My Higher Self: What to do When You are Sad, or Depressed, or Feeling Down

SmileYou are always creating your reality. This is especially true now as you are awakening more and more. The energies are more intense allowing your manifestations to come more quickly based on your thoughts and feelings.

How you feel and what you think will now manifest its way to you very strongly and quickly. It is so important at these times to stay in a high vibrational frequency. So what can you do when you have had a hard day, when you are feeling sad, depressed, or have no energy, or when you are around people that do not resonate with your energy level?

What can you do if people are criticizing you or judging you or when you are having relationship problems? Having these feelings brings down your energy level. You do not want this. You need to have and always maintain a high energy level. So here is what you can do to instantly raise your consciousness and energy level.

Take forty US dollars (or the equivalent of your country’s currency amount) and break it down into eight separate five dollar bills. You should then have eight, five dollar bills. Money is energy and it is in the giving of abundance that you will be receiving abundance. Now go to a local restaurant and go to a table where you see a family eating.

Introduce yourself, smile at them and say hello. Tell them that you want to give them five dollars to help pay for their tip or their meal. As you do this and as you say this, watch their reactions. Watch them smile. Watch them light up. Watch them say thank you. Watch their gratitude. They will be so grateful and so happy and appreciative. You have just raised their energy vibrations. When they are smiling at you, then you will smile at them.

When you are all smiling, your energy vibration and consciousness level is raised. You are happy, and you will feel so good inside that you helped them. By helping them, you helped yourself.  You do not know what their situation is. Maybe they have just lost a son or daughter in a car accident. Maybe they have just found out that someone in their family has been diagnosed with cancer.

The fact that you are offering to do this is you spreading your light. You are doing something that is positively affecting others with your smile and by your generosity. Do this for eight separate tables. Assuming there are 4 people per table, you have just affected 32 souls in a positive way for forty dollars. You have paid it forward, as they say. Think how much better you will feel.  Think how much better they all will feel.  All because of you and your actions and your smile.

All of your stresses and problems now will seem like they are gone. You will no longer be sad or depressed. You will be filled with happiness and joy and warmth knowing that your light has affected these souls. If you do not have forty dollars, do it with what you do have. It is in the intention of the giving that you will be receiving. After you do this, see what positive changes will happen in your life. Watch for abundance consciousness to come into your life.

You have just literally turned your frown upside down with your eights random acts of kindness. You did not make these people financially rich with the five dollars you gave them. You brought them a smile on their face and that is priceless. Anytime you can make anyone smile, it is a blessing. Keep track, if you can, of all of the people that smile because of what you do.

You will be amazed how many people you can positively affect. And when you affect them with your smile, they will also smile more at others and those people are now positively affected. And it all started with you. Make it a goal in your life to make people smile with your actions, words or deeds. It will instantly raise your vibrations higher. When your vibrations are raised higher, you will be manifesting things that resonate on that higher vibration level.

All your problems, stresses and issues will seem to go away as well as all the people that do not resonate with your high light level. This way, you are literally creating your own reality, your own heaven on earth. Create the reality that makes you laugh and smile and is filled with love. Create the reality that causes others to laugh and smile based on your actions and deeds and positive love based intentions.

There are so many other things you can do if you do not want to go to a restaurant to do this. When you are at a checker in the grocery store, offer to pay for five dollars of the person’s grocery bill in front of you. Offer to pay five dollars of someone’s gas at a gas station. Treat others the way you want to be treated. We are all One. Anyone that is being offered money to help pay for something they are buying will be very appreciative of your gesture.

You will be teaching them how to have gratitude in their hearts. And you will be raising their light level through their smile which will raise your light level. This is one way that you are shining your light through your positive example. When you do this, you will manifest in your life things that are positive and happy that are love filled.

The so called bad things that are causing you to be sad and put you down will disappear. Your life will change for the better. You are making this change by how you are feeling and by your positive actions and deeds towards others. So if you are sad, depressed, or feeling down, go to your ATM, pull some money out and give a little. You do not have to give a lot. Just give what you can to as many people as you can.

That random act of kindness will literally help transmute your old sad feelings into happiness and joy. The old feelings with respect to why you are feeling, sad, or depressed or down may not go away initially, but you will be in a brighter frame of mind to better deal with them.

They will not feel as heavy anymore and your smile and positive deeds to others knowing you placed a smile on their faces will help bring you more happiness and joy into your life. So spread your light, keep smiling, and always have love in your heart.


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  1. I was brought to tears by this post…you have a beautiful, pure soul Andrew. I am blessed to have stumbled upon your page especially on a day like today. I am a healer and find it difficult to keep my vibration high around low vibrational people. It is almost as if their density sucks my energy. I’ve become much stronger however it is tough to be compassionate while setting boundaries (I am a boss at my job.) either way, your post really helped. Thank you

    Peace and love,


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