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pdfIconI AM So Blessed…

Hello everyone.  I have not posted in a while.  I am sorry for this.  This post I feel is a very important post.  It contains 212 experiences that people have had with the Light during my energy healings.  Over 72,000 words are in this document documenting their adventures.  Truly unbelievable.

As I was reading these experiences, I was crying so much.  I feel so blessed and humbled to know of all you and to serve you, serve THE LIGHT that you are!!  The experiences in this book are all real and tangible, as people have consciously experienced them.  These are their words that I received from e-mails.  May their words and experiences inspire you!!

People have experienced being lifted out of body, seeing Angels, Arch Angels, and Ascended Masters.  Lives have been changed and consciousness, awareness, and vibrational levels increased closer to the Light as we head into the Golden Age.  Physical pains have been removed and healing has occurred on such a tangible level…

People talk about near death experiences.  But wait until you read what people have experienced in the Light with these energy healings.  This e-book has energies of the I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters.  Allow these energies to give you comfort, peace, and inspire you knowing that you are not alone.

If you are going to read any book, please read this one.  If you want to obtain an energy healing, click HERE.

WHAT IS THE LIGHT (from Saint Germain)

You become that upon which you meditate and since all things have come forth from the Light, Light is the supreme perfection and control of all things.  Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind; and health, strength, and order to come into the body, and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in your affairs if you will really do it and seek to maintain it.

All the way down the centuries, in every age, under every condition, we are told by all who have expressed the greater accomplishments of life that the Light is supreme, the Light is everywhere, and in the Light exist all things. That truth is just as true today as it was a million years ago.

As far back as there is any record of humanity, the wise and great ones of all ages are portrayed with a radiation of Light about them emanating from the head and body itself.  This Light is real, just as real as the electric lights in your homes.

You have the emanation of Light about you.  You also have the contamination or discoloration that becomes a cloud around the Light of God which the personal self generates through discordant thoughts and feelings.  This and this only, is the way by which the energy of the great life stream becomes polluted.

Please watch your thoughts, feelings and emotions and do not engage in the outer drama.  The Light is The Kingdom.  Enter into It and BE at peace. Return to the Father’s house.  The Light never fails.  The Light is God’s way of creating and maintaining order, peace, and perfection throughout His creation.

Please click on the PDF file picture at the top and see what others have experienced in the LIGHT!!


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