My Higher Self: The Universal Law of Healing

HealingHealing is such a very powerful and high frequency.  Healing does work.

Being sick and having bad health is a lower vibration and a healing can take place as light can transmute these lower vibrations.  More light is brought to the sick person as healing raises the frequency of the sick person.  If the healing is to be successful, the healer’s light needs to be higher than the light of the person being healed.

In addition, the person being healed must agree to the healing.  Dedicated healers attune themselves to the Divine through personal development, rightful living and spiritual practice.

When this occurs, the healer can properly channel very high-frequency energy, which will flow through their crown chakra and which will then flow through their body and their cells and into your body as the person being healed.  This does not matter whether it is a distant healing, or a healing done in person.  In addition, when a healer is a clear channel, many different miracles can take place for you and your soul will use the healing where it is needed the most.  Your physical ailments may go away.  Your physical pain may go away.

You may have more clarity in your life and be guided towards your next step in your life plan.  You may feel happier or calmer or accept more patience to cope with your illness.  The energy will do for you what is in your highest and best good as these energies know you better than you know yourself.

When a healing occurs, it takes place at some level.  A healing can only do good things for you.

You can also heal yourself when you raise your consciousness vibrations.  All lower vibrations are consumed by higher vibrations.  Dancing, laughing, love, and joy are all higher vibrations.  The happier you are, the more you laugh, the more healed you will be.  Also, crying and forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others releases karma and allows you to be healed.

Forgive anyone who has hurt you and do not hold grudges.  Do not hold on to the past.  Let it go, let it go!

The healer should not desire you to get better, as this forms an attachment. No attachments are created during a healing between the healer and the person being healed.  The healer must remove any cords, thus allowing you to make your own free choices.  The healer does not decide what is for your highest good when giving a healing.  Your higher self / soul decides this.

The healer must also ask for your consent before interfering with your energy, as your energy is your own private personal place and space.   The healer cannot give you a healing unless you agree to the healing.  Sometimes the healing does not work.  Sometimes nothing happens and the person who received the healing is discouraged.  There may be reasons for this.

One reason is that the illness maybe serving you in some way even though you may be upset about it.  Look inside and find the lesson it is teaching you.  In addition, the illness may be karma related and if you have not yet learned the lesson it offers, you may not be ready to be healed.   You must learn the lesson first.  This may take time and you many not be ready to be healed.

As such, it may not be the right time for you to be healed, and you soul will know this.  If you are not healed by the healer, look inside and ask your guides and angels what additional lessons need to be learned before the healing can occur.  You may also have life contract(s) that you agreed to make before incarnating in this lifetime that need to be played out before you get healed.

Thus, it may not be time for you to be healed.  Again, ask your guides and angels, go inside and meditate to receive guidance.  Fulfill these contracts and try to get healed again.

Also, love is a very high-frequency energy, which keeps your body flowing and clear and cleansed.  Your body is like a river of energy, which flows unless it is blocked up.  Keep your body unblocked of clutter and debris.  Lower vibrations such as fear, unexpressed grief, hurt, anger or jealousy cause blocks the flow of this energy.

If you open the flood gates and send a rush of water down the river, it clears any blockage and washes it out into the ocean.  That is the effect of a flow of Divine healing energy. When stuck, blocked energy that caused your disease is transmuted by the high frequency healing Divine energy that flows through your body, a healing takes place.

Please understand that light is energy and that everything is light. The energy of your consciousness builds your physical body.  And please note that this is done by the consciousness of your soul over many lifetimes, not just one lifetime.  You are all here to experience life in a human body and you are all here to learn and grow.

You are all here to learn, to develop and to grow spiritually.  Also, certain physical choices are made by your soul before birth and may appear as physical limitations. These are also choices done to help your spiritual growth and development.  Your personality or lower self makes other choices moment by moment.

Love and fear are the only two basic emotions on Earth.  When you resist your chosen experiences through fear, you create blocks in your spiritual, emotional or mental bodies which will manifest into physical disease, illness and pain.

Remove all of your fears and just accept and flow with love.  Do not be upset that you are in the position that you are in.  There is always a lesson to be learned in your position, even if you are not happy in your position.

Inflexible, mental attitudes and beliefs also cause a lot of stress and tension. And if you hold an organ or body part in tension long enough something physical manifests and your physical body will tell you.  Suppressed or denied emotions will sit within the body until they express themselves as physical illness.  These have to come out.

Do not have suppressed or denied emotions.  Do not hold stuff inside that has caused you pain.  When you refuse to acknowledge your spiritual self and your own magnificence, your Mighty I Am Presence, you cut off the supply of Divine energy and your physical body withers.

Remember that all bad health is caused by stuck and blocked energy.   When you are happy and flowing with love, the cells in your body respond by being healthy.

The best way to be healthy is to be happy.  This is the best self-healing that you can have.  And you can be happy by going within to find the lesson that every moment in your life is teaching you and learning and accepting that lesson, and then just moving on.

Holding onto the past and to hurt feelings and not forgiving yourself and others causes stuck energy to manifest and causes you to be physically ill, as your chakras are then not functioning properly causing them to be closed off.  This may cause you to see a doctor which may cause more stress.  Remove your stress and heal yourself.

Be happy, laugh a lot, make peace with people who have hurt you, people who you have hurt, release the pain and the past, and just let it all go.  Thank the people and the situations for all of the lessons you have learned.  You can’t take it with you when you ascend.  So just release it all and stay in a blissful state.  Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!


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  1. Andy, I have a question when you perform a healing session! Do you ask on soul level before you give a healing. So you know if there are no karma or life lessons in your way? The post is awesome and it resonates with me. Have a great weekend with you family Andy.


    1. Badeem, I always ask the the person I am healing for permission to perform the healing as I cannot force any energy on them without their consent. Sometimes a person does not get healed. If this is the case, then life lessons or karma are involved. But I do not ask the soul when I am asking the person, I just ask the person. By me asking the person, their soul already knows. The olny time I ask the soul is if the person is in a coma or something and the person does not know the healing is taking place, thus they cannot consent. And it is not even me asking the soul for permission. I will tell the soul that I am performing the healing as a courtesey. The soul will know and decide whether to accept the healing based on karma or life lessons. I hope this helps. Blessings and love to you Badeem…


  2. Another great lesson that we must do and repeat several times until we are clear and ready to heal ourselves in order to hear others who need it…. Lot of love and light my dear friend…


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