I AM Presence: How Prepared and Awakened are you to Ascend?

Are You Ready to Ascend…

This post discusses what is needed for your ascension.

The information is directly from my I AM Presence and the collective Ascended Master Consciousness.

I do hope that it resonates with your consciousness and awareness as Truth.

Feel free to discern what is written here as you have free will to choose based on your own awareness and consciousness awakening level.

With that in mind, my I AM Presence speaks:

Greetings to all beloved hearts from the Great Host of Light.

I AM greeting your perfection with my perfection.

I AM seeing you as the Light, the Perfection, and the Love that I AM, that you are.

Your I AM Presence, your marvelous GOD Self, is with you now as you read these words.

Your I AM Presence is radiating so much Light into your physical body as you read these words.

That Light is the Christ Light that is your individualization of the Godhead in you, your I AM Presence, the Creator of YOU!

Feel now the glory and perfection of your Being, the perfection of YOU!!

The Law of the Circle is a Cosmic Law that commands and demands constant change as life is ever flowing and must be created through thought, emotions, and feeling.

The Cosmic Law of the Circle works in conjunction with the Cosmic Law of your Being and the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.

The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect is more commonly known by most of humanity as Karmic Law.

As the Law of the Circle moves, it eventually comes back to full circle and a flood of Light is then released allowing for change and an upliftment to occur in the Universe and all life within it.

You see it as different dimensions and shifts.

You are at the end of this cycle and a Law of the Circle has made full circle.

With this completion comes a flood of Light that will shower this system of planets that Earth resides in and all life within it.

I say will shower, but it is already doing it and has been doing it for a while now as you are in a transition period, given that you are in the process of your individual ascension.

This radiance comes from the Great Great Central Sun and High Beings of Light, the Elohim, and Cosmic Masters and Beings of GOD.

As this happens, a new permanent Golden Age will reign upon earth.

You have had other Golden Ages in your past history upon Earth.

Atlantis was an example of One Golden Age.

With past Golden Ages, there have been misapplications and miscreations by humanity of GOD’s pure and perfect energy.

This occurs as humanity has free will and humanity had consciously chosen to create from selfishness and from the outer senses and thus discord and failure resulted.

You then compelled yourself and were reincarnated again and again to attempt to correct your misuse and misapplication of the God Light and energy within you.

Please understand that you are all creators and you must create and qualify the flow of energy that is constantly flowing into your body.

Proper creation from the heart with love is Mastery of the outer self and will get you your freedom, your ascension!

You create by your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What you think and feel, you bring into form and substance.

This is how you qualify your energy.

You are here on Earth to master the human outer self.

When you master the human outer self, you properly qualify your GOD energy and you will ascend as your heart will be opened and it will be filled with love.

You all came here at this time to master your outer self and be One with the Inner self, your Glorious I AM Presence.

When you do this consciously, you will ascend.

That is the goal, and that is why you are here in human form.

You are here for one reason, and one reason only, and that reason is to ascend.

You must ascend consciously while you are alive, or right at human death when your desire for the Light within you is very great.

You can at that time receive the assistance you need for your ascension from the Ascended Masters.

This is how Jesus ascended at His physical death.

This is why His physical body was no longer visible after His Death as His Physical body merged and was absorbed with the Electronic Body of His I AM Presence.

People viewed this as a miracle, but it was the Law of His Being and it is the Law of Your Being.

It really is no miracle at all, but perfection of the Light.

The reason that you must ascend while you are physically alive (or right after physical death) is that the silver cord is cut at human death and no more Light enters the physical body at that time.

People experience physical death as the Light within them is small and they need rest to recharge and try again with another reincarnation to balance out the energies of their miscreations and causes created.

You ascend when the physical body can no longer hold the Light within your physical cells and the atomic structure of the physical body is elevated energetically to the point that your physical cells merge and literally get absorbed into the mental body and then into the electronic body and you are ONE with your I AM Presence.

That is what you must do consciously while alive (or right at physical death if your desire of the Light is strong) if you want to ascend.

That work is individual work and it is a gradual process that you must do.

There is no race and no timeline to get there.

So given this realization and the Light that is now flooding Earth and your being at this time, how do you get there?

The first step to ascension is your grand awakening.

Most of you reading this may feel that you are awakened.

I would say that you are pre-awakened.

Awakening does not happen until you understand and accept that all perfection in your life comes from your I AM Presence.

And your I AM Presence is literally right above you radiating love and Light to you constantly.

You must acknowledge your I AM Presence as the owner, giver, and doer of all perfection in your life.

This all comes from the inside of you.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

You must realize that all that you desire comes from your I AM presence, your individualized God Self.

Imagine One consciousness, one body of clear water.

This body of water is perfect and clear and is not dirty in any way.

Imagine this water as God as you know God.

Now imagine a cup being filled with this water.

The contents of that water in the cup are YOU!!

Now imagine yourself on Earth playing the earth games of cause and effect and creating things that are not from the heart and not of love.

What happens to this cup of water?

It is dirtied, it is no longer clear.

Now imagine that it is time for you to come back to this great body of water.

What will happen to the entire body of water when you pour your dirty cup of water into the whole body of water?

The entire body of water will get a little bit dirtier, will it not?

Of course it will.

Now imagine all the souls of earth that have their cups of water also dirtied.

What will happen when you pour these cups back into the big body of water?

The big body of water is much dirtier.

The point is that you MUST clean your cup of water before you get poured back into the entire body of water as ONLY the LIGHT reaches the LIGHT!!

The Law of your Being will not allow your dirty water to contaminate the clean water.

You are at the awakening stage where you are realizing this.

You must acknowledge and accept your I AM Presence as perfection and as you, the clean water that you are.

To do this, you must go within.

You must connect with your I AM Presence.

This is inner work, not outer work.

So many of you are searching for the truth.

You read different channeling messages and watch videos and all that is going around the world.

You wait for disclosure, for Nesara, for UFO landings, for the next Equinox Energies, for the full moon, new moon, and blood moon energies, for the next portal and gateway openings, for the next astrology alignments, you waited for December 12, 2012, then December 21, 2012, you wait for the next solar flare, you play with numbers, you watch ISIS and debate whether it is a spaceship or comet.

You debate whether President Obama is a Light worker or of the Illuminati.

You debate about the Illuminati, the reptilians, and so much more.

You obtain readings and pay money to know whether you were this person or that person and who is your twin flame.

All of this is the outer and is not needed.

None of this is from the Light and none of this will help you with your ascension efforts.

This is why I say you are pre-awakened.

You are so close to being awakened.

Again, when you realize that there is ONLY one truth, and that is your I AM Presence as the owner, and doer, and giver, of all life and perfection, you have started the wheel of your ascension as you are now awakened.

And once you become awakened, this is really your first step to your ascension.

Once you have accepted your I AM Presence as the GOD in you, you are awakened.

You now can start to clean that water.

You do this with invoking the Law of Forgiveness and calling on the violet flame to transmute the dirt in your water.

You must maintain a constant firm connection with your I AM Presence at all times, regardless of what you are experiencing in the outer.

People may yell at you, start arguments and fights, tell you that you are wrong, crazy, and call you names.

They may laugh at you.

They may criticize and judge you, shame you, condemn you, hurt your feelings and make you cry.

You may lose friends, you may feel alone.

You may lay in your bed and cry.

You may lose your job or not want to work or not want to pay your bills or do anything so called “3D” work.

You may feel that God is punishing you as you do not know what is going on and maybe even feel suicidal.

Humanity may call these ascension symptoms.

Why does all this happen?

Because you are now awakened and you KNOW that all of these things are an illusion and they are miscreations of the outer and not of the LIGHT!!!

You are yearning for home!!

You are tired of this place that seems and feels so cold and distant as it is not love…and you are realizing that this is the case.

God never ever intended any of his children to have anything that is not perfection.

You should not want or need anything.

What you are feeling and experiencing as you awaken is your true Divinity.

You are awakening to your GOD self.

You are breaking though the outer consciously.

You are realizing that all around you is an illusion.

You are seeing things that are not love and you are discounting and removing them from your essence and presence.

This is the cleansing of your water.

It is work.

You have been here lifetime after lifetime stuck in the age old habits and it takes work to break these habits.

That is the cleansing of your water.

But the rewards cannot be described in words.

It is worth it.

What would you do to be immortal?

What would you do to have anything that you desire appear and manifest for you just by thinking about it?

What would you do to not have to be reborn over and over?

What would you do to live in a world where there is no poverty, no pain, no hurt, no anger, and no crime?

What would you do to live in a place where only love prevails?

Is it not worth it?

That is what the New Golden Age that will be permanent is bringing to you.

Believe it!!

And the best part of this is that YOU are going to live in it and you will ascend.

Everyone here on earth and all beings that have passed away and are stuck in the astral / psychic world will also ascend.

It is the Law of your Being as the Light now shines more than ever upon earth compelling you to come home to the Father’s heart.

He is there waiting for you with open arms.

Every step you take towards Him, He takes two towards you…so STOP WALKING, SMILE, AND RUN INTO HIS ARMS. RUN RUN RUN as your Forest Gump ran and do not look back!!

You no longer need to be lost searching the outer for the truth through paid readings, videos, etc…the Truth is within you.

Truly, when you understand this, from the heart, you will connect from the inside with your I AM Presence and the flow of energy will be like a tidal wave awakening you to your own Divinity.

Let me ask you: How would you act and what would you say if GOD appeared in front of you in all His glory and you knew it was God?

Would you be humbled in His Glory?

Would you cry?

Would you want to hug Him?

Would you ask Him to forgive you for all the things that you may have done that were not proper?

Would you be grateful?

Would your heart not be filled with so much love and compassion?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, then why not treat everyone around you as GOD?

That is what everyone is!!

Each has their own cup of water just like you.

You would not argue with God, you would not get mad at God, you would not yell at God, you would not blame God, you would not shun God.

So please do not do this to any other soul, regardless of how they treat you.

If you are treated badly, know that this is just the outer energy being projected at you, and not the Divinity within the person that you know as Bob or Jane.

Love them as GOD, they are the individualizations of GOD.

It is only when you get to this point of awareness and understanding that you are truly awakened!

When you have this awareness, your consciousness has been raised higher and there is NOTHING that can touch you.

No words can hurt you.

No pain can reach you.

You are ONE with the Presence, the I AM Presence of You, the Perfection that you are, the Perfection that I AM, the GOD Within!

As you come to this realization, you can now start the cleansing of your water process which is the next step.

Now that you are awakened, you must clean your individualized water glass as the call has been made for all water to be returned to the Father’s heart.

So how do you clean the water?

First, invoke the Law of Forgiveness.

Second, invoke the violet flame.

And Third, place an indestructible tube of white Light around you through your I AM Presence for protection and constantly stay connected to your Presence.

So the first step is the invocation of the Law of Forgiveness.

You do this by intention.

You can say “I AM now invoking the Law of Forgiveness to come forth and remove permanently from my aura and record all the mistakes I have make in this lifetime and all past lifetimes. I AM asking for forgiveness for these mistakes and for all the pain and suffering that I have caused to all beings of life through the misuse and misapplication of the GOD energy within me. I AM now removing all effects of all past causes that I have miscreated in all past lives. I AM Now at every moment a being of cause only, and that cause is only LOVE. I AM now sending out Love from my heart to give a balance back for the miscreations and misapplications of God’s energy that I am responsible for.”

Say this often or something similar.

Say it daily when you wake up.

Say it before bedtime.

However, when you say this, you must feel it and you must mean it from the heart.

Have the intention of forgiveness in your heart.

If you have hurt anyone with your words or deeds, ask for forgiveness from that person.

It would be better to do it in person, if possible, but it is not needed.

Do not worry if that person does not forgive you.

That is on them and their awareness. What matters is that you are asking for forgiveness from the heart and really mean it.

You are understanding from the heart that you may have done or said something that has hurt that person, regardless of whether you feel it was justified.

When you do this, you are cleansing your water.

Now call in the violet flame.

You can say “I AM now calling forth the violet flame to transmute all discord around and within me that I have collected from this lifetime and all past lifetimes as habits. I AM no longer controlled by my outer self and I AM commanding that the violet flame remove permanently all discord in my aura. I AM constantly bathed in the violet flame and the violet flame is constantly transmuting anything that is not of the Light.”

Finally, call upon your I AM Presence to place you in a protective pillar of white Light.

Say “I AM now calling forth my I AM Presence. Come forth now my I AM Presence and be One with me. Place a pillar of white Light that is Impenetrable to any discord generated about me from other projected energies. Bathe me in the Light that I AM constantly feeling God’s love, perfection, and harmony within me.”

When you do these things, you will hold more Light within you and your atomic structure of the physical body as well as your mind and heart will be raised.

As this continues and you keep applying this, your energy vibration will be raised.

You will transmute all discord from the past and you will be a being of cause only, that cause being LOVE!!

You will see perfection in all beings, in all things, in all life, regardless of the outer projections.

As this happens, you will see that all discord leaves you, you will no longer feel any discord around you and nobody can touch you with their words and deeds.

As you continue down this path, or should I say up this path, your physical body will no longer be able to hold the Light in and within you and then your physical body will merge and be absorbed into your Mental Body and then merge with your Electronic Body and you will be One with your I AM Presence.

Then you will have ascended.

It is a glorious thing that cannot be described as it is a feeling like no other.

To go back to the Father’s heart!!

This is what happened with Jesus and all Ascended Masters and this is what will happen to all beings on Earth.

The Law of Your Being compels this.

It is the glorious accomplishment of centuries and hundreds of lifetimes of work to conquer the outer self.

You are on this path as a pre awakened soul, or an awakened soul if you are truly connected with your I AM Presence.

This truth will come forth in the upcoming times as people are awakening.

It is a glorious individualized journey and so unique to each soul.

But you must do the work.

You must invoke the Law of Forgiveness.

You must invoke the Violet Flame and transmute the discord.

You must invoke the Pillar of White Light of Protection from your I AM Presence.

Do not blame anyone for your misfortunes.

If you feel anything within your being that is not harmony, then it is your outer self wanting attention.

This should be a red flag for you telling you to get busy on yourself and clean more of your water.

And you must continue to clean your water as only the Light reaches the Light.

The Light is who you are.

Come home and come back to the Father’s heart!


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