How to Release and Move Forward

Let it all go…

A lot of people have been asking me how to release the pain and suffering that they are holding on to.  It seems hard to let go when there is so much pain from words or actions of others.

This is a message from my Higher Self that discusses how to permanently release all of this.  I hope you enjoy it.

“A lot of people have so many things that are coming up now for release.  This is a culmination or sum of all your prior lifetimes that have not been resolved in past lifetimes that need to be resolved now.  Issues are coming up that are affecting people in so many ways.

There are lots of people who are angry, there are lots of people who are getting divorced and there are lots of people do not know why they have so much negativity within them or around them.  It seems like their world is crumbling down on them and they cannot catch a break.

Anxiety and depression and fear seem to be taking over their lives, financially, emotionally, physically and mentally.  Stress seems to be everywhere for so many as the loving energies are bombarding Earth at this time.

Remember that you chose to be here at these shifting ascension times.  There are more people on earth now than ever before, and this is all by choice.  Your choice!  You chose to release all of these things from this lifetime and past lifetimes once and for all.  Why?  To Ascend!

You decided that you no longer wanted to reincarnate again.  You decided that you wanted to graduate from this Earth School and be immortal as a multidimensional being living in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

So consider this lifetime your final exam on Mother Earth.  But do not worry, you are prepared and you have studied in your past lifetimes and you are now in the midst of taking this final exam.  It is a long exam, is it not?  And the questions are not easy.  The questions are in the form of situations that you experience in life.  Good, bad or ugly.

So how do you pass this life exam?  You pass it by releasing all of the things that do not serve your highest and best good and forgive others and yourself and live in love.  You pass when you ascend.  And you ascend when you are clean and when you have no more items that will contaminate the One Consciousness that you are part of.

But so many people do not know how to release all of this contamination, all of this diseased energy, all of this pain, this hurt, this anger.  So many people are carrying past hurt and anger with them.  You cannot do this.

Remember that you are the creators of your own environment.  What you feel, think, or do will manifest for you in your reality.  If you keep holding on to the pain and suffering and anger, you will not move forwards.  You will continue to be angered and in pain and in suffering.  The universe is always in flex, it is always moving and is precise.

You have to move with it.  If you do not release this pain, this anger, these hurt feelings, you will be stuck in this mud while everyone and everything passes you by.  So how do you release this and get out of the mud?

Here is what you do to release.  Get out two pieces of paper.  On the first piece, write at the top “Tough Experiences” and on the second write “Lessons Learned.”  Sit down quietly with the intention to reflect upon your life.  Think back as far back as you can when you were a child.  Then start thinking up each year-what happened each year in your life.  Think hard.

Who hurt you, physically or emotionally or mentally?  Who lied to you?  Who stole from you?  Who cheated on you?  Who did what to upset you?  What happened that was bad?  What was that bad experience?  As you think about what happened in your life and who did what to you, write all of this down in the “Tough Experiences” paper.  Number these items down from one down to 10, maybe 20, maybe 1,000 for some.  It matters not.

The more detailed the better.  Keep writing this down.  It may take more than one page, it may take several.  It may take a notebook.  It may take a few weeks to do this.  Just keep writing all of this down – names, events, who, what, where, when, why, the pain you suffered, the negativity, all of it – how you felt.  Write all of this down.  Buy more paper if needed.

Once you have written all of this down and you are certain that you have written everything down that has affected you, all the pain and hurt, take out the other sheet of paper, the “Lessons Learned” sheet.  Number this sheet down from one down as well.  On this sheet of paper, write down the thing that you learned from each of those lessons you identified in the “Tough Experiences” sheets.  Think hard about the lesson learned.  Everything has a lesson to be learned.

For example, if someone cheated on you and this was written down on your tough experiences list, then on the lessons learned list write down what you learned from that experience.  Keep all emotions out of this.  Do not be mad at the person who cheated on you but think about what that cheating has taught you.  Did you learn to be more independent, more financially responsible, more guarded?  There is no right or wrong answer.

These are your lessons to learn to help you grow and develop.  Think back and go over each item you included in the tough experiences sheet and now write down on the lessons learned sheet the lessons you learned from each of these experiences.

You see, you are learning and growing in every moment of your life in this NOW.  Every moment and experience is another question in that final exam.  This is a way for you to pass that exam.

Once you have written down all of the lessons you have learned from all the tough experiences you have experienced in your life, you can release this tough experiences list permanently and keep the lessons learned list.  Now, to release this tough experiences list, go outside and get a match or a lighter.

Bless the people and the things that happened in your life that have taught you these lessons and experiences and set the intention to release these PERMANENTLY from your being.

While holding this tough experiences list in your hands, say “I release you permanently from my life and I forgive you for any pain you caused me and I ask for your forgiveness for any pain I caused you.”  Say this three times and include all the people who were involved that were in that list.  Mean it when you say it, with all your being, with all of your intention – feel it.

Have tears roll down your face as you are saying this.  Give it a good cry!  Then burn that tough experiences list, those papers, that notebook.  As it is burning say “Arch Angel Michael, I now ask that you sever any cords with these items in my life permanently with your sword of truth.”  Watch the sheets burn and smile.  See how you feel.  As you are doing this you will have goose bumps on your body.  You will feel lighter, you will be happier; your karma with respect to these items and people will be released.

Fire has an energy transmutation effect.  These things will no longer be a part of your life.  It is the intention that counts.  Have the intention to get out of the mud!

But you have to be ready and willing to let them go.  You cannot be bitter or have revenge in your mind or still be upset.  LET IT GO!!  You must let it go to graduate as you cannot take this with you when you ascend.  Your soul will not be cleansed and you will have a hard time passing through the ascension gates.  You have time to do this.

There is no timeframe to get this done.  Everyone is on a different pathway and at their own speed.  God loves everyone and NOBODY gets left behind.  This is part of your life path.  You are here to ascend and you cannot ascend until you do this.

There is no need to have anger or bitterness in your heart towards others.  Let it go.  There is no need to be mad anymore at anyone.  Let it go.  There is no need to want to have any revenge for any hurt someone has caused you.  Let it go.  Let it all go.  Release it all to the light, to God as it all burns away from your life.  Watch it burn and smile.

You are that powerful and nobody and nothing can affect your light!  Nobody can control or manipulate you!  You are a magnificent co-creator!  Create your own reality.  Your new life and new world is waiting for you.  It is here.  It is waiting for you to cross through it.  Cross through to the Oneness, the Christ Consciousness, to unity and to love.

What good is holding on to the pain that someone caused you?  After you are done being angry, hurt and mad, take a breath and release it.  Learn the lesson as it made you so much stronger as you have grown so much because of it.  You will never have that same lesson given to you once you learn that lesson.  So learn it once and never have to learn it again.

Love the person that has taught you that lesson, and love the lesson you learned from it.  Forgiveness is key.  You must forgive yourself and the person that gave you the lesson.  Throw away the bad stuff associated with it.  Tell your ego thank you but no thank you and move on.

If something new in the future comes up, again write it down, write the lesson, and burn the bad stuff into the light and cherish the lesson, cherish the soul that gave you that lesson.  The harder and more painful the lesson, the more your growth is.  This is a good thing.  So be proud, release and ascend.  Your final exam is almost complete.  Pat yourself on the back for receiving an A in the classrooms on Mother Earth.  You earned it!!”


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  1. A wonderful easy lesson to do… I did it..and it was outrageous…!! Thanks for another great post …Love and Light my dear Andrew


  2. Hello Andrew,

    I would like to say thank you (and your Higher Self) for posting and sharing these great lessons with us! I always get excited when I see you update a new post. It’s because I can learn so much things that I’ve never learnt from schools, colleges, universities, (and maybe religions?). I really like the way your Higher Self educated us these teachings with detailed explanations and examples. I deeply appreciated your effort to post these awesome posts! Cheers~


  3. Hi Andy, Thank you once again for your time and sharing, It is grately appreicated, Love and Blessings, Janette.


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