My Higher Self: How To Raise Your Energy Vibration Level

HappinessDo you know who you are?  Most people in this lifetime do not know who they are and why they are here.  Remember this:  You are a vibrant, incredible, beautiful and amazing light being!  Every one of you is an amazing being of light.

When you recognize this, and when you realize and accept this, you radiate such a high light vibration that nothing can stop you in anything that you choose to do.  Most of us have forgotten this truth however.

When you are feeling confident and loving, everyone will respond to your positive and high vibration.  You have not only lifted up your consciousness level, but you are lifting everyone else’s consciousness and energy vibrational level.  Your positive high vibration will lift up and positively influence bad people.  That is how strong you are. Have a great sense of humor.  Laugh a lot.

This raises your vibration and energy level.  This raises your consciousness level.  Anytime you are in a difficult situation, include humor into that situation.  It will dissolve that situation and lift up the energy to another vibration and all the people associated with that situation.  People that are laughing and smiling have a high frequency vibration.  Associate yourself with happy people and watch yourself become happy.  They will lift up your vibration.

Have peace, love and calmness in your heart at all times.  These are all high vibrational frequencies.  When there is grief or despair, love will heal it.  Show compassion for every situation and the frequencies of that situation will be raised.  You should always try to laugh as much as possible and have a sense of humor.  This raises your frequency quite a bit.  When you are laughing, when you are smiling, NOTHING can get to you.

Think of angels being around you. This will always raise your vibrations and consciousness levels as well.  Angels love the vibration of laughter and your laughter brings your vibration closer to them.  Always carry a sense of joy and enthusiasm in your life and in everything that you do.  Stay calm and centered in any situation that is thrown your way.  Acknowledge it as a lesson to be learned and take the lesson from the situation and move on to the next lesson.

This keeps you at a high vibration.  Always have compassion and gratitude for everything in your life.  You are blessed every moment of your life by Father / Mother God.  Understanding and accepting this fact will raise your vibration so much.  You need a high vibration in these times as the energies are hitting Earth like never before.  Stay happy and joyful and laugh!

Now I will tell you what not to do and what lowers your energy and frequency vibrations.  Remember first that any high vibrations will always dissolve and transmute the lower heavier vibrations.  First of all, do not have any negative emotions.  Do not have thoughts of violence, hurt, pain, abuse, worry, or jealousy.  Do not be mad.  Do not hold grudges for what was done or said to you in the past by others.  Do not hold any of this inside of you.

You must release it all.  When you swear, you have a dark cloud over your head, so do not swear.  Do not judge others or criticize others.  Do not be cynical of others.  Do not patronize others or their beliefs.  Do not make fun of others. Do not get involved in the drama of what is going on in someone’s life-the he said, she said or he did she did scenario.  Do not take sides in an argument an egg one side on versus another.

Also please understand that you must remove your guilt from things you have done or said in your life.  Your vibration is lowered when you do something because you feel that you ought to do it (or not do it) or that you should do it (or not do it) out of guilt.  Guilt and fear are such low vibrations.  Stay away and run to the hills when you see them.  Do not let others force you to do things you are not comfortable doing.  This gives them control and you lower your vibration.

Please don’t ever do things out of obligation or guilt.  Do not let anyone make you feel guilty or place you in fear that if you do not do something (or do something), then something bad will happen.  These are all low vibrations.  Make your own decisions based on your intuition and from getting guidance from within.  Remove all lack of self-worth that may come from any negative self-talk.  You are a powerful being of light, remember?

So do not let others sway you based on their insecurities. Change your attitude and find your God Self, your I AM Presence and watch your light shine.  Remember who you are and why you are here.  You are here to ascend.  You cannot do this if your energy vibrational level is low.  Just raise it!  It is that simple.  Just smile and laugh and stand in your light.

Your light will always conquer other’s shadows and darkness and you will lead by example and the dark will turn to the light and follow you.  Be proud and show the world your light by raising your consciousness and energy level.  That is who you are in the higher dimensions; a pure being of light right from God’s heart.  Take pride and honor this light!


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  1. How can I experience full joy and happiness I have so much to learn and I’m fifty eight I truly need this I’m physically unable to walk kidney hurting often smile when I’m sad don’t want to be this way please help


  2. Those words are amazing and i could not agree more. love and light to every living thing (The Whole Universe)


  3. This article was wonderful to read so thank you for sharing it. I find that I sometimes get too caught up in everyday life and lose sight of the importance of keeping my positive vibes high and sharing it with others! That being said, I actually found your responses to comments more inspiring than the article. You have a beautiful soul and the fact that you put so much effort and passion into spreading love really made my day. Thanks again!


  4. How do I let go? I pray for help and the ability to forgive, but is does not happen. I need to let go of the first twenty six years of my live where I was destroyed time and time again, and I try, and I ask god to change me and change my mind but I still relive many things over and over every day…..I want the anger to go away……


    1. How do you let go? I would say by looking within yourself and not outside of yourself….God is within you…you do not need to search God outside of yourself. All answers are within you…connect with your higher self and ask to be guided…when you re live things, they have not been released…no need for you to be changed as you are perfect as you are a child of God and God is perfect just like you…just take the lesson that was learned from your experiences in life and remove all emotions…maybe an energy healing will help…let me know if you are interested…sending you all my love and many blessings Ron 🙂


    2. Yes, being in the human experience can seem so brutal! I have had many “opportunities” to deal with such experiences. What I have realized, is that, first of all, I have to be willing to let go of my attachment to the experience….playing the movie in my head…and,… for me,….making them wrong and feeling the pain of being the victim. Which, in my movie,…makes me the hero, or or the good person and them the bad person. When I am willing to let go of the attachment to my role in this movie, and their role, in this movie, then I am ready to hold the feeling and the experience up into the light, and let it be transformed. This takes a commitment and intention to let go of the movie. It is in the past, and can be let go of. If I am replaying it, then it is my movie, and drama, that I continue to torture myself with, and recreate. Each time it comes up again, I bring it to the LIGHT ENERGY and let go of it. I chose to focus my energy on JOY ENERGY, and LOVE ENERGY, and when something other than this higher vibrational energy comes up, I repeat this exercise and the movie eventually disappears as I am not interested in holding on to it any longer.. I am now learning to chose a higher frequency, that does not support the frequency of pain, fear, blame, anger, guilt, etc… Yes, I still have times when I have another “opportunity” to use this “lower frequency vaporizer”. As we let go of these “horror movies”, we still have other lower frequencies that we transform, but life does get more joyous and we are able to get through the “upset” faster….according to our willingness, and commitment, and intention to BE and hold , and radiate JOY, and LIGHT, and LOVE. Blessings.


  5. The second I read “you must release it all” my eyes immediately closed and my tailbone area cracked as I cried and breathed out a solid long breath and all of the recent negativity I had been holding onto. Afterward I felt refreshed and recognized which behaviors were lowering my frequency. Thank you creator of all for providing me inspiration each and every day. Peace be unto everyone.


  6. What a gorgeous day to bring this article to me .
    Loved every word and read all your comments Andy that you very patiently answered. Please keep up the good work
    We need angels like you around.



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  8. Wow really fascinating article/post and thank you. Can I just take issue with one aspect? It is normal to feel anger, resentment, jealousy etc. as a human being – so this paragraph:

    ‘First of all, do not have any negative emotions. Do not have thoughts of violence, hurt, pain, abuse, worry, or jealousy. Do not be mad. Do not hold grudges for what was done or said to you in the past by others. Do not hold any of this inside of you” is not, I believe, possible (even the Dalai Lama experiences these emotions – he teaches how to TRANSFORM them).

    And also your statement:

    ‘You must release it all. When you swear, you have a dark cloud over your head, so do not swear….’ contradicts the above but also, again and with much love – I don’t believe this is true either – Authenticity is by far, in my opinion, the most ‘spiritual we can be and, personally, I would MUCH rather be around someone who is honestly saying: ‘I feel like CRAP today!! I am so angry!!!’ Than someone pasting a smile to hide their pain.

    I hope that helps and again, THANK YOU for this thought provoking and moving post.

    Matt Chase


    1. Matt, thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your feedback. I agree completely that it is very normal to feel anger, resentment, jealously and all of those things. We are, as you correctly stated, human and we have these emotions. No doubt. I have them to. It is part of life. And transforming them is a very good thing, as the Dalai Lama teaches. Being around someone who feels like crap today or who says they are angry today is OK too, but not all the time, as it will lower your light and energy. However, as you are around these people who feel this way, your light will help transmute that anger for them, assuming you do not feel like that person who feels like crap or if you are not angry also.

      But I believe that if you hang around people that are constantly feeling this way, then this is not good and it lowers your energy level and consciousness in the process. Authenticity is wonderful, I agree and I too I would also not want to be around someone pasting a smile to hide their pain. However, you want to be around the proper company since emotions and thoughts are transmissible. Negative emotions and thoughts are infectious. This is why if you hang around someone that feels like crap and is angry all the time, you may feel depressed and physically exhausted. Before you know it you feel like crap and you become angry. Interacting with people who are optimistic, enthusiastic, radiant and healthy is very psychologically and etherically beneficial. It is why most people feel spiritually uplifted when they are around the Dalai Lama.

      Negative emotion is probably the most critical factor in severe physical ailments. The solar plexus chakra is the center of lower emotions. Since most people are quite emotional, it tends to be quite dirty and to malfunction. The problem with unregulated emotions is compounded by living in a stressful world. We all have it. If the solar plexus malfunctions, it will adversely affect the organs around it and you will get physically sick as the solar plexus chakra will be depleted or congested. People who have these ailments usually do not express their negative feelings, and as you mentioned, pasted a smile on their face to hide the pain. You have to keep your etheric body clean. I agree with your comments in this sense 100%.

      But regardless, whether you harbor these feelings OR express these feelings through negativity (the person that stated he feels like crap today or is mad), after a while you can get sick with heart problems, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, asthma, etc. This goes for the person who is expressing these feelings and for the people that are constantly around people that are expressing these feelings. Thus, you should not do either. Do not be mad and do not hide the anger. Let it out at first, transform them (as you correctly pointed out), and release them. Find the lesson to be learned from the situation, release, and move on. Do not harbor these feelings and the past. I think my article may have left out some things which you have correctly pointed out. However, I don’t want to make these posts too long. My other posts talk about this in great length. In any event, I really do appreciate your comments and feedback. I hope that my response helps clear up some things. And if you still have a different opinion, that is perfectly OK too. Blessings and love to you Matt and have a great week.


      1. Oh no, I’m angry all the time! Only kiddin’ Thank you for your response – FANTASTIC and thank you for hearing me, I am very grateful – it is rare to be heard. I am in the process of ‘getting off the grid’ and was thinking about the Dalai Lama just this morning, in the way you mention him, I was thinking ‘How does he manage to be Light all the time?’ Well – he doesn’t – he gets off the grid… so that he can re-emerge and share his Light. I feel that lots of happenings in my life recently have forced me into retreat – withdrawal from negativity… so that I can exorcise my own negativity in order to ‘be the change’ – Thank you for shedding more light on this process (I’m exhausted).

        I am noticing that I am… gradually…. putting less pressure on myself to be ‘perfect’ and thus in time I hope that this will reflect in my work with people, your post reflected this stage back at me which is why I responded. Thank you.

        Matt Chase


      2. Matt, I always respond to every comment I get. I feel that if someone can take the time to write to me and leave a comment, the least I can do is reply back. That is just common courtesy and respectfulness. I think that what you are doing in wonderful. More people should do what you are doing, to be the change! You are a beautiful being of light and you are loved so much by so many. Truly! I don’t think that you need to put all that pressure on yourself to be perfect. You already are perfect just by being you. We are all here to learn as Earth is a teaching school.

        When you stand in your light, others will see you and then you become a teacher by your actions, by your convictions, by the love that emanates from your light. Subconsciously all will see this that you come in contact with. It really is great to get comments like yours from people. We are all part of the Oneness, the One Consciousness in the higher dimensions. There is no separation, just separate growth. Keep working on yourself and keep going within for guidance. It is the best guidance there is, YOUR higher self-guidance. Do what FEELS right and follow your gut, your intuition. That is how your light shines for others to be seen. And see they will, my friend. Take care Matt…


  9. I am an energy healer from the Elohim and am happy to have found your blog. I am interested: I use energy directly from spirit as well as sound and singing to raise people to fifth dimensional Earth… Do you work in this way as well?


    1. I do not use energy from sound or by singing. I bring the energy in through my crown chakra and let it flow into the other person. No sound, however… Thanks and blessings and love to you…


  10. “Have a great sense of humor. Laugh a lot” – You are describing me Andy… Great message.. and I know who I am.. like the poem of Mater Kuthmi…”I AM Light, I AM Light, Glowing light, Radiating Light, Intensified Light, God consumes my darkness,
    Transmuting it into Light……” and I just want to transmit this to everyone who appears in my Life of Light….
    Lot of Love and LIGHT.. my dear Andy, have a gorgeous super day !!!


  11. A very important topic and should be our top priority for the only way to help others is to first get our vibes high. Shared this on my Wise Woman Energies wall FB. Thanks Andy, as always, mucho love! ~ Diana


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