Religion and Spirituality

Oh There’s that “R” word again…

Here is a channeled message that discusses religion and spirituality from my higher self.  I hope you enjoy it.

“Religion has always been at the forefront of humanity.  Religion is not a bad thing.  Religion can be a wonderful and honorable spiritual experience for the soul.

There is always a higher God presence in any religious worship building, whether it is a church or a mosque.  There is nothing wrong in going to church or a mosque to pay your respects to God and to pray.  All holy worship buildings have a healing aspect of them spiritually.

The problem lies in what religion can do to people, what religion has done for humanity in general over the centuries.  It can cause separation and division among people with different faiths and this separation and division is not Oneness with God, Oneness with All.

Any separation and division that occurs is not out of love, which helps fuel anger as one feels that my religion or belief system is better than yours, my religion is more powerful than yours, my religion is the truth and not yours, etc…It causes hurt, pain, criticism and judgment and literally causes holy wars between the masses as the division and separation increases.

That is the problem with religion.  How many wars have been fought over the centuries about religion?  How many souls have been lost in battles over religion?  And who is the winner?  Is there a winner?  Killing others because they have a different belief system about religion or God is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated.  It is not out of love and certainly not approved and accepted by God.

Neither is it acceptable to tell someone that their religion is wrong, or that their belief system is wrong, or that they are wrong in practicing that faith.  You are not here to judge or criticize others about their religious belief systems.  You are not here to tell others that they are wrong about their religious belief systems.  You are not here to convert others to your belief system.

This applies whether you are friends, strangers, or close family members.  This is again division and separation and causes anger and hurt feelings and is not of Oneness and love.  This causes people to be separated and divided from each other.

Separation and Division is not Oneness.  If your son wants to be a Muslim and you are a Catholic, honor him for his choice and not condemn him.  If your son does not want to go to church, honor him for his choice and not condemn him.  If your son does not want to teach his own kids about religion, or take them to church, honor him for his choice and not condemn him.

Do not condemn, do not criticize, do not get mad, especially if you do not agree with these choices that the soul is making.    Honor the choice the person has made in their spiritual growth.  One person’s decision may be viewed differently as yours.  That is OK.  You are not here to control and change the world to your thinking, even if you feel you are correct.  Let each soul make their own decisions about religion and spirituality.

God will not condemn them for their choice, so why should you? God loves them, and so should you.  We are all God’s children and as children we are all learning so respect the other person as a fellow classmate who is also learning.

Again, there is nothing wrong with religion, regardless of what faith you have.  You can be Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc.  We are all beings of One God.  Honor the person that has a different religion than your religion.  Do not think that the person with a different religion is not as good as you just because they have a different religious belief system.

There are many millions and billions of souls who have different religious faiths who are good people.  They love from within!  That is the key.  They love themselves, their families, and others and are good people who have a good and caring heart.

If you have these characteristics, it matters not what your religion is.  Remember that God is everywhere, and most importantly God is always in your heart.  You can always find God there.  It matters not what religion you believe in.  The fact that matters is that you have love in your heart and that you have God in your heart.  You have God in your heart when you love yourself, your family and others and if you have a good and caring heart.

There are also many millions of people who also do not believe in God or in religion.  These people may also have love in their hearts and God resides in their hearts as well.  God does not turn anybody away, regardless of what they believe in or not believe in.

You see, you do not need religion to have God in your heart.  God loves you regardless and God always resides in you.  Being Catholic or any other denomination will not change God’s love or degree of God’s love for you.  God does not say I will love Catholics more or Jewish people or Muslim people more.  God does not pick and choose one religion over another.  So why should you?  Remember that religion is created by man, not God.

It can create separation and division between people.  This is not acceptable.  Yes, there are holy books like the Koran and the Bible.  There is nothing wrong with reading these books and following their teachings.  However, be careful when something does not resonate with you.  Be careful when someone tells you that if you do not do something from a religious perspective that God will punish you.  That is simply not true.

Be careful when someone tells you that if you do not do this or that from a religious standpoint that you will be a sinner and God will be mad.  Religion can instill fear in people.  Fear is also a low vibration and not etherically clean for you.  Fearing God or that you will go to hell if you sin is not out of love.  If you sin, you create karma that will need to be paid back, but you will not go to a fiery hell.

God does not punish, and God will not condemn you to hell if you are not part of one religion or follow their precepts.   Hell is also man-made, just like religion.  The thought of hell instills fear in man, which is not out of love and cannot be accepted.  God loves all of us and God will not send us to perish for eternity in a place that is filled with fire where we burn.

This is absurd and is simply not true.  God loves you, just as you love your own children.  Would you send your own children to a fiery hell to burn for eternity?  Of course, not!  Hell is a term that is used to describe what we experience when we make poor choices affecting others.  It is the karma that we reap and sow.  When you do something that is bad, whether criticizing, judging, hurting feeling with words, it will come back to you as karma.

That karma can be viewed as your hell as it is unpleasant.  And your higher self, which is your higher you, decides how to repay that karma.

So whether you are religious or not, it does not matter.  If you are religious, it also does not matter what religion you belong to.  What matters is that you are a good person.  What matters is that you are kind, compassionate, and have love in your heart.  What matters is that you do not hurt other people or animals or any of God’s creatures and souls physically or with your criticizing and judgmental comments.

What matters is that you help others when they need help.  What matters is that you love every being and soul on Mother Earth.  What matters is that you forgive yourself when you feel you have done something wrong.  What matters is that you forgive others that have done something wrong to you.  And what matters is that you treat every person as you would like to be treated.

By doing these things, you are demonstrating your spirituality and your Divine spark of God by your actions through your love.   So keep shining that Spark of God that you are!!”


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  1. Hello, Andy, Thank you for your wonderful information on Religion and Spiriturality, you exlpained it so Beautifully, It is very helpful, I have been trying to work with skyde, to see if I can get you on, I am not very experienced with it, But when I put your email address in your picture came up, I would like to ask you when would be a good time for us to connect for a healing, I will do my best to get on skyde, Hope all is well for you, and I will look forward in hearing back from you soon, Blessings, Janette.


  2. Andrew.. I just LOVED THIS POST !!! We all must know that we are ONE under ONE GOD..!!!
    Have a blessed day full of Love and Light !!!


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