My Higher Self: The Universal Law of Oneness

imagesCA0TDZHPIn the higher dimensions, there is only light and we are all One.  We are all part of Mother/Father God.  This includes everyone and every being on Earth.  It matters not what color your skin is, or what gender you are.  It matters not what country you are from.  It matters not your sexual preference.

It matters not whether you are rich or poor.  It matters not whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or whether you even believe in God.  God believes in you!  It also does not matter whether you are an animal, a tree, a fruit or a vegetable.  All vibrations are beings of God, created by God.

And all beings of God are One with God.  This is the Universal Law of Oneness.  When you understand this, that we are all One, you love everyone.  There is no differentiation between anyone and anything as you are all Divine.  Every creature and anything that lives and moves and breathes and has life is Divine and is part of the Oneness with God.

In the higher dimensions, you do as you would be done by and you treat others as you would want to be treated.  There is no judgment or criticism based on the color of the skin or the nationality of the person or their religious background.

If you are Catholic and you are choking at a restaurant, would you refuse help from a Jewish or Muslim person?  Of course not!  You would want them to help you.  When you see an accident and someone needs help, do you not try and help immediately?  Or do you first ask their religion or sexual preference before helping?  Do you see, subconsciously you know we are all One.

That is why you react with loving kindness when someone needs help, regardless of the color of their skin, their nationality, their race, or their sexual identity or their religion.  You treat others the way you want to be treated and you do to others as you would want to be done to you.  There is no separation in the higher dimensions and subconsciously, you know this.

Always remember that you are the light of the world and absolutely nothing can diminish your light.   Please seek your own light within yourself and look for the light in others. Everyone has the spark of God in them and that light is there.

Life on Earth gives you an illusion that we are separated from God so that you can learn how truly One we are with God and with each other.  That is your lesson on Earth, to find that Oneness with all; to stop the separation and the hatred, the duality thoughts that I am better than you.  3rd Dimensional duality on Earth is a glorious learning experience to expand your light, to expand your I AM Presence.

imagesCAZUKAJYYou shine this bright light by honoring all as part of the Oneness that you are.  You shine it by your example on how you treat others, with your love and compassion and kindness towards all beings so others will see and take note.  In this sense you are teaching others how to shine their light by your example.  The world needs your light right now.

Remember that on Earth we experience light and darkness. That duality that comes from the free will that everyone decided to experience on Earth when you came here.

Do not let fear drive and fuel your ego.  A third dimensional being is afraid of the differences between races, between sexes, or between religions.  When you know we are all One, you honor the differences and you are not afraid of them. You do not kill animals, you do not attack gay people with words of hate or physical violence, you do not put down other religions and people that worship these religions.

This is separation and fear and cannot be taken with you to the higher dimensions in these ascension times.  This is fear and your ego controlling your thoughts based on this fear.  So it is time to stop the hatred and duality as hating others is like hating yourself.

OnenessTo understand Oneness, imagine a beautiful tapestry of glowing colors of interwoven design.   Also imagine that most of the threads are the same but the colors are not the same.  The colors are different. Every different color plays its part. The differences in texture and the differences in the colors of this tapestry is what makes the tapestry of life unique and so exciting.

And who are you in this tapestry?  You are thread in that tapestry.  You are a part of the whole. What happens when a thread of that tapestry gets damaged?

The entire whole of that tapestry is diminished.  The same is true when that thread is enhanced.  If this happens, the entire tapestry is enhanced and is more beautiful.  What do you want to do to the entire tapestry?  Damage it or enhance it?  Every time you get mad at someone, you damage the tapestry.

Every time you call someone names or have negativity or criticism or judgment, you damage the tapestry.  Every time you put someone else down based on the color of their skin, based on their religion, based on their sexuality preference, based on their gender, based on their ethnic origin, you are damaging the tapestry.

However, every time you help someone that needs help, you are enhancing that tapestry.  Every time you smile at someone, or love someone, you are enhancing that tapestry.  You see, whatever you do to another you are ultimately doing to yourself.  Before you do or say anything, ask yourself how you would feel if this was done to you.

Everything that you do for yourself you are doing for the whole, for the Oneness that you are a part of.   Do you see how you are constantly hurting each other with all the drama, the negativity, the name calling, the verbal abuse?  Everyone on this planet is on their own path back to Mother/Father God. You are not here to judge the route another is taking.

Honor and recognize your Divinity!  Honor and recognize everyone’s Divinity!  Your task is to do your best as nobody on Earth is perfect given that Earth is a teaching school.  Please stop criticizing and judging others and yourself.

OneAccepting and honoring everything and everyone and all life beings and their Divinity will allow them to grow and blossom, and so will you.  Be kind to yourself and stop being self-critical when you feel you have made a mistake. Accept everything and everyone as they are, without judgment and criticism. This is what the law of Oneness is about.  Obey the law.

Also, when there are protective barriers that you put up to defend yourself, then this prevents you from being One with others.  It is time to start taking down our separating barriers because if we are closed off from others, then we are closed off from Mother/Father God.  Do you really want this?

Religious dogma creates walls and rigid constructs. This is all coming to an end soon as it cannot resonate with the higher frequencies that are here.  Also, secrets keep us behind walls. But this too is changing as the skeletons are coming out of the closet.  They must as all must come to the surface to be released before you can move to the higher dimensions.

When we are One, walls and barriers are not needed to separate us.  A wall is always dissolved when a secret is revealed but only walls can hide the secrets.  Tear down your walls and start to build bridges.  Understanding the Law of Oneness allows us to create bridges by looking for the commonality in religions, peoples and disputes, not separation, division and criticism. When you hurt any part of God’s creation, you hurt God and you hurt yourself.

Don’t hurt the animals, insects, plants or trees. Everyone is invited to be here on Earth to  learn and to evolve. They are part of the Oneness as well. Act with harmlessness and loving kindness. When you understand the Spiritual Law of Oneness, you accept your own Divinity, your mighty I AM Presence, and your shining light.  And then you start to listen closely to your intuition for answers, and not externally from the outside. And that is when you become a co-creator with God.

So be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others, do not judge, do not criticize and love all beings on this Earth.  Honor them for all their lessons and help anyone whenever you can.  Smile a lot and show off your light and develop that tapestry.  You are so needed in these changing shifting times.  Your light is that great!  Be One with All.


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  1. Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for sharing more lessons with us! They did help us a lot! I always keep reading your posts repeatedly to get more insights or to remind me.

    By the way, do you mind sharing with us on how to see our aura color (what color means) and how to do meditation or how to connect with beings from Higher Dimensions? Does everyone has their own Higher Self? Does our Higher Self come from the future to give us some hints and encouragement? I’m so sorry for asking so many questions…

    I know there’re lots of information on internet. But, I really prefer hearing your (or your Higher Self) own teachings on these topics. I’m sure many other people are also interested to read them to further their spiritual development. Thanks again for taking your time to read this long message! I really appreciated it. Cheers!


    1. Mia, thank you so much for your message. To see your own aura, click on this link. Becky Devine is the spiritual advisor that started me on my spiritual path. This link is a YouTube video from her. There are 4 parts to this aura seeing. I totally trust Becky. She has so many videos that talk about all of the questions you asked. They have all helped me so much and I know they will help you as well. Everyone does have a higher self. Blessings and love to you Mia…


  2. Hi Andy, Thank you again for all your wonderful knowledge and wisdom that you are shareing with all of us, at this very exciting time on Planet Earth, Also very challening for many of us as we learn to release, old believes and patterns, from this life time and many past lifes, and go within to re connect with our God Self. I feel so blessed to have found your website as it is so helpful to share and help one another during this very transitonally time on planet earth. You are such an example to all of us, As you share your Love and Time in helping us to move through this energy and remember who we are. I look forward in connecting with you soon, Sending you and all your loved ones, Much Love and Wonderful Blessings for a Happy, Peaceful and Loving Easter, Janette.


  3. We Are ALL ONE!!! .. A Big Huge Message to the World… and so so easy ….You are my dear Andy… Blessed and more loved … You are very special…. Sending you more love and light…


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