my congested nose and sinuses which I’ve been suffering of for +45years I guess.

Because I’ve had so many disillusions with all kind of remedies and even 2 surgeries in my nose, I decided to wait a few days to find out if this amelioration would continue the following days, and YES the progress is still going on ! I hardly need a tiny spray of a homeopathic spray at night and that’s about it. After all these years of suffering, this is quiet a wonder.

I know that after 45 years my mucosa need some time to recover, but I have all the faith that next month I will be maybe clairsmelling if that is the correct word like there is also something like clairsentient. Apart of this I also noticed that my third eye was open, not by feeling something but by actually seeing it as a dark brown extra  eye between my 2 normal eyes.

And I didn’t take much effort to see it over and over again because the mere thought or even just beginning to think of it and it was there. Now, 5 days later, it is constantly there without thinking of it !! And the third major thing I witnessed that from now on I can speak from my heart.

Maybe it sounds a little bit strange, but before I don’t think I was able to do that. When I tried the words resonated In my head and up my tongue, but now I can actually feel when I want so that the words I have chosen resonate in my heart.

And this is major issue, because Andy told us that this is what we all must strive for, so now I know I’ve set my first steps to my portal of personal ascension!

Thank you so much Andy, you really are LOVE.

LOVE BOMBER member 456 ;-))”

75. KATRINA M. – USA, Washington

“THANK YOU so much for the healing work you did for me today!

I wanted to relate my experiences to you in writing.  I felt no conscious fear or resistance about the healing; I was very open and grateful for the experience.

The first thing I “saw”– windows were covered, eyes closed, high quality sleep mask on—so it was in my mind’s eye— was a violet or blue pin prick sized light in otherwise darkness.  I thought “hello, St. Germain or Michael?  Welcome and thank you.”  The next thing was I felt my crown chakra opening.

I tried to visualize myself FROM my heart, but this proved difficult so I just stayed happy and breathing deeply.  A few tingly feelings here and there through out- upper lip, left arm, crown.   Lots of gold spot lighting and I knew that was you.  I thought “HI ANDY, THANK YOU”.

Then I actually saw the violet flame I’d read about in your blog.  I didn’t realize it was against darkness until it started growing bigger and I realized it was pushing out and pushing darkness away!  Finally it was all violet flame.

Something at the end that has to be just something I as a dog person would experience for whatever reason— a gold sketch like vision of a Cairn Terrier head floating around.  It was probably my dogs telling me to get up and pay attention to them!  Soon after that, they started barking downstairs and I got up.  (It had been 55 minutes!)

I noticed on our follow up Skype call, my voice was inappropriately loud (sorry) and I was full of energy!  Then when you told me what you saw and what you did, I noticed I got a bit tearful at the release.


Love and light, Katrina”

74. JO BELL C. – Australia

“I was lucky enough to have my healing fall on the date of the grand alignment with the merkaba…I am so grateful for this. Instantly I became aware of the healing as I felt warmth over my eyes and I heard Andys voice in my mind tell me that “Your healing has begun”. As I fell into a deeper state of meditation, I felt tiny bombs of gold energy going off within my physical body. I had the awareness that these were happening over areas  where I had health issues.

I felt my body then encased in gold and lifted up and toward a walled gateway of light. I entered through. Many different symbols were shown to me, all in gold and all relating to sacred geometry. They were spinning all around me. I became aware of a presence in the room with me and I invited them in with love. There were 2 men dressed in long robes with long hair standing either side of me and they told me they were from the Melchizedek Brotherhood of Light.

The codings and symbol continued to move around me. I was laying on a huge clear quartz crystal and the information given to me was that I was being recalibrated. Another being stepped in and stood at my feet. It was St Germain and he showered Violet Light throughout my body. Mary Magdalene stepped in and began working over my heart area and Lady Nada was at my crown.

I then had the image of Jesus come to me. He stood behind Lord Melchizedek. I felt so very supported. I then felt a huge point of light that came down and connected at my solar plexus. It lifted me up off of the crystal and out into the cosmos.

Throughout the session there was a slight buzzing sound and I had the strange sensation of gently twirling, almost as though it was my aura beginning to spin gently. I felt my  being cocooned in the healing colors of pink, then blue, gold and green. Throughout the healing I had many different sensations…

I felt my head being pulled and lengthened, my body being lifted up and up and up and then I was dropped into this beautiful buzzing energy. I had visions of flying with my dear family to source, of gliding through rainbows and gardens.  I felt the energy working all throughout my body.

I felt this as warm, then cold, and also as a tingling from my toes up to the top of my crown. Throughout all of this I had the deep understanding that all would be well, that I was being healed and that my path would continue to become clearer to me. I was informed that I am on task and that I just continue to do all that I am doing and that I am very supported and loved, by my family, my soul family and all of the archangels and masters. I was advised to bless my food and to also be more diligent with meditation…

When I connected with Andy afterward it was lovely to be able to relate some of my experiences with what he does during the healing. I was quite intrigued by the Violet Light that was hovering above Andy’s head as we spoke.  In previous times when we have connected I hadn’t been able to see this.

My days since the healing have been lovely and my dreams at night have continued to be quite vivid. I feel very anchored in the energy now which is a really wonderful thing to feel. I really look forward to seeing how things pan out….

Thank you so very much for this wonderful experience Andy. I am sending you loads of love and so much gratitude. xxxx”

73. NICK F. – USA, California

“Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for the energy healing! It was a very positive experience! The energy healing was special as I felt I was in a very deep meditative state. During much of this time, I had the awareness of a vibration type movement of my non physical self.

Also, the area which would be my brow energy (chakra) center felt as if it was pulsating. At one point, I also saw a beautiful golden light appear behind my closed eyelids. This very positive healing has stayed with me through my meditations now days later. Again, thank you Andy for the positive healing work that you do.


72. CATHERINE L. – Australia

“Firstly please know how grateful I am for your time and your healing sent to me….just wow !….. I was very fortunate today to spend healing time with Andy. Woke up early this morning excited, thinking Wow this is going to be so great!..

Well not what I quite expected…it took me a little time to settle into the healing as I was coughing and bringing up stuff from my chest and wanting to be sick….

Then, when I did settle, it was very odd…..I saw and felt a presence; one standing on my left,, the other standing on my right… The one on my left stood there and with their hands, reached in and ripped my rib cage apart and said in a very low dark voice, “There is nothing we can do”….the other on the right side…”Yes we can she is a being of light and radiance”….then after a little while felt a warmth over my entire body..

I Believe the dark voice……was me or my subconscious, I woke up, coughed some more and wanted to throw up…. ( hummm not quite the bliss I was expecting)..lol

It is now several hours past…and I feel, I have been clearing out a lot of past and present pain issues and relationships…

Feeling Lighter, and clearer and calmer a little drained….so we see how I am doing over these next few days.. and weeks as I am moving houses in a couple of days…Exciting

On a lighter note I was expecting colored lights angels bliss etc. etc…

Ha…..guess what a whole lot of crap that was hiding in there….glad it has come up and healed now and forever…

Thank you so much your angels that work with you and very grateful too for the Angels that were and are with me too….and helped me so much to release after our Skype today…

Big Hugs”

71. ALEXANDRA D. – USA, Pennsylvania

“Hi Andy!

I could feel my feet were open …wide open. I have since looked a couple of times… to see if there are now lights or tunnels going into my feet, passageways for light to travel through… nope I don’t see any… but I sure can feeeeeeeeeel the light …  the love … the breath of life coming and vibrating in through the bottoms of my arches. That was the background theme … the whole hour … while other stuff was going on …. it was very nice and very calming like I had peppermint patty feet.

I remember feeling like I was vibrating …. humming …. like a hummingbird that is flying stationary … like that Christmas song about the toy….that went zip when it moved … and whirrrrrrr when it stood still ….… never knew what it was…… I liked the whole feeling, I was pulsating in a floating blend of light vibrating to a highness that was so very safe and loving … like being immersed in golden light …. like if you poured yourself a glass full of love light… that’s what I felt like.

Every now and then I would feel a pain here or there … in very different places. I remember thinking ouch ouch, then I could hear myself say yes yes , I can I can and the vibrating love light never stopped caressing me throughout my whole body and self… so a few adjustments, that caused a twitch of pain were so easy to deal with…. I smiled inside while this was happening, because it felt like… “they” were seeing… “that doesn’t go here … it belongs a little over there…”…. and maybe this makes no sense to write or read… but it is as happened… as best as myself sees it :)

If I had opened my eyes I was sure I was up on a cloud vibrating in one place at a very nice speed…… like hovering

I saw a road open up once long and white with many green bushy somethings on either side… it was so real … I felt to step up on it…. but then it disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

I felt very light the whole time. I felt like I was being turned inside out in a very good way (one body part at a time)… it was the strangest feeling, but good. Once I felt sick to my stomach….. that passed and I felt beautiful vibrating energy… I could hear myself think, a few times during the hour…. so this is what the color purple and violet feeeels like!

I felt very electrical and surging … like I was the healing…

almost like I didn’t have a body at all. I was the all and the everything… and then I realized I had to pee… I could feel the weight of my body again… and I looked and the hour was just short of

2 minutes…Wow that was fast!…. the healing light just kept surging through me … as I made it to the bathroom.  I floated to the couch next so I could hear Andy on Skype. I sat on the couch in a blissful humming blur.

Thank you so much Andy for my healing… I can still feel the LOVE and LIGHT running throughout my whole self… I am sitting here and enjoying! :)

I look forward to connecting again.

Alexandra D.”

70. ERIN A. – Philippines

“Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for taking time at a very late night schedule for my healing session with you. It was a one of a kind experience of enlightenment, release and energizing.

After the skype call, I prepared myself about 5 minutes before the agreed time to get relaxed and condition myself into thinking of happy moments – I opted thinking about peaceful places I have been to whenever happy thoughts become sad ones. When I started seeing bright light, I thought it was the start of the healing session.

The bright light grew bigger for some time while allowing me to think of happy childhood memories. As soon as I remembered an unpleasant experience, the light turned into darkness. Initially, I entertained the darkness thinking it was natural. Then I had to think of peaceful places hoping to see the light again. I felt I like the white light better than seeing pitch black darkness.

Slowly, the bright white light returned. Then, I saw my son when he was still a baby. I felt so much love…my love for my son I felt was beyond words. I started to cry as I saw flashback of events in my son’s childhood.

Every now and then, I also felt heat in my arms, back and legs. There were times I felt strong pain in my legs but it disappears after feeling the heat. I also felt some twitching at my back together with the heat, then it disappears. From time to time, I also felt strong migraine pains as if it was following a deep line in my head.

The pain disappears after feeling the strong pain. Then there was the strong heat I felt in my heart followed by a very strong pain as if my heart has a big crack. When the pain started to subside, I felt comfort and the heat around my heart was soothing. I continued thinking about peaceful places I have been to, felt heat all over my body and then got a Skype call from Andy.

During the call, Andy explained what happened during the healing session. It was great that in spite of his busy long day the healing session worked and that he had the right energy to go through it at a late night.

Thanks Andy, I feel a lot better now and I hope to see more personal energy in my daily activities moving forward.

Best regards,


69. DAVID R. – Holland

“Good morning Andy!

First of all thank you so much again for your time and efforts to so totally unselfishly assist in my healing. Bless you a thousand times!

As I already told you afterwards I realized I must have fallen asleep a few times during the sesion because it was over so quickly. I told you about the crawling I had felt over my body and also about the feeling of my limbs glowing in the inside.

Another thing that occurred which I only remembered after we had spoken was that during the session, especially somewhere during the first half, there were flashes of images, of faces unknown to me, of a negative nature which I did not like and actually were a bit scary.

I had prepared the session with an energetic clearing of the space I was going to lie down and calling in the assistance of Archangel Rafael. After having raised my frequency by tuning into the happiest mode I had my thinking to stop and go blank.

When the images occurred I switched them off to go on blank again. That happened a few times and I thought they were just tricks of my own thoughts. But now I think it must have been symbols of pockets of negativity that you were in the process of clearing. At least that is how I interpret it.  I will keep you posted on any developments on the health front.

I forgot to mention that afterwards I felt a happy lightness, a kind of relieve that I still experience up till now, the following day.

With much Love,


68. BOB F. – USA, Indiana

“Andy, thank-you for the healing energy session.  After the session I definitely felt better.  I felt more energy.  And less pain in my body.”

67. LISA M. B. – USA, Maine

“Dear Andy, I wanted to let you know what a great experience I had with my healing session with you!  I felt tremendous energy during the healing and for the rest of the evening.

While taking a bath, I had a realization and did some deep healing on an issue that I thought I had resolved.  I felt this wonderful release.  The best part is, that night I made love with my dear husband of 26 years, and felt a passion that I have not been able to feel for a very long time. I know this is the missing piece in my relationship, and I am so thankful and happy.

I feel you are an extraordinary spirit and human being and I thank you with all my heart for what you have done for me and many others so generously and beautifully!

Sincerely, Lisa”

66. SHANNON M. – USA, Georgia

“I was lying on my back on my bed and I began to feel heavy, but light at the same time. Hard to describe that. I felt weightless but heavy too.

I started to feel like I was being pressed down onto my mattress. I had the feeling that I could see myself over my bed, like I was looking down from my ceiling at my body. I felt extremely at ease and relaxed. I began to see white lights flashing on either side of my head.

I felt like I was moving at warp speed, very, very fast. The lights were so comforting even though it was so fast. I felt the most unconditional love that I have ever felt. It’s hard to put it into words. I can compare it to feeling the Love I have now multiplied by a trillion.

The message that I was receiving was “you are never alone, you will always be OK Shannon” over and over I was receiving this. Also I was receiving “You are so very loved Shannon”. I was crying like a baby and smiling at the same time. The Love that was being sent to me was unbelievable.

I kept wishing that everyone could feel this. I felt the presence of a woman, couldn’t tell if she was really young or what her age was, but her feminine divine love was so felt. And then all of the sudden I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. I was laughing so hard at one point, that my face was hurting. I felt so joyous. Back and forth with the laughter and tears, so much emotion.

I saw Andy and could feel his presence with me. I felt his Love, along with the Love of God/Goddess. I then felt my Grandmother (who transitioned about 6 yrs. ago) she was there and holding me.  I could feel her love all with me. During this whole experience, my body was twitching and heating up and itching.

The weightlessness was there still the whole time. It was really an incredible experience and I am so grateful for Andy’s gift. I felt like I had returned “Home”. I know that Love is very powerful and amazing and Real and this experience just heighted that for me.  Love is everything.  Everything!!!”

65. MONICA N. – England

“Two days ago (June 17th, 2013) I was one of the lucky souls to have a free energy healing session with a very kind man, Andy Bojarski. It was the best choice I ever made.

I want to share my experience with all who are interested in an energy healing. As soon as I lay down in bed, before the healing begin, my whole body spun around and after a few seconds, energy waves invaded my body and I felt a light pressure between the eyebrows.

I could even hear the energy. I felt relaxed and loved! I’ve seen different faces, a castle, flying birds, and an angel.  And very surprising for me, I’ve seen Andy. They were there to tell me that I am safe and loved.

By the first half of the healing session I felt like I traveling to a very familiar place, I had no body but I was everything, love and peace. I realized that the place is inside of me and always has been there, even that feeling – it was perfect , the experience to have a body is also perfect and now I appreciate my life even more.

Something funny happened from the start until the end, I could hear on and on a song in my mind, Whitney Houston, could I have this kiss forever. I don’t know if it means anything but I still am listening to the song and I feel loved …

Today, two days later, the pain in my legs and back is completely gone and on the emotional level I am a new person, happy and calm! I can still feel the energy, never has it left me. Thank you Andy for spreading the love with all of us, I will make sure to pass it forward. Thank you Andy.”

64. AMANDA B. – USA, Iowa

“Thank you so much for the healing yesterday. Today my digestion is dramatically better. You must have loosened and eliminated a lot of junk. And thank you for providing such a wonderful service. You definitely have a talent.”

63. PUPUL P. – India

“I consider myself lucky because I came across Andy’s website while surfing the internet for healing and psychic guidance. Three week back I fractured my right ankle. My doctor asked me to rest for three weeks and I had a cast on my foot.

The entire thought of staying home for three weeks doing nothing was more overwhelming than the physical pain I endured. I fractured my foot right after my college exams.

I had so many plans like travelling around and meeting my friends. I was filled with negative thoughts the minute I realized that I can’t execute my plans for the next three weeks.

I have always considered myself a spiritual person, with a bent towards divinity, reiki and meditation. However, my doubts never allowed me to open up fully. After my fracture, I started looking for ways to attract positive thoughts. I started reading about reiki, healing, meditation and clairvoyance.

While looking for relevant literature, I came across Andy’s website and it was hard to believe that such a giving person exists in this world. Something prompted me to call him on Skype immediately. I called him up without thinking about it. I was lucky that Andy attended my call.

I told him about my foot and my bent towards all things spiritual. I told him that I am unable to forget some people who hurt me in the past. He asked me to let go of my negative thoughts and open up to all the beautiful things in life. His words helped me in getting rid of my emotional baggage.

Andy gave me a session of energy healing the next week. I cleared my mind of all the thoughts and was optimistic that Andy’s blessings and healing will work for the better. I felt a peculiar tingling sensation and vibration when the healing started. Within minutes, my body became really light and my brain became really calm.

The vibrations were all over my body. I could hear an inner voice telling me that I am not alone and Andy is with me. I got the message that my two loved ones, who passed over the years are in a much better place and they are happy.

My head was already light with these thoughts, and suddenly my toes started twitching and I could feel a stretch in my right foot.

My foot started twitching at regular intervals. Then I experienced a sensation in my hands. I felt a wrap of energy surrounding my body. I got the message that Andy is here to guide me in my spiritual endeavors. I had a constant smile on my face punctuated by warm tears trickling down my cheeks.

I knew that my healing was over and could hear Andy telling me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and within seconds I saw Andy calling me on Skype.

I was at a loss for words when I picked up Andy’s call. My heart was pumping really fast and I was feeling really happy. I told Andy about my experience. All his words were so encouraging and assuring.

He told me that our connection over the internet was not a coincidence. Our souls were destined to meet. I believe him. Its been a week since the energy healing took place and I haven’t experienced any discomfort in my foot since then.

After the next three days of the healing, I felt as if the energy was still around me like a blanket. I can still feel Andy’s positive thoughts and energy guiding me.

I aspire to work on my spiritual self and work towards making people happy. Andy’s selfless work is an inspiration for me. I will wear a smile on my face, just like Andy advised me to.”

62. GABRIEL L. – USA, Florida

“The experience was an odd one because I was engaged (i.e. affected) via my Temporal lobe and not my Frontal lobe, which controls your muscles, the Parietal lobe, which controls temperature, touch and speech or the Occipital lobe, which controls and interprets sight lending the experience an unexpected gravity because when all is said and done I don’t hear too well because of the years I spent as a ‘music critic’ my hearing was damaged as a result.

The whole experience was ethereal as a result because ordinarily I don’t really hear nuances in frequencies but I did today!  Thank you so much Andy.”

61. A. (ANONYMOUS) – USA, Nevada

“I reached out to Andy to see if his energy healing session could help me lose weight/lose the anxiety I get from stressing over weight.

I don’t have too much weight to lose but for the past years I have been stressing over my weight doing work outs and diet after diet.

I am going the metaphysical route this time because I know it is not about diet and exercise and I thought Andy could help me release some of those mental/energetic blocks I have.

In the beginning of the session I felt tingling going from the bottom of my body all the way up to my head. I felt a sense of peace. The tingling sensation got stronger and stronger and I felt like there was energy moving through my body really fast.

It got super intense and at one point my legs were moving back and forth all on their own! In the middle of my session I saw the color pink, which Andy said represents love. Towards the end I felt super relaxed and like I had a work out from the inside out.

That whole day I felt so GOOD. I did not have anxiety over my weight and I developed a stronger sense of trust for my body’s intelligence and ability to release weight on its own. It’s been almost a week and I still feel really peaceful. Thank you SO much Andy!!  Your help is deeply appreciated :)

Thanks again!!”

60. SWAPNA I. – India

“Hi Andy, sorry I couldn’t continue talking to you yesterday after the healing, as there was heavy rain and lightning and I had to turn the computer off.

How I felt during the healing was like slight tingling especially on hands and feet and face and heaviness and spastic like where ever I usually feel aches and pains.

The heaviness over my head or between the eyebrows was what I felt more heavily. And after the healing I was feeling very light and it was exactly like how we feel half an hour or so after taking painkillers.

My mind couldn’t think and it was all numb like. The numbness of the mind was there even when I woke up in the morning. But after an hour or two, even that was gone and now I feel so much different.

I asked for healing because I am slightly autistic and I had issues like headaches and aches and pains throughout my body. Well that’s the best I could describe it at that time and trusted the energies coming to heal will know what they are doing and I will have the healing I meant to have.

But I wasn’t someone living in aches and pains, but that’s the only way I could describe what was wrong with me and say my mind is all messed up and don’t have any clarity and can’t connect with myself.

But from where I can see now, I always had a fogy mind. Whenever I try to focus on something or do something, the fogginess gets worse and muscles gets tight and will have aches and pains.

Otherwise I have to work really hard physically or do some exercises or rhythmic martial arts drills and then there will be a kind of a momentum and then the fogginess can’t touch me anymore.

But now without me doing anything, the fogginess of the mind is not there, after the healing I had yesterday and I hope it stays. I know I can’t say how grateful I am and I can only say thank you. So thank you Andy and your team for shining your light in my life.  It’s really humbling to say God bless you and your team.  So will speak to you soon Andy.

(update) It’s been a week since I had the healing from you and I am feeling much better. There is more happiness and I am able to connect with people more and feeling more normal. Even today I had to go for a family gathering and I was feeling really pleasant and was happy to meet people and wasn’t getting tiered and irritated in a crowed.

Life is more easy now even though I don’t have any great ambitions. In other words I am able to tolerate me and I am happy to meet people, I love people. I am actually really loving people. I am happy there are people in the world. Thank you Andy for the healing.  Also my head used to get really messed up when I try chanting mantras or things like that.

Or any spiritual exercise or ritual suggested by masters never used to work. But now I think there is more clarity and doesn’t feel that crazy with trusting the unseen realities.  Speak to you soon Andy and thank you.”

59. ANTHONY H. – Canada

“Andy, my highest gratitude for the healing today. The fusion of golden energy has been wonderful and filling. I can register it within my being and going about its cleansing task.

There was much that needed to be purged and I thank you so much for that and your attention to my specific needs. You have my greatest blessings and gratitude. With much Love in this life and beyond…”

58. TERESA C. – Spain

“Hi!. I wanted to share my experience with Andy´s healing session.

First of all I want to say thanks to Andy for giving me this opportunity and great experience.

Andy told me to think in a very satisfying event or events during the 1 hour session. So I thought to go on surfing but I couldn’t.  There has been so much time since I have done it ,so I couldn´t.

Then I went swimming with the dolphins. There was a very warm water, very crystalline, light blue and full of light. Everything was very beautiful and calm. The filling of the water was very conformable.

I was seeing other animals and vegetation, but everything was calm and good.  At the same time I was permanently surrounded by love and light. At first even if I was really feeling it,  and it was very natural and effortless, I was keeping everything on going with my mind.

There was a moment in which the pains in my body due to the same position already for a while, were already very noticeable and sort of interrupt me a bit, though I was still swimming around directing it with my mind.   So I was like a conscious guide of the experience.

I already felt energy in my hands.  Then I started felling like some soft of pressure on the 3D chakra and a stronger pressure on the 3D eye and a pressure from inside the head.  And  all of the sudden I was floating  on the space or in the NADA (nothing).

I didn´t see any references, I didn´t want to see, to think.  I didn´t need it.  I didn´t need anything, neither to breathe!  I was all and nothing at the same time. The feeling was amazing, indescribable.  A fulfillness of peace, of all.

A few time passed  by, I guess, and Andy called back. Was awful!. Je,je,je…..

I didn´t want to stop that! Now I regret haven´t had the occurrence to tell him to let me be there more time and have talk later.

It was the best feeling I ever had.  I couldn´t  even think or talk and didn´t even want to when Andy called me back.

I´ve never been consciously with Source ,but that´s the closed description I can find to describe what I was in or with.  And it is the best feeling I can remember ever.

So I thank so much Andy for this unique and enlightening experience and I wish other people could get to feel that  too.  It brought me a source of permanent inner feeling of peace and calm that I still have.”

57. JANET E. – USA, Colorado

“Andy, thank you so much for the Reiki healing. I felt the energy even before we started the session. I’m very sensitive to Reiki energy. I felt very relaxed and at peace. My body feels better.

Less aches and pains. I think you have some powerful Reiki energy to share. I could feel your hands on my back sending energy. It is very generous of you to do the sessions free as you do. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you. I think you already are a Reiki master. BLESS YOUR HEART.”

56. JULIETTE E. – USA, Colorado

“Thank you so much Andy for your amazing healing session with me!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your healing. I definitely feel a major shift has taken place for me and I’m getting physically and emotionally better.

Here is what happened to me during a healing, for the entire length of an hour I felt very strong energy waves and heat moving through my body. I’ve also seen a few colors, mostly purple.  I also felt very relaxed and happy.

After first 30 minutes, I felt like I was completely out of my body and I smelled a fire. I want to thank you again from the deepest part of my heart.  Your compassion and generosity is amazing!  It was pleasure to meet you, Juliette.”

55. SALLY D. – USA, Michigan

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note regarding my feelings and observations about my healings. First I would like to say it was a real pleasure meeting Andy and feeling his positive energy.  My experience has been somewhat interesting.

I must say that once I laid down, I was immediately aware of energy in my body starting with my feet. I am someone who believes she has felt energy downloads in the past and this was no different except for the fact that it was moving through my legs and rested on my knees.

My initial reaction was that the energy really found the whopper in my knees! As I laid there not feeling it move past my knees I began to get cold. I didn’t know if I should get up during the healing or not, so I had a tee shirt behind me and put that around my arms.

Shortly thereafter, I slept until Andy called.  Later during that day, I felt different about my thoughts. Even though I told Andy I had some physical problems, I wasn’t really wanting a healing on the physical plane. I was more interested in having blocks removed or resistant energy to go away.

I did feel my knee pain was lessened, it had more of an impact on my mental images and thoughts. A benefit that I hadn’t quite expected.  I write this the next day, and I expect many more revelations about myself in the coming days. This is a gift that can keep on giving and one of the things I feel is that anyone who has a healing done by Andy is very lucky indeed.

I hope this will suffice as a testimonial and it’s how I feel which is now the truth if that makes sense. In other words my truth is my feelings. I could go on but I am sure you are a busy guy, with kids, dogs and a life.  So I will end here. Thank you for your kindness and I am sure it will be rewarded over and over.  You seem like a guy who is really happy, and its hard not to like that.”

54. AMELIA D. – England

“I would like to thank you again for my healing session.. I felt a number of different sensations during the session including tingly hands.. heavy legs.. and what I can only describe as a lifting sensation in my head.

I feel that the healing helped on an emotional level as it helped me to stay calmer. I also think it helped me to be more tuned in to angelic energy. Your time was much appreciated. Love and blessings.”

53.  BEA V. W. – Netherlands

“Hello Andy,

It took me a little longer to write my experiences of the healing session you gave me last Monday, but here it is.

I requested you because I was/am in some emotional reactions lately, and there was some pain/arthritis in my hips (which is there already for quite some years) and some newly (3 weeks old) strange pain that became more frequently in my left jaw and that was connected to my left ear.

Sometimes suddenly a strong pain was there when I moved my mouth with eating, but it didn’t happen always with eating and also was there on other moments. Always unexpected and I couldn’t make it come and in a way it felt like my jaw was almost coming out of its settlement.

When you called me and went over my complaints, I added my wish to be more connected to my inner Self.

When you send me healing energy I felt kind of tingling/electrical feeling especially in my arms and legs. Then after a little while I felt some kind of pinch in my left eye. Just for one long second. All the time, also before the pinch and throughout the session, I saw different colors coming, staying for a while and then new came. Especially violet, magenta and gold passed by.

After some more time there was suddenly a movement from my left leg. It kicked by itself, just once and strongly. After some more time I had to cough for a few seconds.

Although I do have pictures and other big and even huge experience sometime during meditation or healing/breathing sessions, I’m not a person who has many pictures. But then there was a suddenly a man face coming very close and he kissed me on my mouth. I was quite surprised. It was not a familiar face (I’m kind of single at the moment).

And almost immediately it was gone again. Colors passed by again, I was feeling good, not falling asleep, but my mind kept kind of alert/busy (“I want to remember this”, “what do I feel”, “so what happens here”).

And somewhere half through the session there was more opening of my heart, the feeling love, universal/unconditional love, not connected to any one or any thought or memory got stronger.

Then on some point I saw 3 figures, lined up, small, facing me. The strange thing was that the middle figure was completely orange. From head to toe (I didn’t see a face) very clear and strong orange, really the color of an orange. There were no clothes or so, it was like a naked figure but also where you expect hair there was just orange. My mind thought something like “strange/silly, have to remember this”.

Then again colors passed by and when there were sensations it was all on the left side except near the end of the session. Then my right leg was getting restless and moving very much. But maybe then you, Andy, had stopped already sending your energy. I got up and saw it was like 70 min. after we started.

Talking with you this was all I remembered and told you except for the 3 figures with the orange middle one. I first had forgotten that one but while talking to you, the image came back and I could tell you.

You asked me about my hips and jaw but those pains weren’t there always and that very moment they were absent. You asked me about the emotional feelings and I felt a bit happier.

Then I waited some days to experience what happened to my body and whether something changed physically. And indeed: the strange pain in my jaw has been completely absent this whole week (except for one minuscule remembrance of what was 10 times worst).

Also my left hip feels with much less pain, almost none, throughout this week. The right side is still with pain. Emotionally I felt quite well this week. Still some –even intense- emotional reaction was there, but one time during the emotional a beautiful and very fitting word jumped in my mind –as coming in from a higher part of me. And it helped me through a necessary and even beautiful process with quite some insights.  This is my experience.

I send you much love and blessings.”

52. PAULI M. – England

“Last Thursday, May the 30th, 2013, Andy Bojarski very, very kindly gave me a (free) Healing session that evening and I have to report the following:- I had told Andy that I felt I was a fraud because I don’t have anything wrong with me, really, but he said that was no problem although if I could think of anything at all either physical or perhaps psychological that was troubling me, even if only in a small way, he would ‘take it on board’ during the Healing session.

I compiled a small list of extremely minor ‘problems’ that I was aware of, such as recurring ‘athlete’s foot’ but also included an occasionally recurring, pretty severe pain that I would experience maybe twice a year and which had frightened me at its intensity and which I was somewhat fearful of it maybe reoccurring at any time. [I have SINCE discovered that this is known as ‘proctalgia fugax’ and is not in any way dangerous though can be extremely painful]

During my Healing session, really quite near the beginning, I remember a very warm feeling engulfing my pelvic region for about ten seconds, which was accompanied by an entirely unbidden and unexpected visualisation of a shimmering, fan-like stream of pale-coloured, ‘dotted lines’ pouring out from my sacral chakra region and flowing out and down over the area of my hips. It was so unexpected, and also rather brief, that I at first thought it had simply been an imaginative glitch, so I didn’t fully describe it to Andy after the end of the session but it has since definitely settled in my memory and was entirely real, I now know.

Also, I now fully expect that, even if it were to reoccur, I will no longer feel the awful fear of the pain that used to accompany it and will be able to simply let it go when it chooses to dwindle away, as it always has. I also have, and continue to consider those pains to be “Ascension Symptoms”, to be worked through and then released. :-)

The following also occurred during my Healing with Andy:- I have come to recognize that I can feel my pulse, very powerfully, between the tips of my index fingers and my thumbs when joined, on occasions when I experience what I now call a ‘Spiritual Confirmation’. These ‘confirmations’ occur for me when, for example, I hear or read something spiritually uplifting that clearly ‘resonates’ with my intuition as being the ‘truth’ for me. I do feel that it is a sign from my Higher Self, or my Guardian Angel or my Spirit Guides, as it only ever happens when I feel a gentle need for confirmation/reassurance on such occasions.

Well, during Andy’s Healing session, I lay with my index finger’s and thumb tips touching, as I would for a meditation, and on more than several occasions during the hour’s session I felt my pulse very powerfully through those joined finger/thumb tips. I found that to be, for me, entirely confirming that there was something truly benevolent being given to me, and I am more than sure that it was from Andy’s wonderful Healing gifts.

Furthermore, the next morning, following a splendid night’s sleep, I felt really wonderful and filled with the ‘Joys of Spring’ !”

51. MAYRA R. – USA, New York

“Hello my Brother I hope this email finds you well to include your family!!! After my session you asked if I had any images and I automatically said no, however, after we spoke I remembered that I did but wasn’t 100% sure if I did see something. I asked my heart and what I felt was so much amazing love that I knew I did.

On my right side I saw Jesus wearing a hooded white robe.  He wasn’t facing me but he was looking at Mary and she was to my left looking back at Jesus.  I remember thinking he doesn’t have blonde hair he has brown hair.  Why? I don’t know. That vision lasted for only a few seconds.  Wow it was amazing and soooo serene.

At the beginning of our session, I knew the moment you connected with me Andy. I felt this warm energy from mid-thigh all the way up to my shoulders.  I liken it to when you enter a hot bath and the heat you feel initially is intense and then it feels like heaven.  I felt so many different sensations through out my body.

I felt pulsating on my pelvic area, energy through my crown chakra and work being done on my third eye.  Through out the session my body was making jerking movements on my legs, arms and I even felt work being done on my spine and also my ears. My heart felt warm throughout the session.

I felt so much Love and felt that I was being taken great care of.  It was Amazing. I also felt as though I was being taken off-line if you will or being unplugged and then I would come to and realize that I was out for a bit and then it would happen all over again.

I can go on forever with all that I experienced but to keep it short I would have to say that if any one finds themselves reading these testimonials like I did, then you have a connection with Andy and you were sent to him for a reason. Try not to ponder the what if’s just go for it, love yourself unconditionally and gift yourself with Andy’s healing.

He’s truly amazing. I Am Love, I Accept, I Allow, I Release and I AM Whole!!!  And So It Is!!!  Namaste my Brothers and Sisters”

50. ASHLEY S. – Canada

“Well what an adventure. This was one of the most magical and profound experiences of my life. I was directed to Andy from a article he posted in the oracle reports Facebook page and after reading his intentions for doing these sessions I contacted him immediately.

As this was my first session ever I had no expectation of what would transpire.  I just knew it was time.  I had researched Reiki briefly on my own before finding Andy and had drawn the main symbols used and put them on my wall so I was somewhat aware of the process.

Now I will provide my version of events, what I felt, saw and knew.

To prepare I placed some crystals beside me on my bed, some Citrine to clear, my chi stone (Chalcopyrite), Sugilite (highest vibration and connected with the violet flame), 3 Calcites (green, honey and yellow), Selenite, Celestite (for the angels), and a rose quartz seers stone placed over my 3rd eye.

I put on some music to drown out the neighbors noise, which seemed to pick up as we began but I was intent on staying focused. I lay down and invited my higher self in to act on my behalf if there was anything that needed clearing that I was not conscious of as well as my “team” and anyone else who would like to join providing they would act in my highest good.

I also connected myself to the grand central sun and into the heart of the earth through the portal I set up in the backyard in the last month and have been working to charge the crystal grid with.

To put myself in the highest vibration I recalled a vision I had last summer when returning home from a road trip where I saw my heart connect to the heart of the earth and felt such overwhelming love come over me that I cried tears of joy. I also put myself at my camp.

It’s in the middle of nowhere in North Western Ontario, no other camps around on a small lake surrounded by forest. It’s my favorite place. Pretty soon after I felt a warming sensation over my body, as if being warmed from the inside. I could see waves of energy with my eyes closed.

First in a grid type structure then into waves and then a spiral moving into a point of light. This followed a brief stinging sensation on the right side of my brain. It was at this point I was guided to place the Chalcopyrite (my chi stone) just above my solar plexus.

There was a tension around my heart chakra and I was guided to make a diamond like formation with my hands over it, once the pressure was gone it continued down to the next 2 chakras which I repeated the hand formation until the pressure stopped. It was around this time I received the message “you are a divine messenger.”

Also I was thinking of my father and mother and honestly forgiving them for what I felt they had “wronged” me. For the first time that forgiveness felt authentic and not just words. This gave me a great sense of peace. It was around this time I was guided to hold my Sugilite in my left hand which later switched to my right. Now it was during this time many conversations took place.

I will write as much as I can remember. I was guided to remember my connection to the earth throughout my lifetime. As a child always playing in the forest and the love and support that has always been readily available to me. Maybe my parents could not do this but I have never been alone.

I recalled all the animals that have walked this earth with me and the love we gave to each other. Gratitude! I also gave my higher self dominion over my empathic gifts. As I tend to take on too much or at the wrong time. I will still assist others but only when it’s also in my highest good to do so.

And right now my brain cannot make that decision as well as my higher self. Many times I felt very light as if on a cloud or floating, and after this came a release a bit of a cry welled up in me and my eyes filled with tears, and just like that it was gone. At one point the light waves I was seeing just stopped.

It was a calm steady light. I want to say steady state of grace. I believe it was around this time I seen a face, it was round with shaggy brown hair. I believe this to be Andy but I cannot say for sure and I was hugging him thanking him for all the help. I also felt led to bow in honor and respect.

It was just after this I see a pure white room, and felt as if I had been taken somewhere.  Although I couldn’t see anything I felt so joyful and grateful and light. And I had this sense and knowing that I was changed and something was different.

Like a grown up calm, where it didn’t matter the outside influences, my insides would remain calm. This is about when the Song So much love came on, and it couldn’t describe how I was feeling any better.

I recommend a session with Andy to anyone and everyone, it was a wonderful experience that I’m sure I will never forget and then to speak to him after and to hear what he was seeing and feeling was just incredible that even threw the distance we seemed to be on the same page.

Also much of what was said further confirmed a conversation that I had with a psychic a few years ago and my own knowing about myself. Andy is a beautiful gift to planet earth and all of her residents. Thank you again and sooo much love.  Love Ashley.”

49. GOLDENLIGHT (ANONYMOUS). –  Private Location

“My healing experience with Andrew was very joyful and in the healing session, I once again left the current reality and went outside of time and “temporarily” merged with my future self.

It was most beautiful, and in this life we (my future/now partner and I) also visited the Cities of Light, which were beautiful higher dimensional light-filled healing spaces filled with so much love and light. I experienced moments where my entire body was transformed into liquid crystalline points of light, and I could “see” in my mind’s eye a crystalline diamond star tetrahedron around my body.

At one point in the meditation when I was “in” my “future” life (which is outside of time and into which I am slowly entering or merging with)….I entered into a room that was entirely made of crystals…it was a communications room of sorts, one of transformation and healing.

It was a beautiful, happy experience and a lot of fun traveling outside of time!! There was nothing scary or negative about it, in fact it was the most positive, joyful experience. Much more free than the “current” third-dimensional reality, which is ever shifting and changing.

I believe we are entering into a period in which we integrate all aspects of ourselves and “remember” our ability to travel outside of time. Before we came into this life on earth we were not bound by the constricts of Earth-3D-time, and it is our natural state as a spiritual being to be in a space outside of time.

We are all now remembering how to transcend this, I believe first through our dream state and then while we are fully conscious and awake. I am going to begin practicing this in my meditations! I did a channeling about time travel which you can read about here: http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/time-travel-is-possible-first-in-our-dreamstate-then-in-the-now/

Amazing things are really starting to happen now!!!  Lots of love and light…”

48. KELLY G. – USA, Illinois

“Hi Andy, I received a healing from you last Monday and I wanted to thank you so much for this experience! I love to meditate and this felt like the most amazing meditation ever.

I felt warmth come over me and I was floating above my body. My body was vibrating at a high frequency, especially my palms and the bottom of my feet. There was a time I found myself smiling so hard, then I was crying tears of joy!

Then I fell asleep and woke up about two hours later. I felt a sense of peace and calm and I know there was some releasing and clearing of some old baggage. I feel like it was perfect timing due to the lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, on my exact degree! Talk about eclipsing stuff out of my life!

Andrew is a wonderful man who I felt very comfortable talking to, like an old friend. My back pain is almost gone and I still feel a sense of peace and clarity after a long period of confusion and turmoil.

I would recommend a healing from Andrew to everyone and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for offering these beautiful healings at no cost and sharing his knowledge and wisdom with all of us! I also am almost finished with his e-book and as I read it and Andrews’s blogs, I feel like he is always speaking directly to me.

Thank you Andrew and I hope I can experience a wonderful shift like this again! Bless you!”

47. MIA L. – Singapore

“During the energy healing session, I got heat in the middle of my forehead (my third eye chakra). Then, I sensed slightly deep touch pressure with heat moving up and down repeatedly above my right eyebrow.

Later, I experienced a tingling sensation like ants crawling up and down in my head behind my right ear. I remembered I also got something inside my physical body floated up a little bit for a few seconds. After one-hour healing, I still could feel energies flowing up and down inside my legs.

At first, I thought I already released all of old and negative emotions before the energy healing. However, this healing reminded me of my existing habit that I always hide and keep discomfort and pain in my deepest heart.

I’ve been acting strong outside since I was a teenager. Even if I encounter very depressing situations, I can easily control my feelings, and I’ll go to a very private place where no one can see me crying (I’m very rarely crying person).

But, the second day after the energy healing was the strangest thing happened in my entire life.  My siblings have been advising me to do the thing I dislike since 4 years. Although they just reminded me in a very gentle way on the 2nd day after the healing, I suddenly burst into tears in public!!!

When my heart started beating fast, I heard the ego in my mind kept commanding me “Do not cry! Do not cry!” At that time, I could feel there is the fierce battle between my ego and my heart fighting against each other. At the end, many tears still kept flowing out from my eyes uncontrollably. The power of my heart was so intense that it sent the strong signal to my eyes to eliminate bitter tears without any delay.

After crying for half an hour, I felt better and relieved. I soon realized that my heart has not enough space to put into more discomfort and pain any longer. My heart really wants me to release all of them. Now, I understand why Andy said “The energies know you better than you know yourself.”

5 days after the healing, I still continue to feel energies flowing especially in my legs and my arms when I have a rest even if I move around, no matter what posture I pose. At the same times, I sometimes also experience slight tingling sensations on my hands and feet. When I focus on my heart and head, it’s so amazing to sense energies running fast through them. I have never felt like this before in my whole life!

And, I noticed my hearing and eyesight are getting better. You know, I used to not be able to catch very low sounds. During the healing and until now, I’m surprise I can hear them clearly. I asked my sister twice what “crack” sounds that we hear in the room, and she told me it’s because of heat that leads to the expansion of the metal of windows.

Then, I asked her if she always hears it every morning, and she nodded. My sister was kind of shocked and doubted it because she knows that I normally can’t hear most of background sounds. I’m now practicing to listen to any sounds with love and more attention.

I’m so happy and I’m so thankful to energies inside my body for removing anything that doesn’t serve my highest good. Andy, I’m so grateful to meet you and get free energy healing miracles! I deeply appreciate all blessings I’ve received from you and all archangels, my angels, and the Universe! You know,

I’m really touched by your priceless dedication to performing free energy healing to everyone, Andy!!! You are truly a SUPER-EXTRA generous and phenomenal healer!  Thank you so so so sooo muchhhh!!!! XD  Love and Peace”

46. HOLLY A. – Canada

“Dearest Andy, THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for the healing, for sharing your gifts and healing graces with me, and with all… I can’t get over the speed and relative ease with which my healing unfolded, was divine!

I’m still feeling somewhat at a loss for words as I continue to integrate and feel, and I know that something really big happened there, in that healing. You are absolutely a channel for incredibly powerful and potent healings. I feel so blessed and honoured, truly.

Almost instantly, I felt a lovely kindred type of resonance with you and felt absolutely supported, loved, protected, honoured and seen. It was simply beautiful, my healing session, in so many ways, the experience is almost too much for words.

It was. I really do feel as thought SO MUCH was cleared, released, healed, sent back into the light for recycling and transmutation, and the lightness, ease, clarity and synchronicity I am now experiencing these last few days is unparalleled.

I felt very tuned into the healing space you were holding almost as soon as we began speaking via Skype and was running a lot of energy even in that initial contact. It all unfolded so perfectly! I prepared for the healing and nested into my couch, covered up and had some crystals on and around me :)

I began focused breathing and also felt those happy, joyful times/memories that you encouraged me to do, and encourage all to do. I felt such amazing, gentle, soft and loving energy coming down into my head and crown, these lovely waves of energy pulsing thru me, so joyful, as I reflect back 3 days now since my healing.

I could feel a great deal of energy and light moving thru my head/crown/forehead/3rd eye, my ears too, down my arms, fingers, legs, abdomen, my heart chakra… it was just amazing, and almost too MASSIVE for words. Blissful, rejuvenating, clarifying, energizing, supportive, loving, cleansing, transcendent, multi-dimensional and more…

I was witness to some pretty incredible healing work as I lay in meditation following my breath and allowing the energy, and Andy, to do their thing. I saw beautiful ripples of indigo at my brow, orbs in my periphery, light beings were present as I do have a light being posse.

Melchizedek was there, angels, towards the end I saw a rippling, fuzzy version of Jesus glowing in front of me, beaming love and light at me.. there were many, many moments in my healing where I felt as though I was in another dimension, could feel my body, experience my breathing, watching my thoughts focus on high vibe experiences and also witnessed some conversations with my higher self, and maybe others haha.

I without doubt experienced myself as ‘crystalline’ and being free of SO MUCH DENSITY, which had really been draining me and my power, my energy, light and had kept me somewhat bound to the 3D.

There was one vivid image I have where I was a droplet.. and I fell into a pool of dark red, warmth, almost darkness and yet not.. It all appeared, myself and that which I fell into and became, to not be liquid and yet I don’t know how it couldn’t have been.

In one instant, I was watching/feeling descent and then in the next, I was witnessing/becoming the ripple expanding out from my core… perhaps it was my heart opening more? I’m not sure at all what it meant, yet it was palpable and instantaneous and gorgeous.

While I initially contacted Andy because of Tanya O’s testimonial and how intensely it/her story resonated with me, a sense of something dark or dense really blocking or draining me or perhaps a yucky cord attached on some level, I didn’t actually experience anything dark or negative or yucky feeling in my healing – and honestly, I think I was assuming I would!

That all being said, there was an experience where this dark winged figure rose up, wings outspread, and lifted off, however, I had no fear or emotional trigger to it. I felt the uplift and saw the darkness but it was perhaps, in a way, a sense of power being released or perhaps, yes, some darker entity finally being freed. I’m obviously not too clear on that!

I rode the waves of my breath and continued to feel the healing energies wash over and thru me, sensing that the end was nearing, my body felt heavy in some ways and I sense that is because I was truly experiencing my light body and had almost risen above, disconnected and yet at the same time, totally grounding thru my long deep breathing.

I know it was a deep deep healing as I was truly unable to process my experience until now.. granted too, I have had a wonky few days and intense with the energies of this powerful time, and also knowing that the power and depth of that healing has opened something massive up in me and my life and there feels to be a new flow or grace that I’m moving on now.

I continue to feel the effects of my healing ripple out and be very much a part of me, nothing really feels the same although I have been very tired and kind of irritable which given everything going on isn’t surprising haha, finding it challenging to be out in public with a lot of people/using transit/dealing with my girl.

I know that there are energies coming up for release and I know too that I help heal the collective, so it’s not just mine; my sensitivities are thru the roof & also more detached and heart centered, and even my diet has shifted too, have had some amazing synchronicities and clarity, a sense that my pineal gland was affected thru this healing, in addition to some other work I’ve been doing.

I have felt as though I’ve been in between worlds or dimensions a great deal more since my healing and am in such a different flow than previous… my life experience will continue to evolve and expand and the benefits of my healing will continue to echo.

I would highly encourage anyone drawn to working with Andy and co-creating a healing miracle to do it! Reach out, ask for what you need, he is truly without hesitation, ego, or attachment, HERE TO SERVE HUMANITY AND SUPPORT THRU THIS ASCENSION TIME, AND BEYOND…

He simply does what he is guided, with an open heart and unconditional love and genuine desire to create a space for healing, magic, divine flow, and reconnection to those lost or hidden aspects to who you are. Allow Andy and his healing team to serve you and your journey, honour the light and love that you are!!

I look forward to working with Andy into the future unfolding of the Now moment and am so grateful that I took a chance, followed my Highest Guidance, reached out and allowed myself to experience a healing with Andy. It has been a true blessing!!

Many thanks to you, for being who you are and for holding such a space of divine love and service to humanity thru your highest self, heart, and all those cosmic healing sparklets that require you to be their voice in these times…

blessings and blessings be, for you & yours. always & in all ways, love, light, peace, joy and in the spirit of moving forwards.. Thank You!”

45. TANYA O. – Canada

“My name is Tanya and I received the wonderful gift of a healing from my fellow lightworker Andy today and want to tell you a little bit about what I experienced.

First off I would like to say, I am an incarnate of the Pleidian Emmisaries of Light, I also carry within me an aspect of Archangel Metatron, and have Master Melchizidek as my master guide at this time and a member of his family of light.

You would think that if I needed something I should be able to achieve it myself right?…. WRONG!!! I have been working on myself to release some very strong blocks due to my childhood being raised in an alcoholic nightmare.

I was also used as a tiny baby as a gift to Satan. Not only have I held deep blocks, I also retained cords to these people who I did not even know I had. I contacted Andy to remove all that was not for my highest good and to cut cords/spells I was unsuccessful at removing;

That is how powerful the darkness can be, however the light outshines ALL and the darkness shall NEVER retain the hold on the light for long. So, no matter who you are or what you are or even have a beloved pet in the need of a physical or spiritual healing, Andy is the man who can help you, all I had to do for Andy and his Angelic Healing crew was lay back and relax, it was as simple as that!

Here is what happened to me…..For the entire length of an hour I felt very strong energy waves pulsing through my body. I seen a kaleidoscope of colors superimposed over the inky black background of my mind. I also have carpel tunnel in both of my arms and they were tingling and switching from hot to cold.

At some points I saw some white sparkles off to my left side, I also seen the outline of one human shaped being that glowed of a soft white light. As my body was pulsing with energy I also saw numerous black shadows streaking across my vision, running from the left to the right. I experienced slight dizziness from time to time as the shadows crossed.

I also felt a gripping pain (nothing too bad) in my Solar Plexus just as the “shadows” were running through. They were hanging onto me from my childhood and did not want to let go of me. The deep pulsing continued throughout, it was very pleasant and such a feeling of unconditional love accompanied it.

Just before the hour was up I was standing in rippling water and heard a voice say “she is your sister”. Never once was I afraid nor felt uncomfortable. I knew I was in good hands, and together with Andy and the Archangels we were able to break the blocks and cut through the ties that bound me.

So for those who are reading this and if you take only one thing from it, please let it be that no matter who you are or where your from or have a pet in need, ask Andy to assist you in a healing, no one is above or below any other and sometimes we all need help.

Just ask, and you too can receive this wonderful gift of physical healing or spiritual freeness. So contact Andy, let him love unconditionally and heal unconventionally.”

44. QUIMBY F. – USA, Michigan (Dog)

“On the evening of Tuesday, April 20, 2013, I found a small tick on my little 8-lb. Chihuahua. I applied Tea Tree Oil on the tick and waited for its head to emerge.

When it did, I grabbed it with the tweezers. I thought all would be well. But, the next morning, when my other two Chihuahuas bounded out of bed to their pen outdoors, I noticed Quimby never came out.

Not even when I rattled the treat jar. Very unusual. I want to the bedroom to check on him, and his brother Digby was already there, at his side, sniffing at the site of the tick bite on Quimby’s neck. Quimby looked up at me with worry in his eyes. His head was hot, nose was dry, and he could not lift his body. I picked him up and felt his heart racing.

When I put him on the floor, he wobbled and fell down. His hind legs were so stiff, he could not even sit up. I immediately felt guilt was over me as I realized this could be Lyme disease from the tick bite. I should have purchased the flea and tick repellent as soon as the weather warmed, but I did not have the money to do so.

I took him out to the pen and watched him wobble around as he did his business. He’s take a few small steps, then sit and tumble to his side as his hind legs kept giving out. He would not even take a treat when I brought him inside. This was awful. I could not afford to take him to the vet. All I had was a prayer for a miracle.

And then it dawned on me to ask Andy if he could send healing energies to my beloved little dog. I had to go out for a little while, so I took a photo of Quimby, posted it on Facebook and tagged Andy in it, asking him to send healing energy. I tucked Quimby into his little bed with a warm blanket and told him to just stay put and sleep for the afternoon; I’d be home soon.

When I arrived home later that evening, Quimby greeted me at the door with his brothers. He was still a little stiff, but he was up and about. He even took a treat, even though he was still a little feverish and his heart rate was still up a bit from normal. Andy left a note saying he had sent healing energy and hoped Quimby was feeling better.

The next morning, Quimby got up on his own and RAN outside to do his business. His temp was normal, his heart rate was normal and his appetite was back. He even jumped up into the armchair on his own! I was shocked at his seemingly miraculous recovery. I mean, it seemed like he should still be a bit lame or slow after a healing, but, no.

This little guy is eight years old and it is now nearly a week later; he is more energetic than he has been in YEARS. He used to sleep all day, but now he is outside sniffing and barking and challenging his younger brothers to PLAY. If I make him come inside, he whines like a little kid. He just wants to be outside in the sun watching the bug, bird and squirrel action.

This was such an amazing recovery that I decided to have Andy do a healing for ME, too! I will write a separate testimonial for that and share more about it on my personal blog site. For anyone who is afraid they are about to lose a pet, I encourage you to contact Andy and see if he can help. You never know… he may be able to work a miracle for your pet, too!”

43. JENN F. – USA, Michigan

“On Monday, May 6, five days after he healed my dog, I received a healing from Andy. After the amazing healing he did for my dog, I wanted to see if he might be able to help me with emotional heartache issues that I knew were affecting me and my well-being.

Let me back up. I first met Andy after I had posted a chapter of My Akashic Journey on my blog site that described in detail how I came to know a bit of history of who I have been.

Turns out we have some other-life connections, and, during this healing session, Andy was able to make that confirmation for me, which was a much added (and unexpected) bonus!!! While I was receiving the healing, I saw flashes of white light sweeping over me, and occasional visions of people I did not recognize.

Then, about midway through, I felt a tightening in my solar plexus chakra, and my physical abdominal muscles began twitching involuntarily. Eventually the tightening felt as stiff as a flat metal plate. I found it difficult to breathe, and then tears just flowed until the tightening relaxed.

Clearly there was something that needed to be released, although I never did consciously know what it was. I have felt a lot cleaner and more clear since the healing and a lot more energetic. Emotionally, I feel a lot stronger.

I have recommended Andy to a number of my friends and clients struggling with physical ailments and dis-ease. Whether you are suffering from something physical, mental or emotional, I highly recommend a healing session with Andy!”

42. TEODOR A. – Germany

“Since after the Healing I got from you, I’m very at Peace with myself! I have the feeling that I’m kind of learning being in that feeling, which makes me aware of myself, being where I am in that present moment.

I also realize that a kind of fine happiness is inside of me, when I see simple things. It’s like something within me is happy to look in people’s eyes, hearing the birds singing, being fully in the present moment and do the best I can to help, observe, and enjoy!

I have the feeling that every moment is there to be experienced fully. It’s a little difficult to put all I feel in words. I could write pages. Anyway…with every day since Friday night, after the Healing, I got from you, I feel I AM consciously present in the Now moment.

It is beautiful accepting what IS and BE from my center with all I AM! I think this is happening with me, since two days! First I got a feeling that black clouds are passing over my eye lids….I talk to my ego mind to be at peace. To come on my right shoulder and be patient for an hour (please, let us see what happened in this hour!…it will be good for both of us! Believe me!)…

I pleased Andy to come to my house. To come to me….I pleased the Angels to come to my house. To come to me….the Archangels…the Ascended masters. Breathe like Andy suggest. Stay in stillness. It was possible for short periods of time. A few seconds I heard high tones in my ears, more intense in right ear, but very short, maybe 10-15 seconds. My hands got warm.

Had a feeling of tingling in my hands. Suddenly I saw flashes with houses on a large beach. Didn’t see or hear the ocean. Just beautiful houses. Open doors, open windows. feeling of freedom. Bright sun (light) from the Ocean/water side and people. They were looking happy.

No sign of fear on their faces or bodies. No worries of any kind. People in joy, but not like celebrating. A unity feeling in the air. In people’s behavior. Dogs (my dog also) were happy walking (jumping) around. People being open for each other (helping feeling, taking care feeling) different age people.

All happy and in joy, as a normal way of being together…most of the people looking at the horizon, direction of the Ocean. I see all this as kind of flashes. Kind of blurry. I was like observing/seeing this from the side of the beach. I didn’t see myself in there, with the people.

And this was kind of strange but not bad, just like…hum, where am I. When realizing this I try to find myself, see myself, but I was the one watching or seeing all this in a way. I try to see myself watching this and I saw my face with happy smile, happy face. Just for 2-3 seconds, also kind of blurry image and just my person, my face. Nothing behind me (just a portrait of myself, just the face).

I got aware of my physical smile on my face as I saw this all, lying on my yoga matt and breathing slowly and long…Warmth feeling in my hands was a little intense. Then thoughts, from the real life came in. Things I did today, people I met or talk. …Had the feeling that my mind/ego is disturbing myself.

Warm feeling in my hands got less and less. I was keeping myself calm. Then concentrate/focusing again on breathing. Inhale, keep 1, 2, 3 counting, slowly exhale. After 10, maybe more times breathing, warmth feeling in my hands again. Also in my feet. Right foot (top side) feeling of scratching. Did this with the left feet! :)

A flash that Angels and Ascended masters were with the people on the beach I describe before. Being together with the people, but didn’t t see any of them (like I know them from the pictures everybody get online) Just a feeling that all is connected (being together). Beautiful feeling.

Had a peaceful feeling and a smile on my physical face. I must say that I was expecting more to see and feel, but in the same moment I was aware that I need to let all happen what needs to happen. I asked again Andy, Angels, Archangels to come to me.

Also saying mentally “I am always connected and guided with/from my higher self” a few times. I got a picture with my siblings (4+myself) and parents (who are divorced since years and since that time don t talk each other), with their partners, and all other close family who actually aren’t t that close or in a good/loving relationship. We were all together, in a circle, holding us close together in a big circle.

Smiling and watching each other and being happy. My dog was so happy, barking and kind of jumping of joy! Just this “image” or maybe feeling. I felt happy for this moment, for this picture I see! Then it was gone. My girlfriend entered slowly the room to tell me the hour is over! I was not sleeping.

I was aware where I was, in the room, on the yoga matt. I stood up, stretched myself and went online. Talk to Andy on Skype. I don t remember next morning if I dream something, but I was at peace, different from other days. Since now (2 days later) I’m still in a peace feeling. It‘s a trusting feeling I have, that I didn’t have before! I am so grateful for Andy and all what is together with Him.

For the connection/meeting or healing from Andy! When I say Andy or think at Andy it’s kind of…I feel that all the Light world/unseen world is with him. It’s difficult to describe that feeling. But it’s inside of me. It’s good to think at Him and know he is here, on Earth, with us. And he is doing something so great!

I don t know how to put this in words! …Thank you so much Andy! For being here and being YOU! Thank you! LOVE and LIGHT! Unending Blessings!”

41.  ANGELA F. – England (2 healing sessions)

“Lying on the beach, feeling sun light stream down, seeing palm trees, opening to the healing….feeling the shallow waters wash over me….. deep warmth behind the solar plexus chakra, deep brilliant yellow, for a long time, later turned lemony.

Saw my Reiki master at my crown chakra for a little while and saw one bad ‘enetity’ from my energy field next to Andy, he disappeared after a while, felt my feet stretched too…… seeing light beings all around, angelic beings surround and above me …later a line of bat wings ….. came out of the spine, (when I asked about this later I was told it was to do with my sister ) saw angelic beings and something like the Sistine chapel ceiling…….

On my left shoulder my sister, sort of from another life time as well as the present one, she seemed skeptical about the healing , I saw a ring of natives around me,- I have a spiritual background in native America…….

Also for a few seconds a ring of people in battle in a circle, I said I preferred the natives and then that changed back to the natives.  I also saw natives popping up out of my chakras… angelic beings and some angels and arch angels appeared too.

Towards the end a Native American appeared out of and above my shoulders and said to Andy, ‘I’m her healer, and there was a ‘battle’ between them with ‘fists’ that calmed.  It was after the healing that he told me he was a Shaman… I felt and feel the most relaxed I’ve been in along while.  My head clearer, calm, relaxed.

After the healing I ‘asked‘ my sister if she was still skeptical about the healing and she said no, and walked away….. also after the healing the Shaman walked across the field in front of my window, and simultaneously appeared behind me, he recognized Andy’s healing and said – “he’s the best light healer” -and he also said “I’m still your best Shaman I definitely highly recommend Andy  his healing is warm gentle, and effective.”

My back feels a lot easier and more relaxed, I certainly felt the most relaxed I had in ages, and this morning unfortunately the voices started up again, it was still easier to cope than previously and I’m hoping they’ll go away, some are friendly but saying things that the bad entity was saying, but their energies are softer and cleaner. With love and blessings Angela.”

40. MARGARITA R. – Russia

“During the healing, it was like waves of energy were going through me, through all of me but then focusing on specific places – on the throat chakra, on the third eye and for some reason on the heart chakra (although I did not specifically ask for that).

There were two major waves during the process. There was a general feeling of expanding, as if my energy channels were widened and more energy put through them than I am usually capable of receiving, as if I became energetically larger myself.

The energy seemed blue in color for the first part of the process, picking on the emotions of fear which caused the blockage in my throat chakra from my early childhood and making them easier, helping them to be released.

The energies seemed golden and white through the second part, working more on my heart chakra, and somewhere in the middle of the second wave I saw an image of an old man clad in white robes, he had snowy white beard and long hair, holding a staff in his hand. He looked like a slavic god and it felt as if he was sending the golden energy to me.

Maybe it was something about the quality of energy that made the picture appear, but it felt peaceful and good and I almost fell asleep at the end. I felt very good afterwards. And for some reason in the next few days the dreams became easier to remember and more vivid. Maybe that can be addressed to the effect of the healing too.  Thank You Andrew.”

39.  LISA S. – Canada

“Hi Andy, from my heart – thank you so much for the healing. I felt your healing energy with me from the moment we set the intention to proceed with a session the next night.

What I noticed initially was that I felt joy in my heart. The next night as it was approaching the time for our session I started to feel groggy almost like I was into a deep state of relaxation.  I then became aware of heaviness and pressure on my lungs and throat as it was hard to breathe; like inhaling smoky air, or like being choked.

After a while it changed to lightness and I noticed my breathing changed. My throat felt kind of raw and dry.  Later I felt some sharp pains in the right side of the head.  At times I could see white light and I felt as though my upper body was being lifted up.

It felt as though my light body was expanding and for that I am most grateful.  I did struggle to stay focused in positive thoughts and joyous times in my life during the session.  I guess my mind was trying to distract me.  Also I have a feeling it was my heart and throat crown chakras being healed.  Thank you.  You have amazing energy love and light.”

38. SANJA K. – Canada

“Thank you so much for the healing Andy.  It’s been a couple of days since the experience and I can honestly say that I feel like a completely different person.  You lifted me up energetically and I feel that you cleared whatever needed to be cleared inside of me.

When we first started doing the healing, I felt tingling in the areas of my body that I initially wanted to be healed. I felt the energy move through my fingers, toes and limbs and at times through my heart. The energy was intense but felt beautiful and uplifting. I also saw a hooded entity on my right side.

During the healing, I got some messages about people who were there for me during the hard times in my life and everything just felt so beautiful and uplifting. So much that I feel it today, 4 days later. During the last bit of my healing I felt myself leave my body and there was complete stillness.

When I came back and opened my eyes, I felt such bliss – I had a grin on my face that I couldn’t take off.  That night, I slept like a baby and had lovely dreams – just like you said.  I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I feel like you have made a big impact on my life already.  Thank you.”

37.  JASON B. – USA, California

“Thanks so much Andy I definitely feel lighter!

Today I had a healing session with Andy, and it was a very unique and fascinating experience for me.  Initially I felt waves of energy rolling over my energy field and it felt as though it smoothed out my energy.  I then felt warmth and tingly feelings in my legs and arms.

Next I felt a crystal like focused coherent feeling in my head and like my brow chakra was highly energized.  At about half way through the healing I had some twitches in my face and upper body and felt like something was being done within me, though it is hard to describe.  towards the end I felt a replenishing of my energy field.

And at the end of the healing session I felt much lighter happier and clearer and that some of the issues I was having seem to be minimized or resolved.   All in all a very rewarding and interesting experience, recommended.

Thanks again!  :)”

36.  TIFFANY M. – USA, California

“Happy day Andy!

Thank you SO MUCH and most graciously for your energetic healing session with me!

I was aware, from the very start, of a strong energetic presence and connection.  I felt waves of feeling in my legs and experienced brilliant flashes of green, purple and white/golden light when I could feel a clearing of a chakra or transmuting of any negative energies.

I experienced balls of warm energy in my open palms and could feel little balls of this same energy pulsing throughout my body.  At the last 20 minutes I fell into a deep meditative sleep state and could feel a lot of clearing in my brain/head and felt I slipped into this state to allow for full healing and transmuting.

I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and I thank you for working selflessly and sharing your healing gift!

Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Beauty & Prosperous Healthy Smiles to Share :-)

35.  CHRISTINE B. – USA, Nevada

“Dearest Andrew,

Hello!  With all my heart, I want to thank you for my healing.  During the healing, I ‘saw’ myself  multi-dimensionally writing this letter.  I knew then that I was both writing it to thank you, and to encourage others.  Remember?  I was very shy and unsure about coming to you for a healing.

I felt that I was already under such Divine care by my own ‘team’ (Higher Self, Angels, Guides, Masters…), by the Galactic Federation of Light teams, by God, by a particular Master who has me tucked under his wing….  I receive much healing all the time, yet I felt drawn to ask you.  I’m so so happy that I did.

I am going to be very candid in this letter, so that others, who may be suffering or who may feel bad about themselves or who feel shy, can, perhaps, be inspired to reach out.  I had a rough very painful couple of days leading up to the healing.

I have suffered a lot physically with pain and extreme exhaustion from the transition, from clearing karmas and from Ascension symptoms.  Leading up to the healing, I was calm, yet in tremendous physical pain.  I got almost no sleep.  It felt as though a momentum was building.

As my healing began, I was immediately put into a kind of stasis.  I felt very safe and comfortable.  I was aware that I was now in a sort of force-field that was holding me gently and firmly in all ways:  emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and beyond.  I was held but not restrained.

The room around me filled with many Masters, Archangels, Bright Beings, your team, my team and many more.  I could not visually see them, but I was distinctly aware of each one, including you.

I was then washed with an immense Golden Light.  I knew this Light, and I filled with hope and joy.  I realized at this moment that I was not passively just receiving this healing, but that I was also an active participant.  I was helping to kind of direct the healing with each intention I had.  It was all happening in the moment.

Many many things happened.  I had some kind of gear around my ankles that allowed huge streams of murky inner gunk to flow out of me through my feet.  My brain received intense Light surgery.  My chakras were cleansed and balanced, and as they were, I was discovered that I had more chakras opening than I previously known!  I received countless blasts and bursts of Light.  I was washed with brilliant White Light.

Throughout the whole thing, I just kept doing what you had directed:  I kept thinking of joyful moments in my life.  I also kept asking that every part of me, every cell, emotion, organ, experience, lineage, ego, mind, karma, belief, behavior, thought, everything be fully and completely healed right in the moment.  I somehow knew that it really could be, and I was aware of you asking for the same.

Simultaneously, I was aware that it was happening!  I was aware of the moment my karma was being released – gone!  As any doubts or fears came forward, they were instantly healed too.  I called many people from my past and as they came, all between us was healed.

At two different points, I was covered in dark energy as it purged out of me.  Once was when I cried out and asked all beings I had ever hurt to forgive me.  I also asked for the Grace to forgive myself.  The other was when the healing was directed at my abdomen.  Blackness poured out of the mid section of my body.  It was wonderful to feel you near then.  Soon after, I was dunked into pink and then purple pools of beautiful energy.

I felt ready inside to do what I knew I had come into this healing to do.  I called to the dark being inside of me.  My eyes remained closed, and I remained in stasis, yet I instantly SAW the HUGE being in front of my face.  It’s face was very dark, cracked and terrible.  It showed me pure rage.

I centered myself.  As I did, I asked for and received the courage to ask it the question I never could before:  “Are you me?”  I received the answer, not as just a thought, but in all ways.  The answer was that we are ONE and we are distinct.  Both are absolutely and simultaneously true.

I was filled with such tenderness and Love.  I began to cry.  I told it that it was now time for it to leave my body.  I asked it to please take all its debris, chording, minions, implants – every single thing.  A giant black ship showed up.  As soon as I saw it, with it’s enormous black eye watching me, I knew it was the ship that had been assigned to follow me – and had been for a long time.

I told it that its mission was over, and that all of our agreements were completed.  I genuinely thanked the beings and the ship for our exchange as I continued to pour out Love. This was all a pure miracle to me.  I wasn’t afraid, or angry, or wounded, or unsure or anything like that.

I knew that every attachment to it had been severed clean.  I watched as Angels sealed up the dark bits and beings that were leftover (they had chosen the offering of healing), and the Angels each carried a bundle away.  I just felt calm.

Then I began to be aware of the many Masters and Archangels present.  I somehow had an exchange with each one, and there were so many.  One Master, who has been very important to me in this life, was with me throughout.  Then, beginning with Master Saint Germain, I began a long line of exchange.

At first, I thought we were visiting different places, such as different temples and retreats, but now I understand that this was just the experience of each of them.  It was so lovely.

I could perceive that something tremendous and wonderful was happening.  I realized that I was drifting into the Light of it, and I let myself go.  A bit later, my awareness brought me back.  I returned easily to my body, and knew it was exactly time you would contact me.

Our exchange after the healing was very special to me.  Once I had told you everything, and you began to tell me… my memory of the events of what had happened in the Light fully returned!  Your words were like my own version of the event!  This brought me so much joy.  You know I was laughing so much and crying to ha ha!  You are welcome to share the events, if you feel it’s right or helpful.

I love you Andrew.  I encourage anyone who is drawn to a healing with you to do so.  They should not expect my experience, but they can know that their own will be wondrous.  It matters so much that we reach out to each other now.  I see that clearly after the healing with you. Thank you for the love, care, respect and magnificent healing.

I feel so… clean, easy in my body, joyful, natural, grateful and free.  I remain evermore your loving friend and sister,


34.  JONNA V. – Netherlands

“First at all, thank you so much Andrew!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  It was a wonderful and amazing experience!

I feel so relax and so happy and feel and felt during the healing so much pure love in my heart, like something inside me opened up.

Normally I am scared to close my eyes and I always put my blanket all over my head before I close my eyes (For me, my blanket feels like a shield of protection).   This blanket thing is something what I do as long as I remember.  During this healing I didn’t felt scared, I felt comfortable! (Without the blanket!).

During the whole healing I felt tingling in my hands, arms, feet, legs and my hands sometimes moved automatically like a little shock.  At some points I felt tingling and itchy on top of my head.   I saw some happy nice male and female faces flashing by.

I think they were faces of persons I don’t personally know but the happy faces made me smile and I felt an intense feeling of peace and love.  I also saw during the healing a lot of bright energy lights coming towards me. It made me feel very light like I was flying above my bed.

I actually saw and felt a lot but I can describe it with just one word, love.  At the end, I felt something special happened..  I saw something very light, like a tunnel of light, it felt like I was going into a new world.. At the end of the tunnel there was a hand coming towards me to take my hand..

It was an amazing feeling and such a beautiful experience.  Thank you so much Andrew for giving me that push in the right direction!  So much love and blessings for you and your loved ones.”

33.  SONDRA L. M. – USA, Arizona

“I have a lot of energy and sometimes I get anxious about stuff and I try to calm myself down.  The anxiousness is not there as much since I talked to you the first time.  There is more of calmness inside me since I spoke to you.

And this is before the healing a few days ago.  There is another level of spirituality for me since I spoke with you the first time before the healing.

Not a calmness, but peace.  I’m more at peace since I first spoke to you.  Since I talked to you the first time, there is more peace inside of myself and I’m not as anxious.  You have already helped me before the actual healing when you first talked to me.

During the healing, I felt energy coming into my body.  I felt the energy above my wrist, on my arms, sometimes on my hands, under my feet and sometimes I thought I was close to the ceiling.  Sometimes the ceiling I saw was very, very deep and I did not see an end to it.  I saw some yellow gold.  I saw some light.  I never lay down in the afternoon for an hour.

It was an awesome experience.  I saw strands of light and I did not open up my eyes at all.  I saw beige stuff and stuff going around and around and different colors.  I saw light.  I would swear that my fan was on (I did not open my eyes) – that’s the energy I felt.  The fan was not on, however.  But I would swear that the fan above my bed was on and it wasn’t.

I felt the energy that you were sending.  I felt it around my chest, my arms (like wrapped around both arms), and my feet.  It was unbelievable.

I loved it.  I am feeling fine.  These energies definitely got to me.  I felt the energies all the time around my arms and then under my feet and I felt it on my chest.  Never in my life have I ever laid down in the afternoon for even five minutes.  One hour I was laying there, it is unbelievable.  I am happy.  The energy was unbelievable.  It was in both arms.

It feels like it is air, air that is vibrating – it is just energy.  I can even say that the energy had a beat, like a heartbeat.   Thank you Andy.  At one point, a thought came into my mind that Andy is God’s messenger on Earth.  Then I got up after the healing and the fan was not working.  I felt all the energies.  Sometimes I was close to the ceiling and sometimes not.

The ceiling had white sparkles on it.  I felt being lifted out of my body towards the ceiling.  I felt very close to the ceiling.  I was lying at an angle and saw myself sitting in a straight chair. I felt so good during the healing.  For me to lie down during the day-this never happens.  I did not want to get up.  My arms were constant energy and I could just feel it.

Again I felt in on the bottom of my feet and on my chest.  Once I saw nothing, then white or beige, other times a lot of things were swirling around and then I saw gold.  I saw lights, like with a pen when you draw a line.  My eyes were closed and I am seeing lights.  It was like I was wrapped in energy.  The energy did not have a beat, but it had a life of its own, like it was pulsating.  I feel I was wrapped in it.  I’ll never forget the feeling.

At times I felt I was close to the ceiling and at other times it felt that it was just one big space, like there was no ceiling.  It was unbelievable.  I felt at peace.  I surrendered to God.  That feeling felt marvelous because I have emotions and anxiety and I have to deal with all this sickness that I have.  The sickness I can handle, but it’s the dealing with it that is bad.  I did not have a worry in the world during the healing.

I just went with the flow, I went with God, I trusted Andy and it was a very pure thing.  I did not want to get up.  I was so at peace and I surrendered to God.  It was wonderful.  It was a feeling out of this world.  It was out of this world.  I was not in my bedroom.  At one time I felt the chair is straight and the chair is crooked.  I was someplace else.  I can’t believe how I felt.

I know in my heart and soul there is a better place.  I will never forget you and this experience.  I feel so much more peaceful just talking to you.  Look what you have done for me.  I am going to cry.  I am so grateful.  I have tears in my eyes and I am giving you a mental, spiritual hug!

If I had to describe you, I would say you are Love.  You are full of love and spirituality. I’m a wise little old lady.  What you are doing is so angelic.  It is so God like.  It is unbelievable.  You confirmed what I felt.  That is what you have done for me.  You are unbelievable.  I know my time will come and it’s OK.

I can meet my maker because I know I have done my best and I have learned a great deal the hard way and I am better for it.  But I never understood as much as I know now because of you.  This did so much for me, you have no idea.  All I know that is inside of me with the beliefs – how do I know it’s so?  Because people write spiritual books? No.

I spoke to you and it was like God talking to me.  You are sitting right alongside of God.  As far as I am concerned, while I was getting the treatment, you were God’s messenger on Earth.  It came right to my head!  This is the message I got.  I did not have a care in the world.  It was wonderful.  I was soaking in love from you and from God and from the Universe.

Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.  God bless you and your family and I wish you only good things.  You are a very special man.  For me to trust and for me to talk to you the way I’m talking to you – you have something special.  And I thank you.”

32. BEN P. – Australia (Dog)

“I contacted Andy if he could provide some healing for my dog, Ben.  Ben had a chronic ear infection for almost a year now.  And I have tried a few herbal remedies as well as solutions from the Vet but it was always just a temporarily relief.

It was quite an infection where his left ear would ooze sticky gunk and his whole ear was red and scabbing a lot. And he was a miserable dog.  After I talked with Andy he did tell me that he hasn’t had much healing experience on animals just yet, but was very happy to give it a go.

To my amazement after just 2 days…I noticed the redness started to slowly disappear and his skin was becoming a normal pink healthy color, the scabbings on the skins were falling off and not returning, and when I cleaned his ear there were hardly any of that gooey gunk that I usually get whenever I clean his infected ear!!

I was so happy and relief for Ben. I think Ben was also very relief as well. Within a week his ear healed by up to 90% and now I’m happy to say…the infection hasn’t returned since!!  And Ben is his happy bouncy self again!!

So just wanted to thanks Andy for his contribution and the gift he is giving out and sharing around to help humans and animals alike.” 

31.  LYNDA P. – Australia (2 healing sessions)

“During the healing session with Andy, the first thing I felt was a sudden rush of rather heavy energy slamming into my body. Then my hands starting heating up and buzzing with energy.

Felt like strong energy was going up from my hands to my arms especially my left side. Whole body starting tingling, felt a lot of warm heat all about my body, all the time my hands and arms felt the most sensation of heat and energy.

Half way, I felt pinches in my left arm, felt pressure at back of my head and forehead. Also felt sharp pain shooting up from my left knee several times. I didn’t see colors, or spirit as such but there was brightness with my eyes closed. Much later into the healing, my legs then started to feel a lot of heat and buzzing sensations including my feet.

So definitely knew something was going on, healing and energy work from Andy! It is the day after, and last night I felt less restless and was able to rest a bit more than usual. Felt more at peace even though a lot is going in my life at the moment. But must admit I am also releasing a lot of anger within me today – seem to be a mad duck lately LOL.

I can’t wait to see how the healing will gain its momentum in a few weeks’ time on me! Could be a roller coaster ride!  So thanks Andy once again for all that you do with your healing work and how generous you are helping so many people such as myself to get balanced and healed.  And thank you for all the wonderful advice and wise insights you’ve been providing me!!”

30.  KA’IMI N. – USA, Hawaii

“Dear Andrew, Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much!) for your wonderful assistance in providing me with an energy healing session.

It was a wonderful experience ~including my following your guidance that I spend the hour re-visiting happy memories! (~I was lying on the grass, under palm trees & blue sky, feeling so grateful for my wonderful life.)

During the session I noticed right away that I felt increased heat in my whole body . . . & then later, heat especially in my wrists & hands ~ & this made sense to me, because this is a location where I have experienced much pain over many years.

After that, I felt sensations and energy in my left shoulder and the left side of my neck. It was interesting because it felt as if there was a gentle physical adjustment being made inside. And I think there actually was ~because my shoulder is moving freely without pain now!

I also noticed sensations and energy flow in my left leg, ankle & foot . . . & my ankle feels almost normal now (after my slow-healing injury eight months ago).

After our session, I drank lots of water, rested, ate a light salad lunch, & then promptly took a long nap. I know this is the sign of good energy healing session when I am thirsty & need to sleep a lot to integrate the healing afterwards!

I didn’t write to you sooner because I was preparing to give a talk two days later, putting on an event over the weekend, & trying to get my tax filing done by today (almost there!) . . . I want to say that I had been concerned about my talk because it was a new subject for me to be speaking about (GMOs) & I had twenty pages of notes to condense down into ten minutes worth of speaking.

As it turned out, all went well & it was the first time I had spoken just from notes (not writing my whole talk out ahead of time). I suspect that your healing session helped me to be able to speak extemporaneously ~& that is fabulous!

I spoke extemporaneously again at my event on the weekend (with no preparation) & felt that went well, too. What a wonderful ability it is to speak from the heart, being in a state of trust.

Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing, Andrew, I am so grateful for your generosity of spirit.

me ke aloha, Ka’imi”

29.  KAREN W. – USA, California

“After the healing I felt full of tingling energy. Light and heavy at the same time. I felt very relaxed when leaving and joked about ‘passing out’. Ha! I didn’t…. But felt relaxed through the rest of the night.  Thank you Andy.”

28.  SOFIE M. – Belgium

“I saw white light. My body was very happy.  I was not in my body in certain moments.  I feel better now.  I felt coolness.  I felt sensations and energy throughout my body in a loving way at certain times throughout the healing.

I’m more relaxed now and my head is lighter – a little like I’m drunk, like everything is spinning, but in a good way.  I feel relaxed and I feel happy.  The energies did get to me and I felt them.  I felt more energy in the stomach area and in my back.  My back does not hurt now.  It hurt before the healing and now the pain is gone.  The pain in my back is gone.  My knees were warm.

I’m glad I did this and I would recommend this healing to others as it was a good experience.  When my eyes were closed, I saw the white light off and on.  I felt like I was completely out of my body and I felt the white light in my body.  I smelled cigarettes and I saw my dog that was in the other room sleeping as I was out of my body.

I feel, lighter and happier and I feel like I am drunk in a good way.  My right foot is still tingling and my back still feels warm as well as the hernia-it feels warm.  This was a good experience and I am happy about it.  This was a strange experience and this was the first time I had something like this.  It was good and positive. The hour of the healing went so fast.

My body was very heavy and on some moments I was somewhere else.  A bright white light came to me during the session.  It felt so good and relaxed. Everything was so peaceful…

I felt the energy on all my chakras. Wow.  I’m already having a lot of pain for a couple of years but now my pain is less. I can handle it this way.  On a certain moment I smelled cigarettes and I know my mom was there.  She passed away 2 years ago and I miss her so much but I smelled her and know she was there with me.  So thank you very much.

I was this night sleeping like a baby, no nightmares, no dream, just a very nice and relaxed sleep so I feel today very good.  Again thank you!”

27.  MELINE L.  – Belgium

“My healing with Andy was absolutely wonderful and very much felt from the first second till the very last one.

After shielding myself and calling my guides and Twin Flame to be present with me during this healing, I was opening myself for the incoming energies, having entire faith in Andy and his energies.

I know Andy from a reading session that I did for him before he started to practice his free healing services, so I knew what I could expect from him and trust him completely.  Let me say that this man is a true Love bomb & energy and that I am proud to call him my true friend.  I Love him!

As soon as the healing started, I felt energies pouring in through my feet and suddenly both of my legs and feet were feeling very warm and numb.  Then, the energies came in through my crown chakra giving me a feeling like a sort of pressure on my entire head, where it felt as if someone was holding the back of my head with both hands.

As the energies were floating through me, all the other chakras started to feel warm and alive, energy was spinning in these energetic places.  My hand chakras were burning and they had the desire to explode and release light energies, as well as my sacrum chakra and heart chakra.

I truly felt light and warm energies floating through my entire body making my whole physical temple warm and comfortable.  I felt some energy working on my sacral chakra and on the left of it, knowing that indeed there was something to “fix” or to be released.  I did not tell this to Andy, because they are merely “woman” problems and not to be openly told to men J  But he sensed it and started to remove some diseased and old energies.

I got some flashes and images during the healing and the most fun experience I have felt during this healing, is to see myself travel through a worm whole and gate, just as I do regularly in mediation or during conscious shifts.  I experienced this again during the healing.  I asked my team to let me “see” who was there with Andy and me, working on me and suddenly I saw myself lying with 4 energies Presences around me.

I saw Andy sitting next to me, in the middle of my body, with white hands concentrating on my lower chakras.  I saw someone holding my head with both of his hands but could not see his face, so I asked to see his face and there I saw Archangel Raphael sending his energies through my crown chakra.

There was someone at my feet, just standing there and looking, which was Archangel Michael for protection and then on the opposite of Andy was my beloved Saint Germain, spreading his energies all around me and constantly looking at me and monitoring everything.

I was feeling completely ZEN after this healing and when I and Andy talked after it, we told each other that we both could see the violet Light of Saint Germain constantly in the room with Light flashes.  It is amazing to hear what he saw and felt and that this all was so right on!

Even though I meditate every day and clean my chakras and Self on a daily base, he still could find a little of muddy energies and cords attached to me.  So this made me realize how much we need to continue on shielding, cleansing of our aura and chakras, and keep on meditating!  It is so easy and rapidly done to attach or create new cords in yourself, it is the detachment of these cords that are demanding the most time, focus and efforts.

The next day Andy told me that he performed a second healing on me (not planned), because after the healing he suddenly could see my entire inside; chakras and organs.  So he removed some things and saw me very clean and shining again.  The spectacular part is that the next day, I woke up and saw an image of myself coming out of a shell as a pure white light body, like in the movie Cocoon.

This was just after my night sleep and because Andy and I have 9 hours of difference in time, he just ended his meditation and second healing when I woke up.  So I felt and saw this at the same time that he envisioned me as a bright white Light.   We told each other this the next day after this second healing.

I AM so thankful for his healing and services, because what he does is truly from the heart and wonderful!   I thank you Andy for all that you do and mostly for being YOU!   With Love, Méline.”

26.  LUBA H. – USA, New Jersey

“My deep gratitude to you Andy for a wonderful and most very helpful healing session.  I thank you with my heart to my guides & friends for introducing me to such beautiful soul – You.

When I start this healing session, my hands & arms become warm very fast.  Soon after this, I felt tingling in my hands & feet, and then my left side become numb, and also felt like pinching (with needle) in my fingers and toes – (so I moved my feet, just to make sure that I have a leg).

I also felt I need to hold my left hand, but those energies were moving straight through my right hand – it was strong, but good.  I felt very calm during session, twice I heard someone call my name Luba (with an English accent:), the song “Oh happy day” pop-up a few times to my mind, and a song by Beatles, but I forgot which one .

I saw Andrew as a “roman soldier”, it was more his head and the silver helmet, and he was smiling. I felt AA Raphael on the left, AA Gabriel in the front, AA Michael on the right side and the first time I felt St. Germaine – his presence and violet light behind my head.  I also smelled most of the time sweet strawberry a kiwi smell, like bubble gum.

The healing/experience was very peaceful and calm (it was amazing, how my feelings changed right away – from being sad and upset, to total calmness and joy and peace). Although I must say, 20 hours later, I still feel those energies on the left side on my body, especially my leg and arm.  Thank you Andy for the healing, and also for being such a loving friend.  My best, best wishes to you now & always.

After session I felt very good and relax …… but there was something still heavy on my chest & I almost cry next day . It was strong……Yesterday afternoon everything went back to normal ( finally !!! )……. This “heaviness ” on my chest & especially heart area , was such unusual  feelings, I don’t remember to experience such thing , ever.

I also feel obligated to tell you this as a part of my healing experience , so you can have better picture. Believe it or not, I still feel the energy on my left side – arm, hand, leg.  It’s very smooth , but I feel it ( 3 days later ).  Again , thank you dear friend , my love and gratitude ♥

PS.  To the end of session, I felt and saw many angles; they were smiling and clapping hands.”

25.  ELNA MAY M. – Philippines

“Emotionally I’m having a hard time letting go and forgiving people who hurt me.   I wish to be healed emotionally from those negative feelings.

I almost fell asleep during the healing.   I did not feel much during the healing although I thought that I did see some faces.  I feel better now (than before the healing) and I feel lighter and calm.  I feel that the healing has helped me.

I feel different now, better now.   I don’t know, I can’t explain it but I feel much, much better.  I can’t fully express how thankful I am to you.  Thanks for the time and healing energy you sent to me.”

24.  HAMINA K. – India

“I felt as though I was in an ultra sound machine, it was like this light was scanning my body and it went up and down my body many times .  I feel like I have had quite a workout. The tingling feeling during the one hour is like a lightness of the complete body. I thought I was feeling slightly dizzy or light-headed but it was the same sensation all over the body.

There is pain in my back and my thighs and I feel as though I have actually done some physical exercise .  Today I FELT LIKE going outside into my garden ( I have a very big garden and have a huge pine tree in it , all the flowers are blooming and there were a lot of birds singing ).  I enjoyed it a lot :)   As I told you there was a heavy feeling in the chest area and different times and same feeling in the forehead.

The strangest thing was the male voice I heard in the room (it was there for an instant ) but it definitely did not feel like it was from this world.  I was at no time frightened . Due to the lightness I felt very fresh and felt a lot of energy so I couldn’t sleep , so I finally had to take my medication ( at 4 a.m ) to sleep.

My knees have not felt so good as they are right now.  I have always danced and love Belly dancing but with the pain in my back and my knees I was really sad that I would probably never be able to do it again.  I am so excited.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I want to thank you Andrew for the love you have shown to a complete stranger.  I send you lots of love , smiles and blessings.”

23.  JANETTE D. – Canada

“Hello Andy, this is Janette.  I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart, for your wonderful healing and for the love that you share and give to others.  I feel so blessed to have found you.  When I spoke to you to ask for healing, I was asking God and my Guides to please help me to release all old Believes and Patterns that I have been carrying for so long, from this life time and also other life times.

I know that I was guided to your website, and I also feel that I am ready to release anything that is now holding me back from sharing my gifts to others and all life on planet Earth.  My only desire and prayer is to share all my Love and to give what ever I have to those who need it.

I also feel that we are all here during this very exciting transitionally time on planet earth, as we slowly move into the age of Aquarius, the age of Oneness and Unity.  It is time for us to help each other, as it can also be very challenging, as we let go of the old.  It is by giving and sharing our Love for one another that we will heal ourselves and all life on planet earth.

And you are truly a Radiant Being of Light and an example to all of us.  As you offer your time and love to help us heal and let go, I want to say  that during the healing, I could feel the wonderful energy and warm you where sending to me.  I had a some pain in my knees and upper back where I was holding a lot of sadness, guilt and shame.  I now feel a calmness and inner peace, I also feel more of the connection to all life here on planet earth.

I definitely feel a major shift has taken place for me.  I look forward to each new day and as I Trust the higher power to guide and bless me on my journey of life here on Planet Earth.  As we each remember who we are, I know that we can have a world of Peace and Love.  Thank you again from my heart to your heart, for I truly feel blessed.  Love and Blessings to you and all your loved ones.”

22.  ROBIN A. – USA, Wyoming

“Feeling great!   Just wanted to get my ideas down…

After lying down and relaxing I became very aware of my heart beating.  Then the center of the top of my head began to pulse along with my heart and I felt an “opening” of the area.  My eyes also began to pulse in rhythm with my heart and head.  Nice!  My body felt very warm and got even warmer as time went on.  I can only express my feelings as blissful.

I am not sure if I fell asleep or just floated along enjoying the sensations.  Near the end of the session I felt a sharp pain in my left knee.  It lasted for about one minute and then just faded away.

Since the healing session I have experienced a feeling of great happiness.  That is the only way to describe it.  I had shared with Andy my itching and skin issues.  Since the session the itching has faded away and areas of irritated skin have become much less irritated and have begun to heal.  I am feeling great.

My itching has reduced by about 75%.  Yippee.  I am so grateful. I am grateful for the relief of these problems but even more, the great happiness is unexpected! Thank you, Andy.”

21.  ALEXANDRA H. – Australia

“My relationship with my daughter is totally transformed.  I identified some past life agreements that she had the right to be continually abusive to me as a result of past mistakes.  After clearing the contracts and beliefs and cords,  things have transformed.  I have been working on this for a long time and this clarity and shift is amazing.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Truly amazing.  All her anger and bullying of me are gone.  I’m even starting to be able to relax around her and talk with her and even appreciate her company rather than dread it.  Thank you so much.  Wow!!!”

20.  BIRGIT F. – Sweden

“First of all …. thanks for the tremendous work you performed on me.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you Andrew.  I’m still a little dizzy ….. maybe this is called the real bliss.  I have a sense of purity …and I opened the door and looked at the sky…the stars were there still :-)

During the healing, I could feel the roar of words spun around me.  Normally, this is very frustrating for me. But it did me nothing now, I was just happy and felt free to do whatever I wanted.  Euphoria, we’re going up, up, up, sang Loreen in their victory song. So I felt this healing.

The body feels softer and my fingers are much softer and smoother.  No headaches either. I am convinced that the more things that happened during the healing will show up when I am in my bed tonight. Lucky me I got to be one of those who take part of your gift Andrew.

My heart chakra felt wide open during the entire healing and I felt very taken care of and that feeling makes me happy. I will tell my family and friends about you Andrew.

With Love and Light who share between them, the result of happy people. Thanks again Love, your friend Birgit from Sweden.

It is now two days after the Healing, and I want to tell You something.  I am still supremely happy, and I was cured from further trouble I’ve had in three years. There were problems caused by long period of estrogen treatment.  An injury in my left shoulder was operated on in 2010, the doctor said it could take some time before I would notice the results of the operation.

Yesterday, when I lifted a bag, I felt an intense pain radiated through my shoulder. The pain disappeared, and I can move my arm and shoulder freely. Mobility in my right leg and right hip was affected much of ahtros. Today when I took my daily walk I feel a significant improvement. The headaches have left me and I wake in the morning and is happy in my whole body and mind.

I love the trees in the forest, but have not been able to hug them for several months because it is so much snow. There is no problem anymore. I use to talk with the trees, and they use to give me answer back.  I love the birds also, and  I talk to them every day when I feed them.  And it seems that we understand each other so well.   I love to look at the deers when they are going here out at the fields…and I know they have souls too.

I feel so privileged and I thanks the Universe every morning when I wake up. I want to everyone could feel  that I do.  My daughter said to me … Mom it shines on you.  From the bottom of my heart.  I thank you Andrew and sending you lots of love and light.”

19.  DEBORAH B. – USA, Arizona

“Thank you for the incredible healing!  I am feeling so much better.  My vertigo was greatly improved the day after my healing!  I was even able to go to work for a few hours on Saturday.  I hadn’t been able to work much for the past month. This is day two and I am still feeling better!

Your compassion and generosity is amazing!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gift of Healing……  I feel very blessed to have found you.  Thanks again for giving so freely of your time and healing energy!  I am feeling sooo much better!  This is day three of no dizziness . I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have the most beautiful energy.

(added later) I am still good! Day 11 and feeling fine.  I haven’t had any vertigo since Saturday , the day after my healing. ”

18.  FERLEE S. – Bahrain

“My encounter with Mr. Andy Bojarski wasn’t an accident or merely a coincidence. I have been following up some readings on spirituality and one time, his name was introduced and I got the chance of reading his self-introduction.  From there, his offer of healing for those who are far away attracted me and from my place – Kingdom of Bahrain, where I’m currently working, the intention of healing me was carried out.

I shared my discomfort to Andy from my jaw to my feet (especially my soles), my chest pain, and my tummy.  During the healing session, I could literally feel the tingling sensation coming back and forth from my toes, especially on the left side.  I didn’t tell Andy that it’s actually my left foot that has lots of pain as it connects with my heart/chest pain.   I could also feel that the pulses or vibration were coming up to my calves.

Then, I felt something very cold was placed on my tummy.  While feeling these things, I also felt that I became so small like I was in a dark void.  I felt very light and as far as I could remember, I experienced the dark void thrice. After these observations, I dosed off up to almost one hour.

When I woke up the first thing I did was to touch my soles and honestly, I didn’t feel any pain on both my two feet.  My stress on my tummy also disappeared. The same thing happened to my chest pain.  It seemed that I just forgot that I had this heart discomfort.

The only thing that I still I had to continue with Andy is my discomfort along with my jaw and honestly, it is not that so severe compared to previous days.  I hope Andy won’t stop sharing his gift of healing. Andy, thanks so much for your kind heart.  Namaste.”

17.  RUSS B. – USA, Louisiana

“I called Andy for a healing because I’ve been experiencing arthritic and tendonitis pain in my thumbs, right hip, and knees from 40 years of overuse.  Along with the physical issues, I was hoping to have him clear old emotional baggage of shame, unworthiness, and resentment that was poured into me at an early age.

And lastly, I asked for healing in our financial and career life after a very tough 18 months.  Right after my pre-session Skype call with Andy, I chose to go settle down in a quiet and private area of our house.  I was lying down relaxing for probably 5 minutes when I felt a noticeable energetic change in my head; especially my eyes and forehead area.  I thought, “could this be Andy and his team, or am I imagining this?

That couldn’t have been 10 minutes yet, could it?  What if it is?  What I do now?”  That energy ride followed by mental analyzing continued through most of my session, with different sensations appearing in my lower legs, my thumbs, neck, and hips.

I had trouble describing all those sensations I felt in my follow-up conversation with Andy.   I’d say that when he was working on my thumbs, they felt like they were vibrating…tingling.  I saw a little magic wand like a sparkler…or the emblem that Photoshop or photo apps use to fix pictures hovering IN my thumbs.

It was mostly white sparklers but with a slight rainbow quality to it.  I noticed I was holding tension in my hands as I was watching the wand, so I shifted my focus to relaxing and getting back to a place of joy, rather than analyzing what exactly was happening and how I’d be able to describe the sensations later.

The strongest sensation I experienced though, was a feeling akin to leaning back…within myself.  It was as if I wasn’t all the way in my body, sort of like in a half sit-up position (inwardly), and all of a sudden I relaxed my forward-hold position and settled back onto the floor where my body was resting.  It was as if I released the deepest exhalation, but without using my lungs.  A soul-exhalation?

We have church bells that ring every 15 minutes across the street from our house, so I was monitoring the time I was lying down for the session.  I was amazed at how different each 15-minute period felt.   The time between the first and second chime felt like a couple of minutes, while the time between the 2nd and 3rd chime easily felt like 30 or 40 minutes.

It wasn’t until the next chime that I noticed I had been smiling from ear to ear…for probably the entire time!  Then before I knew it, I felt the energy, or attention, leave.  It was an incredibly joyous hour for sure.

Afterward, my wife said I look like I lost 20 lbs. of emotional weight.  Well said, my love.  She does have a knack for more concise and accurate descriptions. I look forward to updating my testimonial in a week or so on some of the other issues Andy and co. were addressing with me.    Thank you Andy!”

16.  DIANA G. – USA, Wyoming

“I found Andy right after a reading from Lord Metatron telling me he would help me find a healer.  Right after that I fell onto Andy’s page.  My dis ease was from the inside.  Sadness, grief and a feeling of betrayal  from so many endings within my world in the last year.

The grief and weight of it all accumulated and I was living in serious self-doubt and chaos.  I worried I was just not doing my part in walking in the Light.  My brain would not shut down.   Wasn’t able to sleep because my mind was chattering non stop.  Could not even focus to meditate.

So Andy set up a long distant session for me. He told me to find a place to relax and find my happy place.   At first I did not feel much.  My brain was going in high gear trying to find a happy time, a happy place.

Thought I found one and then I would find the sad in it or the wrong in it.  Eventually just quit trying so hard and released.  All at once I felt my head being squeezed for quite some time.   The energy moved out of the top of my head and I saw figure eights raising  higher and higher.   A lot of blue figure eights and my ears buzzing.

Then shivers and twitches down my body to my feet. My feet were on fire. Nothing painful just lots of heat.  Then I had a vivid vision: I was trying to navigate a deep rapid stream.  On my back was ‘me’ with all these back packs weighing us down.  I (on the bottom) struggled went under a few times and then Me on top jumped off.

The back packs floated down stream and away.  Me and Myself looked at each other and began laughing because we were only in water waist deep that whole time.  Then the tears flowed. tears of joy, and here it is 45 minutes later and I am still feeling the Spiritual vibes.

I feel cleaner, lighter and so at Peace.  First night I slept more than 5 hours in weeks.  Real sleep.  I had even tried Tylenol PM and couldn’t get in all night of  sleep.   I really feel excellent and my brain feels 100 times lighter.

Thank you again.  Thank you Andy for I am honored and blessed to have connected with you.”

15.  DIANA L. – England

“Since I connected with Andy, I have always felt his ‘powerhouse’ of energy and his enthusiasm for all he does and his heart centered intention when helping others. Having spent some time with him on Skype, I have got to know him well.

His smile is infectious and his open nature a joy.  He always wants to be the best he can at what he does and works until he perfects his skills.  He is naturally empathetic and a very gifted healer who connects with the highest beings.  Therefore, I was delighted to have a healing session from Andy with the main intention of clearing past karma.

At the agreed time, when I was resting I immediately felt and heard a high vibration around my head when Andy started the treatment and I could feel the energy coursing all through my body.  My head was buzzing and it felt like there was a lot of energy around me and directed there.

I could feel energy work going on in various places throughout the healing but specifically, my head and some of my major organs, particularly in the lower body.  My legs are particularly prone to reflect my poor circulation and energy blockages and on numerous occasions they were twitching and jumping out.  I could really feel the energy strongly here and also with one of my shoulders.

Thank you Andy, I now feel a lot lighter with the heavy ‘stuff’ gone and able to move forward again.   I’m buzzing and motivated once more.”

14.  DAVID J. – Washington

“Yes I am feeling very good! and clear!  I recently had a session with Andy and could not be happier! :)   I am 45 and when I was 17 had been in a car accident and had a near death experience.

My left leg had been shattered, along with collapsed lung, broken ribs, fractured vertebrae, and ruptured spleen. I had found a healer who for the past 10 years has been helping me with recovering from the accident, doing a lot of repair work on my energy body.  I reached out to Andy to see if his healing could assist me in healing and repairing my energy body.

It started with…I could feel hands on the top of my head and almost immediately an immense amount of energy!  My eyes were closed but above me I could see a ball of golden white light, which radiated and engulfed my entire body.  Very strong! and very soothing!  It felt like it worked its way down my body from head to toe.

I just focused on relaxing and letting go to allow the energy to do its thing.  By the end, I could still see the light above and was drifting off to sleep when it was over.  Today is five days later, and I still feel very clear and very energized.  I did have a huge emotional release over the weekend.   I haven’t cried that deep in a while.  Felt like a lot of letting go, and it kept arising to the surface on and off all day.

Now that the storm has passed, I feel very clear and have an enthusiasm to be alive!  I can feel the strength of source energy coursing through my being which gives me confidence and courage to be fully alive!

Oh and also I had a sty in each of my eyes.  Every morning when I awoke, my eyes would sting and burn and I haven’t felt that since the session with Andy!  Thank you so much!  I’m so appreciative of you, your love and gift!  and willingness to share it so freely! Love and blessings to you!

I have told my mom and dad, and a few close friends and I believe that they have been in contact with so I’m excited for them!  Thank you again!  I feel like spirit is telling me to have one more session with you but I will allow this some time to integrate and I will contact you if I get the gentle nudge from spirit..I hope that’s ok.  Love and blessings surround you :)

13. ROSA F. – Belgium (2 healing sessions)

“My dear Andy, thanks so much for you healing tonight…!!! It was an  awesome experience, which I still feel the energies.. and feel more light…At the beginning.. I began to feel a strong pain in the bones in my shoulders…, and the breath was very difficult and strong at the same time.. I can say some kind of pressure on my chest.  The things I saw surprise…

First.. a bright light ( in my left eye – and my eyes were closed!) after a while.. I saw the part of the face of an old man with many wrinkles (similar to the face  of the drawing that Da Vinci made of his face),  after that…, I saw a man (he was sitting on a big chair) with black hair until his shoulders  (I didn’t saw clear his face) and he was  wearing a  fine tiara  old gold – is like  gold-bronze  in his forehead ( saw that tiara very clear!!!)..

The next thing I saw very clear.. was a woman (from shoulders to her waist only)  wearing a very light dress  (something similar to the attached foto)

There was a moment that I feel in 2 fingers of my right hand – a very hot sensation.  (those are the two fingers more affected of my arthritis).  After a while… In my mind came the words.. flowers  and gardens  (and I saw very soft a part of a big garden).  A few minutes later.. I feel a big pain –  in the back side of my head –  like a big pression of a cold pencil around 4 inches –  Also the same type of pression in the inner part of my right eye…

After all that  I began to feel more light… like floating !!  It was wonderful….It was a gorgeous experience… and when we talk (after the healing) that you explain to me what you was doing… I understand everything…There are no words of appreciation enough in this world… the only thing I can say…

May God, Jesus, the Archangels, St Germain and all the Light Souls that are with you… blessed you  for eternity…In the next days.. I will contact you.., to tell  you how I feel.. but on this moment.. I feel great, happy, light and with a lot of LIGHT energy that covers my body and my soul…Love and Light for you…

And I forgot something!!!  the soft green light  and the warm feeling in my left lung !!! that was like  from top to bottom on that lung…!!!  Thanks to  you again Andrew.. there are not enough words for all you have done..!!!.  Oh, I forgot to mention.

I used to smoke about 25 cigarettes per day.  The day after the healing, I only smoked three cigarettes.  I am very surprised, like you can’t imagine.  I’m so happy and I feel so happy after the healing…there are no words to appreciate that… “

12.  GLENN O. – Canada (2 healing sessions)

“I laid down in my bed a few minutes before we were due to start, thinking about happy moments just to put me into a state of relaxation. Nothing I was thinking was even remotely close to the clear vision forced to the front of my mind and it was like I was watching a movie but able to feel what was going on.

So this is what happened out of nowhere, I seen my body laying face down on a table made of light in a fairly large room that had no discernible walls, as they were also made of light. I was looking down upon this body laying there, there was nothing that stood out that it was my body upon that table of light but I could sense it was me, I just knew that it was. There was a figure standing to my body’s left, he was working his hands in the air controlling the energy.

There were grapefruit sized balls of white light flying around the room, some were going into my body and some were coming out of it. Then as these balls were flying around, a rainbow of colors started swirling over my body, changing and shifting and finally turning to be made of mostly green.

Then the balls vanished and I could feel what I can only describe as “hot hands” of energy that were concentrating a massage that centered onto my whole back and my legs. My legs and feet started to tingle like when your legs go to sleep and you get the pins and needles, then that would stop and my feet and legs would start strongly pulsating, this whole process would repeat 3 or 4 times, I cannot be sure how long it lasted as I had no sense of time.

I could also see a static like stream of energy, kinda like electricity coming out of this figures hands as he moved them over my body, it left his hands and penetrated my body.

I don’t know for certain what happened that pulled me right out of this experience, but as it was alternating between the tingling and pulsating, boom, I was coming out of my relaxation state. I tried to go back but got the sense that it was just over, done. I could not go back.

During the whole “vision” of being in the room being worked on, never did I feel any pain. As soon as I was back “awake” again, I was once again having strong pain in my pelvis as I had before I started, it is called bone pain because it is so deep down that I cannot get to it to soothe it, nerve pain I guess is what it is.

I tried to remain lying down but it hurt too badly so I was forced to leave my bed and get back in my chair. I laid down just after 1pm our time and had to get up at approximately 2:15pm I would say I was in the “state” for roughly an hour but it ended abruptly and I was in my chair at twenty after 2pm.  I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.”

11.  BEN V. – Canada

“I just had my first sensational healing session with Andy Bojarski and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and harmony to say the least.  I went into this healing without any physical ailment but rather I was looking for some emotional and spiritual clearing to help direct/guide me towards my own healing experiences/path.

I truly feel that with the incredible and divinely inspired work that Andy does I am well on my way to achieving my aforementioned desire.  During my experience working with Andy I felt warmth throughout my entire being, I also had vibratory sensations pulsate through every cell of my body during the session.

I saw many white light orbs and shapes varying in size and intensity but this was very enjoyable and soothing, I could also hear harmonic tones ranging in pitch and frequency in both ears never simultaneously but in one ear then the other always a different tone pending on which ear it was in this was very exciting and a clear indication along with all of the other happenings that Andy is the real deal.  I also felt throbbing in my heart center which I perceived as clearing of any unwanted energetic interference.

As stated earlier the vibrations were felt throughout my entire being but I especially felt this in the feet and hands.  After my experience working with Andy I feel a great sense of calm, harmony, peace relaxation, and equilibrium I think everyone would love to feel these as who doesn’t want to be stress and worry free.  I feel as though I am a blank slate ready to paint whatever I so chose to paint.

I get to be my very own Michelangelo and paint a tapestry of inspiration which is my life.  Personally in my knowing life is but a Chance to have whatever experiences we chose to have as we are the creators of our reality so with that being said if anyone is looking to have a divinely immaculate experience then I would have to say Andy is definitely your man.

Give it a Chance be open-minded you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Thank you Andy for sharing your gift with me.  It was definitely appreciated and I look forward to working with you again.”

10.  MICHAEL F. – USA, Illinois

“I am extremely grateful for your time, energy and effort earlier this week.  The session which focused on my issues around my public speaking fears went very well.  During the session, I was very relaxed and had several visions & surges of peaceful energy flowing through my entire body.

At 2 or 3 different points during the session, my eyes fluttered uncontrollably and I saw interesting wavy patterns and shapes.  At the end of the session I was very relaxed to the point that I was a little disoriented.

The following day I was very exhausted all day and now today during my meditation and times of concentration, I feel as though my head has an energetic band or halo around it & my ears have a warm, tingling sensation.  I assume this was due to your focusing the healing energy on my crown, 3rd eye and throat chakras.

Afterwards, I also enjoyed hearing exactly what you did to prepare, the affirmations you used and the different energy colors you used to send the healing energy.  This was very helpful since the entire session was done completely remote from another state.

The fact that you do not charge anything for your time and yet are so passionate about helping others is a testament to your heart and personality.  Cheers and Peace to you and your family…”

9.  HENRYK M. – Poland

“For a long time, I have had limited movement with my right hand up to my shoulder area.  For about half a year, with respect to my left arm and shoulder, when lifting it, especially lifting heavy items up high, I would get pain.  After your healing session, the arm movement remained the same for the right arm, but the pain subsided in the left arm and is less now.

I also have reduced hearing loss in both ears due to high tones in my ears.  After your healing, I had my hearing checked out by a specialist.

It turned out that the hearing in the left ear remained unchanged (compared to earlier studies in this clinic), and the right ear has improved.  In summary, my arm is better as is the hearing in my right ear.  Thank you so much for this.  Blessings to you Andrew.”

8.  JOANNA J. – Poland

“I have spine problems and pain in my spine and my left foot is injured.  I also have pain in the neck, back, hips, knees, shoulder joints, elbows and feet.  In addition, I also have pain in both my kidneys.

During the healing, I felt cold and then heat all the way down my spine and a bubbling in my abdomen area.  After your healing, the pain is less and the movement of my joint is better and I feel better overall.”

7. HALINA M. – Poland

“I have scoliosis of the spine and pain in the spine and pain in my neck, back, hips and knees.  During the healing, I felt warmth all the way up and down my spine.  After your healing, the pain has stopped, my joints feel better and overall I feel better.  Thank you for all of your help.”

6.  HALINA G. – Poland

“My back stopped hurting me completely and it is OK.  Regarding my knee, it has improved about 30%.  I can bend it more and I can walk better on the stairs but there is still some pain.  As to my bladder, I am using the toilet less often.

During the healing procedure, I felt warmth in my legs and a strong pressure applied on my feet.  Now, I continue to feel warmth in my legs.  I now have a slight tingling sensation (like pins and needles) in my feet (but it was a lot worse before), like my feet are numb, like they are not mine, especially where my big toe is concerned.  All the time now I feel warmth in my legs I feel improvement.

To sum up, my back is 100% better; my knee is 30% better.  My bladder is better as I do not go to the bathroom as much.  Up to this point, the back of my head would always hurt, but at this moment, it hurts less.  Thank you and blessings.”

5.  NANCY A.  – USA, California

“For the past several months, I have been experiencing a deep pain in my shoulder / upper arm and it has progressively gotten worse.  It went from a soreness to a continual deep throbbing pain in the course of 3+ months.

I have seen a medical doctor who prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine, which did not help ease the pain.  The limitation has gotten so severe that I can’t even sleep on my left side, put on my bra, extend my arm above my head, etc.

Andy gave me an energy healing.  The relaxation came a few minutes into my healing, but almost instantly I could feel the warmth of Andy’s hands on my head, a tingling feeling up and down my arm, as well as the most amazing feeling of sheer and utter lightness from my neck down to my toes.

It was absolutely amazing that right after the healing I could extend my arm in ways that were limiting before my healing.  For example, I could extend my arm above my head, behind my back, etc. without the severe, sharp ache.  Additionally, the constant throbbing was eliminated and after about 24 hours, I can say I’m at least 75+% better than I was before my healing.

I am feeling tons better — not 100% better, but certainly 75+% better.  I certainly have mobility much more than I did before I saw you.  Specifically, I can more comfortably put on my bra — yea!!!  I continue to say prayers and ask our dear Lord for continued healing, because I welcome it big time.  I can’t thank you enough.”

4.  WLODZIMIERZ M.  – Poland (3 healing sessions)

“I wanted to thank you for sending me your energy healing.  Before your healing, I would use and wear hearing aids for both my ears as my hearing is bad and I could not hear well. My hearing is very bad.  This bad hearing has been going on for about 10 years.

The doctor has told me that this is something that cannot be cured.   In addition, my legs hurt and I have a hard time walking.  As you know, I am 89 years old.

During the healing session, I felt tingling in my legs and a lot of warmth and heat in my legs and I felt very relaxed.  After your healing session, I was talking with my daughter without the hearing aids in my ears.

Today, I spoke with my sister on the phone and I heard her well and understood her well on the phone without the hearing aids in my ear.  I am very puzzled as to how this happened.  My legs are better and they are warm and it is easier for me to walk now.  If my condition remains the same, it will really be a miracle.

Thank you Andrew for your help.  For me, it is a mystery how you are doing this.  I will stay in contact with you and give you updates on my progress. Thank you again and I will have you in my prayers daily.”

3.  NICHOLAS C. – Poland (3 healing sessions)

“Thank you very much for sending me the energy that I felt in my body. Before the healing, my kidneys hurt and I often had to urinate.  It was very inconvenient and the kidney was not functioning properly as I had to urinate constantly day and night.

In addition, I had a problem with my hands, as I had pimples and red marks on them.  My hands were freezing most of the time and they were so cold, as were my feet.  It was very hard to warm them up.  My legs were heavy and difficult to move.

After receiving the energy from you, I was no longer hurting and in pain and the kidneys were normalized to the excretion of urine.  I started to walk better and do not hurt anymore; my feet and hands returned slowly to normal, and the pimples disappeared.  I feel much better and I’m stronger.

Thank you for your help.  I will keep you in my prayers so that God helps you in your path.”

2.  STEFANI C. – Poland (3 healing sessions)

“Thank you very much for your help and the double healing you sent me that healed my body.  The first time I felt it when I fell and almost broke my leg in the hip.  I could not quite walk, and the pain was so strong that it’s hard to describe.  I have been taking prescription painkillers prescribed by a physician that worked occasionally and briefly.

Then I asked you for help.  You said that you did not know if you can send me the energy to such a distance, but within a few days it worked.  My leg no longer hurt me, and I could not understand how it happened.  I started to walk normally, ride a bike and everything is working normally.  Up to this day, I cannot believe how it happened.

The second time you helped me on February 2, 2013.  On this day, my head was hurting a lot as were my legs, and teeth.  My kidneys were also hurting as I have kidney problems and I had high blood pressure.  Again, I asked you for help.

During the session, I felt the warmth of the body, relaxation and enjoyed total peace of mind.  Within 20 minutes, my headache stopped, and my feet and kidneys stopped hurting. Then I fell asleep and woke up rested and relaxed.  For several days I had no pain, and my feet are warm and not in any pain.  Also, my blood pressure is lower and I regained total peace and serenity.  My kidney pain is also gone.

Also, during the second healing, I saw white light as my eyes were closed, I heard my brother talking to me and I saw many human figures and faces and distant places as the landscape was changing.  It was beautiful.

By sending this letter, I wanted to thank you once again for your help.  I think you should continue to pursue its mission of helping the sick and needy.  Your power comes from God and is a gift ever given to you.  I’m sure you can help many people who are sick and suffering.  I pray to God in your intention to support you so that you continue to help people and do good work.  Thanks again.”

1.  ANDY S. – USA, California (3 healing sessions)

“I have lower back pain and a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder.  I was having constant pain.  An orthopedic surgeon I am in care of has advised me against surgery.  He said that a number of spine surgeries are going wrong without a clear reason, and told me that the damage may heal through the years.

I was advised to take pain-killer medication, if needed.  The problem with my right shoulder occurred some two years ago.  The movement of the arm was very painful and pain was barring me from sleep.  If the pain was unbearable, I was to take pain-killer pills.  The other problems with my health include high blood pressure.

As a result of a heart attack I had 2 stents implanted.  Presently, I am diagnosed with premature atrium contraction.  I am on cholesterol and high blood pressure medication.

I was fortunate to meet Andy.  He explained to me the concept of universal energy healing and conducted an energy healing session on me.  The session took approximately one hour.  He put his hands very gently over my shoulders, head and heart areas.

I had experienced a very pleasant feeling of comfort, especially at my right shoulder, where the luke warmness feeling continued for a few hours after the session.

For three days after the healing session, I did not have any pain in my lower back.  Now (a week later), I have some moderate pain, mainly when getting from a sitting to a standing position.  Similar, the pain in my shoulder was gone for four days.  Now, I have occasional pain.”


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    • Andrew Bojarski
      March 20, 2015

      Thank you for reposting..sending you all my love and blessings…

  2. Meredith
    June 1, 2014

    It’s amazing to visit this site and reading the views of all mates about this paragraph, while I am also keen of getting familiarity.

    • Andrew Bojarski
      March 20, 2015

      Yes, it is pretty amazing…sending you all my love and blessings…

  3. Kerwin Davenport
    April 8, 2014

    Andy, I contacted you on 1/1/14 and received my healing session on my 54th birthday 3/21/14. During most of 2013 I was gradually getting ill and by the time my wife and I moved to mo. in September , I was unable to work and not able to get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. My symptoms included extreme weight loss, tremors, fever, cold sensation (unable to stay warm) a full body rash and constant itching. After I scheduled my healing session I was able to be seen at a local hospital and then my V.A. hospital. I was prescribed wrong medication for high blood pressure which made my conditions worse. After I received the right type of medication I did start to improve, but we knew it was more than just a medical condition. my wife received healing from you after the loss of her mother last April 2013 ,which helped immensely. So we knew my illness was caused by my need for spiritual healing as well. We did a past life regression in January 2014 and I discovered that I had 2 past lives where I suffered pain and died from being burned and the other life for knowingly causing injury to others through being burned. I released many built up emotions through the regression and your healing session tops off the end of my ordeal , I still am healing and have minor discomfort with my skin but I have found that a well maintained healthy diet is working great. I remember feeling a great peace and slept during the healing session , and that night I slept well too. I woke up the next morning with pain in my chest with a hot sensation, at first I was concerned but I realized that it was your healing that was what I felt. You did tell me before we ended our phone call that I might feel some things and since that time I have not had that type of feeling in my chest again. Lastly, after a battery of blood tests and x-rays and echocardiogram my doctor has told me that there was nothing that they could find wrong. He was concerned that I may have Lymphoma, Diabetes, heart damage but there isn’t anything. I am no longer on Blood pressure medication too, I was only on it for 2 weeks. Andy, I want to say that you are a true blessing to those that seek your loving help. I pray that the Creator of all things continue to bless you for all of your days. I will stay in touch , with much love and respect Kerwin D.

    • Andrew Bojarski
      April 10, 2014

      Thank you so much for this Kerwin…I am so happy you are doing better…sending you all my love and many warm blessings… 🙂

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  39. Ms. Kim W.; in southern Nevada.
    November 15, 2013

    Andy is a very nice man, very spiritual, and helpful.

    I had a healing session with Andy a few months back. Andy covered many areas spiritually, and was thorough.

    Excellent communication from Andy, by telephone and email.

    My many layers of lifetime issues at 57 years of age, requires more work.

    I feel Andy’s healing session, *did* open the door to my getting to know my neighbor, LaLa, three doors down, soon after! I’m rather isolated, between jobs; living alone with a kitty cat.

    I know Andy is the “real deal.”

    Keep going!


    • Andrew Bojarski
      December 26, 2013

      Thank you Kim…You are too kind…Sending you love and many blessings… 🙂

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  45. Janette
    March 16, 2013

    Hello, Andy, This is Janette I want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart, for your wonderful healing and for the love that you share and give to others, I feel so blessed to have found you, When I spoke to you to ask for healing, I was asking God and my Guides to please help me to release all old Believes and Patterns That I have been carring for so long, from this life time and also other life times, I know that I was guided to your website, and I also feel that I am ready to release anything that is now holding me back from sharing my gifts to others and all life on planet Earth, My only desire and prayer is to share all my Love and to give what ever I have to those who need it. I also feel that we are all here during this very exciting transitionally time on planet earth, as we slowly move in to the age of Aquarius the age of Oneness and Unity, it is time for us to help each other, as it can also be very challenging, as we let go of the of old,It is by giving and sharing our Love for one another, That we will heal ourselves and all life on planet earth. and you are truly a Radiant Being of Light and a example to all of us, As you offer your time and love to help us heal and let go, I want to say that during the healing, I could feel the wonderful energy and warm you where sending to me, i had a some pain in my knees and upper back where I was holding a lot of sadness,guilt and shame, I now feel a calmness and inner peace, I also feel more of the connection to all life here on planet earth, I definetly feel a major shift has taken place for me, I look forward to each new day and as I Trust the higher power to guide and bless me on my journey of life here on Planet Earth. As we each remember who we are I know that we can have a world of Peace and Love. Thank you again from my heart to your heart, for I truly feell blessed. Love and Blessings to you and all your loved ones. Janette.

    • Andy Bojarski
      March 16, 2013

      Janette, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. You are a beautiful being of light and I send you nothing but blessings and love…

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