My Higher Self: How to Handle the Upcoming Times

FutureThe upcoming times will cause a lot of releasing of emotions for the collective, and also individually. The energies are going to be more intense and you will see so much come up to the surface to be released.

You are already seeing this around the world and it will intensify in the times ahead. It is so important that you watch your thoughts going forward now. Do not engage in the drama that you may be a part of through your friends, family, or co-workers.

It may become easy to be swayed one way or another and to take sides. Hold your center. Be the center. There are no sides as we are all One. You are learning lessons from the choices you are making through the experiences of those choices.

Do not let what seems to be a crumbling world to others, based on what is coming up to be released for them, affect you. Do not be afraid or scared. As the energies are heightened, your manifestation abilities will also be heightened.

Thus, what you feel through your emotions will manifest for you much faster. If you feel you need to buy a gun to protect yourself, for example, then you are manifesting fear. It will be possible that the gun that you buy to protect yourself may be used by you or against you because of the fear that you are manifesting. Your thoughts will determine your reality more and more.

Do not manifest fear by being fearful. Fear is a very low vibration. You are co-creators with the Divine and the upcoming strong energies will allow your gift of co-creation to be stronger than it is in the third dimension. You are headed into the fifth and higher dimensions where manifestations occur very quickly. So be careful of what you are thinking of.

Do not have negative thoughts. Do not have fearful thoughts. Do not have hurtful, critical or judgmental thoughts. If these thoughts do come, do not engage in them. Just observe them like clouds in the sky and allow them to pass by. Understand also that when these thoughts come, you are releasing whatever you cannot take with you to the higher dimensions.

You are releasing that which is not for your highest and best good. The release may be from this lifetime or from past lifetimes. Allow the release to happen. Allow your ego to express itself and release whatever needs to be released. After the release, find your center and find the eye of the storm and remain calm.

Laughter will help so much in the upcoming times.  By laughing, you are increasing your consciousness and awareness level higher as a way to not be drawn into the drama and lower dimensional emotions and vibrations.

Laughter is one of the best things out there that you can do to raise your frequency vibration. You do not want to be in a lower vibration. Whatever you do, do not have thoughts that the world is ending or that the sky is falling.  Do not panic whatever you do!  You will literally create this for yourself as you are the creator of your world and you manifest what you feel.

This is part of your test, as it were, and you have already passed this test. Just stay strong and be happy in your center. This posting is not meant to scare you but to give you conscious awareness of what you may see in the upcoming times and how to respond to these potential timeline possibilities, which are now high probabilities based on the current collective consciousness level in this NOW.

It has to happen as the collective consciousness has been riddled with war and hate and darkness for thousands of years.  And now the times are here where it will disappear.  So it must come up to the surface for release.  Just watch and observe and do not engage.  Treat the upcoming times as a movie and have your popcorn ready.  What will you view the movie as, a comedy or a tragedy?

You are creating your reality and the collective is creating the collective reality. Do not let any event or another person control your emotions. You are the master of your emotions and you must find your inner peace. A lot of people are having a hard time releasing and are clinging on to their ego based third world realities.

But the Divine decree has been made that we are leaving the lower dimensions and thus all of the negative stuff must be released. All of it will be released. Disclosure is happening and it will spread. The truth must come out. This will lead to other things that will spread and like a domino, all the blocks will fall taking the third dimensional reality with it. You want this to happen.

This is nothing bad. This is good. With every ending, there is a new beginning. You have the best seat in the house as you will witness the transition to the new higher dimensional world. Everyone in the higher realms is watching in anticipation and joy. It will happen, believe it!  And you will be needed to anchor your beautiful light to all the souls that are lost, confused and frightened.

They will not know what is going on initially. You will be needed to help guide and transition these souls by spreading and grounding your light as Lightworkers. This will help calm them down and eliminate fear. This is a collective effort as humanity is ascending. These are glorious times and you should be happy and not scared that the third dimension will no longer exist on Mother Earth in the way it is now.

Do not be judgmental of others when you see disclosure. Remember we are all One and each soul has agreed to take and play their part, light or dark. Love them unconditionally and thank them for their service to humanity. They have taught lessons to so many, including you.

Remember that there are no bad choices, just lessons that are taught through the experiences of those choices. Earth is a learning school and everyone is learning different lessons to help evolve their soul.  You are all pieces of a master puzzle.  The puzzle needs all the pieces to make a complete puzzle.

Thus, honor each student, regardless of your perception of what they may have done or not done, especially if your perception of them is bad. Each soul learns at a different pace. Everyone has a different perception so do not judge anyone based on their role on Earth.

The best thing to do is to stay happy and observe and find your center. Do not get involved. Focus on your own personal release and ascension and you will have an easy transition.

Do not worry about others and what they have done, who they have hurt, etc… Stay away from all of that drama and focus only on you, as you are the only one in charge of you. You cannot change others and they cannot change you.

You are not in charge of them and they are not in charge of you.  You are powerful beings of light, you are so loved and you are guided at all times. Soon, you will have heaven on Earth.  So hold the vision and hold the light and prepare yourself to go home.  You are already there!


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  1. On my gosh! This is perfect timing considering a drunken family member showed up on my porch at 2 am swearing and screaming at me. I stayed detached as if it was a dream, then I thanked her and she went away! Wow, thank you thank you, thank you Andy, you seem to always say what soothes my soul! God bless you!


  2. Hey Andy
    Heartfelt thanks for helping us all with these words of guidance and encouragement as they are very much needed now. The start of my awakening began five years ago and the last 3 years have been so testing that I can only say that my Angels and guides must have been working overtime to keep me here! Recently confusion and rocky foundations threatened to pull me down again and as usual I asked for guidance and I am always guided to help and saefty! I believe in one form or another this has been a similar story for must of us but what we have in common now that we didn’t really have in the past is that we know now that we are not alone, never have been and never shall be! Just a few more pieces of the puzzle need to be put into place…… and I thank you for your words and intentions of love and healing that I can see are helping so many including myself. Love and blessings to you and all your loved ones too.


    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words Marisa. We ALL are almost home. Hang in there and keep smiling and shinimg your light. Blessings and love to you and your loved ones…


  3. Going Home……Yes,finally:) I mean our real HOME,that’s the focal point for me and I am definitely looking forward to it:) This Earth school is rather too long and the tests are just grueling,but when I came to the realization that ,hey it’s just a school and not the real place I am going to BE,it made me jump with joy.I am learning very important lessons in this school,making a lot of good friends and giving it my best shot:) I should say that I am making steady progress and am happy with my place that I am in.No other words come to my mind right now dear friend,Andy to express my gratitude for your wonderful posts other than a big heartfelt THANK YOU:) Thanks for lighting the way for us:)


    1. Such wonderful comments. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! You are such a beautiful soul. Bealive it or not, you also light the way. More than you know. I am so happy and blessed to know you Roopa. So many blessings and so much love to you Roopa…


      1. Thanks dear friend,Andy:) That means a lot to me coming from you:) I am so blessed also to know you and get so much divine insights and wisdom from your loving,inspiring messages:) Heartfelt thanks for your unconditional love and service to everyone in this journey:)


  4. Enjoy reading your postings. Keep my spirit rising up each time and happiness takes control over it all. Thank you so much Andy. Love and Blessings to you.


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