Divine Timing

Please Be Patient.  All In Divine Timing…

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you all for your patience with respect to my response time to your energy healing requests.  I really get so many weekly e-mails, Skype massages, Facebook private message and comments on my website asking for healing requests.

I am returning all messages as fast as I can.

So many of you are in pain, suicidal, and feel lost not knowing what is happening around and within you as so called “ascension symptoms” reach your feeling body.

I love all of you all so much.

Know that you are loved and guided always by your I AM Presence and all is always Divinely Perfect at all times, even if the outer shows you something different.

Mastery of the feelings, thoughts, and emotions is key as what you feel and think, you bring into form and substance in the outer!!

Stay in harmony always!

Please note that a connection to your I AM Presence is needed more than ever now as we are heading into the New Golden Age and release of all that is not the Light must occur within you as only the Light reaches the Light.

This is what you are now doing, you are breaking old habits that the outer self has enslaved you with for hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes.

It is not easy to break old habits, but the influx of Light that is coming to Earth now, and will intensify in every new NOW moment, is showing us our shadows in the Light and these shadows do not like to be seen.

The connection with your I AM Presence is made by your conscious intention to connect.

You are seeing this release more and more collectively now with what is happening around the world.

I would say it will continue and intensify, as collectively all is coming to the surface for removal within the Light, as humanity is starting to awaken more, and the outer self will fight to not remove it.

The outer self is like a beast in the jungle that is hungry and will devour anything and everything, including you, to eat…but only if YOU let it!!

Do not feed this beast with your misqualified GOD energy that flows through you every second.

Qualify this energy with love and not discord that affects your feeling body.

The call has been made to return to the Father’s heart and we are in a transition period where we are returning to the Light, our true home.

Please DO NOT ENGAGE in this outer collective drama – Doing so means you are feeding the Beast – the outer self – Do not allow it to affect your feeling body…it is all the outer stuff and IT HAS NO POWER!!

Do not worry about Obama, France, terrorism, Nesara, disclosure, illuminati, reptilians, alien and spaceship landing, portals opening up, solar flares, etc…All of it is the outer and has no power!!!

Not your circus, not your monkeys!!

Work on you!!

You cannot ascend without removing and releasing all of YOUR personal discord as your heart portal will not be fully opened until YOU are holding only the Light and Love in your heart.

Your heart portal is the ONLY portal that matters.

If your heart is not open flowing love to all beings of Life, you are not seeing Divinity in everyone around you, and this is not Oneness but separation.

Can you see God in the person that has hurt you the most and truly from the heart forgive them?

Can you be a being of cause only, that cause being only love, flowing love to all of God’s children?

Can you remove your pain, shame, grief, guilt, self pity, etc… and face it and tell it to be on its way?

This is what is needed to release all that is not the Light and open up your heart.

Work on keeping harmony in your feeling body.

Work on you!!

Again, please do not look to the outer for other portals, equinox portals, new moon portals, full moon portals, blood moon portals, all of this stuff is the outer.

So much is out there in channeling, videos, etc…

Discern what you read and what you take into your feeling body as many are affected by the astral / psychic plane which is NOT from the Light!!

We seem to always be waiting for that next channeling, that next guidance, that next portal opening, that next message…I would say to you, go within for all your answers and avoid all of this outer stuff!!

All answers come from your I AM Presence, and never the outer…

When someone gives you a date that something will happen, be careful to not take this into your feeling body.

Did you feel disappointed when 12/12/12 and then 12/21/12 came and went and nothing happened?

This affected your feeling body so much!!!

Had not so much hype been given about these dates, we would have been better off and closer to mass awakening as all feeling bodies were affected when nothing in the outer happened.

All will happen for you when YOU are ready as YOU are the Light!!

Avoid astrology, as this is the psychic / astral realm.

Better yet, don’t read any of this stuff and work on yourself from the inner.

YOU are the only one you have been waiting for.

You are your own savior.

You will do what Jesus did and so much more…truly!!  Believe it as you are the Light and the Light is perfection in every way…You are this perfection…

Your ascension and freedom comes through forgiveness and use of the violet flame to remove and transmute the shadows and discord around your Light and anchoring a pillar of Light around you from your  I AM Presence.

The healings help with this release and connect and anchor you to your own I AM Presence allowing the flow of energy to be anchored in your heart so you can heal yourself as you are then connected to your Presence, the individualized God Self that you are.

I do not heal you.  You heal yourself.

I help connect you to your I AM Presence as I am a channel, a bridge, in a sense helping you realize your Divinity through your connection to your I AM Presence.

Please be patient and know that I WILL reply back to you and your energy healing will take place in Divine Timing as it was intended…please do not be disappointed if the healing takes place out in the near future…it is not a race and there is no deadline to your ascension…it will happen when it is intended to happen.

Trust that all is well and Divinely timed for you…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and patience.

If this message does not resonate with you, that is ok…blessings to you on your path to the Light!!

Sending all of you my love and warm blessings…


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