How Clean is Your Water?

A Message From My Higher Self…

Hello everyone.  This is a channeled message from my higher self that applies to everyone.  I hope it resonates with you and that you enjoy it…

“Criticism and judgment are two things that greatly lower one’s consciousness levels and prevents a soul from ascending.

You see, we are all One and when you criticize another soul or judge another soul, you are judging or criticizing yourself.  Judgment and criticism causes separation which cannot be taken to the higher dimensions of consciousness when you ascend.

As mentioned, we are all One, and this is a very important concept to understand.  Pretend that you are part of the ocean.  Pretend that the ocean is clean, and not polluted, and the water is crystal clear.  Pretend that the water has no debris, no chemicals, and nothing bad in it.

It is the purest of the pure.  Now, pretend that someone took a liquid pitcher and filled that pitcher with the water of that ocean.  Now pretend that someone poured some of this ocean water from the pitcher into a cup.  And finally, pretend that you are in that cup; you are that cup of water.

You are the purest of the pure, a part of that ocean.  As such, you are One with the ocean.  When that cup of you gets poured back into the ocean, you are again One with the ocean; you are this Oneness with the ocean.

You see, when you are this cup of water separated from the ocean, you are here on Earth.  You are exploring, you are learning, you are experiencing something new, something that is different from the ocean as a whole.  And when you leave earth (by physical death), you are returning to the ocean of Oneness to share your experiences with that ocean, with the Oneness, but you still have your original cup of water that distinguishes you.

This is your soul essence, your separate energy essence, and your energy signature if you will.  It is what makes you unique, what makes you YOU!

Now when you are here on Earth and you are learning, growing, and exploring, you tend to pick up things along the way that dirty your cup of water.  People do and say things to you that hurt you and you hold a grudge.  People do and say things to you and you do not forgive them as the pain is so hurtful and real as your feelings are hurt.

People get separated and go through a hard battle with their divorce.  There are a million different things that could happen in your life that will cause you pain and suffering.  Each person is different.  It matters not.  Every life is different and every soul has a different experience in that life.  No lives and experiences are the same.

But in a way this is all good.  You have all decided to experience these things before you were incarnated on this Earth.  You decided what lessons you wanted to learn.  You decided what it feels like to feel pain.  You decided what it feels like to be yelled at, to be name called, to be bullied.

Earth is a planet of learning and growing.  The more you learn, the more you grow spiritually.  The more you grow spiritually, the more you ascend, and the more you ascend, the closer you become to God.

How could you ever read what it is like to skydive from a book?  A book cannot tell you the feeling you will have when you are falling from a plane, how you will feel what it will be like to have the wind moving through your face, how you feel when you are free-falling from the sky and the adrenalin that you feel and the rush of the experience and the nervousness before jumping out of that plane.

Ay yes, no book can possibly describe this feeling.  You have to experience it to understand and appreciate it.  And when you do skydive from the plane and you land safely to the ground, what do you say to the plane pilot, and the person who instructed you and jumped with you?  You thank them for the experience.  The same is true with every other experience in your life, whether it be good or bad.

You cannot feel what it is like to be called names or bullied, to be physically or mentally abused by reading those feelings in a book.  Those feelings are felt in your soul as you are experiencing this here on Earth.  That is why you are here, to experience all of these things.  So, as you tell the pilot and instructor who helped you skydive, say the same to everyone else, who helped you experience life; tell them thank you.

Do not be mad at the person who called you names.  Thank him or her for the lesson.  But what was the lesson to be learned from this?  That is for you to decide.  Look within.  Ask yourself, why am I in a position that this has happened to me?  What caused this person to be mean to me?  Why are they calling me names?  Why do they want to divorce me?

Whatever the situation may be that is causing you anxiety or stress or pressure, stop and ask why is this happening and what is the lesson to be learned.  There is a lesson learned in every moment of your life.

Do not respond by being angry.  A Master can get to stillness in 5 long breaths.  You want to be a Master.  Compose yourself, and ask why is this happening to me and what is the lesson to be learned.  Do not name call back, do not yell back, and do not do what the other person is doing to you.

Now why am I saying this to you?  Because every time you react with anger, with criticism and with judgment, with hurt feelings, you dirty that cup of water I talked about before.  You dirty yourself and you dirty your light.  And what happens when that cup of water is dirty and then gets poured back into that clean ocean?  What happens to that ocean?  Yes, it gets a little bit dirtier.

And now multiply this by all the souls that were clean when their water was poured into that cup and now all those water cups get poured back into the ocean?  Is the ocean clean and clear and pure?  No.

Please understand that ascension is upon us and the time is coming for us to reunite with the ocean and for our water to be poured back into the ocean.  And the cup cannot be poured back into the ocean unless it is in the same state as the clean ocean (as the ocean cannot be anything but pure).

So, it is up to you to clean your water.  The time is now; it is upon you to clean your water.  But don’t worry; you will have plenty of time to do this.  There is no deadline for ascension.  So do not feel rushed.  How do you clean it?  This will be discussed in future postings by Andrew, but I have already talked about cleaning it to some extent here in this post.

But I will summarize how to clean your water here.

1.  Look back at your life, meditate on this, and reflect on your life.  Have you forgiven every person who has hurt you, regardless of how tragically they have hurt you, whether it was physical or mental or emotional pain?  It matters not what they have done.  You must forgive them for this and more importantly you must forgive yourself for this.  Do not hold on to this pain, this suffering, this hurt, this guilt.  Release it.

2.  If there is anyone in your life that feels that you have hurt them, ask them to forgive you.  Tell them you are genuinely sorry.  This is even if you think that you did nothing wrong or that you were correct in an argument and the other person was at fault.  It matters not.  The other person has perceived that you caused them pain and you need to ask them to forgive you.  And, then forgive yourself as well.  Make amends with everyone in your life, whether you hurt them or they hurt you and release this and move on.

3.  Stop any criticism and judgment.  Do not get involved in any drama.  Do not criticize anyone or judge them.  It matters not what religion someone is, what color their skin is, what nationality they are from, what gender they are, whether they are straight or gay, what they have done, or what their political party affiliation is.  It has to stop.  Anytime there is judgment or criticism, there is separation and separation is not Oneness and Oneness is not love.

You want to be part of this ocean and if you do not do these things, your water is tainted and dirty and will not be allowed to be poured into the ocean.  It is time to clean your water and cleanse and purify yourself.  It starts now as we are getting ready to re pour ourselves as humanity back to the ocean.

Please understand that there are high dimensional light beings gatekeepers on Earth who will help you get past the portal and back into the ocean.  They will help you decide if your water is really clean, but they will not clean the water for you.  That is your job.  That is why you are here.

You are very lucky to be here at these unprecedented times.  It is the hardest lifetime you have had because this is your ascension lifetime and you are releasing once and for all of these dirty, muggy items that cannot go into the ocean.  So be proud, be happy, be love and ascend.  Your lessons are done and you have graduated!!”


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