Create Your World Through Your Decrees!


You are all such powerful beings of light.  We are all a part of Mother / Father God and God wants you to be happy.  You have the ability to make decrees.  A decree is a statement that you make.  Once your decree is made, the Universe will move to fulfill your command.  You are all capable to make a decree.  You need to manifest your reality as you are in charge of your life.

You are no longer in the control of others and others have no power over you.  You are now moving out of your shackles and realizing as an awakened spiritual being your true and amazing full power.  So use your power, and decree things you want in your life.  Have conviction and have the strength and the confidence that your decrees will happen.

As a higher dimensional spiritual being, you are a master and YOU are responsible for creating your reality.  Yes you!  What do you want to create?  You create with intention and with decrees.  The energies on Earth now more than ever support you.  So how do you decree?  Here is what you say “In the name of God and all that is light, under the law of grace, I now decree (state your decree), it is done.”  Say this three times and mean it.

Do not be scared.  God does not get mad at your decrees.  God wants you to be happy and God supports you.  Make sure your decrees are also for the highest and best good of all.  Say it out loud and mean it!  Then, sit back and watch for the results and take all the opportunities that are presented to you to activate your decree and your plan.

It may take a while but it will happen.  Be patient and observe.  Live your life as if it already did happen and don’t look back!  A decree has the power to change your life.  But be careful for what you want and for what you decree as the outer is a reflection of the inner.  For example, if you want someone, a partner, who will come into your life who will love and respect you, then decree that you love and respect yourself.  It is good to decree for qualities you wish to have in your life.

If you decree for patience, for example, you will be given tests on patience first before you can have this quality.  The same goes for humility and unconditional love and other similar qualities.  You only make the decree once and say it three times (unlike prayer which you may say every day).  Decrees are very, very powerful and after you make it, the Universe is aligned behind it.  This is a Universal Law.  Here are some sample decrees you can make to give you the idea.  Use these as examples to make your own decrees and watch your life change.

By Devine Decree, in the Name of God and all that is light, under grace, I decree that all vows made in this life or past lives which do not serve the Divine plan be rescinded and released.  So be it.  Say this three times.

By Devine Decree, in the Name of God and all that is light, under grace, I decree and I invoke the violet flame to transmute now every negative thought, pattern, belief, condition, attachment or alliance that I have made that does not serve my highest and best good and the Divine Plan.  It is done.  Say this three times.

By Devine Decree, in the Name of God and all that is light, under grace, I decree and call forth a pure white column of Christ Light to bring the Unconditional Love of Christ Consciousness to Earth.  It is done.  Say this three times.

Remember, decrees have the power to change your lives.  Stand in your light and do not be scared.  Nobody in heaven will judge or criticize you.  It is not a sin to make decrees and no karma is attached to your decrees (except if you make bad decrees with bad intentions).   You are a part of God and God decrees all the time.  God’s spark is in you through your I AM Presence.

Stand with God and create your reality. God wants this for you.  Be strong and confident and release yourself from the cage that humanity has kept you in and enslaved you in.  It is time as ascension is upon us.  Release all that does not serve you.  You are not here to be controlled by religious institutions, by insurance companies, by economic conditions, by all the stuff that is third dimensional.  You are evolving and you are releasing and you are ascending.  That is why you are here.

You are not here to give them your power and be enslaved by them.  You are moving up spiritually and your consciousness and energy level is shifting higher.  You are moving into the higher dimensions.  Command your decree with authority and clarity.  Stand with your head up and shoulders back and state your decree out load.  Let heaven hear your words.  Be proud and be loud.  Have conviction and confidence when you speak.  Do not be scared.

On a spiritual level, which you are moving into, you decide what to create with the Divine.  You decree commands and the Universe will obey your order.  That is how powerful you are so stand in your light!!  Nobody can harm you; nobody will harm you and you take total mastery of your life.  You are extremely powerful the higher you move up the spiritual ladder.  You are moving higher and higher now as you are ascending.

You are no longer looking for outside guidance and you follow your own inner wisdom.  Go inside and connect with your higher self.  Follow your intuition.  Stop relying on others.  You are at the bottom when you only have a physical level of understanding.  You are not there anymore.  People on the bottom only believe in what they can see, feel, or hear.  They think they are separate from or superior to others.  They are young souls.

There is no separation.  You are not a young soul.  You do not look externally for guidance and you do not have a limited concept of the Universe and your and Earth’s place in it.  You are powerful co-creators with God. That is how powerful you are.  Truly!!  Believe it, trust it and accept it and shine your light and decree changes in your life and create and manifest the life you want.  It is there and the angels and spirit are there to help you.  Blessings and love to all you beautiful co-creators!!


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list. 

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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  1. Hello Andrew,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! Your valuable posts keep me learning more and more! But, I’ve one question…haha! Let’s say you made a decree with genuine intention, but at the same time others pray for something that is against your inner heart (of course what they did is for your own goods). Is that why your spiritual/growth path get “delayed” or “blocked”?

    Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for taking your precious time! Cheers~


    1. Mia, you decide your life. You decide the choices you make. Others that pray for something that is different may be considered by you. However, the choice is always yours. Your spiritual growth or path can only be blocked by you. You are the captain of your life, only you and nobody else. You are the only one that decides. There is no right or wrong choice. The choice you make just gives you a different lesson based on that choice. Your decrees are powerful and they tell the Universe what you want and the Universe aligns with that, regardless of the intentions of others. If others want you to do something else, that is their stuff, that is their issues and they are trying to change their own reflection in their own mirrors. Let that go and go with your own intuition. Be the captain of your own ship, of your own life. You are that powertful and that loved. Do what feels right for you, regardless of what others think is right for you. They do not walk in your shoes and they should not be telling you what to do, especially if you have not asked them for their opinion. Hope this helps. Blessings and love to you Mia…


    1. Thanks Teodor. I will Skype you shortly. 1’s and 0’s, such as 100 or 110 – Powerful Divine guidance from God and the angels asks you to alter your thoughts. Perhaps you have been praying to be happier and healthier. If so, this is an answer to your prayers. God knows that the solution you seek is born within your thoughts. Ask God to guide the direction of your thoughts and support you during your time of transition. Blessings and love to you…


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