My Higher Self: There Is No Bad Choice

ChoicePlease understand that every moment of your life you are bombarded with choices. Some choices are easy like whether you want a hamburger or a cheeseburger to eat.

Some choices are harder, life whether to buy a home or not or whether to take a job in a different state causing your family to have to relocate affecting all the members of the family.

Understand that regardless of any choice you make in any situation in your life, you are learning and choosing to experience the effects of your choice.

You make the choices and you experience the effects of those choices. Each choice you make for every situation carries with it a different timeline. There are many, many different timeline scenarios that are possible for you in your life. No one is better or worse than another.  Each is just different with different lessons for you to learn and experience in your life.

How you respond to any situation in your life will provide you the experience and the lesson.  So many people wonder what could have been had they taken a different road. What could have happened from that relationship that you decided to end?  Why did I not choose to take that job over another job?  Why did I divorce my husband or wife and would it been better had I stuck through it?

Remember that each choice in your life presents you the lesson.  There is no good or bad choice.  It is just a different lesson, a different experience that you have decided to learn based on the choice you have made.  Each experience and lesson you go through gives you growth and you become stronger because of the lesson.  People tend to get upset and they begin to doubt thinking I should have done this or I should have done that.

They think that the grass would have been greener on the other side. Then they may get upset and think that they have made bad mistakes in their life and maybe even depression can set in. This mindset can be problematic and is not healthy.

Again, whatever choice you make, you are always learning, growing and developing. That divorce you went through may have taught you how to love more or how to trust more. Yelling at someone else may have taught you that you need more patience and compassion and understanding. Always ask yourself what is the lesson with the choice you are making. The choice is always yours to make, and the lesson to be learned is also yours.

You have free will. You decide what you will experience. You are literally creating your world this way.  Take the lesson to be learned from the experience and throw the ego and emotions out of that experience. It’s ok to let the ego express itself but do not engage in the emotions. Just watch your thoughts float away like clouds and move on to the next lesson, the next experience.

Show gratitude, appreciation and thanks for every lesson that is presented to you at every moment of your life and release the past. Do not think that you made poor choices that are affecting your current life. Those choices that you feel are bad have developed you and have caused you to grow and you are better because of those experiences.

Enjoy your life and the experiences it gives you as you are evolving in every moment of your life. And always show that appreciation and gratitude for the lessons you are offered. And know that there are never, ever any bad choices.  So do not label any decisions you make in your life as good or bad.  And honor each person for the choices and lessons and experiences that they have chosen to experience.

Do not judge them for their choices as maybe they are learning something you may have already mastered.  Be happy and look forward to your next life experience as you move up in consciousness vibration into love.


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  1. Love this post, thanks. I have often gone over events in my life and wished I had chosen differently. The fear I have ‘got it wrong’ is still quite real in my head.


  2. Another super post.. Andy..~~~ I have learned my lessons… I have learn the reasons… no wonder I am where I am now… !! Chocohugs


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