My First Distant MASS Healing is a SUCCESS!!

WorldOk, I needed to share this with all of you. Yesterday was the first distant mass healing that I attempted to do. I have never tried this before but I have been telepathically told by my guides and Arch Angels that I soon would be able to successfully do this.

I wanted to get to 100 energy healings completed before I tried this just to make sure that I had enough experience. This was a number I set for myself.

So yesterday, after reaching 100 energy healings, I tried to do a distant mass healing on three separate people at one time.  One person was located in England, and the two others were located in Belgium (separate cities in Belgium).  I am in California. All three were lying down on their respective beds as if they were receiving an individual healing from me.

After the healing, I spoke with all three ladies and all three have told me that they definitely received the energies that I projected to them.  Each felt different sensations and some experienced heat and some saw visions and different things.  This is great news.  Wow!!

If this continues for me, then that means that I can attempt to heal more people with one energy healing session and many people can be a part of this.  They can be lying down wherever they are and receive the energies. The wait time to get a healing can be cut down tremendously and more people can receive an energy healing from the benefit of the projected energies.

I need to practice on this a bit more and see if there is a limit on the number of people that can receive a distant healing from me at one time.  This is all new to me as well.  But I feel good things are coming and I view this as a tremendous breakthrough.

I feel that this is a huge step to helping more people get healed.  Anyways, I just wanted to share with you my first successful distant mass healing experience. I am sending all of you lots and lots of love and many blessings…


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list.

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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  1. Dear Mr. Bojarski,
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could place the dolphins and the whales that are being slaughtered or captured for performing in the pools (even for the olympics)! in Japan. Iam praying for them too but I don;t feel there are enough humans who are aware of all of this. I hope you can spare some of your time please sir, thankyou:)


    1. Thank you. I will of course send extra blessings and love to all the dolphins and all the animals on Mother Earth when I meditate this evening. This is a very good point your bring up. Thank you for sharing. Sending you and all of your loved ones many blessings and so much love…


  2. WOOO HOOOO!! CONGRATULATIONS!s! what an amazing experience to read about and feel the after effects of!! this is just the brink of something profound… love and bLessings! 🙂


    1. Thank you Holly for the kind words. I do feel this too. It is on the brink of something profound. Sending you and all your loved ones lots of love and many blessings…


  3. Dear Andy. You are one of the most Blessed Man on this Planet ever, And I believe all of us are proud of you and will keep sending you blessings for your time and effort to help humanity. My sincere congratulations.


  4. Dear Andy. You are one of the most Blessed Man on this Planet ever, And I believe all of us are proud of you and will keep sending you blessings for tremendous effort to help humanity. I must congratulate you for all that.


  5. Thanks Andresito… for this wonderful experience. .and being part of this first mass healing… Many will be waiting for this… and I’m sure that soon you can do more mass healings around the world…… Now I’m waiting for the teletransportation… that will be fantastic..!!!! I will wait for you with a lot of Belgium chocolates.!!! Chocohugs with ♥ ☼


  6. Fantastic, now you did it finally, I am so proud of you my dear friend. I remember as if it was yesterday that you will be able to do it. Go now and perform more of this. You have my divine love and blessings for this. ❤


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