Thank You Everyone!

Today is one month since I started this healing website.  I did not know what to expect.  My intention with this website was to try to help people get better, physically, mentally and emotionally through energy healings.

Since I started this website one month ago, I have since performed 46 healing sessions, most of them distant healings in many different countries, and most of them successful.

In addition, as of this writing, I have had 2,777 hits on my web site.  These figures are amazing to me.  I never imagined the response that I received from all of you.  THANK YOU!!!

Also, a special thank you to Meline Lafont  and Isabel Henn  for promoting my posts initially when I first started.  And a special thank you to Becky Devine who got me started in spirituality as well as to Kathy Crosswell who continued with me on my spiritual journey.  And a special thanks to Diana Linden, the Usui Reiki Master, who attuned me to all the energies.  I also want to thank Fran Zepeda who told me who my twin flame was in her beautiful reading. 

Once I found this out, everything opened up for me regarding who I am.  All of these ladies are beautiful beings of light and I am blessed to know them as I am blessed to know all of you.  I have made so many new friendships that I will always cherish.  I am so blessed to be in these consciousness shifting times on beautiful Mother Earth.

I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for following my site and for allowing me to help heal you, regardless of what ailments you may have.  I am honored to know all of you and I am filled with gratitude that you are allowing me to try to help you.  I am including all of the wonderful testimonials that I have received from all of you.

Just scroll down, click on the testimonials link, and take a moment to read them.  These are your words, not mine and I am so happy to have tried to help all of you, regardless of what that help may have been for you.  All of these small miracles did occur.

Healings do work.  They help clean and energize your chakras from diseased energy and negative thought beings and negative elementals that are attached to your chakras.  Healings help eliminate physical or emotional, or psychological pain you may have.  Healings help eliminate stress, irritability, phobias, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, addictions and depression.

Healings help the mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies function harmoniously.  Healings help release past karma as well as other traumas from this or past lifetimes.

With every healing that I do, I ask my spiritual team who is with me during the healing to release all past karma from your life.  Every healing that I do I see you and me walking through the ascension gates as a beautiful karma cleared and happy being of light that you are.

Every healing that I do I ask my spiritual team that you ascend, and I see you ascending through the ascension gates as I lead you through it with all the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels and Lighted Beings watching with honor and respect for you.  This is real and I see this!  And best of all, my healings are free.  I do this out of service to Mother / Father God and out of service to you.  This is part of MY life path, to help you ascend.

Healings are needed now in these times as so much is coming up to the surface for review and release.  It must be cleared and released for you to ascend.  And you are in the middle of clearing and releasing this as is all of humanity.  Just look around your world and you will see all the bad and negativity coming to the surface for release as the third dimension stuff and ego cannot be taken into the higher consciousness.

It cannot contaminate the One Consciousness that we all share.  I am here to try to help you with your clearings and with your release of things you cannot take with you.  You have help!  Do not be afraid or shy to ask.  Also, ask the angels, the arch angels, and all the beings of light and spirit guides for help.  They are there, waiting to help, but you must ask.

In addition, healings do not just affect you personally.  They affect everyone around you, including your friends and family.  When you have a healing, hopefully you will feel better and lighter.  When you feel better, you will hopefully smile more and be in a better mood (not that you weren’t already).  This will be reflected positively with the people you interact with and they will feel better.

This is how you are spreading and shining your light; through your smile and your I AM Presence.  And lightworkers are needed more than ever now to spread their light!  And if you are drawn to this website, chances are you are awakened and you are a Lightworker!  So shine your light.

With that said, please make a healing request from me.  It is free and you will probably feel better and lighter.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  You may have a lot of karma released along with other stuff that you may have been subconsciously holding on to.  You will be lifted up in consciousness and vibration which will allow you to lift others up in vibration and consciousness.

When you feel better, you will shine your light brighter to others who will then shine their light to others and so on.  This is how the collective consciousness will help raise their vibration which is what is needed now as the energies are hitting Mother Earth and all its residents hard and with full force, especially with the Equinox that is now upon us.  There is no other way as the energy floodgates are now fully opened.  But I feel so good and excited about the future!!

Also, please tell others about this website and about the free healings.  There are people you know that need a healing.  Someone may be physically hurt, they may be emotionally hurt.  Anyone can use a healing.  Please note that I cannot guarantee that I will help you.  Someone may have karmic issues that need to be played out.  Someone may have life contract issues that need to be played out.

What I can tell you is that the energies will most likely get to you through the healing and when they do, they will do for you what is in your highest and best good, regardless of what your existing ailments may be.  The energies have their own consciousness and they know what to do as they probably know you better than you know yourself.

So with that said, click HERE for all the healing testimonials.  Please take a moment to read these.  These events and small miracles did happen to these people.  What will your small miracle be?

Love and blessings to all of you…


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  1. Gujarat te have fakt gujtaraio nu hovu joie.khao to gujtarai nu khavdavo to gujtaraine lado to gujarat mate ane maro to gujarat mate.sau gujtarai ek thai chalo gujarat ne fari banaviye keshubhai patel na sath sahkar sathe


  2. Congratulations my dear Andrew.!! You have done an excellent Healing to all who have asked you…I’m sure of that..!! In the name of many… I say Thanks !!!! Your mission is just beginning.. you will be surprised not only for the hits that you see on this web…also for all the help that you have and will brought to All…. Love and Light…!!


  3. Thanks for everything Andy,

    Yes everything is great with us, we are soooo….. excited for the future and all that is about to manifest.

    Have a great now,


  4. Wonderful Andy, I am so glad for your success. Is that only one months since you started your blog? You are doing such an amazing work, you are a special one and I send you my love and my blessings. ❤


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