Saint Germain: How To Manifest Your Desires

This is a channeling video of beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain about manifesting your desires.  He gives you steps on how to get what you want in your life.  It does work.  Scroll down to view the video.

I tried this and it did work for me.  I had a check engine light in my car for two weeks and did these exercises in the videos and in a few days, the check engine light came off.

I had a state corporation tax bill that was due for about $800 and then a few days later received about $900 from a settlement from a lender on a Home Equity Line that I had on a former rental home.  This paid the tax bill.

YOU Are a creator of the Divine Energy flowing in you from your I AM Presence.  Create and do not rely on others for your successes and riches.!!!

This can work in anything in your life.  It can work on physical health, abundance consciousness, relationships, work.  It does work.  You must do the work and manifest and decree what you want.  Connect with your I AM Presence and be the Divinity that you are!!

Andrew – Love

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