My Higher Self: How To Forgive Someone and Move On

ForgivenessThese are glorious times.  The energies are getting more intense and will continue to become more intense.  The energies are forcing things to come up to the surface to be released permanently from your mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies.

These things to be released are from this lifetime and from past lifetimes.  People feel like they are being rung through the ringer.  People are physically exhausted.  People feel like anything can trigger anger in them.  People are fed up with relationships.

People feel like they have had enough and they may not understand what is happening to them and why.  People feel lost.  If you feel any of these things, you are not alone.  Do not feel bad that you are feeling these things.

This is all part of your release.  You cannot take these things and feelings with you into the higher dimensions and consciousness levels.  So how do you deal with all of these things?  How do you manage and move forward.  The key is forgiveness.  You must forgive at these times.

This is the key to your ascension, if you will.  So how do you forgive someone who has hurt you or your loved ones so deeply?  How do you forgive someone that has cheated on you?  How do you forgive someone that has said such hurtful words to you that cut you open so deeply?  How do you forgive someone that does not understand and feels that they are right and blames and judges and criticizes you for their pain?

How do you forgive someone who has no understanding of what they are doing or saying or how much they are hurting you?  It is easy to say to forgive someone than to actually forgive them.  So here is what you can do to help you forgive and release the hurtful and painful situation; you can do this with all situations in your life where you need to forgive.

Find a situation that you have been deeply hurt by something that someone has done to you or said to you.  This situation must be forgiven by you and this person must be forgiven by you.  It matters not what was done or said to you by that person and how deep the pain that was caused by that situation or person.  In your mind, bring back that person and that situation to the forefront.

Place them in front of you.  See them there in your mind’s eye.  Re live this hurtful situation.  But this time, just observe.  Observe the person being mean to you, saying mean things and hurting you.  You are just observing that person and you are observing yourself.  See yourself there as well listening to this.  Again, you are re living this situation.  Watch yourself and the pain that the words caused you to feel.  Watch your reaction to this pain.

Just observe this situation.  There are no emotions from your side as the observer.  You are just watching this.  When the situation has passed, and you are done observing all of this, write down all of your feelings about this.  All the pain, all the hurt, all the suffering that this caused you, just write all of this down.  Write down all of the feelings that you have, write everything down.  Let all of this out on paper.

Do not hold back.  Once you do this, bring the person or situation back in your mind’s eye.  See the person that caused you this pain in front of you.  See him or her in front of you.  Then tell them how you feel.  Let it all out.  If you need to yell, then yell.  Whatever you are feeling that you wrote down on that paper, tell this to the person.

Tell them how hurt you were.  Cry because of your pain that they caused you.  Let them see this in your mind’s eye.  Let all of this out of you.  Tell the person how you feel, how hurt you are based on what they have done or said.  Do not call them names or criticize them or judge them.  Just tell them how you are feeling based on what they have said or done to you.

But you are not done yet.  Let all of the emotions out and get all of this anger, frustration, or pain out.  Whatever you need to say to this person, say it.  Once you have stated your peace, take that piece of paper and go outside.  In a loud voice, ask Arch Angel Michael and Saint Germaine to be with you.

Say “Arch Angel Michel and Saint Germaine, please be with me now. Saint Germaine, please infuse the paper(s) and myself and all the people with this situation with your violet flame.  Please transmute and transform the paper and the words and intentions in that paper to the light.  Arch Angel Michael please cut all cords and attachments that I may have with that situation and person(s) that do not serve my highest and best good.”

Then take a lighter or match and with loving intention, burn the paper. Say the above words out loud.  Say them with conviction.   The fire will transmute all of the writings on the paper into the light.  Know in your heart that you have now forgiven the person that has hurt you.  You have released this from your Being.  It is no longer a hold on you.  It no longer controls you and it no longer lowers your vibration.

See how you feel.  You should feel lighter, brighter and free.  You should feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.  Know in your heart that it has.  You have just become stronger.  Now do the same with another situation that is heavy in your life.  No longer is anyone going to control how you feel.  You and only you decide how you will feel.  It is so important now to forgive.  You must forgive anyone and everyone that has caused you pain.

Do not say you cannot forgive because they said or did this.  NO.  We are all one.  We are all here to learn and grow.  Thank the person for teaching you the life lessons.  Thank and honor the person for allowing you to become stronger as a God Spark that you are.  Consider them a study buddy that has helped you prepare for the final exam.

There is no hurt feelings and pain in the higher dimensions.  You cannot ascend if you have not forgiven everyone that has caused you pain.  Period!  Know this.  There is no blame, there is no judgment, and there is no criticism or bad decision.  Everything you do and everything someone does to you or says to you is done for your growth and learning experience.

You grow by forgiving them and by loving them as a being of God.  So burn that paper and let the past go.  The past is the past and you are heading into a glorious future.  Stay happy and stay in love!!  Love.


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  1. i like this article a lot. Because i think i will gong to help me a lot with my problems. I am hoping for positive results in my life through this article. Inshallah.


  2. beautiful articles ! Sometimes we forgive, but don’t realize that there are still some subconscious resentment and bitterness that we sometimes still cling onto. Forgive with the heart & soul 🙂


  3. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for posting that message, it is exactly what I needed to read, it has helped me to realise that I must forgive and let go of my pain , it does not serve me.
    I am thankful 🙂
    Love and blessings ❤


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