How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself

Aura ProtectionA lot of people have been asking me how they can protect themselves and clean themselves of negative entities and beings or attachments that they have.  Regardless of what issues you may have, the steps in this posting should help release your issues or attachments or habits that do not serve your highest and best good.

It is like a self-healing.  However you have to do this, trust that it will work for you and believe in it.  The energies follow your intentions.  This does work!

You have to first cleanse yourself and place a protective shield around yourself every morning and every evening.  Do this for about 1 month daily, twice a day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening.  So here is what you do.

1.  To cleanse yourself, lie down in your bed or couch and close your eyes;

2.  Imagine Arch Angel Raphael with you.  Try to see him in your mind’s eyes.  It’s OK if you do not see him.  The intention is what matters;

3.  Arch Angel Raphael has emerald-green energy/light.  Now try to imaging his emerald-green energy/light coming down from above you, spiraling very fast in a counter-clockwise direction.  Try to visualize this.  It is like a tornado coming down.  See it coming into the top of your head (your crown) and coming through your body very slowly from your head down to your toes in your legs.

As this is coming down and into your body, ask Arch Angel Raphael to remove any diseased energy that does not serve your highest and best good, anything related to attachments you may have in this or past lifetimes, anything that is negative, anything that is a negative though form, and any negative elementals.  Tell the green light to clean your physical, etheric, emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies, your Auric field, every cell of your physical body and your mind from all negative and lower energies, darkness and shadows.

Then ask this green energy to leave your body through your hands and feet.  Just ask Arch Angel Raphael to remove these items as his energy/light is in your body moving counter clock wise.  Ask that all of this stuff that does not serve you be moved from your organs, and your physical body and your chakras to the outside of your aura.  See this in your mind’s eye happening.  Wait a few minutes as you are visualizing this.  Then, thank AA Raphael after you feel this is done;

4.  Ask Saint Germaine to be with you.  Ask him to place you in his violet flame of transmutation and transformation.  Ask him to burn off all of these things that Arch Angel Raphael just moved to the outside of your aura.  Ask Saint Germaine to transmute and transform these things into the light, to burn them off of your aura.  See yourself engulfed in this peaceful violet flame.  See it burning off.  Let this burn off of your body.  Have the intention in your mind that it is burning off of your body.  After a few minutes, thank Saint Germaine;

5.  You have now cleaned, cleansed and purified yourself.  You need to do this two times per day, in the morning and in the evening.  The key is in your intent, not the procedure.  You can even read this post out loud when you do this.  Just print it out and have it with you.  You have to do this and TRUST that it will work.  This is the key!  Intent and trust;

6.  After you do this cleansing and clearing, the next thing to do is to place a protective shield around your aura so that the bad stuff does not come back.  In essence, you are shielding and protecting yourself;

7.   Imagine a white light entering your head clockwise and filling your whole body and Auric field.  Ask for a bit of light blue light to come in to stabilize the white light.  See it there in your mind’s eye.  You are now ready to create the aura protection shield;

8.  Concentrate on your heart chakra and imagine a light peach or light orange-colored egg-shaped light and the white light of Christ Consciousness around your heart;

9.  See yourself as a small image and place yourself inside of this light, inside of this egg.  See this light in your mind’s eye.  Then, see the light glimmering metallic.  Try to visualize this as much as possible;

10.  Then invoke these words “The aura protection shield is strong and mighty and glimmering metallic on the outside.  The shield is unbreakable and impenetrable from the outside by dark energies and conducts all negative energy, all physical and psychological harm, all negativity, darkness, shadows, and all lower energies to the earth where they will be transmuted into the light.  The shield is penetrable for all positive energy and higher vibrations. 

The shield is penetrable from the inside to the outside.  This programming can only be renewed, reprogrammed, changed, dismissed or deleted by me.  This programming will last 12 hours.  This protection shield is penetrable from the inside out to protect me by inner intoxication through my own negative emotions and used energy.  I am not afraid and I do not have any doubts.  I am totally confident that the shield exists and that it will be impenetrable and that it will protect me. 

There is no doubt or fear which will weaken my shield and make the shield penetrable.  I am not angry and I am calm.  I have no negative emotions and my shield will not be destroyed.  As a better protection against the negative energies of the dark side, I now put the VIOLET FLAME around my shield and let it work as a mirror.  The flame transmutes all energies and all vibrations coming to it into love and then I send it back amplified to the sender five hundred fold.  It is done and so it will be.” 

When you say this, say it with meaning, say it with purpose, say it with conviction and say it with intent;

11.  Then thank Mother / Father God and your angels and guides for their help and support in helping you create this shield;

12.  Ask Arch Angel Michael to stand by your side at every moment in your life protecting you with his blue energy and shield while you are doing this during one month or so.  Try to see him with his sword cutting all attachment cords.  See this in your mind’s eye.  Thank AA Michael for doing this.

Do these steps two times a day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening as the shield is good for only 12 hours.  Also, if you feel scared anytime during the day, start over and redo these steps.  Again, it goes towards the intention.  You can do this with anything in your life that is bothering you.  This includes smoking issues, drinking issues, other bad habits, or bad relationships.  If there is anything in your life that you are holding on to that is bothering you, this will help.

If there is someone or something that seems to be affecting you that you can’t seem to get rid of, this will help you.  This shield does work and I use it every day and I use it when I perform my energy healings.  It will work for you but you have to believe in it.

Credit is given in this post to Isabel Henn.  Permission is also given by Isabel Henn to copy the steps in this protection shield.  The protection shield can also be found on her website at


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  1. Thank you Andy putting this all together. With the help of Isabel Henn I was already using this cleansing and protection for a while and it’s just great. I have also learnt through Isabel, that it can be of good use to program the violet flame to reflect all incoming negative force or energy with love and light amplified a 1000 time to the sending person or force with the negative force/energy. With this methode you don’t attack you just send the love and light to calm them down or to stop them of attacking you with negative energy/force.


  2. PERRRRFECT POST !!! Tomorrow I will clean my house and make a ~DVD with my voice with all the instructions.!!! and of course.. at the end my favorite song… In the Light of Love.. we are whole..In the Light of Love with are Home.. In the light of LOVE we HEAL and SING.. Thy will be done… In the Light of Love.!!! Om shree dhanvantre namaha ( Feelings of love, tranquility, and pure bliss, thank you Namaste – Lot of Love and Light my dear Andy !!!


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