My Higher Self: Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

AffirmationsAffirmations are very important and can create positive changes in your life. They are extremely powerful words or thoughts that you need to constantly repeat which will eventually enter your unconscious state and mind.

When this happens, these affirmations can become part of who you are. Affirmations can be positive affirmations or negative affirmations. Stick only to positive affirmations. The more emphasis and energy that you put into your affirmations, the more they will be part of what you believe in and part of your belief system.

But avoid negative affirmations as your unconscious mind cannot process or compute any negativity or negative statements. These are simply ignored by your unconscious mind. Make sure that you affirm only positive words and do not affirm any negative words.

For example, if you are not happy in your relationship, do not affirm “I am not happy in my relationship” as the mind will only accept “I am happy in my relationship” and discount the word “not.” Avoid words like don’t or not (ex, “I do not like my job” or I don’t like this or that”).  If you are not happy in your relationship with someone, affirm “I am ready for a new and better relationship.”

Also, do not affirm anything that relates to the past or future. Do not say I will win the lottery tomorrow or do not say something in an affirmation that has already occurred in the past. Keep you affirmations in the present now. Say “I love my life now”, or “I am happy now.” You really do become what you affirm. And the more belief and energy you put into it, the stronger it becomes for you.  Say your positive affirmations with feeling and conviction.

The Universe will align itself to match your positive affirmations. Make sure your affirmations are not complicated and not too wordy. Keep them simple. Do not have long affirmations. Make sure that you repeat your affirmations every day. This will help you manifest what you are affirming. Repeat your affirmations in your mind whenever you have time.

You can do this while you are driving a car, while you are walking or while you are daydreaming or meditating. It does not matter. Just make sure that you are repeating them and that they are positive. Make sure that you are putting energy into the positive affirmations and have faith that they will come true for you. Live your life as if the positive affirmations already are true and have already manifested for you. Have faith and trust in the affirmations.

The best affirmations are the ones that begin with your I Am Presence. Here are some I AM Affirmations that you can say: “I AM happy, I AM healthy, I AM a beautiful being of light, I AM healed, I AM filled with joy and laughter, I am loved, I AM love.”

You can affirm anything that you want. Just keep it simple, put emphasis and energy into the affirmation and make sure that it has no negative words like “can’t” or “no”, or “wont’” or “don’t.” These words will not register in your unconscious mind and you will get what you actually do not want. So if you affirm “I do not like my job”, your brain will register “I do like my job.” The “not” will be avoided in the affirmation.

Then, you will be affirming something that you do not want. So rephrase your negative affirmation into a positive affirmation. Say something like “I deserve a better, more fulfilling, job than the one I have.” Affirm to everyone in your life how happy you are to have them in your life. Affirm to them how wonderful they are. Affirm to them how much you love them.

Affirm to them the positive traits that you feel they have. This makes such a big difference to them (and to you) as you are spreading your light and filling them (and yourself) with love. You are raising their consciousness level (and yours) by your positive words to them. Affirm to your children that they are smart, and that they are capable to do anything they want to do in their lives. Give them wings and not anchors through your positive affirmations.

Also, affirm to yourself that you already have what you want and like a magnet it may come to you quicker than you know. Remember that you are a co – creator with God and you are now manifesting more than ever your thoughts, dreams, and desires due to the influx of energies coming in at these times. So be careful what you wish for as you will most likely get it.

The energies are becoming more intense at these times allowing for manifestation to occur more quickly for you. This is especially true as you are now awakening into your true Self, into your I AM Presence. Remember that the Universe will bring you what you believe in. Do you want to be happy and positive or sad and negative?

Affirm happiness, joy, and love and watch your life change. If you constantly think that you are a failure or that you are worthless or that you always make mistakes or that you are not loved or any thoughts along these lines, or the negativity that others may have for you, guess what will manifest for you? These things will act themselves out and you will attract people and situations that will show you these things to you more and more and make you feel this way.

It is time to step into your power and step into your light. You are none of these lower dimensional things mentioned above. You are loved and you are a powerful multi-dimensional being of light that is a co-creator with God. Truly, that is who you are!! When you recognize this and accept this, nobody can control you or tell you how to think or feel. Affirm that you are a powerful being of light. Affirm that you are loved.

Affirm that you are a co-creator with God. Affirm that you are love. You are all of these things.  Keep affirming these positive affirmations daily and watch your power and confidence grow. Your life will change and you will be happier and your light will shine even brighter for others to follow.


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  1. Good to know our unconscious mind cannot process or compute any negativity or negative statements. Thank you Andy


  2. Great message Andy, I know affirmations work because that is how I rewired my own Neronet in the brain.

    Make it a great day!


  3. Very nice and powerful to boost anyone’s self esteem on one hand and make people realize their own strengths on the other hand:) Thanks as always,Andy:)


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