A Word on Judgment…

love-so-this-is-loveHello everyone.  I have not posted in a long time.  I have had some changes in my life recently.  My father had a stroke and he is living with me and I am taking care of him.

However, my intention is to post more in the upcoming future and eventually get back to do individual healings; one on one, like I have been doing before.  This is what I am guided to do.

However, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I am seeing out there and have been guided to create this post.  There is so much negativity and criticism as a lot is coming up to be released.  Specifically, America is going through a presidential election this year and there is a lot of anger and hate out there causing a lot of division, hate, and blame.  People are angry and upset.

Please understand that when you criticize, judge, or condemn another of God’s Children, you are not only injuring that other person, but you are admitting into your own experience the very element that you are seeing wrong in the other person.

Know that whatever your conscious attention is fixed firmly upon, that quality is impelled into your experience.  What you see with deep feeling within another person, you force into your own experience.  When you criticize another, you invite that same criticism unto yourself.

Please only send out to everyone the Presence of Divine Love.  If you silently see something wrong with another person, that is worse than the spoken word, as it allows the force to accelerate.

Please do not judge the presidential candidates or the process, or anything in your life for that matter.  Just observe and send Love.  When these discrepancies are forced to your attention, just say to your I AM Presence “There is the I AM Presence within that person, and I AM not concerned with the human, outer self of that person.”

Know there is the I AM Presence acting there in that person.  Remember that the moment you see an imperfection, you are forcing that quality into your experience.

It is useless to argue any point…truly.  Any argument is from your outer, human side, that always wants attention, and to be right.  Still the outer and focus on your I AM Presence.  There is no right or wrong, but only thinking it so makes it so.

All is truly perfect, Divinely Perfect and all is happening and unfolding as it should, based on Divine Law and the Law of Cause and Effect.  Let things play themselves out.  Get your popcorn out and enjoy the show.  All that is latent is coming up to be released.  The Light is coming and flowing greater and greater.

Embrace and engulf yourself in the Light and do not allow your outer to have any opinions regarding all that is happening around you.  Trust that God has your back, the God in YOU, the Glorious Presence on God that YOU ARE!

You cannot ascend when you see imperfections in others as you close the door to your heart as imperfections are just separation, and there is no separation in the Heart of the Father.

And Love is the key that has then left you to open this door, your heart.  Only enough love will bring this key back to you for you to enter.  Love all of God’s Children, regardless of what you see on the outer within that person.   After all, it truly is just the outer.  All of us have the glorious Light within and we are all individualized Presences of God, regardless of what you see in the outer in another.

Go within and you will see the beauty of every one of God’s children.  And when you see their beauty, you will send them love and strength to allow their I AM Presence to come in so that their outer can be better managed by the inner consciousness and awareness allowing for a glorious awakening in that person…like a beautiful rose petal that opens up and turns into beauty for the eyes to see.

Be the sunlight that shines on this rose allowing that person to open up and awaken.  That is the greatest gift you can make to another person, your service to the Light, to that other person in their awakening to their guaranteed ascension back to the Father’s Heart…

I am sending you all my love and Divine Blessings…


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