My Higher Self: 50 Things To Do Now To Raise Your Energy Vibration

VibrationRaising your energy vibration and consciousness is very important in these shifting and changing times. This is even more important in the times ahead as a lot of cleansing and releasing will be coming for the collective consciousness.

At any given point in the NOW, your energy vibration is always based on how you feel. Your emotions always reflect your thoughts and if your thoughts cause you to feel good emotionally, then you are in a high vibration energetically. So always have positive thoughts.

That is so important. You are always deciding what your energy vibration is, nobody else. Here are some things that you can do to increase your consciousness level and energy vibration:

1. Watch a funny movie

2. Be around people who make you laugh

3. Do things that make you laugh

4. Watch things that make you smile

5. Watch children playing

6. Go to a park and lie under a tree

7. Read a book that inspires you

8. Make changes in your life that eliminate negative energy (this could be people or places or things in your life)

9. Perform random acts of kindness

10. Give a few dollars to the person holding a sign that says help

11. Keep an appreciation or gratitude journal and write in it daily what you are happy for in your life and read it daily

12. Spend time with others who have a high vibration

13. Stay away from people who have a low vibration

14. Stay away from people who are negative, judgmental or critical

15. Go for a swim in a pool or ocean

16. Watch inspiring pictures or videos

17. Dance to your favorite song

18. Exercise to something that you enjoy doing

19. Smile at other people and watch their reaction

20. Ask yourself what you can do today to help someone else and do it

21. Light a candle or incense and relax by breathing it in

22. Meditate when you have time. This stops all negative thoughts

23. Go out into nature and be around nature and just be silent and observe

24. Listen to birds sing

25. Lay down in your grass and look at the sky and watch the clouds

26. Repaint a room in your home

27. Rearrange furniture in your home

28. Knock on a neighbor’s door and just say hello and ask them if they need anything

29. Offer to pay for an item for the person in front of you in a line at a grocery store

30. Open the door for someone entering a store that you are at

31. Give a bigger than normal tip to the waitress the next time you eat out

32. Write a thank you card and hand it to your child’s teacher to show gratitude

33. Write a small thank you card and mail it to everyone who is your friend thanking them for their friendship

34. Find a way to affect someone positively and do it

35. Thank the mailman the next time you see them for the job they do

36. Thank anyone you know for the work that they do

37. Hug your kids extra tightly tonight

38. Tell your spouse how much you love him/her and how happy you are that they are with you

39. Buy your dog or cat a special treat and let them splurge

40. Always send out a birthday card to someone you know

41. Buy flowers for your mom for no reason at all just to tell her you love her

42. Go on a walk with your family around the neighborhood

43. Pick up any trash you see in your neighborhood and throw it away

44. Volunteer in your child’s classroom one hour a week, if possible

45. Pay the toll for the person behind you if you are on a toll road

46. Do not engage in drama discussions (she said, he said, etc…)

47. Do not gossip and talk about others in a bad way

48. Call a friend up and invite him/her to lunch and tell him/her you miss them

49. Call up your sibling(s) and tell them you love them

50. Call your dad and tell him you love him and thank him for all he has given you

Fill your heart with happiness, joy and laughter by raising your energy vibration. Do what puts a smile on your face and what makes you feel good about yourself. Stay away from things that make you feel bad about yourself.

It really is that simple. There are so many different things that you can do to help raise your energy frequency and vibration. The bottom line is that you need to do what makes you feel good. If you are sad, upset, mad, or depressed, then this is a low vibrational frequency. It is up to you to raise it. Do not blame others for putting you in this lower vibrational state.

You are creators of your world. If someone or something is causing you to feel bad emotionally or is upsetting you, YOU need to make the change in your life. If you do not, you are giving them your power and now you are being controlled by them.  The time for separation and control are coming to an end.  You decide how you want to live, nobody else!

The time to stand in your light is now. You are in charge. And if you are in charge, and if your emotions reflect your thoughts, which they do, then you are the one that causes yourself to feel good or bad emotionally, nobody else. So what thoughts will you have, good ones or bad ones? What emotions will you have, good ones or bad ones? You are in charge.

Nobody can tell you or force you how to feel. And if someone makes you feel bad, it is time to reassess your situation with respect to that person. It may be better to love them from a distance. You are now going to be resonating people in your life that have your light resonance. If your light is a higher resonance than someone else’s, you may see this person dropping out of your life. That is OK.

You cannot afford to have a negative though or have negative vibrations at these times. You must stay in a high vibration given the higher energies that are coming in. Just do what makes you feel good. Just do what puts a smile on your face, what makes you laugh. Laughter is so important to raising your vibration. The more you laugh the better.

Find a way to dedicate yourself to happiness. Happiness is not given to you. Happiness comes from within. Be around happy, smiling, friendly people and watch your vibrations rise. It really is that easy. Any ending is really just the beginning. Do not be afraid of endings, even if this involves relationships that do not resonate with you.

So continue to raise your consciousness level and watch your life change for the better. Create your happy filled life.  You will feel better and you will literally create your own happiness, which will be your own heaven on Earth!


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  1. This is so beautiful!
    My friend, You are an incredible PURE soul in service to ALL.
    I wish the world would have more people like You.

    Be blessed, and continue spreading Love and Joy to the world!


  2. Hello Andrew,

    It seems that you’re so busy recently. I hope you’re doing fine there. By the way, I really love the examples that your Higher Self inserted in this topic for our kind references. Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading it! It made my heart sings~

    I’ll deeply appreciate if you (or your Higher Self) can also teach us more about the “Law of Giving and Receiving”. Cheers~^^


  3. Nice,nice,nice ,dear Andy:) So glad to read this and will make me even more happier to follow through with these beautiful suggestions:) With thanks and gratitude as always:)


  4. Hi Andy still loving all your postings – they are always so spot on and relevant. Love and blessings to you. Di Linden


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