Additional Healings – Please Send Your Love Intentions

Hello everyone.  A month or so ago, I did a month of energy healing work on the collective. For thirty days, I focused on a different group of souls, like government officials, the military, police, corporation management, etc…

You can see that post and who was healed by clicking HERE.

I have been prompted by my I AM Presence to do additional energy healings, but this time it will not be on people or animals, but what they create that is not a creation of perfection and love.

What we create based on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions do became actual beings that linger around our aura and the atmosphere causing a cloud around our Light.

I am asking for your help.  You can send your support and help by sending loving healing intentions to these healings.

Each day, I will be healing and removing something that is created that is discord and not a creation of love and perfection.  For example, one day, I will work on hate, another day fear, another day doubt, etc…

We are all Mighty God Creators and we are all Children of God and we have free will. Thus, we can create based on our desires, good and bad.

All creations need to come from love desires, from the heart, and not the outer sense consciousness based on selfishness that causes you disaster and failure in your life.

Whatever you think and feel you bring into form and where your thought is, there you are for you are your consciousness and whatever you meditate upon, you become.

Most of humanity has created all of this discord all around itself as it has lost the connection to its God-Self, our Mighty Beloved I AM Presence.

It is time to reconnect with our Divinity and know the Truth of our Being, that we are perfection and so loved and have never been separated from God.  God never punishes and judges.

We create everything from our discordant thoughts, emotions, and feelings and then when things are not going well for us, blame others and even God when our prayers are not answered.

We have created all of these things which are discord and not perfection. This is separation and not Oneness and certainly not love.

These discordant beings now need to be removed from our consciousness and from the atmosphere and these healings will do this.

Once removed, we can better create from the heart, and no longer create based on selfishness based on the outer senses which causes imperfection and pain and suffering in every way in your life.

Also, once removed, we can connect better with our I AM Presence, allowing more awakening to take place among humanity, as we head into the New Golden Age that is currently being birthed.

Whenever you allow your mind to dwell upon thoughts of hate, condemnation, lust, envy, jealousy, criticism, fear, doubt, suspicion or so many other feelings, and allow these feelings of irritation to generate within you, you will certainly have discord, failure and disaster in your mind, body, and world.

Why? Because you are creating this in your outer consciousness. You always bring into form your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

And as long as you persist in allowing your attention to be held by such thoughts, whether they be about nations, persons, places, conditions or things, you are absorbing those activities into the substance of your mind, your body, and your affairs.

In fact, you are compelling, and forcing them and this unneeded drama into your experience. Only love exists and only desires created from love manifest that are truly real as these come from your Beloved God-Self, your Beloved I AM Presence.

No healing can be effective for you unless you control your thoughts, emotions and feelings. You must have harmony in your feeling body.

All ailments in life comes from having discordant thoughts, feelings, and emotions projected to the outer consciousness which then linger and stop the flow of your God Energy in your etheric body causing the physical body to break down.

If you do not have this harmony in your feeling body and manage your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, you will create what you feel and this will manifest for you in the outer consciousness.

If you feel you are unworthy and that you do not love yourself, then you will have people that will treat you in a bad way and take advantage of you.

You are the ONLY one that can heal yourself. Healing begins with understanding the truth of your own being, that you have your God-Self within you, your Mighty and Beloved I AM Presence.  Make this connection with your I AM Presence.

Your Presence is the owner, the giver, and the doer of all good things in your life and is the life stream that flows in your body, the CHRIST!!

Then your feelings must be softened. You must have harmony in your feeling body and remove consciously all the discord from your aura.

This set of healings will help remove this discord and make it easier for the collective to better carry this burden that needs to be released. These healings will help you to create from love, and from the heart.

The following is a list of the beings that I will be focusing on. I say beings, because they are beings.

All of your discord and discordant thoughts, emotions, and feelings are created by you in the ethers as beings that exist that cling to you and create a darkness around your aura, and around your Light of God.

Collectively, they are present in the atmosphere that affect all of humanity preventing you from creating from the heart through love.

This is why so many are feeling what they are feeling. So many are sad, depressed, angry, and fearful. Emotions and feelings are coming to the surface and they are not controlled by humanity.  People blow up at each other or they go inside and become depressed.

Please only focus on yourself. Do not let the outer world affect your inner peace and harmony.  Connect with your Mighty Beloved I AM Presence.  I promise you that it is there waiting to connect with you.

Do not worry and get involved in the drama of government, the War in Israel, the people and animals suffering in the world, and so many other things that are happening.

Do not bring these into your consciousness. Do not read these stories. Just send love and compassion to all involved and know that all is Divinely perfect at all times.  It truly is.

You can do so much more good to the collective consciousness by being centered and having your harmony in check than projecting fear, or anger, or other emotions and thoughts at outer world situations. This just feeds these emotions energetically.

Stay happy and laugh and smile as much as you can as this will always keep harmony in your feeling body.

I will be posting an individual posting on my Facebook wall page each day of these healings describing in detail the healing for that day.  You can click the like page in the right column to receive these Facebook postings.

In any event, here is the list and the date of what specific discord being will be healed (actually removed).

August 18, 2014 – Hate

August 19, 2014 – Religious Condemnation and Persecution

August 20, 2014 – Lust and Sexual Temptation and Arousal

August 21, 2014 – Envy

August 22, 2014 – Jealousy

August 23, 2014 – Criticism and Judgment

August 24, 2014 – Fear and Being Scared and Afraid

August 25, 2014 – Greed

August 26, 2014 – Racism

August 27, 2014 – Addictions (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex)

August 28, 2014 – Physical Hurt / Pain / Discomfort

August 29, 2014 – Grief and Loss

August 30, 2014 – Revenge

August 31, 2014 – Shame, Sorry, and Self-Pity

September 1, 2014 – Blame of Self and Others

September 2, 2014 – Anger and Rage

September 3, 2014 – Guilt

September 4, 2014 – Lack of Self Love

September 5, 2014 – Power and Control

September 6, 2014 – Selfishness

September 7, 2014 – Hopelessness, Sadness, Depression, Desperation, and Despair

September 8, 2014 – Feelings of Aloneness

September 9, 2014 – Poverty Consciousness and Worry

September 10, 2014 – Resentment of Self and Others

September 11, 2014 – A Global Healing of Mother Earth, the Four Nature Elements, and all Beings on Mother Earth.

Sending all of you my love, and warm blessings…

Andrew – Love

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