How Healing Energy Works – Part 2 of 2

Energy Healings Do Work…

This is the second part of the original posting on how healing works.  This second posting will discuss what I do when I heal and what my experiences are when I heal.

I go through a similar process with each healing session.  So when I heal, I basically draw in the Universal Divine Energy into my body through my crown chakra, and then with focused intention, project it out to the physical and etheric bodies of the person who is being healed and the areas that are trouble areas for that person (physical, mental, emotional, etc.).

By healing the etheric body, I am able to help heal the physical body.  But there is more to this.  Below is what I typically will go through during a healing and what I experience during a healing session.

The first thing that I do is wash my hands eliminating any diseased energy from my hands.  I set the intention that my hands (and body) are clean physically and etherically.

I have a reclining chair in my office.  I envision the person who requested the healing lying in that chair fully relaxed, even though that person may be across the world in another country.  It matters not.  However, that person is actually lying down where they are located at as I will instruct them before the actual healing to do so.

So in essence, they actually are lying down where they are at during the healing.  I just envision them lying down in my reclining chair even though they are not physically there with me in that reclining chair.

I say an invocation / prayer to God asking God to make me God’s healing instrument and ask that my entire body and being be filled with compassion for others who are suffering and I ask God to allow God’s healing and regenerating power to flow through my body and also the person who is being healed, with thanks and full faith to God.

I then create an aura protection shield around my body and around the person being healed and I ask Arch Angel Michael to be with me, and to place me in a strong impenetrable bubble along with the person being healed (actually my whole office is placed in this bubble).

The protective shield does not allow any dark energy in and conducts all negative energies, all psychological and physical harm, all negativity, shadows and lower energies, to the earth to be transmuted to light, peace, love and understanding.

I also ask Saint Germaine to be with me (as he is the keeper of the violet flame) and to place his violet flame of transmutation around my aura protection shield, working as a mirror, transmuting all negative energies and all vibrations coming to it with love and sending it back to the sender amplified 500 times.  The bubble is encased in Arch Angel Michael’s blue light.

Then I ask Arch Angel Raphael, Jesus, Sananda, My Mom, Lady Nada, and Lady Portia to be with me to help guide the healing while asking that it be a successful healing.  Arch Angel Michael is already there as he is protecting me during the healing with his full presence as is Saint Germaine with his assistance of the violet flame.

I then affirm that the healing is for the person’s highest and best good and I ask anyone that has died in this lifetime or any past lifetimes that also knows the person to be here for the healing if they want to be here to give their blessings and support for that person.  However, they must be of the purest and highest white light and be there for the person’s highest and best good.

I then connect with the Universal Divine Energy by focusing on my crown chakra which is at the top of my head.  As my crown chakra opens up (I usually feel a tingling sensation on top of my head), Divine Universal Energy can then flow into my body allowing me to then project and flow that energy with my intention to the imaginary person that is sitting in the reclining chair in my office.

Once I have affirmed that the healing is for the person’s highest and best good and once I have connected with the Universal Divine Energy, I will build the energy in my body by doing long breathing exercises which help substantially expand my etheric body and aura energy field and allows a lot of Universal Divine Energy to fill my being.

Then I have a little stool and I will sit on the stool behind the imaginary person that I am healing.  I am behind the person that is lying on the reclining chair and I am looking down on that person as he/she is lying down.

I then place my hands on their imaginary shoulders, one hand on each shoulder.  I pretend that I am placing my hands on their shoulders, as they are not physically there.  But I imagine they are there and I see them in my mind’s eye as being there with my left hand on their left shoulder and my right hand on their right shoulder.  I then merge my energies with theirs.

I ask that Universal Divine Energy flow through my body (through my crown chakra first) and I envision it flowing into by body.  I see it in my mind’s eye filling up my entire body with liquid radiating white light energy and energizing my entire body, cells, organs, and chakras.  I then project this energy to the person that is lying in front of me.  It flows through my hands and into their shoulders first and then their entire body.  I see this in my mind’s eye.

As I do this, I typically see my hands and fingers get white and they radiate white light along with my forearms.  I just see the outline of my fingers, hands and arms and I see through my fingers, hands and arms.  It really is amazing to see and I feel so good.  Sometimes, I do not see my hands, fingers and arms at all as I see so much energy around me and different colors and shapes of energy move across my sight.  Words really have no way to describe what I see.  It is just awesome!

As the energy is flowing through me and into the imaginary person sitting in my reclining chair, I ask that any and all diseased energy that is located in the person’s aura, chakras, organs, cells and physical and etheric body be loosened and broken down.  Once this happens, it is ready to be released and removed from the physical and etheric body.  It is no longer attached as it is broken down and loosened up.  This happens typically after the person is fully filled with the liquid white energy.

I then ask Arch Angel Raphael to send down his Emerald Green Energy counterclockwise through my physical and etheric body, down through my chakras and then into the person’s physical and etheric body and chakras.

As the Emerald Green Energy of Arch Angel Raphael comes through me and through the person getting healed, the fast counterclockwise vibration of Arch Angel Raphael’s Emerald Green Energy allows most of the stuck and attached diseased energy to be released from the organs and cells of the body and from the chakras of the body.  Then, this diseased energy gets flung very fast to the outside of the aura waiting to be released into the light.

It is like a fast tire in the mud spilling dirt out the backside of the tire.  This dirt is the diseased energy that gets stuck at the outside of the aura ready to be released from the etheric and physical body.  I see this diseased energy as it is being flung and I can control this Emerald Green energy with regards to how quickly or slowly it moves up and down the person’s body.  If a person has a lot of attached diseased energy, I go slower so that most of it can get thrown into the outside of the aura.

After the diseased energy gets thrown into the outside aura of the person (as well as my own diseased energy, if any), I ask Saint Germaine to place me and the person I am healing into his violet flame of transformation and transmutation.  I then wait until the person getting healed and I get all the diseased energy burned off of our auras with the violet flame.

The diseased energy basically gets transmuted into the light and no longer is attached to the physical and etheric body.  Saint Germaine will typically tell me when it is all off the aura, or most of it is all off.

I then stand up from the stool and take my hand and cup it and I make about 15 sweeps from the person’s head down to their legs and into an imaginary disease bucket that I have laid out.  The bucket is filled with liquid light.  This sweeping eliminates any remnants of diseased energy from the person’s aura.

I envision any remaining diseased energy being removed from the person’s aura and etheric body and see it being removed and thrown away into that bucket.

After the general sweeping, I then do localized sweeping of diseased energy on any affected part of the person’s body that the person has issues with.  After the localized sweeping, the person is etherically clean and pure and is ready to be energized with Universal Divine Energy.

I sit back down in my stool behind the person being healed and energize the person being healed.  I use various hand positions on the person’s body to allow the Universal Divine Energy to flow to different trouble areas through me.  This depends on what areas of the body need healing.

I also scan the person’s aura with my hands which will confirm to me the area(s) that is depleted or needs to be energized.  As fresh Universal Divine Energy flows through my body, it immediately flows through the person lying in my reclining chair filling them up with this Universal Divine Energy in the form of a liquid light.

As the energy flows, I envision being a very small person inside the body of the person I am healing slowly scrubbing them from the inside out and filling and directing the liquid Universal Divine Energy where to go.  I see a small me in their brain cleansing their brain, their eyes, their ears, their nose, their mouth, all their chakras, all their organs, all their bones, all their cells, and all their muscles.  I just go down their body, cleansing it as I go.

I see this in my mind’s eye and after every part of the body (etheric and physical) and chakra, and organ and cell has been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, I ask God for dispensation of any karma remaining; that any remaining karma be released and forgiven for the person being healed.  I state with full intention that the person is healthy, happy and healed.

I state that every cell, molecule, gland, organ, muscle, bone, chakra is healthy happy, and healed and that it is working perfectly and harmoniously, all with God’s grace and acceptance.

I then envision that the person being healed is a birthday present with them in it.  I see myself unwrapping the present and all the paper being unwrapped is what no longer serves the person’s highest and best good.  So I unwrap the person and send the paper to the light.  I see what is underneath the paper as YOU, this beautiful, glowing, and powerful being of light and love that YOU are.

I see you smiling, being healthy, happy, and healed.  I then tell you to come with me and I hold your etheric white light hand and we take a little walk.  You are smiling and you are happy.  Again, I see this.

Then, as we finish our small walk, we come across these tall and wide massive gates, the ascension portal, and I see all the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels standing at the gate with the gate open welcoming us in.  They initially are all smiling and then as we get closer, they all bow to honor you and welcome you to your new 5th dimensional world.  I see this!

Then we walk through the gates and what I see is beyond words to describe.  What Earth has in store for you!  I see you on a small cliff and I walk to the edge of the cliff with you and we look down and see millions and millions of souls looking up at us and then I see myself announcing you to them telling them that “This is the new (Name of the person).  Welcome him/her home!”

Then I see all the millions of souls bowing to you in silence, honoring you for your past lives, for your current life that was your hardest life, for all the hard lessons that you learned, for the sacrifices you have made.  Then I see and hear all of the souls applauding you with honor.  Then I look at you and bow to you and thank you for your service to humanity.

Never have you ever been so happy.  You are home!  This is what I see.  It is truly amazing and I am always teary eyed at this part of the healing as my love and happiness flows to you.

After this, I cut my energies from yours, like an ax motion and I again thank you for your light and for your beautiful being.  The healing is then done; I thank my spiritual team for their assistance, wash my hands to remove any remnants of diseased energy and then I call you back in about 15 minutes to see what you have felt.

So, that is what I go through and that is what I experience.  But I must tell you, what I just described to you is really nothing what I envision, what I see with my mind’s eye.  Words cannot describe what I truly see.  It is like my third eye is opened and I literally see this.  I hope you enjoyed reading my experiences when I perform the healing.  Love and blessings to all of you.


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  1. I want to thank you for both articles. I’ve been asking questions for a long time and for the right price I will be enlightened, too.

    My story is typical. My family were wards of the state growing up and didn’t have a family life. After 2 bad marriages I moved in with family to get to know them and see if my patterns were hereditary or mental or both.

    I had to move out because I saw the enabling wasn’t helping them or me..I’ve been clean and sober over 20 years and the rules of my house is NO SMOKING, Drinking or drugging. I was hesitant about family moving in since everyone uses but this member said he was a minister.

    Needless to say, the Minister drinks and smokes and I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. I’m over 55 and not naive. I am taking responsibility for my own actions and trying to look at my actions to myself.

    Did I not express the rules strongly enough for other people to respect my rules? Did I not speak my truth in the right way? What did I say or do to cause me not to breathe the life affirming oxegen into my lungs to be understood and grow on this school of life lesson I need to learn for the family to grow spiritually?


    Pat Nalls


  2. Hello, Andrew, I fell Blessed to have found your site, I have been asking God and my guides and all the archangles, for help. I have not been in a position to pay for any healing work for some time, I am praying for help to have my heart open As , I fell that I have it closed for a long time, I also want to release all shame guilt and unworthness , and any old programing of not desevering, I have been a caregiver most of my life to others, but have always had a hard time to receive for myself, I have been working on my spiriturally path for a long time and I fell that I have gifts and talents, to share , My prayer has always been to love myself unconditional ,so that I can Help others Mother Earth and all life on Planet earth to help raise our Vibrations, to bring Peace and Love to All. I fell that Ihave given my power away and I pray to have my heart open so I can be of service, and to used where ever god wants me, Physcial I fell that I have been holding on to a lot of sadness as I fell it in my lungs and upper right part of my back, I also fell that my throat charkra is not open as I have always had a difficult time to speak my truth, Also not always, but have had and still do pain in my knees and right upper part of my hip and leg, I know there is a lot of old energy blocked As I had also went through Physcial abuse in my marriage I have been a widow for the passed 30 years as my husband went to spirit in 1982, have children who are all out on ther own, even though I just turned 73 in January I fell that God still has a Higer purpose for me and has something for me to do here on the earth plane, I have basically had good health but have not had the finances to buy or do the things I know that would be good for me I know on a deep level that we are all energectic beings and are all here to help one another, I would love to ease all old programing and release anything in my life or old karma that is holding me back from furfilling my purpose, I also believe in the power of prayer, and as I said I am been asking for help ,and know that I was meant to connect with you, I would greatly appreicate hearing back from you to see if you can do some healing work for me, I also fill now during this great time of transformation that we are receiving more help from spirit world, Thank you from my heart to your heart for your love and kindness and all you do to help others, With Love and Gratitude, Janette.


    1. Janet, thank you for your comments. They are beautiful, just like YOU! I would love to try and help you anyway that I can. However, before I can try and help, I need to see you and hear your voice. Do you have access to Skype? It is free. If you do, please send me a contact request. My Skype ID is BOJARSKI54. Just search for me under this name and you can find me. If you do not have a video camera, I would need you to send me a picture of yourself and I still would need to talk to you on the phone. My e-mail address is Blessings and love to you Janet…


  3. Awesome Andy,

    I do Arch Angel Raphael’s counterclockwise emerald green energy cleanse every night before sleep.

    Thank you, very interesting,



  4. Just reading this brought tears of joy for me. I am looking forward to our time together. heart hug. ~ Diana


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