How Healing Energy Works – Part 1 of 2

Energy Healings Do Work…

I have received a lot of e-mails and phone calls asking me how I do distant healings, and what specifically do I do when I heal.

How is it possible that I can send and project healing energy to a person in a different location than where I am at (typically far away) and help that person?  This is what most people are asking me.

Before I answer this, I think that it is important to understand how energy healing works and what we need to do to maintain our physical and mental health.  This posting is the first of two postings that will address these issues.

The second posting will follow shortly where I will give you details of what I do when I attempt to heal someone and what my typical experience is during a healing session.  I hope you enjoy both postings.

Please understand that our bodies basically are composed of two different body types.  The first body type is our physical body and the other body type is the etheric body.  Thus, we really have two bodies; the one we see, which is the physical body and the one that we do not see (at least most of the population), which is the etheric body.  We all know what the physical body is.  Just look in the mirror.

The etheric body, however, is our energy body that penetrates the physical body and it can extend maybe 5 inches or so outward of our physical body.  Ki energy is the vital energy or the life force that keeps our bodies healthy and alive.  Ki energy is known by different names as well.

This Ki energy is in the air, is in the ground and we also get it from the sun.  So we absorb this Ki energy daily through our bodies.  We just do not see it and most people do not know about it.  Also, the energy field that follows the outline of the physical body is called our aura.  Each of us has an aura and our auras have different colors, depending on how we feel at any given moment.

And when your etheric energy body gets sick, it is usually due to the depletion of the energy in your etheric body, causing the aura of the affected part of your body to be reduced.  Both the etheric and physical bodies are very closely related so that what affects one body affects the other body and vice versa.  Hence, by healing the etheric body, the physical body gets healed.

That is what I do; I attempt to heal the etheric body allowing the physical body to be healed.

In addition, just like the physical body has vital and non-vital organs, the etheric body also has major and minor chakras.  Chakras are spinning energy centers that energize and control the major and vital organs of the physical body.  The chakras and the aura can be dirty and they can contain diseased energy.  You do not want diseased energy in your chakras and aura.

Diseased energy can be anything that does not serve your highest and best good.  It can be hurt feelings, pain, guilt, anger, depression, negativity, criticism, past attachments, judgment, lack of forgiveness; literally anything can be diseased energy.  That is why it is so important to cleanse and release, and forgive yourself and others.

Forgiving yourself and others is therapeutic and healing in itself.  When you show compassion for yourself and others and you forgive them and yourself, you have very little diseased energy in your organs and etheric body.  This is good.

The same is true when you do not judge and criticize others.  You want your chakras and aura to be cleansed and purified and functioning as best as they can with minimal diseased energy.  Diseased energy is like a parasite that is attached to you and weighs you down, constantly sucking the life force out of you, making you tired, cranky, upset and sometimes just mean and nasty.

It must leave your etheric body for you to be healthy and for you to feel lighter.  My healing will help remove this diseased energy.  If your chakras are fully functioning, then your physical body will be fully functioning and will stay healthy and you will feel much better.

Also understand, however, that YOU must do the work.  If I help heal you and release diseased energy, you can later get that diseased energy back by resorting to old habits that do not serve you.  This next sentence is KEY!!  In order to feel like you have never felt before, you have to do something that you have never done before!  This is the hard part.  Change is never easy.

But you can do it; you MUST do it if you want to be healthy and happy.  In addition, not doing it will have severe physical health consequences for you.  Having a healing with me will definitely help.  It will be that push that you need to get you going in the right direction.  And my healings are free, so what do you have to lose?

With that said, what do you need to do to maintain your health and well-being?  Below are items that you can focus on that will help you maintain a happier and healthier you.

Firstly, you must eat the right types of food in your diet.  Eat clean, wholesome and nutritious foods, free of any germs, dirt and chemical toxins.  Avoid eating meat, pork and fish as it is etherically dirty.  Eat vegetables and fruit and fresh food, not processed and packaged food, and become a vegetarian.

You do not want the karma of a killed animal inside of you.  Animals on this beautiful planet are not here to be killed for food and when an animal is killed at our hands, their suffering in that killing is given to you when you eat them and now you have diseased energy attached to you.  Avoid this karma.  It will help you in the long run and keep your etheric body clean from diseased energy.

Secondly, you must learn to breathe correctly.  This means abdominal breathing and not chest breathing.  With abdominal breathing, the abdomen is expanded when you are inhaling and it is contracted when you are exhaling.  Remember that the diaphragm enables the lungs to expand and to contract.  The lungs by themselves do not have the capacity to expand in order to draw in air, or to contract in order to expel any used-up air.

With abdominal breathing, the abdomen is slightly pushed out during your inhalation, causing the diaphragm to be pulled down which then enables the lungs to draw in more air.   During exhalation, the abdomen is slightly pulled in, which causes the diaphragm to be pushed up thus enabling the lungs to exhale more used-up air.

Also, more energy is drawn in during inhalation and more used-up energy is expelled during exhalation.  Practice your abdominal breathing.  Abdominal breathing will help you bring in more Ki energy into your body.

However, with chest breathing, the abdomen is pulled in during inhalation causing the diaphragm to be pushed up resulting in less air being drawn in. During exhalation, the abdomen is pushed out, causing the diaphragm to be pulled down resulting in less air being expelled.

Avoid chest breathing as prolonged chest breathing tends to congest the heart chakra, resulting in difficulty in breathing and chest pain.

Thirdly, make sure you are exercising regularly.   Proper exercising has a cleansing effect, both etherically and physically.  Physically, toxins and waste matter are eliminated through sweating.  So get out there and sweat.  The auras of the energy body pulsate when you are exercising.

You want this to happen.  You want your aura to pulsate.  The chakras are cleansed of any diseased energy and any used-up energy that does not serve your highest and best good. Regular physical exercise is a must to maintain a highly vitalized, healthy and clean body.  Fifteen to thirty minutes of exercise daily is enough.  So get out there and move your body.

Next, you want to maintain a correct etheric hygiene.  Smoking is a very unhygienic habit.  Both the physical body and etheric body are thus dirty.  Stop smoking!  I did a healing on someone yesterday where she was smoking 25 cigarettes per day, sometimes more.

She told me today that she only smoked 3 cigarettes the next day after the healing.  You know who you are and good for you!!!  Habitual drinking of liquor with high alcohol content is also etherically unhygienic.  It makes the etheric body dirty.  And drug addiction makes the etheric body dirty as well.

It damages the etheric body, making you susceptible to undesirable external psychic influences which manifest as severe psychological ailments.  Don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t use drugs.  It’s that simple.

Also, certain places are likewise etherically quite dirty – like cemeteries, funeral parlors, hospitals, and others.  Avoid these places, if you can.   Avoid lending your personal things to others to avoid etheric contamination.  Likewise, avoid using the personal things of others’ to avoid etheric contamination.  Following these steps will allow you to maintain the correct etheric hygiene and lower your diseased energy.

Also, you must maintain proper thoughts and emotions.  Positive thoughts and emotions like joy, kindness, enthusiasm, happiness, and others tend to have beneficial effects physically, etherically and psychologically.  Be positive all the time, not negative.  Being happy, relaxed, or just smiling is beneficial and is enough to increase the energy level of the body.

Having negative emotions is one of the critical factors, if not the most critical factor, in severe ailments. Don’t harbor or have negative feelings or emotions.  Be happy and smile!  Interacting with people who are radiant, enthusiastic, optimistic, and very healthy is very etherically and psychologically beneficial.  So hang out with happy people and avoid negative emotions and negative thoughts and certainly avoid aggression.

Remember to always try to improve your emotions.  Thoughts and emotions are transmissible and negative emotions and thoughts are infectious.  So stay away from negative people who are critical and judgmental and mean-spirited.  Interacting with people who are enthusiastic, radiant, optimistic, and very healthy is very etherically and psychologically beneficial to you.

Various severe ailments are emotional in origin and some people have so much resentment and deep-seated hurt towards certain persons. However, the rate of healing for these people would be much faster if they would consciously exert an effort to forgive those who may have actually or imaginary hurt them.  Forgiving is therapeutic and necessary for good health.

Being habitually irritable, angry or critical is also very unhygienic and bad for the health in the long run.  Learn to practice kindness and to be calm and appreciate the good qualities of others.  Be tolerant, kind, and detached and do not try to change and improve everybody.  They are perfect just the way they are in the school of Earth as they are learning the lessons they have set out to learn.  Honor them as students, even if you feel you have already learned that lesson!

Also, cruelty to animals and fellow beings is one of the major causes of severe painful ailments.  What you sow is what you reap.  If you repeatedly cause pain to others, then you will also harvest intense pain in the form of severe ailments.  Yes, it is true.  If you repeatedly deprive others of physical sustenance (food, money or income), then you will also be deprived of physical sustenance.

Don’t pick up unnecessary karma.  Let everyone be on their own path.  But if you do pick up negative karma, it can be neutralized by learning the lesson that has to be learned and by forgiving yourself and others.  It is in the act of pardoning that you are also pardoned.

Also, by showing mercy (being gentle, charitable, kind, and helpful) to others, mercy will also be shown to you.  Avoid cruelty and show kindness to others; this is a major key to happiness and good health, and to avoiding severe financial and painful ailments.  Avoid unnecessary karma.  You don’t need it and you certainly don’t want it.

You also must maintain a proper livelihood.  The nature of your employment, the psychological condition of your co-workers, and your overall work environment do affect your health.  In this world, there is too much stress or tension.  Our lives are moving so fast.

There is a lot of worry, anxiety, work pressure, hurt feelings, hurriedness, irritation, anger, excessive aggressiveness, bullying, harassment, and the list goes on and on.   Try to avoid stress or tension in your life.  But how, you ask?  Meditation would definitely help a lot in coping with stressful conditions.

In certain cases, the condition is so stressful that it may be smart to change to a better job or a livelihood that is less demanding and with saner working condition.  The psychological state of your co-workers is also very important since stress is psychically very infectious.

People under great stress radiate stress energy to the surrounding people through their auras and chakras. Subconsciously or consciously, they transfer a great bulk of their stress energy by being nasty and rude to others.  This type of behavior is unacceptable and you don’t need it.  Prolonged stress is a psychological ailment which will adversely affect the physical body as it is affecting the etheric body.

Also, it is important to maintain a proper lifestyle.  As mentioned before, undesirable habits and excessiveness are to be avoided, like alcoholism,  drug abuse, smoking of cigarettes or tobacco, and excessive work.  Working fourteen to sixteen hours a day for several months or years is definitely excessive and definitely bad for the health and bad for family life.

Also avoid excessive fun.  Too much fun or too much night life for a prolonged period is quite exhausting and will definitely have adverse effects on your health.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Is the excessive luxury and the money worth the deterioration of family life, the failing physical health, and inner emotional problems?

2.  What about one’s spiritual well-being and one’s spiritual development?

3.  What about the psychological and spiritual well-being of the children and of the spouse?

4.  What about one’s inner peace and happiness?

5.  What about the quality of life?

6.  Are these not as important as or even more important than excessive luxury and excessive material possessions?

Being prosperous and rich is indeed a blessing.  But wealth should be acquired intelligently and not at such a heavy price.

By following these guidelines you can have a happier and healthier life.  As mentioned before, if you want something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.  Start with a healing with me (click HERE for a free healing), release your diseased energy and make a commitment to change your life for the better, emotionally, and physically.  You will like the new you!!!  Look for part 2 of the posting coming soon…


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  1. Andrew.. Another super great post.. Regarding the food…You are right… There is a video on YouTube called Food Inc, is a documental of around 1 hour.. I saw it not so long ago.. it was incredible.. We must learn how to plant our veggies at home, a little space is more than enough. Regarding the breathing excercise was super.. We must learn how to do that …About the etheric Hygiene… if we are not clean in our physical body our etheric hygiene can be poisoned also. I personal dont visit cementeries, avoid going to hospitals ( unless is for myself).. I have found there is so much negative vibrations that affect my…I can continue with everything you have mentioned on Part 1… now I’m willing to see part 2… Thanks Andrew for another great post.
    Love and Light…


    1. Interesting. I have read elsewhere that eating meat IS good for etheric healing and maintenance and going without does the body no good


  2. Awesome Andy I completely agree with you and science is proving it also for those that need proof. They did a test on rabbits (and I do not agree with using animals for testing) using, you know when you breathe on a mirror it fogs up? Well they took that from mad angry people and fed it to the rabbits and they died, so people are killing themselves with negative emotions. It was a controlled study where they did the same thing with positive people and the rabbits were fine.

    Great work,



      1. I must comment regarding being at the cemetery. One of most favorite jobs was being a cemetery caretaker/grave digger for 4 years. It was the most serene and honorable job I ever had. Because I was there after the family left I would be part of the lowering of the casket. At that time I would sing, to my self, Sarah McLaughlin’s song In the Arms of an Angel as the casket was slowly lowered to it’s final resting place. It is my belief, now, that this actually gave me a mutual respect and protection from the soul’s transitioning . Most people do not stay for the actually lowering of their family member because it is too much emotionally. So most are not aware of what really happens after the ceremony is completed. I recommend you do stay and pray as this is done, if you can. If you practice the Hygiene you have set forth above will protect you.
        On the days I was alone there the feeling was calm and actually joyful.
        I am not trying to negate your remarks. I do believe if you walk into a cemetery fearful of death, which actually means you are afraid of living or unshielded then you may be opening yourself up to the emotions of others, those who have not accepted the separation of each other or the leaving of the physical world. Practicing what you have stated above will be of great aid to help you and your loved ones around you make the process of transitioning and funerals easier. Thanks for allowing my long winded comment.
        May you be met by kindness all day,


      2. Diana. Thank you for the comment. I agree with you. I have stayed once and watched the casket being lowered into the ground at a cemertary at the funeral. As I stayed, all of a sudden there were dozens of black crows that started flying around the casket in a motion that looked like a tornado, as if they were somehow lifting the body out and into the sky. It was wonderful to see. It is just that cemeteries are etherically quite dirty and there is etheric contamination after visiting such places, as these places create sadness for people that visit them and sadness is a lower vibration. That’s all I wanted to get across. But I agree with everything you have said. Blessings and love to you Diana…


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