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Hello Everyone.  My name is Andy Bojarski.  This is my first posting and I am excited to be with you.  I am a very spiritual being and I recently discovered that I can possibly help heal people with Universal / Divine energy.  This includes distant healings.

As of this writing, I have helped heal 11 people and some of their testimonials are posted HERE.  I am starting this website with the hope that I can help heal more people.  My healings are free.  I wanted to give you my spirituality background so that you can better understand who I am, how I got here, and why I started this website.

About three years, I was awakened to spirituality.  It happened in a dream that I had where I felt I was intuitively led by my higher self (the higher aspect of all of us) to research and understand spirituality.  I started researching spirituality the next day on the internet and came across a web site, www.devinemiracles.com.

This site is owned and operated by B. Devine.  She is a spiritual teacher in Australia.  B. Devine has dozens of spiritual YouTube videos on her site as well as many spiritual articles.  I read all the articles and watched all her videos and my curiosity grew.  There were a few videos that she had posted that taught you how to view your aura in the mirror.

So, I followed these videos and started to see my aura.  I was so amazed at the results.  But something else started happening.  My face started to change in appearance.  The face in the mirror started to become another face, but it looked so familiar to me.  Then, the background in the mirror was not the background behind me.  What I saw in the mirror started to change.

I would see distant lands and places and different people in the mirror.  The mirror literally became a television set for me and the scenery would slowly change, as would my face.  However, I was not afraid as these places and faces (including mine) seemed familiar to me, like I was there before in different past lifetimes.

As a result of these experiences, I began to meditate regularly, again prompted by my intuition and higher self.  As I meditated, brilliant white light started to overcome me (sort of like what you hear people talking about when someone has a near death experience).  I saw this light with my eyes open in my conscious state and I was not afraid.  I just accepted it all with love.

Then, I saw different vibrant colors and energies (in different shapes) who I believe were different beings all around me.  So I told them hello and greeted them with love.  I continued meditating just about every day and the white light always seemed to intensify every day as did the different colors and energies.

Unfortunately my mother, who I was very close with, passed away last year on leap year (February 29, 2012).  I was very close with her.  The day of her death and the days after her death changed my life completely.  My mom died in my arms at her home.  Just before she died, she was lying in bed and I was next to her.

I again saw this brilliant white light come around us in the room we were in.  Then I saw a huge pillar of light come from the ceiling, as if the ceiling opened up, and radiated on her. I saw different, powerful and colorful energy beings all around us.  Finally, I saw my mom’s etheric body leave her physical body into this bright white pillar of light.

It was truly amazing to see and experience this shift in consciousness for my mom.  I had closure as I knew that my mom was finally home and at peace.  She died of stomach cancer.  When she told me that she had stomach cancer a few months before her death, I instantly had a massive pain in my stomach and felt the pain that she was feeling.

The week after my mother died, she visited me on three separate occasions on three separate days.  I was half awake and half asleep during these visits as they were in the middle of the night.

She told me (as I saw and heard her) about what it felt like when she died, what and who was there waiting for her, about heaven, about God, about not eating any meat, and about ascension (moving into a higher state of consciousness / dimension) that would be coming.  These visits from my mom were in the first week of March 2012.

Then, the moment that spiritually changed my life occurred.  My mom took my etheric body and placed it in a homeless person’s body.  I felt the pain and suffering that the homeless person felt.  She said that I have had a great life and that it was my turn to give back to others that were not so fortunate.  This jolted me spiritually to the bone and I ended up crying all night.  It had such a profound effect on me that I cannot describe.

The next day, I began calling homeless shelters and seeing what I could do to help.  I was astounded as to how many people were needy, hungry and wanted assistance regarding clothing, food, etc…  I found a local thrift store that also operated a food pantry run by local volunteers from the community church.

I started telling everyone I knew what happened to me and that I was collecting clothing and other items based on my experience with my mom.  I have since received over 15,000 clothing and other donated items from dozens of people who donated.  It was amazing what people will do to help others.

After these donated items were sold generating money that bought food, over 1,600 food bags to date were able to be given out to local families that were hungry and needed support.

As I was doing this service work, I was feeling so happy and something incredible started happening to me.  My meditations started to become more intense.  Not only was I seeing brilliant white light around me like I described before; but this time I was seeing a lot of illuminated gold around me.

I see so much gold now when I meditate.  It is so bright, and glowing and beautiful that I cannot describe it.  Also, I see eyes, noses, and half faces of beautiful beings looking at me during my meditations.

I can also move pictures and walls that I am looking at across the room during my meditations.  I unusually will focus on a picture (or the wall across from me) as I am sitting down during my meditation and tell it in my mind to move to the left.

Then, with my eyes wide open, the picture or the wall will move to the left.  Then, I will tell it to move to the right, and it moves to the right.  Then, I will tell it to move up or down and it moves up or down.  I am literally moving walls and objects that I am looking at with my intent and willpower.  It is so amazing.

In addition, I will tell the picture to become smaller or larger and the picture will become smaller or expand and get bigger.  I am literally shifting the shapes of objects with my mind and intent, all in my conscious state, being wide awake.

All of this is surrounded by beautiful glowing and radiating gold everywhere during my meditations as well as half faces of beautiful beings and their colorful energies.  It is a blessing that I cannot describe.

As all of this was happening, my thirst for spirituality grew and I started to read all the information that I could find on the internet with discernment.  Things that did not resonate with me, I let go.  I was trying to get answers to what I was seeing and experiencing.

Then, I decided to get a few readings done on myself by respected lightworkers (Meline Lafont, Isabel Henn, Fran Zepeda, Diana Linden, Cathy Crosswell, etc.) to see what other people had to say about me.  Each independent reading I had done basically said the same thing; that I am a Universal Light, with a very high energy resonance.  Most of the readings also stated that I am gifted healer.

So, I started reading about healing and understanding how universal energy healing works.  Then the most wonderful thing happened to me.  I became telepathic and all these voices and light beings started talking to me.  It started with my mom.  I heard her voice, like the voice she had when she was still alive.  It was very clear and I felt like she was right next to me.

As she was talking, I kept seeing her face in my mind talking to me.  Since then, various Arch Angels and Ascended Masters have spoken to me as well.  Each has a different voice and energy that I associate with when they speak and their words just flow.  It is truly amazing that I can hear them so clearly.  They have shared so much to me about life and how to love, release and forgive and they constantly talk to me now telepathically.

They have told me that my job here is to help heal people and help prepare us for ascension.  That is why I have this website.  I will be posting on this website the information that is shared to me with my Master Spirit Guides and my higher self.  However, these posting will talk about how to prepare oneself for ascension.   I will not discuss dates and expectations about ascension as ascension is personal to each soul.

But please know that ascension is upon us and everyone has to prepare themselves as you cannot take anything that is not of love with you when you ascend as we are one, one consciousness, the Christ Consciousness.

Preparing yourself involves releasing what does not serve your highest and best good, releasing anything that is not of the purest white light, forgiving yourself for all the things that you feel you have done that you feel are negative and forgiving others for anything that you perceive as negative that they have done to you.  You cannot take this with you when you ascend.

You cannot take the hurt, the worry, the pain, the negativity, the past sufferings, the lust, the anger, or the fear.  You must release this before you ascend.  And also, it is so important that you stop judging and criticizing yourself and others.  This cannot be!  You must love yourself and love all beings as we are ONE Consciousness.

This web site will help you get there so you can successfully move into your new higher dimensional life on Mother Earth.  She is already there waiting for you.  Yes, it is true.

In any event, I hope this posting resonates with you, as well as my future posts.  If you are interested in a free healing, please click HERE and I will do my best to help anyway I can.  If you want to know more about me, click HERE.   Thank you again for reading this first posting.  I do apologize if it is a bit long.  Love, light and many blessings to you.


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