Sorry – All Energy Healing Slots for January 2015 Filled

Please Be Patient…

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you that all the January 2015 energy healing slots have been filled since I opened up the slots for January yesterday.

I did not expect this demand at all, with all healing slots filled within a day, but I am very grateful.

This is so wonderful to see as more of humanity is awakening to their Divinity and wanting to connect with their I AM Presence and ascend.

I will open up more energy healing slots for February 2015 during the last week in January.

I will not schedule out past one month as I do not want to make any commitments past one month.

I will also not do more than one energy healing per day as they take time and require a great deal of energy connection on my part and sometimes follow up with the person that received the energy healing.

Thus, if you missed out in signing up for a healing spot in January, please check back on my website during the last week in January.

Please do not be upset or disappointed.  All is Divinely Timed and Perfect and your energy healing will take place when it is supposed to take place at the perfect NOW moment.

To avoid missing out for February, I would recommend following my posts and signing up to follow my posts.

You can enter your email on the right side of my home page under “Sign Me Up.”

Then you will get a notification by e-mail when I have a new post.

I will send out a new post during the last week in January letting everyone that is a follower know that I added new slots for February and then you can quickly go to the site and pick an open slot.

I would also recommend that you keep checking my site daily as sometimes there are cancellations or rescheduling of times.

This allows open slots to come up that you can then take.

I will also make another MP3 energy healing media file and post it soon.  This will be a meditation that you can do daily and it is exactly how I do my healings.

It will help prepare you energetically for your energy healing.

I will ask all beings of Light to radiate their radiance, presence, and energy into the meditation so that you can benefit as you wait for the live healing with me when you are scheduled…

Thank you for your understanding.

Sending all of you my love and warm blessings


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