Negative Thought Entities

Watch Your Thoughts and Feelings…

“Be very careful with your thoughts and with your feelings.  Do not be mad, angry, critical, judgmental or negative in what you feel and what you think, regardless of what is happening around you.

Understand that there are living psychic thought entities or beings which are created whenever you are emotionally feeling something or thinking of something, regardless of what it is that you are feeling or thinking, and regardless of whether is good or bad.

Yes, every single thought that you have creates a living psychic being.  And every single feeling that you have creates these psychic thought entities as well.  So be very careful with your thoughts and your feelings as these beings may influence you and other people negatively or positively, depending on your thoughts or feelings.

It makes sense to have positive thoughts and positive feelings not negative thoughts and negative feelings as negative thoughts and negative feelings will have a negative effect on you and others whereas positive thoughts and positive feelings will have a positive effect on you and others.

So what happens when you have a bad or upsetting experience or a traumatic experience in your life?  These experiences are part of our lessons and are sometimes unavoidable.  Say someone did or said something to you that really made you mad.  They really got under your skin and pushed your buttons and totally frustrated you.  This happens to a lot of people.

Please be advised that when this experience occurs and you respond with a negative emotion like anger, frustration, hatred or think or feel with these emotions in any way about the person or that situation, psychic traumatic energies are created.

These energies are based on your thoughts and feelings which are then lodged in your chakras which may, in the long run, manifest as various phobias or stress depending on the bad event and your response to this event.  These psychic traumatic energies have certain degrees of consciousness and are called traumatic thought entities or beings.  They are real!  And your anger, negative thoughts and feelings feed these psychic energy beings.

Any phobia that you may have is basically traumatic fear energy or “fear” thought entities that are lodged in certain chakras of your body.  And any bad experience that you may have experienced in your life may produce repeated thoughts of insecurity, futility, poor self-esteem, or fear.  It is so important that you not think negatively or have negative thoughts or feel negative or have negative feelings for a prolonged period of time.

If you do have these thoughts and feelings, then this may produce for you negative thought entities that have strong inhibiting effects, which may turn into severe depression or anger for you in the long run.  Your thoughts and how you feel constantly create your reality.  If you want happiness in your life, think happy thoughts.  If you want sadness and anger in your life, have angry and sad thoughts.  It is your choice.

Please do not blame someone else for your emotions.  Do not say or feel that someone else made you say something or made you react in a certain way, or that it was their fault.  Remember that every situation is a lesson.  The lesson just may be that you realize that the situation is a lesson and then light bulb goes off and you think “ah, there is a lesson to be learned.  What is the lesson?  I am calm and I am not mad or angry.”  You need to master your emotions in these times as more energy is flooding Mother Earth at these times.

Also, please understand that there is an energy protective web, which acts like a filter that protects you from negative outside influences, which is located at the back of each of your chakras near the surface of your body.  Each of your chakras has this filter.  If you have negative thoughts, if you are mad, if you are upset and if you feel these emotions, then this web can get cracked or punctured after a while, depending on the severity of your emotions.  This is bad and you do not want this to happen as you will then attract negative entities that enter through these holes and cracks in the web.

This will cause you to possibly do terrible things that you would not normally do.  You may act out in rage and anger and hurt a lot of people with your words and words hurt more than physical pain most of the time.  And by doing so, you are creating more karma and it becomes a vicious cycle for you.  This is especially true when you are very angry and mad as the protective webs of certain chakras become ruptured or cracked and the negative entities feed on this, causing you more aggression or more negative thoughts and feelings.

Understand that every moment that anger is expressed, the angry entities are attracted and they attach themselves to you through your ruptured protective webs, if your web is indeed ruptured.  This can make you susceptible to “psychic intrusions” from negative psychic entities affecting your well-being, physically and mentally.  Keep your protective webs secure by keeping your emotions in check.

But if you can’t control your emotions, it can get worse for you.  There are beings known as elementals.  These elemental beings exist in energy form whose consciousness is not fully developed. They are energy parasites that depend on someone that has negative psychic energies for their survival.  To heal that person, the negative elementals have to be disintegrated and removed by cleaning and energizing your chakras.

These thought entities can be lodged in your chakras and the protective webs and they can contain a lot of negative psychic energies.  You do not want these negative energies in your body or in your chakras.  These negative psychic energies could be in the form of phobias, depression, traumatic experiences, obsessive ideas, fear, violence, compulsive behaviors, etc.

You do not want these tendencies to be around you as it will affect your psyche and it will affect the other people in your life in a bad way.  Also, try to stay away from people who have these tendencies.  Love them from a distance.  So stay happy, stay positive and see life for what it really is; an opportunity to grow and develop by learning various lessons at your own pace.

Remember that negative thought forms or entities are repressed bad experiences or accumulated negative thoughts and feelings.  And negative elementals are negative psychic entities that influence a person to behave abnormally.  Don’t let these parasites into your chakras and into your life.  Say “no thank you” and watch your emotions.  Watch your thoughts.  Watch your feelings.  Your body and psyche will thank you.

To reiterate, an elemental is a naturally occurring lower being.  A thought entity is an artificial being that you create by your thoughts and feelings and words.  Both can influence you through cracks or holes in the protective web if you allow the web to be broken by your thoughts and actions. They can cause a lot of problems and disturbances and they are basically etheric parasites.

Stay away from them by watching your emotions and cleansing yourself with the violet flame and meditating regularly.  You can be passionate about something or a cause you believe in, but watch your emotions and how you respond when someone pushes your buttons.

If your protective webs are damaged and open permanently, you will be susceptible to attacks from these negative entities causing you to be constantly bothered, tormented, or influenced by negative thought entities, negative elementals, and negative spirits. You may hear ugly voices, and/or see ugly and scary things.  Remember that these holes or cracks are caused by negative feelings, negative habits and negative thinking.

This is especially so when you are intensely angry as the protective webs of certain chakras are ruptured.  Anger attracts negative elementals of a very violent nature.  They attach themselves to you through the ruptured protective webs. You then become temporarily “possessed” and can do terrible things that you will not normally do.

How long these negative elementals will attach themselves to you depends on your nature and your disposition.  If you are the type who gets intensely angry quite often, then the “possession” could become relatively permanent.  These negative elementals feed on anger or need angry energy to survive and, therefore, will regularly stimulate you to anger, sometimes to rage.  Does reading this make you think twice about being angry?  It should.

How many people do you know that seem to always be angry and controlling and judgmental and critical.  It is their way or the highway.  Stay away from these people and love them from a distance and do not engage in their drama.  And stay away from the elementals and bad thoughts and feelings.  Just stay in Love, Love, and more Love.   You may lose some battles but you will win the war.  But why fight at all?  It is better to be happy than to be right and to be angry, as we are all One Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness!”


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  1. Another great Lesson my dear Andrew… We are and reflect to others what we thought!! Super good lesson… that we must NOT forget..!!! Love and Light


  2. Hello Andrew,

    This post is surely refreshing! I’ve never seen this kind of teachings before. I’m pretty sure this post is very useful to sensitive people. Thanks a lot for posting such a great lesson! Hope to see your next update post. Cheers~


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