Are You Feeling These Energies??

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Love – Andrew

PS.  Please note that I will add healing slots for September at the end of March if you are interested in an energy healing from me.  I do not want to book out past 6 months and right now I am booked out six months.  Please check back in early April for more healing slots.  ALL ONE HOUR ENERGY HEALINGS ARE FREE!!

PLEASE  add your name to the love bomb meditation list.  You can do this by leaving your name and where you are from in a comment below.  Click HERE to read about the love bomb meditation and to view the list of participants.

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Debating whether to receive a healing, click HERE to read healing testimonials to see what others have experienced with an energy healing to see if a healing is right for you…

Sending all of you love and many blessings…


  1. dear Andy,

     it,s my healing time approch  on next monday( 4/7/2014) the time zone diffirent is (5pm in your zone &and here in belgium ,bruxelles will it be ( 2HOO NIGHT) 8 Avril 2014, i hope you know that and i,m wating u advices many blessing

    sakher mostafa



  2. This is a joy to listen to and watch you my dear !!! I feel the need to sleep during the day (lol) but I do not sleep. Luckily, I sleep very well during the night ! Thank you Andy for sharing these news. xo


  3. I loved this video!! Happy, happy you!!! I most certainly have been feeling these energies…words cant describe them! Huge love and hugs to you lovely Andy…so great to be on the journey with you! xxx


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