How To See Your Aura

AuraA lot of people have been asking me how to see their aura.  Seeing your aura is not that difficult.  However, it does take practice and determination.  You may not see it the first time.  The best was to see your aura is by looking in the mirror at yourself.

But it is more than just looking in the mirror.  This posting will tell you what you need to do to see your aura.

It will also allow you to not just see your aura; it will help your psychic vision and make you more spiritual.  In addition, it will help you go back to past lives and see yourself and your past lives and it will help you see your guardian angels and your spirit guide.

So this post is about seeing your aura in a mirror.  You need to get in front of a mirror.  Find a mirror in your home that you do not use every day for daily cleaning stuff. Like brushing your teeth, combing your hair, putting on makeup, etc…  The mirror will reflect to you what your aura looks like.  Once you have this mirror, dedicate it to your spiritual work.  When you use this mirror, you may see more than your aura.

You may see angels and spirit guides.  You may see different faces and shapes and different places.  When I started doing this a while back, the mirror would be a television set for me.  I would look in the mirror and instead of seeing things that are behind me, I would see places and things that were outside, in different homes, etc.  The face I was looking at started to change and it was not me; not me in THIS lifetime.

But it was me; it was me in another lifetime.  All the faces and places looked familiar to me, as if I knew who they were and where they were.  It is really amazing.

So make sure that your angels are with you when you set the intention of looking in the mirror to see your aura.  The mirror is a portal so many beings can come through this portal and they can make you believe that what you are looking at is an angel but what you may actually be looking at is not an angel or you may see something scary.

You need to have the protection of the angels with you.  Also, spend only a few minutes a day at any one time when you practice as your eyes will get watery after 10 minutes or so.  Just spend a few minutes at a time with this.  Basically, this is a staring technique that you will be doing.  Look at your eyes in the mirror and focus on yourself in the mirror.

Ask the angels to help you see your aura and make sure that you are not disturbed and are not interrupted during this practice.  Focus your attention on the center of your eyes, on your third eye chakra, the area between your eyebrows.  Just look there.

As you do this, you may get a beautiful white haze around your head and shoulders.  Blur your eyes a bit while you are looking in the mirror and sense the outline of your body and slowly you should start to see colors changing.  This is your aura, the wonderful energy field that is surrounding you.  Don’t worry if you do not see this at first.  Just keep trying.

Remember to only do this a couple of minutes at a time as your eyes will get blurry.  With practice, you should see your aura.  Then ask the angels to show themselves as they are near you.  Now look for another color that may be floating across your eyes.  It will not be an angel with wings standing next to you.  Subtly sense these things-feel them-by doing this, you will be able to access past lives that you had.  You may see your face change to who you used to be, like I did.

This can open up for you, then you can connect better and you will know and feel that it is real as you will see it, and you will feel it.  You need to experience it yourself for the true realization for yourself.  Once this happens for you, then you will get more feedback from your angels with this new anticipation and excitement.  This is precisely how I got started.

Please note that you may be frightened and you will most likely see funny faces or scary faces when looking in the mirror.  Do not be scared.  Sometimes, this is easier said than done.  Ask your angels and guides to show themselves to you and set yourself up properly.  It is also important to have a clear quartz crystal with you or a rose lavender crystal (pink colored).

Do circles around your third eye area to clear that area and circles around your head area to clear your mind as well as circles around the top of your head for more clearing.  Do this before looking in the mirror.  When you are doing spiritual work, make sure your chakras and energy centers are clear and holding a crystal and making circles around your chakras with that crystal clears the chakras.  It is a type of self-healing.

Dedicate the crystal to your mirror work, have a quiet place that in uninterrupted, and also burn two candles.  Make sure that the candles are not straight in front the mirror.  Have them sitting on the edge of the mirror, one candle on each side of the mirror.

Then say “Arch Angel Michael, could you please be with me right now.  I’m going to be looking at my aura, I would like to see you guys in the mirror and I’m dedicating this candle to you.  Guardian angels, could I please have your assistance today, and here is a candle for you.”

Ideally, you should be in a circle, your spiritual circle as it will help you to bring in the energies.  But if not, sit calmly and before you look in the mirror, you need to say “Arch Angel Michael, please be with me.  I want to do the mirror technique, and I want to see clearly, please keep any negative energies away from me as I do my work today.”  You may also want to use rose oil or lavender and place it on your forehead to give you a calming feeling.

Most importantly, do not be afraid.  If you are afraid, your fears will be reflected to you.  And you may not be ready to do this.  Please note that you may feel frightened as you may see other faces.  That is OK.  Just observe.  Sometimes your past lives may come out in the mirror.  Remember that all the people who you ever were in past lives are still in your body in this NOW moment.  You are the spirit of your past lives and all the people who you were in your past lives.

So you may see faces of people you were in past lives and they may come through the mirror.  Just observe and do not be scared.  Ask your spirit guide to come on one side of your shoulder and your guardian angel on the other shoulder.  Angels will typically float across your face and these will be different colors while a spirit guide will be seen as a figure.  They will not be scary.

They will be subtle.  Angels know what you are feeling on the inside and they do not want you to be scared.  Thus, your experience should be a subtle experience.  Say “spirit guides, if you are around me, could you please show yourselves to me.”  It may not happen on the first try, but keep trying and build up your confidence.  Also, when you are finished with your mirror work, you are emanating a lot of energy and there is so much energy around you and so you may feel a bit dizzy or that you are drained of energy.

So use your crystal to get reenergized. It will help keep your energy radiating at a higher energy level.  Asking for protection from Arch Angel Michael means that nothing can penetrate your energy field.  You are protected.  Please note that because you are spiritual and an open channel you are radiating this light and entities and beings that are not of the light will be attracted to you as well.  They will see your light and will want help and they will come to you.

Any entity can come to you in disguise.  An entity can come to you however they choose to come to you.  So it is even more important to protect yourself with Arch Angel Michael.  If you are scared, it may not be time for you to do this.  So you have Arch Angel Michael with you and say “I am doing this mirror technique, I dedicate this candle to you and I want this experience to be peaceful and I do not want to see anything that is scary and that only loving things to come forward.”

When looking in the mirror you should see white straight away.  Remember that nothing can get or harm you, or possess you, unless you say “yes please.”  You need to give permission to anyone taking over your body or to come through a portal.  Nobody will come and grab you and pull you into the mirror.  So eliminate your fear and have a happy experience.

Also, if you can’t see your aura that well, stand where there is a white background behind you.  Good luck with your spirituality growth.  It is a wonderful experience!  Please note that most of this information was obtained from BDevine.  She was my spiritual teacher and she has 4 videos on how to see your aura in the mirror on YouTube.  They are all wonderful.  All credit is given to BDevine in this posting.  The link to her aura video is:


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  1. Love your post! I tried this yesterday and at first I only saw a white haze but then started to turn into a dark shadow with a bloody red bordering it. I kept looking because I was hoping for the colour to change but instead of that I noticed that my face was changing and my eyes looked so scary like diabolic! I freak out and stoped right away.. 😦


  2. Is the light around the lady in the photo set to move or is that just me seeing it? We are doing mirror work tomorrow in our circle. We have a wonderful energy when we get together!


  3. Dear Andy.. thanks again for your post.. I did it about 2 weeks ago.. I saw the white haze and then my face change… so I must continue practicing…
    thanks for a beautiful lesson.. Hope many do this.. so they can see their own aura…. BTW who is that woman in the foto?? Nice colors or auras..!! Love and Light !!


    1. Rosa, good for you. Looking in the mirror and focusing on seeing your aura does work. Yes, the woman in the picture is a spiritual being and also a healer. The green represents her healing skills, the purple shows she is a very beautiful spiritual being and the blue says she is very well connected to nature and just cool, calm and easy going. A very nice mix. Hopefully, she will continue on her spiritual path and not let other things digress her from her path, like smoking 🙂


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