Part 4: My Recent Energy Healing Experiences and Clear Visions

This is part four of my recent energy healing experiences and visions.

You can read the other parts by clicking HERE.  OK, so I think I left off where I finished cleaning and energizing the body.

I can then proceed with the karma removal and the cutting of cords, and attachments of the person that is being healed.

Bringing in the Karmic Board to Remove Karma

Once the cleaning and energizing is completed (see the prior posts and parts 1-3), the healing chamber disappears and I see us in a green meadow.  It is so peaceful and the weather is perfect with the sun pouring on us.  Grass and flowers are under our feet.

Then I ask various light beings to be with us, one by one.  I first ask WYWYSYL, a cosmic master and master guide for me to be with me.  Then I bring in Master Jesus.  Then I bring in Arch Angel Metatron.  Then I bring in Lady Master Portia.  Then I bring in Lady Master Nada. Then I bring in Lady Master Quan Yin and finally I ask all the members of the karmic board to be with me.

When I ask each high light being to be with me, I wait a few moments and see them.  I feel their energies and connect with them, one by one.

After I greet them, I envision them standing close to us and then I envision a large half circular table in front of us where they all take their seat.  I am standing as is the person getting healed in front of them.  After thanking them all for being here, I say the following words to them:

“I now ask that any and all attachments, cords and past, current and future karma that _________(name of person being healed) may have in this lifetime, past lifetimes, or future lifetimes be removed from their soul and essence.  This includes all aspects and extensions of this soul and also includes all dimensions that the soul may have lived in or currently and concurrently may be living in.  I ask for FULL karmic dispensation for this beautiful soul under the grace of God.  I ask this not only from the person that is being healed, but from all of their family members, ancestors and lineage as well.”

As I say this, I will typically at that point see hundreds, if not thousands of beings standing behind the table.  These are the family members of the soul.  Typically I see sorrow on their faces, a feeling of despair, of pain and hurt, as if there is unfinished karmic business that has not been balanced properly before their physical death.  hence the wheel of reincarnation.

This is where I usually lose it and weep and cry so much as I feel their grief, this grief and pain of karma that they have all accumulated in their past that is not balanced.  After I say this, I will typically envision someone standing up from the table and place their hands on the outside aura around the person being healed and then I envision stuff being vacuumed off of their aura.  This stuff flows through my body.

The energies are so intense at this point.  I feel slight jerks around my different chakras like cutting of the cords and attachments being made.  All this energy flows through me so intensely and I always ask Mother Earth, Gaia, to ground and anchor these energies and transmute them into the light.  Depending on the amount of karma that is released, this energy feeling can last a few minutes and then the feeling stops.

When it stops, I know the removal of the karma and the cord and attachment cutting is over.  I then thank each beautiful high light being for their service, express my love and humbleness and gratitude and then they leave. I have been shown that ascension is done as a soul group / family and is not an individual ascension, like it was when Jesus ascended 2,000+ years ago.  We all ascend as a group, as a soul family, as we are all One.

I have been shown that before you can ascend as a soul group, you have to be ready to ascend and this karmic dispensation of the soul family can happen with these healings as the energy is anchored in all these souls through the healings by the person that is getting the energy healing.  I just facilitate this process by allowing my body to be used as a conduit to anchor the energies that flow though me in all these souls that are in the astral world who have not yet ascended due to karmic imbalances.

Mother Mary Sacred Heart Placement and Christ Consciousness Energies

After the karmic board leaves, I call upon Mother Mary to be with me.  A few moments later I feel her delicate energies and see her face in front of me.  She always wears a blue type of outfit / gown.  She is one of the warmest and most gentle souls I know.

She always welcomes me by saying “Hello my son.”  Most of the time Jesus is with her as well as Jesus is so very close to me.  I then ask her to place her beautiful and radiating sacred heart into the heart of the person I am healing.  I have been shown that it is only through the sacred heart that the Christ consciousness energies can be anchored in the soul.

At this point, I see the person that is being healed crying as they are so happy and filled with so much love.  I see Mother Mary place her sacred heart into the heart of the person being healed.  Mother Mary then steps back and I wait a few moments.  I then tell the person that I am healing to breathe and I breathe with them.  I am taking deep breaths and we are breathing as one slowly and deeply.

As this happens, so many energies are flowing through me.  It is so intense and the feeling is like no other.  As this happens, I see a laser blue light radiating from the heart of the person I am healing and it goes heart to heart to heart to every person that was standing behind the karmic table, the ancestors, family members, and lineage.  It is a vision and feeling like no other.  I then thank Mother Mary, express my love and humbleness and gratitude to her and she leaves.

Then I look deeply into the eyes of the person I am healing, merge their energies with mine even deeper, and tell them that I will now place the radiating golden energies of the Christ Consciousness within their sacred heart.  My energy is all gold.  I then envision my hands becoming pure gold and I cup their heart in my palms.  I see this happening.  My actual physical hands are radiating at this point and being filled with so much energy.

It is at this stage that my hands and arms become a light body and I cannot see them at all, it is just golden energies.  The Christ Consciousness energy is now flowing through me and out of my palms and into the sacred heart of the person I am healing.  I tell the person that they are “Christed.”  After this, I see golden energies flowing all around the person.  They are smothered in gold.  I see the person changing.

They become younger, filled with life, with love, with happiness, with joy, with peace.  I tis an amazing sight seeing them transformed.  I see their heart opening up.  I cry so much.  I see them usually wearing a beautiful golden gown down to their ankles if they are a female and a beautiful robe like outfit if they are a male.

I will usually place a green flower wreath on the head of the person I am healing if they are female.  Once all this is done, we collectively head into their heart of the person being healed for the etheric ascension ceremony.

This will be the last past of the post as it finishes the energy healing.  And I know you do not want to miss this last posting.  I will do my best to describe what I see, but it is simply indescribable into words.

Andrew – Love

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Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. Beloved Andy,
    This is just so beautiful !

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this last sacred aspect of the healing. We are ALL very blessed to be reconnected with you for this as we are fully ready to receive it all and do this with YOU for ourselves and with our precious beloved soul families. Even if we dont see and feel the details as fully as you do while experiencing this incredible healing, it is happening for us in such a profound way on the higher levels of our being and we are being completely transformed by this time in the cosmos with these Master Beings and in our hearts.

    Personally, I know and see now how I had been preparing for this daily for MANY yrs in this lifetime and on the soul level even LONGER with ALL that I have done in all timelines and dimensions and now here on earth as well. I cant tell you how wonderful it is to feel the unfoldment and blossoming this daily now in my heart and soul. I am eternally grateful and moved by the deeply loving reconnection on the soul level with you that has been revealed through this experience we have had together. I only wish could have seen each aspect as you so clearly with my third eye and so much desire to do a ceremony LIVE with you somehow..someday..with our mutual Master Guides. So, I have set my Intentions for this and I will imagine it ALL and take myself thru it again with savor every aspect of it and thsi communion with you.

    Also,I feel a special healing crystal has been placed in my heart and it is somehow connected to the one I used to wear over my third eye in either Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis…or all of them. This also connects me with you somehow and in this way our eternal divine love can be magnified thru all that both do individually from here forward with any healing for others and for humanity and Gaia/Mother Earth.

    All our love and deep gratitude,, Suzanne and the Master Kitties Ebony and Honey Bear


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