Why Exercise Provides Excellent Preventative Healing

ExercisingExercising 20-30 minutes per day is good for your etheric and physical body.  You can do anything when exercising.  Just raise a sweat and increase your heart rate!  You can fast walk around your neighborhood.  When you exercise, you are cleansed etherically and also physically.  Your chakras are happy when you exercise.

Exercising causes your chakras to pulsate causing the chakras to be brighter, thicker, stronger and cleaner.  When you exercise, you are removing blocked and stuck, used up energy and diseased energy that may be sitting in your chakras causing congestion or depletion in your chakras that you do not want.  Exercising causes your energy vibration and frequency to increase.

Your consciousness level rises when you exercise.  Try meditating after you exercise and see what result you get.  You should connect with your angels and spirit guides much better when you meditate right after exercising.  Your meditation experience after exercising will be more profound.

This stuck and blocked diseased energy does not serve your highest and best good.  At the same time, when you exercise, you are bringing in new energy into your body at a faster rate by faster breathing of air into your body.  This is a good thing.  You want fresher energy in your body.

Exercising causes all of your chakras to be cleaned of diseased energy.   You energy circulation and your blood circulation is greatly improved with regular exercise.  You need to exercise if you want a healthy and energetically clean body.  There is no escaping this.  And it does not matter how old you are.  Just take it slow and let your body tell you what amount of exercise is good for you.

When you sweat, various toxins and waste matter is removed by that sweat and your aura tends to pulsate positively.  This does not matter if you are underweight, regular weight or overweight.  You must exercise to remove toxins by sweat and to remove diseased energy regularly.

Diseased energy can be picked up daily by anyone as energy is etherically transferable.  Anything can happen that will make you mad, that will make you upset, or that will hurt you.  Someone can say something to you and can hurt your feelings with their words.  You may hold this pain and hurt in and not respond initially.

This causes diseased energy to stick to your chakras.  Exercising daily will help remove this diseased energy through your sweat.  Exercise is a type of preventative healing that you must do daily.

You will feel better after exercising and you will feel lighter, refreshed and cleansed.  Take a nice long bath with some salt in the bath water after exercising to help further release the diseased energy and to help cleanse your chakras.  Your physical and etheric body will be vibrant and your chakras will be cleansed, allowing your aura to shine brightly.

Again, you do not have to exercise for a long time.  20-30 minutes per day should be sufficient.  Before you exercise, set the intention by saying to yourself that after your exercise session is done, all diseased energy stored in your organs, cells and chakras will be removed from your body.  Say to yourself after the exercise session that your body is happy, that your body is healthy, and that your body is healed.  I call these the three H’s – Happy, Healthy, and Healed.

Say to yourself after the exercise session that your chakras are fully energized and properly clean and filled with new clean energy.  Mean this when you say it and have the intention that this will happen.  Say “It is done” after you say these things.  Then just smile and go on with your day as if it is done.

When you exercise, you will feel better.  Your body will feel better.  You will feel lighter and your aura will pulsate.  Remember that your body is your life suit in this lifetime.  Take care of your life suit and it will take care of you.  Your body is like your car.  What happens when your car breaks down?  You can’t go anywhere until it is fixed, if it can be fixed.

Exercising is like changing the oil and other fluids in your car.  Exercising is like making sure the tires are new and the tire pressure is correct and that the engine is running in top condition.  Nobody wants to drive a clunker.

A lot of people do not exercise.  They have excuses.  They go on diets to lose weight.  But remember that losing weight and being etherically healthy are too different things.  You can have the correct weight but have so much diseased energy in you.  You can’t get sweat from being on a diet or eating properly or the right foods.

Eating properly and the right foods is part of the total equation.   Regardless of what you eat, you still need to remove the diseased energy from your chakras.  And exercising regularly helps to do this through sweat and raising your heart rate.  You can’t get your energy circulating correctly or your blood circulating correctly with just eating correctly.

Your body and chakras must remove the diseased energy that you are holding in from proper exercising.  Exercising is a release to the body.   The stuck energy has to go somewhere.  You need fresh energy filled with life.  A re cleansing, if you will.  Exercising will allow this to happen.  Exercising will lift up your spirits, it will give you clarity and perspective, and you will feel much better.

Also, you do not have to go to the gym and lift weights or join a spinning class.  All you need is to raise your heart rate and sweat.  You can do anything.  Start by walking around your neighborhood every day.

Create a path on day one and stick to that path every day.  Take a stop watch with you every day and track your time on that same path on a piece of paper.  Make it a game and try to beat your time every day.  Before you know it, you will be running at top speed in record times.  And your body will thank you for it.  Anyone can do this, regardless of your weight or age.  There are NO excuses.  Anybody can spare 20-30 minutes per day.

If you feel that you can’t do this as you have no time, as your life is too busy, then this is precisely why you should do it!  It must be a priority for you or over time you will have physical problems.  Again, there are no excuses.  Exercising raises your energy level, and it raises your vibration, your frequency and your consciousness level.  So get out there and move your body.  See the trees and hear the birds.  They are there for you.  Love your body and watch your body love you back.  It is the only one you have so take care of it.  Then watch your happiness and energy vibration go through the roof!


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  1. I have been enjoying all your postings!
    Your writing is so clear and easy to understand ( at least for me:) I loved to learn about your personal expirience with entering the amazing world of spirit. Great story!
    You are vey gifted and I am greatfull for you sharing all your talents!

    About this particular post- it is so true- exercise make me feel so wonderfull! Sometime I wish I could ” package” that feeling and give to others to expirience as well:) there are so many people who don’t know that feeling.
    Also, on the future, can you write about diet and spiritual connection ?


      1. Well.. my BRAIN is running all the time…that means while my wonderful BRAIN exercise the rest of my being (including my terrestial body, my etheral body, my gorgeous souls , and my ourtageous chakras are also running, jumping etc, etc etc etc….(in case of doubt.. ask my hands !!!) 🙂 Love and Light Andy!!! BTW is very good message for those who stay sitting ALL day in front of the computer !!
        Chocohugs to you and all who read your posts !!


      2. Rosa, you can’t sit in front of a computer all day. You neeed to get out there and move. It may be good that your brain in running all day, but your body is not sweating and your heart rate is not increased if your brain is running. You need to sweat and increase your heart rate 20-30 minutes per day. No way to get around this. This will help with releasing negative thought beings and elementals that get attached to you when you smoke. Now get out there and sweat young lady. Blessings and love to you Rosa…


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