How to Properly Ground Yourself

GroundingAre you feeling these intense energies?  Are you getting massive surges of energy pulsating through your body?  Are your ears buzzing?  I am and my ears are buzzing constantly and it is so important to ground yourself to Mother Earth at these historic times.

I wanted to express the importance of grounding. I also wanted to tell you how I ground myself so that you can adopt a similar technique for grounding yourself.

This is in line with Meline Lafont’s excellent recent channeling by Saint Germain.  Her post can be read by clicking HERE.

Basically, grounding is allowing yourself to literally be grounded to the Mother Earth. This is important as we are moving into higher dimensions and the energies that are on this planet are being increased and will continue to be increased. For example, when I meditated last night, my eyes were open and I saw the wall in front of me literally move and transform itself. I asked it to move down and stay put.

I then envisioned and literally moved the wall in front of me down with my mind. If I was not grounded, I may have literally floated away. That is how severe and intense these energies are right now and they will be increasing even more in the upcoming times.

Another reason to ground yourself is that the energies are releasing things from us individually and collectively that do not serve our highest and best good, as we cannot take them with us in the higher dimensions as we ascend. The people who are struggling in their lives are the ones that are holding on to these things; all the pain, all the suffering, all the guilt and all the lack of forgiveness. This is also happening to the collective consciousness.

Just look around! Everyone is grasping at things. People are more mad. Divorces are on the rise. Look at what is happening globally. Look at the wars, the economic situations, the banking failures.  It is all coming up to the surface to be released. All this must be released into the light and transmuted.  And people are holding on to this and do not know what to do. Their lives are turned upside down. There is pain, there is anger, there is blame, and there is so much hurt.

You must be grounded to deal with these things. You must be centered and you must not get drawn into the drama around you and as portrayed in the mass media. These things will continue and get worse as we see the third dimensions crumble in the future to make way for the higher dimensions. And your strength and your light will be needed to help explain and calm people down you know who will be lost and confused and scared.

Your calmness will help them get through these hard times. But there is always a rainbow after the storm.  And believe me, good times are coming. Do not be scared and do not panic and do not allow yourself to be drawn into the fear and perceived chaos.  So you want to stay in the eye of the storm where it is the safest. You do this by grounding yourself to Mother Earth. Here is how I ground myself. At the beginning of every meditation I saw the following:

Angels, I ask for your help now. I ask to be grounded to Mother Earth. I envision white light filled roots growing out of my heart. I see them growing from my body, down through my chakras and down through my root chakra by my feet. I see them going into the center of Mother Earth.

I see Mother Earth and ask her permission to allow my roots to wrap themselves around her heart.  I envision her giving me her permission.  I then envision the roots being fully wraped and attached to her heart. I then envision my heart and Mother Earth’s heart merging into One loving heart. That heart is grounded and fixed in the center of Mother Earth.  I then ask Mother Earth to merge all her energy grid with my energy grid becoming One. This now happens.

I ask that any energies from the Universe coming into Mother Earth to gently go through my body and flow through my chakras and into the combined heart (mine and Mother Earth’s) in the center of the earth. I then project these energies to go back up to the surface of Mother Earth to be used as Mother Earth sees fit and back up to the Universe where they came from and back down to me again in a circular pattern.

I ask to always be grounded with Mother Earth and I ask that I always physically remain on Mother Earth and not be carried away by any drifting due to the intensities of the incoming energies. I ask to be calm and centered when others around me are having a hard time and I ask for clarity, patience and wisdom during the upcoming times ahead.

This is how I ground. I believe that you should also ground in a similar way. It will help you to remain calm and centered and help prevent you from engaging in the drama all around you; drama which is third dimensional which you do not need.  Stay grounded and stay calm and stay happy.  Try to avoid watching any TV.  Another thing you can do to help ground yourself is to walk barefoot on grass with the intention in your mind to stay grounded.   Keep your light stable and strong and enjoy the energy ride. Blessings and love to all of you…


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list. 

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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  1. Thank you..Thank you so much this is exactly what I was looking for, I am very visual and needed a clear idea and details to accomplish on how to ground myself, I knew I was missing something when I needed protection and I discover much more on your website, I’m united with you along other wonderful souls to send love to Mother Earth what a beautiful cause…I’m spreading the word…God Bless you


  2. Dear Andy,
    Grounding is must and that will give us balance & harmony…and The Blessings from the Planet Our Mother Earth…


  3. Hi Andy, I’m all for it! I’m all signed up and ready to go. Let’s do this! Love Bombs Awaaayyyyy…..


  4. Thanks!!! 🙂 I too do always ground from heart to heart, straight from my heart chakra to Mother Earth Chakra. I find this way more effective than grounding from the solarplexus chakra because we are moving up and being in a higher consciousness which makes the heart chakra now the prominent one instead of the 3D solar plexus chakra. Thanks for sharing, great post and helpful to many, I feel ♥


  5. Andy this is so important and it’s great you are supporting us with your point of view and tool to establish a grounded connection with Gaia. The urge is clear, when you look @ Mélines and my posting from Mother Earth: . Blessings to you and have a great day.


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