My Release Experience During Another Person’s Energy Healing

goldHello everyone.  I wanted to share with you another fantastic release experience that happened to me in my conscious state.  This one was amazing.  This happened to me while I was doing an energy healing on someone else.  I am sorry if the post is a bit long.  However, I tried to make it entertaining.

But first a little background on how this all came about.  Some of you may know that I have cataract in my right eye.  It is in a bad state.  I was told by a doctor I need surgery to exchange the lens.  I cannot focus and really do not see that well at all with my right eye.  Everything is blurry white.  I will need an eye patch.  Arrrr.

I have been trying to heal the eye for a while but it does not seem to be working.  It has to do with suppressed anger and forgiveness and release that I still need to let go of regarding my family from past lifetimes (and some from this lifetime).

In any event, the other night I got a bit frustrated and asked Arch Angel Metatron, my main guide at this time, how to fix this eye.  I asked, what do I need to do to fix this eye, what karma do I still have, what am I not seeing.  I basically said I give up, please help me and show me a sign and how to move forward and I completely surrendered.  Then I went to bed.

The next day I had an energy healing that I was performing on a beautiful soul that I had not yet talked to.  When I asked her what I could try to help with, she said she has cataract and suppressed anger and forgiveness issues.  No joke.  Coincidence, I think not!  At this point, the energies that were running through me were unbelievable.  All I could say is “Thank you Mr. Metatron, that was quick.”  I call him Mr. Metatron, haha.

So, the proverb of ask and you shall receive was definitely true.  I asked for a sign and I was given a sign.  So I thought, what an opportunity to heal myself.  This was the message, I felt.  So I decided to not only heal the person that was scheduled to get a healing from me but to also heal myself.  So it was a double healing; me and the other person.

The energy healings that I perform are in three parts: 1. The cleansing and removing of all diseased and congested and stuck energy; 2.  The energizing of all the chakras, meridians and different bodies (spiritual, etheric, emotional, etc…), and 3; the removal of karma, placing of the Sacred Heart by Mother Mary, placing of Golden Christ Consciousness energies inside the Sacred Heart (and the violet flame) and walking into the person’s heart, their ascension portal, to go through their etheric ascension.

So here is what happened.  During the cleansing part, I always bring in Arch Angel Raphael and I ask him to bring in his emerald green light and energy and clean all the bodies, including all physical cells of the physical body.  I envisioned myself lying on a couch (where all people I heal lie in).

I have a stool that I sit in which is behind the head of the person I am envisioning lying in the couch and my hands are cupped on their crown as the energy flows to them through their crown from my palm chakras that are opened. So, I was basically sitting in a stool envisioning myself lying on the couch.  As AA Raphael gets to my heart as he is cleansing me, he stops.

Now mind you, my eyes are open and I am seeing myself with AA Raphael in a different place and space.  We are in the center of the Metatron Cube engulfed within The Merkabah Star.  And I see myself and AA Raphael and he is speaking telepathically to me by pictures/visions.  He tells me to get closer and to look into my heart.  I look and I see this ledge where I can fall down into this darkness.

He gives me a green sparkly rope and says hold this end.  I say ok.  Then he throws the rope into the darkness of my heart.  Then he tells me to start pulling.  I pull and all this stuff gets yanked out and goes to the light.  It was like this rope was attracting all this stuff.  He said keep pulling and I was pulling.

Here is the amazing part.  At this point, I was being engulfed with so much love, so many beings and energies were around me.  They were so close.  I saw so many beings and colors and felt so many energies.  So much more than usual.  It was truly amazing.  Now, as I was pulling this rope of wonderful things, I felt this un comfortableness in my belly area.

I started heaving like I was going to throw up.  Then I started gagging again.  He said keep pulling and I started heaving more and more and continued to gag.  I had this experience a few nights ago that I posted when I was in bed.  Not again, I thought!  Finally, I stopped and all the stuff was gone and there was no ledge in my heart.  I thanked AA Raphael and moved to the next portion of the energy healing.

The next part was the energizing part of the healing.  This is where I hold each chakra and each physical organ in my hand (I see myself stretching the body of the person I am healing and moving inside the body and can see behind the eyes, brain, etc.) and I say, you are cleaned, you are cleansed, you are happy, you are healthy, you are healed, you are sealed, you are activated, you are energized with liquid white light (and any other colored light that is needed to heal), you are filled with liquid white light, your chakra is spinning and your chakra is opened.

I envision all of this with each chakra during my energy healings. When I held my heart and started to say you are cleaned and you are cleansed, it hit me again.  Yes, more gagging and heaving.  But more intense this time and it lasted longer.  So many energies and beings were around me again and I saw them and felt all their energies.  Someone said telepathically to go deeper.  So I did.  Finally this part of the release was over.

The next step was the karma removal.  I bring in three pure light beings to remove all allowable karma, cords and attachments that no longer serve their highest and best good.  These beautiful light beings are Lady Nada, Lady Portia and Wywysil.  I will typically ask that they come in and remove all cords, attachments and Karma that can be removed from the person being healed.

Now mind you, I am healing myself.  Well, you guessed it!  As soon as I said this, more energies and light beings were around me and the voice that says dig deep.  Any yes, more gagging and heaving.  Again, this time it was longer and more intense than the other two times.  It was so intense.  Finally, it passed.

Then the last part, this is where I walk the person into their heart, which is their ascension portal.  Once we are in the heart of the person I am healing, amazing things happen and my vision is the clearest with my third eye.  We were in the heart of the other person I was healing, not mine as I needed to take them to their heart.

As the heart opens, I will typically see Arch Angel Gabrielle, acknowledge her, and she blows her trumpet announcing to everyone the return of the soul that is entering the heart, as Gabrielle is the messenger of Source.  I then walk with the person and we look around to see what is there.  All I can say is that I am in awe every time I go into someone’s heart.

The things I see is pure amazement due to the beauty, as we are all Divine beings of Source.  I walk with them a bit and then I make an announcement “Please welcome ______ (Jane, for example) and please welcome her home.”  When I say this, I see so many light beings pop up from everywhere.  They are all radiating love to this person.  Truly amazing.  Then I take three steps back and kneel on one knee and bow my head in front of this person.

As I do this, so does every being.  They all bow and they all knee on one knee.  This is to honor them for the lives they lives, the experiences they have had, the love they took, the love they received, the lessons they learned, the lessons they taught.  As this is happening, I see Source light in the distance beaming on the person and a separate Source light beaming on me and then my light beaming on the person.

So we have a triangle of Source light, Source light to the person being healed, Source light on me and my light on the person being healed.  I then stand up and I am the only one that stands up as everyone else is kneeling and bowing.  I then make a whirling motion, like a tornado and wrap the Golden Christ energies around this person and move my hands in a spinning manner counterclockwise.

As I do this, these energies are engulfing the person getting healed.   I move my hands faster and faster and the movement of the energies is moving faster and faster.  Then I move my hands slowly upwards and as I do this, the energies are sucking up and removing everything from the person that no longer serves them.  It is their final release of all the negativity, the criticism, the judgment, the hate, the anger, the pain, the lack of forgiveness or self-love, anything that is not of light gets released finally into the light.

Mind you, I am seeing all of this very clearly and I am seeing all the beings of light and ascended masters of light as well.  This is in essence the etheric ascension of the person being healed and is a massive consciousness shift for them. Energies are racing through me so intensely and I can see through my hands as they are white and I see my light body.

It is the most intense feeling I can ever experience and the soles of my feet are so hot and I feel I will float away.  I am always telling Gaia to please ground me, ground me, ground me.  I cry with every healing that I do.  It is such an intense experience for me.  As all is released into the light, the best part for me comes.  I get to see the person as a light body.  The true essence of who they are, not the physical body.

It is amazing.  Now here is the catch.  When I was doing this whirling motion, you guessed it, Metatron says dig really deep.  So of course this was me cleansing myself.  I was the one in the tornado.  More gagging and heaving.  It was so intense, I almost passed out.  I dug to the bottom of my soul and as I was heaving, I kept saying “you leave now, you are not a part of me, you are not the light.”

I felt this stuff leave me.  And as it left, for about 2 seconds as my eyes were opened, I saw nothing but white light.  I was shaking and sweating during this release and the heart was racing.  Then it was over.  AA Michael said it was all out and gone and transmuted.  I have released all past life stuff and trauma.  I have never, ever experienced anything like this in my life.

It happened in my conscious state and it was remarkable.  The beings of light do exist, they love all of us and they are ready to connect with you.  My cataract is still here but I feel it is healing and will heal in time.  I hope you enjoyed reading this experience.  I am sending you all of my love and blessings.

Andrew – Love

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  1. Wow! Unbelievable, what a amazing and truly beautiful experience. super cool!
    I love reading your posts…. Much love….:)


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