The Universal Law of Reflection

ReflectionThis law so resonated with me and it made me think so differently about myself and life in general.  Every person that is in your life, whether it is a relative, or a friend, is a mirror of an aspect of you.  The same is true for every situation in your life as well.

No matter who is in your life or what situation you are encountered with, they are always a mirror aspect of you.  The earth as a learning school gives you the opportunity to always see yourself in the mirror.  Do you like what you see?  Do you like your life and what is in it?  And that mirror is very, very accurate.

Someone else in your life or any situation in your life is also a mirror.  You have to look in the mirror and change yourself.  Do not change the reflection in the mirror but work on yourself.  You must observe the outside but change on the inside to get the results you want.  That is how change will happen for you.  Anything and anyone in your life that you do not like or do not resonate with are showing you aspects of yourself that you do not feel comfortable with.

Everything in your life is a mirroring aspect of yourself.  If you don’t like the outside, then change the inside.  It’s that simple.  When you do this, these situations and people will disappear from your life and life will flow for you.

So people who you like or enjoy being around are just mirroring aspects of yourself that you feel good about.  And people who you do not like are showing you aspects of yourself that you are not comfortable with.  This mirror is very accurate and honest so the secrets do show up in the reflections you see of yourself.

So what do you do when there is someone in your life that you do not like?  Do you try to change them?  NO!  If you try to change them, then you are trying to change the reflection in your mirror.  Don’t do this as this is a form of denial.  Work on yourself instead.  Do not ever try to make someone else to be different so that you will feel more comfortable.

Just observe the outer and change the inner.  Change yourself!  Ask yourself what is this person or situation teaching you.  Look at the situation or the person and what lesson is to be learned.  What is the reflection that is being mirrored back to me and why?  And make the change inside and watch the reflection change.

So when someone is hostile to you, look within at your own anger issues.  Whatever issue is presented to you in any situation in your life, look within yourself for an aspect of you for that situation and change it on the inside.  So the more someone bothers you, the more your soul is trying to draw a reflection to your attention with respect to that issue that bothers you.

Pay attention to the people in your life and how they treat you and how you feel.  Pay attention to the situations in your life and how you feel.  These are all reflections in the mirror of you.  When you understand the law of reflection, you can make changes on the inside and your life will be better.  These people and situations that you do not like will go away as you have now made the changes inside.  This works the other way as well.

For example, take someone that you like or admire.  Why do you like them?  What qualities do you like about them?  Those qualities are within you as well.  Otherwise you would not have been attracted to that person.  The mirror is showing you the beautiful part of yourself through these people who you like and are drawn to.  So enhance these qualities by practicing them and more and more people with these characteristics will come into your life.

Shine your beautiful light and watch as more light enters your life.  You will see that you will be a changed person.  You will not get angry, you will not worry, you will not be upset and your friends will all be loving and your life will flow so much better.  Remember that everything is a reflection.  What are you looking at?  Is it time to see something better?

Something less stressful and hectic?  Some better friends?  Whatever comes into your life, always look in the mirror and ask what it has to teach you.  There is always a lesson.  Always look to see what life is telling you.  Throw away the emotions and look at the lesson that is presented to you.  Always look within and change yourself and never try to change someone else for they are reflecting you.  Understanding the law of reflection will make your life flow much easier and as a result, you will be more happier.


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  1. Hello Andrew,

    I’ve one question for you. Let’s say someone force you to do something that you don’t like; but, what they do to you is actually for your own goods. So, based on “The Universal Law of Reflection”, does it mean that your “inner being” also forces someone else to do something they don’t like?

    In order to change this kind of situation, you must not force anyone to do they don’t like so that you can have this ” better reflection”? Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. I just want to learn more for my spiritual growth. Thanks so much for taking your precious time! I’ll deeply appreciate your reply or guidance. Cheers~^^


    1. Nobody should force you to do anything, especially something that you do not like. When they force you to do something, you are giving up your control and you should never do this. This is true regardless if it is for your own good or not. You should be the one that decides. If someone is trying to change or fix you or force you to do something, then they are the ones that are trying to change their reflection in their mirror. That is their stuff. They would rather spend time changing their own reflection then working on themselves.

      But when someone is doing somethinbg to you that you do not like, or that bothers you or that does not make you feel good, that person or situation is showing you an aspect of yourself that you do not like about yourself. So if someone is forcing you to do something, maybe you are the one that is bossy, maybe you are the one that is telling people what to do and how to act. Maybe you are the one that is interfering in others lives. This is not a criticism of you in any way, they are just mirroring to you an aspect of yourself. So look within and make the change. When you do and you stop doing the things that are mirrored to you, others will stop forcing you to do things and your life will change. Hope this helps. Blessings and love…


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