Part 3: My Recent Energy Healing Experiences and Clear Visions

This is part three of my recent energy healing experiences and visions.  You can read about part 2 by clicking HERE and part 1 by clicking HERE.

This part 3 posting will discuss the energizing part of the healing. The energizing is very important as fresh new energies are brought in and integrated into the person’s body.  I have talked about setting up the sacred healing space and the cleansing in the past posting and this posting will deal with the energizing part of the healing.

Everything I am writing here and in the prior posts has been shown to me by visions and by being physically there during these healings.  I do feel that I am there as I see all of this so clearly as I am bi located to that sacred healing space.  It really is amazing!

Energizing of the Physical Body and Cells, Energy Chakras, Meridians, and Different Soul Bodies

After the cleansing is done, I then will begin the energizing part of the energy healing.  I am still in the energy healing chamber (see discussion in the past postings).  I see myself in the chamber with the person that I am healing.  I first call upon the violet flame again.

As I do this, the 12 healing crystals and the floor turn violet.  Then I was shown to first place the violet flame on all of the major, minor, and mini chakras of the person I am healing and to see them burning in violet, which I do. Then I begin with the crown chakra and work my way down to the root chakra, one chakra at a time with the energizing.

I was told and shown to really see the chakra, from the outside, to the inside, to all its chambers, and its petals.  Really look at all the chakras and feel and see with my heart.  I was shown how I can stretch the body and organs or cells to make them smaller, wider, longer, or taller, or whatever I need to do.

As the person is standing in the healing chamber, I will usually stretch out the etheric body and make the person wider and then I will literally move inside their body as I merge with their energies.  This is basically etheric surgery.  I can see the back of the brain, the back of the eyes, and all the organs from within.  It really is amazing seeing the body in 3d like this from every angle.

I then hold each chakra in my hand, one by one, and I say, “You are happy, you are healthy, you are healed, you are sealed.”  As I am saying this, energy will flow out from my palms (as I am cupping the chakra in my hands) into the specific chakra.

My crown chakra is wide open at this time and Divine Source energy flows into my crown, through my body and out of my palms and into the person I am healing.  Remember, that I am only an energy channel.

I feel the energy pulsating through my body during the energy healing.  I see myself removing all stuff that does not serve the person’s highest and best good and anything that is not of the highest white light from the person’s chakra.  I then send it to the light.  Then I say “You are sealed” and imagine the chakra being sealed completely all the way around.

I then say, “You are energized and filled with liquid white healing light and energy.”  As I say this, all the 12 large healing crystals that are in the healing chamber in a circle around us turn white and there is energy and white light flowing from each crystal like beams of rays and all 12 beams (one from each crystal) penetrate the chakra energizing it and filling it with liquid white healing light and energy.

Then I say “You are energized and filled with color healing light and energy” When white energy is digested, it produces six types of color energies corresponding to the colors of the rainbow.  These color energies can have more of an effect on the energy healing.  There is red energy, orange energy, yellow energy, green energy, blue energy and violet energy.

So as I say “You are energized and filled with color healing light and energy,”  I see the 12 healing crystals change to different colors, the colors of the rainbow.  Typically 2 of the healing crystals will have the same color as there are 12 healing crystals and 6 different healing colors.

Then once again, the healing crystals will beam the different color light and energy and corresponding intensity of that light and energy into the chakra depending on what color is needed and the amount of intensity of that color energy and light for that chakra to heal it.  Each color represents a different healing quality and each color of light will do something different that is needed for the chakra to heal.

Once this is done, I then say “You are energized and filled with the energies Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki” This is the Reiki Earth Key and Heavenly Key, respectfully.  I then envision these symbols and their respective energies going to the 12 large healing crystals and again, one half (six) of the healing crystals turn green and one half of the crystals turn golden.

The Cho Ku Rei energies are green and the Sei He Ki energies are golden and there are 12 healing crystals, so half of the crystals have the Earth Ki energies (Cho Ku Rei) and half of the healing crystals have the heavenly key energies (Sei He Ki).  I then envision these Reiki symbols around the chakra sending their energies to the chakra, like a sandwich.

After this is done, I say “You are spinning and you are open.”  At that point I see the chakra spinning in a fast circular motion and then I see the chakra being opened as its petals open up with love.  As the chakra opens up, I see white light flowing out from that chakra as far as the eye can see.  So I do this with every single major chakra.

This includes the basic chakra, the sex chakra, the navel chakra, the meng mein chakra, the spleen charka, the solar plexus chakra, the front heart chakra, the back heart chakra, the throat chakra, the ajna charka (third eye), the forehead chakra, and the crown chakra.  I follow this procedure with every major chakra.

Once this is done, I follow this same procedure with all of the meridians of the etheric body, with all of the organs of the body, with the blood, the tissues, the glands, the muscles, the bones, the skin, every single cell of the physical body, the inner aura, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body and the outer aura.

Once this complete energizing is complete, I can then proceed with the karma removal and the cutting of cords, and attachments of the person that is being healed.  This will be covered in the next posting.  This is where the beings of light come in as well as the members of the karmic board.  You do not want to miss this post.

Continue reading below if you are interested in a free energy healing from me.  I should have more slots open by the next posting, so please be patient and you can then sign up for an energy healing, if you are interested.

We are in some beautiful shifting times.  Stay happy and in love and know that you are the Divine Presence!!

Andrew – Love

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. thank you, dear Andrew,
    it is a wonderful experience.. i go on meidtating both individually and in group, especially with the VIOLET LIGHT of S Germain..
    to heal the elements, so that the Earth shift can happpen as smoothly as possible.
    I would like to sign for a free distnce healing in the near future
    blessings from Miracle Light
    Annamari from ITALY free


  2. Dearest Andy,

    This is all quite amazing and must be incredible to experience everyday with people and what a gift for us thru you. And, I very much appreciate this timing for you writing these as if they are for me :0) and being able to read about it ALL in detail again in this way as you did explain it in a post back in the fall prety well. But, not in separate parts like this in advance of my healing. It helps me to feel even more connected to you and what is being prepared for me now in various stages I feel..and for me to follow my own guidance this month since we communicated about everything for me to focus myself to really be in a surrended state and in deep communion with your higher self by the time of the healing at the end of this month.

    I feel so blessed and so proud of myself for the journey I have been on with you in getting to this point with great patience, compassion, and a deeper trust and knowing in the divine plan and connection between our souls.

    We are already in our Crystal Healing Temple awaiting our time with YOU all the Masters in this special way. A gathering of Masters for sure.

    All our love, Suzanne and the Master Kitties


    1. Suzanne, thank you for the beautiful comments…you are just a beacon of light and I am so blessed to know you, truly!! Please keep shining that beautiful light from that pure heart…Sending you all my love and so many blessings…:)


  3. Wow, this is absolutly georgeous, Andy ! I was very moved by reading this process, (like by reading your two previous posts). Be blessed for all you do. I love you.


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