The Universal Law of “As Within, So Without”

As WithinThe Universe and your surroundings rearrange themselves to bring you what you believe and to reflect your existing reality.  So it is literally as within so without.

Your outside world is really an exact reflection of your inner world. This is how your lessons on Earth are presented to you. So look at your life and see what you have in your life. Do you like your friends? Do you like your job? Are you happy in your relationships? Are you really happy in your life?

Whatever is presented to you in your life is how you feel on the inside. If you understand this, then your life may be easier for you. How you feel is reflected back to you in your reality. You are manifesting your life based on how you are feeling. Your feelings create your reality.

If you are angry on the inside, you will find angry people in your life who are mirroring your anger back to you. The more angrier you are, the more angrier friends you will have. Like attracts like. Your anger is attracting angry friends. This is also true if you have suppressed anger. If you are angry on the inside and hide this anger, you will still attract angry friends. You may hide your anger from your friends, but you can’t hide this from yourself.

If you feel abandoned, people may leave you, withdraw emotionally or even die. Again, how you feel is reflected back to you in your reality. You are manifesting your life based on how you are feeling. Your feelings create your reality.

If you beat yourself up with your thoughts or are self-critical, you will attract people who will reflect this by putting you down or even physically hitting you. Again, look at your life and your situations. What would you like to change? If you change on the inside, your outside will change as well.

If you feel loved, safe, secure, and happy on the inside, you will have a safe, secure, and a happy life surrounded by people who love you.  Also, your inner integrity will be matched by those around you.  The people in your life will be honest, creative, generous-hearted, or modest to the extent that you are.

Always remember that peace within leads to outside peace in your life.  As within, so without.  So, if you wish to change something in your life, you must look within yourself to alter your attitudes and beliefs in order for your outer world to change.  Change yourself on the inside and watch your outer world change. You must make the change and not wait for others to change. To have something you have never had before, you must do something you have never done before.

Instead of arguing with someone, have peace in your heart and not argue. Watch as the other person stops arguing.  Tell them you are sorry even if you feel they are at fault and watch them apologize to you as well.  It is better to be happy than right.  Do not let your emotions and ego dictate your life.  People will always resonate at your energy level.  If you have love in your heart, you will attract loving people in your life.  As within, so without.  And if they don’t, you may need to love them from a distance.  You will always know how you feel.

If you are kind and generous, you will have people in your life who are kind and generous to you. You are manifesting your reality based on how you feel.  When you feel better and good about yourself and your life, you are resonating at a higher energy vibration and you will tend to laugh more and have more joy in your heart. So look at your life and make the appropriate changes to get you to laugh more and shift your consciousness level higher.  We are at a time of a great shipt occuring as we speak.  And as a friend of mine always says, have smiles to share!!


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  1. Hi Andy

    A lot of this resonates with me it is really clear.

    Yet if we do feel things within, is this all down to us? Not that l am trying to avoid responsibility for my current life circumstances, l know l must have a part to play in it. But if l have given and am compassionate towards others and have not had this given back, instead l have being a scapegoat, someone who other peoples issues are projected onto l question how much l play a part in this. And l do question myself as in ‘how do l play this part’ because l do, but l am totally ignorant as to how l allow myself to.

    As l said before it is my responsibility to change the inner and then therefore the outer will change but is part of this linked to reincarnation? Because a person would not be (totally) the way they are without their early childhood experiences that can form the unhealthy defense mechanisms. E.g. abandonment issues are something an infant / baby can feel and continue to feel in adulthood without knowing it is a defense as such, but thinking it as part and parcel of who they are. Therefore the outer will reflect their inner state they formed from childhood.

    So do you mean that part of reincarnation is choosing the family and circumstances you are born into. Then you chose and are aware of the challenges you have to face that will challenge your defenses and then present opportunities for you to re process these challenges and feelings again and again until you can acknowledge or internalise and work through these feelings and emotions to be able to have a more balanced and healthy ‘within’ so that the ‘without’ finally reflects what we all want?

    One confused but really interested person trying to get a grip of my circumstances right now but feeling horribly stuck. l do not see myself as a victim but someone who is missing a piece in the jigsaw puzzle to make send of it all to then be able to move forward.

    Obviously l have not gone through the letting go stage or healed and l know without doubt l need to do this, but am still stuck in middle of all the cr** .

    Hope l can move on soon.

    Do you think your article above is something that can be achieved after going through this ‘loss bereavement cycle?

    Thanks Andy


    1. Margarita, thank you so much for connecting with me…everything that you see on the outside is a reflection of you that is being mirrored back to you…If you have someone that is mean to you and you do not like this, then they are showing you an aspect of yourself that you do not change…It is your awareness of this that will allow you to make the change on the inside…the lesson for you may be that you need to accept and love yourself more and then you will have people that are no longer mad at you…this is just an example and does not pertain to you…you could also be going through various test or karmic issues of contracts that you agreed to undertake to balance karma…for example, if you abandoned your child in a prior life, you may be taking care of that child who may be sick to balance out the karma…so yes, past lives and unbalanced karmic issues play in your current life…Sending you love and many blessings…If you are interested in a free one hour energy healing from me, click on the link below to schedule the energy healing…


  2. I believe what you say is true. My sceptical side wants to tell me you want comments to generate more people to this site via increased traffic to make money. I hope this is nto the case and if it is not and what you are doing is as you say then you are a wonderful spirot and I support your cause wholeheartedly. Thank you 🙂


    1. Thank you Matt for your comments…But the site is not designed to make me money…I do not charge for anything and there is no ulterior financial motive. I am here to serve and that is it…People can donate if they want after an energy healing, if they want to if they feel the energy healing has helped them and if they have the money…they decide whether to donate and what amount…Sending you love and many blessings Matt..


  3. Hello Andrew,

    This post seems to have same meanings as “Law of Attraction”? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks so much for posting these new teachings! I love learning them…hehe^^


    1. Yes, very similar concepts. Your vibration that you emit is made up of your conscious and unconscious energy, some repellent, some magnetic, some neutral. The underlying law of attraction is like attracts like. We attract into our lives people and situations that have similar vibrations to our own. This is the law of attraction. With the law of as within, so without, the Universe rearranges itself to reflect your reality. It brings you what you believe. Very similar laws but different too. Just think and be love and you will be OK, regardless of the laws 🙂 Blesssings and love to you…


  4. Dear Andy,
    Those are some really THOUGHT PROVOKING words that I needed to hear:) Resonates to me BIG TIME and jolted me into changing my whole perspective on things:) Much love and gratitude as always:)


  5. Very well explained…and I agree 100% with it… There’s nothing like living in a Choco-Love-Light-Hugs-World !! isn’t???


  6. Very well said……I have done this in my life and I can look back and see just how everything changed when I changed my thinking and ways, it really does work…. if I think about pain then I will have more pain,

    Thanks again Andy,
    Love and light to all,


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