Your Attitude Creates Your Reality

How is Your Attitude…

Here is a channeling from my higher self regarding changes that we all need to make in our lives to create our realities.  I hope you enjoy the posting…

“When you show and feel gratitude in your heart, your life changes for the better.  You become happier and you will lift up your consciousness and energy level.  You will be more energetic, you will have more joy, and you will attract more wonderful and positive things in your life.  Like does attract like.

The Universe will give you more of what you are feeling, and more of what you are thinking, and more of what you are desiring.  So if you think that you are unworthy, you will attract situations that make you feel even more unworthy.  If you think and feel that you are stuck in a rut, you will continue to be stuck in that rut.  It is the attitude that must change.  It must change from a negative attitude to a positive attitude.

The Universe is precise and you are co-creators of your own reality.  You are creating your reality by your thoughts, your feelings and your actions towards yourself and towards others.  Even more so now with the energies being increased to Earth as ascension is upon us.  You must now be very careful with what you are saying, thinking, feeling and doing as these things will manifest for you more quickly.

If you are not feeling well and think that you are sick, then you will become sick.  If you feel that you need a gun to defend yourself, then someone probably will break into your home and that gun will be used as you are feeling fearful for your safety.  You are sending out these thoughts and feelings into the universe and they will manifest for you.

So, if you want your life to become better and happier and less stressful, send out happy thoughts and happy things will come into your life.  Again, the thoughts you have and the feelings you have will manifest in your outside world for you to learn and to experience from.  Why not set up happy lessons and not difficult ones?  You can learn the same lessons with both.

And gratitude is so important.  Be thankful for everything in your life.  Instead of being upset that you have a poor job that you hate, be happy that you have a job at all.  Be happy that you have food to eat.  Be happy that you have the air to breathe.  Be happy for all the wonderful greenery that Earth provides for you.  Be happy and grateful for all the animals around you.

Be happy for the birds that sing to you.  When you shift your perception and show gratitude for everything that you have, you will co-create a different reality for yourself.

Earth is a school of learning and not everyone that wants to be here to learn can be here.  Did you know that there are 7+ billion souls on Earth right now, and there is a huge waiting list of souls that wanted to come to Earth at this time?  Why?  To Ascend!  That is why you are here.  You are here to release all the bad, the negativity, the hurt, the pain, once and for all.

You are here to release all the attachments and all the things that do not serve your highest and best good.  No more reincarnations; no more having to relearn the same thing over again that you did not learn in the last lifetime.  Immortality is waiting for you!  It has always been there but you are now just re-remembering it.

It is an opportunity to remove and release all of your karma once and for all, permanently!  You are given a gift from God.  Show God your gratitude for God’s love for you.  Show God your respect.  Love God and God’s souls on this planet.  Honor yourself and the souls all around you.

Their lives are not easy either.  This is your hardest lifetime as it is theirs.  You are growing and releasing so much now and at such a fast pace.  Be happy for this release.  The harder life may seem to you, the more you may be releasing.  This is a good thing.

So enjoy this life, even though it may seem like it is difficult.  Flow in that river that life gives you and let the river take you where it is going.  Enjoy the views along the way.  When a bad situation comes across your life, ask yourself “What is the lesson here? Why am I in this situation now?  What am I to learn?”  Be calm and think.  Do not respond negatively or with anger!

There is a lesson to be learned from every NOW moment so that you can release what is to be released that needs to be released.  You cannot take anything bad with you to the higher dimensions with your ascension.  You cannot contaminate the One Consciousness with your dirt and baggage when you go up in dimensions and consciousness.  Only take the lessons that you learned.  Leave the rest behind.  Leave your ego behind.

Thank it for all the lessons it has given you.  If you want to have a better life, start from within.  Look within.  Show gratitude and things will change for you.  Remember that all of this is an illusion.  You are not your body.

Remember who you are and awaken to your co-creator God Self that you are; Your Mighty I AM PRESENCE.  When you die, what is left?  Your physical body is no longer there.  So what is left when you die?  I AM.  When you walk, what are you doing?  I AM walking.  What is being moved while you walk?

Your body is being moved.  You are not the body.  Who is moving the body causing it to walk? I AM.  The body is what is being moved when you walk, but I AM is the mover of that body.  Reconnect with your Mighty I AM Presence.

Remember that life is what you make it to be.  Which path will you take?  Will you be sad and negative and blame everyone for your problems or will you look within and start to manifest other more wonderful things in your life?   Always be filled with joy and happiness, no matter what circumstance you feel you are in, good or bad.  If you do not like the circumstance you are in, then you need to change it.

Ask what lessons are you to learn from the circumstances and move on.  Do not dwell in pity and sadness and depression or fear.  If someone is hurting you, leave them and love them from a far and bless them for the lesson they have taught you.  Do not allow others who are negative and mean and criticizing to drain your energies.  You are so blessed to be here in these ascension times, especially during a double dimensional shift.

Have gratitude for being here and have gratitude for everything that is here for you.  Smile more.  Go out and feed the ducks at your local park, go lay under a tree, even better, go kiss the tree, go volunteer in an elementary school for an hour and see the children’s faces.  There are so many wonderful things you can do to lift up your spirits and your consciousness / energy level.

And most importantly, have that gratitude in your heart.  Understand the lessons that were needed to be learned and if you did something that was bad, ask for forgiveness after you learned the lesson and just release it into the light and move on.

Do not dwell on this or the past.  There are so many other new experiences to learn, more people to meet, more friends to find.  Life is beautiful and so rewarding.  And time is moving so fast now.  Enjoy it more, especially at these times.  Watch the sunsets and look at the stars and bless them.  Bless your food.  Bless everything and everyone.

You really are so blessed and lucky to be here at this time.  The energies are flowing from God into your soul at an immense pace at this time.  Breathe them in and thank God for God’s blessings.  God is here for you and waiting for you to reconnect.  When you take one step forward to reconnect with God, God takes two steps.  How many steps will you take?

But do not take backwards steps.  Thank the angels and Arch Angels and all the Masters for what they are doing.  You have so much help and guidance at these times, in this NOW.

This is a collective ascension effort and every person has an important role.  Your role is to ascend and to release all the bad things that no longer serve you and to spread your light and it starts with gratitude.  It starts with YOU!  You are a Lightworker!  So go and spread that light and smile at the next person you see.  Honor them and watch how they respond to your smile.

You do not walk in their shoes.  Maybe their son died yesterday and they are sad and your smile gives them hope, that spark that they need to find their God Spark, their I AM Presence.  What a gift you may have given them with just your smile.  How many times have others lifted you up with their smile.  Return the favor and smile at yourself as we are all One Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness!  Help other people when they need help.

Love yourself and others.  Just release it all into the light and love, love, love.  You are already ascended!”


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  1. Hi Andy thanks for your really grounded practical’s really helpful to have the basic metaphysical principles outlined so clearly.So I guess if your not liking what’s going on outside,check out what’s going on inside. Thanks again for wonderful healing the energies that came thru were really beautiful .I’m still integrating,so will let you know what shifts occur in this dynamic which has been challenging me much love and gratitude Alexandra


  2. Hello, Andy, Thank you from my heart to your heart for your wonderful sharing and reminder, how important Gratitude is, Looking forward to connecting this evening, have a magical day, Love and Blessings, Janette.


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