My Higher Self: What You Need to do to Ascend

As the new Earth is manifesting itself, subconsciously humanity is happy now, regardless of what it perceives on the outside. This perception is nothing, it is only but a shadow that will shortly pass.

You are literally in the new world. There will not be any break off of two worlds, where the souls that need more lessons go to one world and learn those lessons and the ones that are ready go to the new world. No.

That is separation and not Oneness. This will not happen. The lessons have already been learned.  Every soul that is on this planet right now has earned the right to be here and has earned the right to ascend. And every soul will ascend into the Father’s heart. Nobody gets left behind.

Every soul has lived hundreds, if not thousands of lives of preparation work, of work within themselves, to get to this point to where they are in now. Subconsciously they know what their purpose is, and they only have one purpose here and that is to ascend. It is not to be millionaires or to own houses, or to have a good job, etc. No.

The bottom line is that you all came here to ascend. This is your hardest life, and this is your last life of incarnation in three dimensional living as it is where you become light when you ascend. And you all know this. But before you get there, you have to open up the only portal that matters to your ascension, and this is your heart portal within yourself.

A closed heart means a closed portal and a closed portal means no ascension. Once this portal is open, and only when this is fully open, will you ascend and become light. Only then can you go into the Father’s heart. Only then can you go into the light.

But only when you are cleansed, when you are clean, when all this stuff is gone and that dirty water that you carry is cleansed and you no longer have the negativity, the hurt, the anger, the pain, the suffering, the greed, the need, and all this judgment and criticism.

All of it has to go. All that is not of the light must leave. You are the ones that have to do this work. You are the ones that have to forgive yourself, forgive others, and make things right with family, with friends, with associates, with whomever you have harmed. You have to make peace.

All the people in your life that have harmed you or you harmed in any way, you have to make full circle and come back and say, “you know what, I did this to you 10 years ago, I called you this name, I stole from you – whatever that was – and I’m sorry for it, please forgive me.”

This is all that has to happen, but it has to happen from the heart. This is all you need to do. And truly mean it! That is the release. No amount of energies, whether from a solstice, from a blood, full or new moon, from a comet, or from solar flares will do this for you.

These energies from these sources help you by pushing you allowing you to better understand what you need to do, just like good energy healings do. These energies will not do the work for you.  They will flush to the surface for you things that you have hidden under the doormat for lifetimes and now you need to deal with these things.

That is what these energies are doing.  So please do not fight the energies, flow with the energies.  These energies will continue and become stronger and will cause humanity to awaken.

But, you can do these things, and you will, because people will be awakening soon, and when humanity awakens, they will know what is waiting for them, they will see the new world, they will see the illumination of others, they will see the gifts that they all have that they can access once they do this work and they will run to do this work and they will want to do it from the heart.

Awakening means remembering who you are and the truth of who you are – A DIVINE BEING OF GOD!!

Every one of you has the Divinity within yourself and the three fold flame in your own heart. Every one of you is a child of God, you are no different from each other in that sense.

Just because someone did something that you perceive as bad, know that they are just playing a role as you cannot know the light and appreciate it unless you know what is not the light and the dark is the absence of the light.

And the souls playing the dark roles are now coming back to the light, not to another planet to learn more lessons. No.

Honor them, welcome them back to your arms with your open heart pouring them love. Thank the beings that did this as this is for your own growth spiritually into love, into this new world, this new higher dimension. We are all coming together as we are all one family, one consciousness, one love.

Know who you truly are. Know what truth is and what truth is not. Know what you need to do within yourselves. You have to do this work individually as nobody else will do this for you. There is no savior.

Your own God Presence within knows what to do.   Connect with this Divine Presence my meditation work and search within and not outside of yourself through others.  Truly discern what you read and watch.  You know what the truth is.

And this is part of your own individual growth. No two people are the same and no two people have the same experiences in their own lives. That is the beauty of creation. You create what you want as you have free will. Everyone has a different creation.

So everyone has a different experience, so when you have that different experience, you have different lessons that only you can learn individually from the people that are with you that are helping you grow and develop that creation that you are creating and manifesting on the outside.

So you have to deal with whatever karmic issues you have created based on that creation. Nobody else will do this for you. When you get this and understand this, and when you make a full circle of this karmic wheel and balance it, that is when the release comes. And it is such an easy thing to do!

There is Divine karmic dispensation, but only to a point. The work still needs to be done by you to open up your hearts where the ascension portal can be opened. Release the past and forgive and let go. Hug the people that you have hurt, hug the people that have hurt you. Thank them for allowing you to have these lessons so that you can grow more into love.  Love is everything.

The lessons are learned and accepted when the drama ends in your life. Is there drama in your life? If so, you have more lessons to process. Throw the negative separation based emotions, the feelings and the thoughts away and take the lesson that was there to help your growth so that you can become a better person of the heart so the flame can grow stronger within you.

This is what has to happen. This will happen. Subconsciously, everyone knows this will happen and you are all here and you are all excited, by your own free will.

Every step you take to God, God takes two towards you. People are tired of the three dimensional living, they are tired of the pain, this suffering, this hurt, losing jobs, dealing with ego personalities, all the stuff that is out there in this 3d world. People are tired of it and are ready for something better.  But this is your creation.

They have done the transcendent work for thousands of lifetimes for some people and they are ready for a new reality, a new better stronger growth of love. They are ready to connect to the Divine Presence within their being.  They are ready for the truth as to who they are.

It is going to happen and it is happening now. The new world is here NOW!  You cannot have someone else remove the karma from you that you consciously through your own free will created.

If you hurt someone, there is a consequence to you for hurting someone else and you have to deal with that consequence. That cause you created has a future effect and must be balanced in that lifetime or a future lifetime. There is no get out of jail free card or where Jesus will come in and be the savior of your sins.

Jesus did not come here 2,000+ years ago to die for your sins. This would remove all karma from you.

That would make you think “Oh good, I can kill that person and I won’t go to hell because Jesus is going to save me.” No, it does not work that way. We are all the same, we are all children of God, we all bleed red and we all put our underwear on one leg at a time and we all have to deal with the Universal law of karma.

So, we all do this together. And we ascend together as a collective. And when you see this new world, when you see what is waiting for you, the beauty, the love, when you see that you no longer have to work, that money is irrelevant, when you see you can manifest instantly based on your intentions and thoughts and create and do what makes your hearts sing without any negativity whatsoever, you will run to clear your karma.

You will hug every person in the street and you will say you are sorry and that is when the beauty will begin and that is when the celebration will begin because then and only then will this dark shadow be wiped off this world permanently so the light and love can shine and flow in the new. This will happen. We are there!

You each have a different personality, a different experience, and everyone creates something different. That is the beauty of being part of the Divine, of having the Divinity within you. You create based on what you want from love. And there is no limit to what you can manifest if it is done from the heart for the highest good of all that is involved and of yourself.

This is the way it was always meant to be – and always will be – to grow creation from the heart, to have different experiences, to invent things, to share, to create, to love, to flourish. That is the beauty of creation. And this is what you are involved in. Everything around you is that. But it is taken down the wrong road in the past because of the emotions, because of the senses that we want to perceive by.

The outer self is what allows us to create from the inner self and so we have abused this by being selfish, by creating from our senses and our own desires and pleasures. By being selfish by what we want as opposed to what is best for all of creation. This is when you have the disconnect and the separation from your own Godself within, from your own Divinity.

And hence, you get what you get and you created what you created, disease, discord, and all else that makes you miserable.  And this is the mess we are in now and the shadow gets to be blown off. So know that you are there, know that you need to stay in love and remove your past karma.

You are now creating new causes that have only love effects of any future karmic dispensations. Just remove the old effects from your past karma that you willingly caused. You do this by forgiveness and love.  All is love!

Love – Andrew

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  1. I love you so much! To say this to a man I have never met personally, is probably unusual to most. However, I’m so grateful for your beautiful soul. I stumbled upon you at chance, God willing. Everything you say resinates with me Thank you..
    Stumbled upon Jai-Jagdeesh today. Im assuming you know of her amazing voice, The Kundilini’s voice of an angel.
    while reading your post. I was listening to her sing, I am the light of love. great song. Sending many blessings and so much love..:)


  2. thank you so much for this post!
    This is amazing, I was crying while reading it, it just made it all so clear now.
    May we all have the power to forgive and open up!
    Lots of love and blessings ❤


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