Your Major Chakras And Their Importance

Your Energy Centers…

Your body has two bodies, the physical body and the etheric body.  The etheric body is the energy body that illuminates the physical body and extends beyond the physical body by about five inches or so.  It also extends inwards.

This is seen as your aura.  Ki energy is the energy that is all around us that keeps the body alive and also keeps the body healthy.  This energy is in the air we breathe, in the ground we walk on and we get it from the sun’s rays.

More importantly, Ki energy is absorbed by the energy centers in our etheric body.  These energy centers are called chakras.  We all have chakras.  When your chakras are out of line, either too much Ki energy or not enough Ki energy (depletion or congestion), or when your chakras are dirty with diseased energy (like attachments, pain, hurt, anger, emotional stuff, etc.), your physical body gets sick.

With energy congestion or depletion, the surrounding chakras are partially or severely blocked.  With energy depletion, your inner aura of the affected part is reduced.  With energy congestion, your inner aura on the affected part is increased and may protrude more than average.  Your aura of your organs (and your body in general) need to have energy balance to be healthy.

With the healings that I do, I clean and energize the chakras, thus allowing you to feel better physically.  So by cleaning and energizing the chakras, you keep your organs and you physical body healthy and happy.  And you avoid going to a doctor.

There are many chakras in your body, some are major and some are minor.  Each is very important to making sure your physical body is properly functioning.  Here are the main chakras:

The Heart Chakra:  There are two heart chakras, one at the front of the heart and one at the back of the heart.  The heart chakra’s role is to energize and control the lungs, the heart, and the thymus gland.  Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the heart chakra include diabetes, high cholesterol, hepatitis, arthritis and other heart ailments.  Keep your heart chakra clean and energized.

The Crown Chakra:  This chakra is on the top of your head.  This chakra energizes and controls the pineal gland and the brain.  When the crown chakra is energized, energy will flow to the other parts of the body, like a funnel.  Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the crown chakra include physical or psychological illnesses and diseases related to the pineal gland and the brain.  Keep your crown chakra clean and energized.

The Basic Chakra:  This chakra is located at the base or end of your spine.  This chakra is very important as it is responsible for your physical well-being and it strengthens and energizes the entire body.  It also affects and energizes all of the organs that are close by and controls your adrenal glands. Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the basic chakra include asthma, cancer, allergies, blood ailments, psychological disorders and back problems.  Keep your basic chakra clean and energized.

The Ajna Chakra:  This chakra is located between your two eyebrows.  This chakra affects the nose, eyes, brain and any other nearby organ.  This is a very important chakra as it controls and energizes the pituitary gland and the brain to a certain degree.  However, it also directs and controls other chakras and their corresponding endocrine glands.

Also, when this chakra is energized, other chakras will light up in a certain sequence as well. Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the ajna chakra include asthma, allergies, cancer and endocrine gland related diseases. Keep your ajna chakra clean and energized.

The Sex Chakra:  This chakra, located in the pubic area, energizes and controls the bladder and your sexual organs.  Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the sex chakra include bladder ailments and sex related problems. Keep your sex chakra clean and energized.

The Throat Chakra:  This chakra is located in your throat area and controls and energizes your throat, and thyroid gland.  Smokers have issues with the throat chakra.  Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the throat chakra include asthma, loss of voice, sore throat and goiter. Keep your throat chakra clean and energized.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:  There is the back and the front solar plexus chakra, but together they are known as the solar plexus chakra.  This chakra is located below the heart chakra.  Your heart is very much affected by the solar plexus chakra.  The solar plexus chakra is an energy clearing center and a lot of energy from the lower chakras passes through the solar plexus before reaching the higher chakras in the body and vice versa.

When your solar plexus chakra is energized, your entire body can be strengthened.  The solar plexus chakra controls and energizes the stomach, the liver, the appendix, the pancreas, the large intestine, the diaphragm and the small intestine.  Diseases due to depletion or congestion or diseased energy in the solar plexus chakra include hepatitis, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, heart ailments and other diseases related to these organs around the solar plexus chakra.  Keep your solar plexus chakra clean and energized.

The Navel Chakra:  This chakra is located on your navel and affects your general vitality.  If this chakra is not functioning properly, it could lead to appendicitis, constipation, difficulty in giving birth and other diseases related to the intestines.  This chakra controls and energizes the appendix, adrenal glands and large and small intestines.  Keep your navel chakra clean and energized.

The Meng Mein Chakra:  This chakra is located at the back of the navel and energizes and controls the blood pressure, the adrenal glands and the kidneys.  This chakra is responsible for the upward flow of energy coming up from the basic chakra.  You could have kidney problems, back problems, low vitality or high blood pressure if this chakra is not functioning correctly.  Keep you Meng Mein chakra clean and energized.

So when you get an energy healing from me, I first clean out all diseased energy from your chakras and then I energize your whole body by energizing your chakras.  Any affected part that you have can be energized directly through the nearest chakra.  This is how you feel better physically.  There is no magic to it.

The magic may be that people do not realize that we have etheric bodies, let alone chakras, so in their minds miracles are performed when they feel better.  They feel better when medical doctors cannot help them as medical doctors are treating the physical body and not the etheric body.

But that is after the fact.  Treating the etheric body first will prevent having to treat the physical body and having to visit a doctor.  Cleansing and energizing your etheric body is very important to maintaining good physical health.

So do not be angry.  Do not be mad.  Do not be jealous.  Do not be critical.  Do not be judgmental.  Do not be negative.  Also, do not have these feelings or thoughts.  Having these feelings or thoughts and/or acting out on them just dirty your chakras and etheric body and will cause you to have problems with your physical body.

Not to mention, you are picking up bad karma that you do not need.  Stay happy, stay in joy, forgive yourself and others, release your past and stay healthy.  Your body will thank you and you will feel so much lighter and you will be so much happier.

The happier you are, the more light you are projecting to others through your smile and your presence and they will then be happier and project that happiness to people in their lives and this has a trickle down effect and it starts with YOU!

So if you want your etheric body and chakras cleaned and energized, please get a healing from me.  I look forward to helping you clean and energize your etheric body and your chakras and organs.  Click HERE if you would like to set up a free one hour energy healing with me.


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  1. Hello Andrew,

    Honestly speaking, it’s my very first time to see someone finally offers “free-online” healing especially to overseas patients. This technique is new to me. And, it’s really nice and generous of you who are willing to take your precious time and effort to do it! So, I really want to say “Keep it Up!” Cheers~ ^___^

    Anyway, I got a question for you. Do you normally feel tired after you do healing?


    1. Mia, thank you so much for the comment. Actually I feel great after each healing because I also get healed when I do a healing. I do not give anyone my energies. If I did this, then I would get tired. What happens is the Divine energy flows through me and into the person getting healed so I get the benefit of these energies as well. Blessings and Love to you Mia…


  2. Oh Andrew.. just what I was reading nowadays..and this is a super great help for those that doesnt know that we have an etheric body… Cleaning and maintaining the chakras help a lot the physical body… Much Love and Light !!!


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