New Energy Healing

I hope everyone is well.  Below is my new healing meditation that I have been guided to do.  The Ascended Masters have blessed it.  I urge everyone to listen to it.  It is powerful and has Master Saint Germain, Arch Angel Michael, The Angels, and Master Jesus in the healing.  It is designed for people that have physical issues or so called diseases.  It will help you.  However, you can use it it for mental and emotional/relationship issues as well.  It is detailed and about 52 minutes in length…


I would recommend that you use headphones and lie down and be undisturbed while listening to it.  If you want  the .MP3 file, send me an email to and I will email it to you.  However, there is one time fee of a smile from you… 🙂

Also, if you send me an email with your name, where you live, and include a picture of yourself, I will send you extra love, peace, and blessings and ask the Ascended Masters to give you whatever you feel you need to help you…actually they will give you what They feel you need help with as they are One with your Presence…your Higher Self…feel free to tell me what you would like to have healed and I will help you by sending you healing rays.

I just cannot at the moment do individual energy healings.  I just have too many people requesting them as humanity is waking up.  I have thousands of emails and comments that I need to respond to.  You should not have to wait over a year to get the energy healing.  That has been the waiting period in the past.  Plus, I am taking care of my father at the moment who may be transitioning soon…but again, you can always communicate with me as I love talking to everyone that connects with me…please be patient with me as I will respond to everyone in Divine Timing…

In the meantime, listen to the energy healing meditation above and may it give you peace…

Sending everyone my peace, love, and many blessings…

Andy Bojarski

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