The I AM Chart and Its Meaning




Click on the chart to view it bigger to read it better.

The Chart of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Open Door through which you can see God face to face, because the Chart represents the form of your own Individualized Presence of God.

I can personally vouch for this as I have seen my I AM Presence many times.

You can see your I AM Presence as well.

All of what is in these IAM teachings is TRUTH!!

Try to feel that just as the Wave of Light pouring out through the Heart of the Electronic Body (the Upper Figure in the Chart) travels on and on in Cosmic Blessing to the whole Universe through Its every Heartbeat, just so should every wave of energy from your physical Heart carry only the Blessing of Light, Harmony, Joy, and Perfection into all physical activities of this world.

In that way, every time you look at the Chart, It helps you to remember what you owe to this physical world for what you use of its substance and energy, and why it is so absolutely necessary to maintain uninterrupted Harmony in all you do each day, especially in all you feel each day, until all the “Mighty I AM Presence” wants you to do and have floods forth through you in full accomplishment.

Then Its Divine Plan of Perfection stands forth revealed in physical fulfillment.

It is only when you do this in all your activities that your Happiness becomes permanent, and you enter into the Eternal Perfection which is your Birthright.

The “Electronic Body” and the Higher Mental Body of your Life Stream, is constantly pouring forth Radiation to all in this world—of Its Greater Perfection of Life, Its Purity, Its Love, Its Peace, Its Blessing of everything that is constructive.

If you understood how much your “Beloved I AM Presence,” through the “Electronic Body” and the Higher Mental Body, is constantly pouring Light and Love and Perfection into this world, you would understand how quickly you could cooperate with It.

The moment you make the Call to your “Presence,” feel and see the Light Ray come down from the Heart of the “Presence,” or the Heart of the Higher Mental Body, down into the physical body, into the brain structure, and then spread Its Radiance through your own Heart Flame, and through the Flames of the Seven Mighty Elohim in your forehead, and spread that Radiance into the physical body as Strength and Energy and Purity and Illumination.

But if you shut It out, or won’t keep the attention on that which is constructive, the outer self simply closes the door to the receiving of the Gift that is constantly flowing.

There is no instant, waking or sleeping, that your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Body is not pouring into the outer self Its Energy, Its Life, Its Light, Its Purity, Its Love, Its Blessing, Its Perfection.

There is not an instant that that isn’t flowing down from the Heart Flame of your “Mighty I AM Presence,” the “Electronic Body,” through the Higher Mental Body into the outer self.

But if you won’t keep the attention there, you shut out the Light and the Flow of the Perfection.


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