Please Read and Help – Hold Love in Your Heart!

PrayerI wanted to ask all of you to hold a special place in your heart of LOVE for the victims of the Boston, Massachusetts Marathon.   And for all friends and family members and everyone involved.  For those who do not know, an explosion went off earlier today killing 2 souls and injuring 86 souls at the Boston Marathon.  The numbers may be higher.

Please send your love, blessings and high positive frequency vibrations to all those involved by visualizing peace, love and happiness.  There is strength in numbers and energy follows your intentions.  When you send out your specific intention with all of your being, all of your might and all of your heart, it has an enormous impact.  Truly!

This is a prayer that I would like to make on behalf of all involved.  I just typed as the words came into my head and flowed.  I ask that you send your best intentions and love while reading this prayer to everyone involved.  Feel free to say your own prayer as well.  Prayers are heard.  Ask for healing, ask for strength for all involved and project and visualize LOVE.  There is no higher vibration than LOVE.  Thank you all so much.   Blessings and Love to all of you and to ALL souls on Earth.

Mother / Father God, please help ease the heavy burden and pain in the hearts of family members and friends that have been affected by this event;

Mother / Father God, please allow all family members and friends to have peace, healing and minimal emotional, physical and psychological pain and heartache due to this event;

Mother / Father God, please take the souls that have decided to leave their physical bodies due to this event to a new consciousness level with love, understanding, happiness, healing and peace;

Mother / Father God, please ease all the fear and heartache of everyone that is watching the news media about this event;

Mother / Father God, please allow this event to be a positive catalyst for transformation and movement into the higher dimensions as the higher energies are flooding the planet;

Mother / Father God, please allow Love to flow to all worldwide Governments and their respective leaders.  Allow this event to open up the hearts of many that have power positions in Government and the private sectors so that decisions based on love can be made and peace may reign on Earth;

Mother / Father God, please give us all the wisdom, the guidance, and the Love to conquer and release all that our collective consciousness needs to release as we move forward in consciousness collectively and individually;

Mother / Father God, please allow us all to be calm, to not retaliate, to not engage in the drama, to not blame judge or criticize, to not fall into lower dimensional thinking, to not have fear in our hearts, and to connect with our higher selves to make the correct intuitive decisions in our lives;

Mother / Father God, please give us individually and collectively Peace, Joy, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing and Happiness as we transition in the new beautiful world;

Mother/ Father God, please be with us now in these times of change and please take away our pain as we collectively and individually release what does not serve our highest and best good or what is not of the purest white light;


We ask this in full faith, gratitude, and lots and lots of LOVE!!



  1. Lot of LOVE, LIGHT to all involved in this tragedy… May the Love, Light and Peace be upon them….So it will be !!


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