My Higher Self: Your Awareness and Priorities Are Shifting

PictureAt these times, there are huge changes that are occurring in your bodies due to the huge influx of energies on Mother Earth. These include your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

These changes are necessary for you to adjust to the higher energy levels and higher dimensions that you are heading into. You may feel more tired. You may feel that you want nothing to do with the third dimension anymore.

You may ask yourself why you are here and what your role is. You may not want to go to work anymore. You may get easily upset and emotional at just about anything and have wild mood emotional swings.

You will notice things and people who will cause you to feel that they no longer resonate with you. People that are critical and judgmental or negative will get you really upset. Your relationships with spouses may come to boiling points. The food that you eat may be changing as meat may seem less appetizing.

You will start to do things that you really like doing, things that resonate with you, even if these things do not make an income for you. You may feel that you have no time in the day and ask where the time went. You may see nothing being done by you, with bills not getting paid on time, or cars not being repaired when needed.

You may lose your appetite or see yourself eating everything in the fridge. Or quite simply, you may feel that you do not belong here and start questioning why you are here. There are so many other things and emotions that you may be feeling. It is okay to feel any, some, or all of these things.

Let all of this come to the surface. You are cleansing and preparing all of your bodies for release. Remember that the third dimension is leaving Mother Earth. As such, all of these things do not resonate with you because they cannot be taken with you to the higher dimensions. So be happy that you are feeling any of these things.

You are releasing and cleansing. The reason that it may feel awkward and why you may feel like you are a different person is because you have been so use to this third dimensional world. You are used to paying bills, going to work, making money and having a routine. Now it may feel that you are lost, sort of out there with no direction or understanding what in the world is going on.

And to complicate things, time just seems to fly by and everything seems to be delayed that normally was on time. Again, you are cleansing and your body is adjusting to the new energies. There is nothing wrong with you if these things are happening to you. All is well and you are just adjusting as is your body. This will pass.

This is part of the release and adjustment that must occur to adjust you to the higher dimensional energies. You may want to call these feelings and awkward experiences ascension symptoms. They will continue and intensify as the energies continue to increase. However, it will get better and you will adjust. These may be viewed as adjustment and release periods where cleansing is done. You are literally cleansing things that do not serve your highest and best good.

You are cleansing things that are third dimensional that no longer resonate with your new light level. You are also fining out more about yourself at these times. You will use your intuition more. You will feel more and your gut feeling will make decisions along with what feels right to you from the heart, and not what others tell you is right for you.

As such, you must release and let all of this go. Your ego wants to keep it and you may see yourself fighting to let go. That is OK. Observe your thought as clouds floating in the sky and flow into the energies. Do not worry or be anxious or have stress. Go out for a walk in nature to help calm you down and always remember to breathe slowly, hold for three seconds, and exhale slowly. This will pass and your body will adjust and you will adjust.

It is so important that you watch your thoughts during this adjustment period. Do not engage in any drama. Always stay positive and do not have any negative thoughts. If you do, do not engage in the thoughts. Allow them to just pass by like clouds. The planetary shift has occurred and now it is time to take your rightful place as a powerful being of light that you are.

You came here for this reason and you will be successful, no matter how hard things may appear to be to you. Remember that you are finally and permanently releasing everything from all past lifetimes that you carried with you in your energy field that does not serve your highest and best good. Most of you have been incarnated many, many times.

Thus, the harder things seem to you now, the more you are releasing. If things get really hard for you, ask the angels and Arch Angels and your spirit guides for help. They are there. They want to help. But you have free will and you must ask for their help. They will help you cope with this transition and bring you more calmness and peace in this process. Just know that it will pass and wonderful times are ahead.

Linear time will eventually disappear and it is definitely speeding up now. Do you feel it? It is happening and you are not imagining it. Do you feel surges of energies in your bodies sometimes? Do your ears buzz when you lie down? There are so many different things that are happening. Remember to stay calm and just go with the flow.

Do not fight to go back to the way you were used to doing things. Allow the change to happen. Drink lots and lots of water and try to get a lot of rest. Your physical body is also changing to crystalline from carbon based to accommodate more light. Your immortality is upon you. Just a few more bumpy roads and it will be smooth sailing home. And home is where the heart is!


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  1. Dear Andrew,
    Yes, because we are the Light workers living in the 5th Dimension and 3rd is for us to face all the Time….
    Beautifully explained….
    Love & Blessings…


  2. Andy…..I would write this myself…you are like my twin….I write for a site called occasionally…I have no time….none….everything is a wink and a blink 🙂  Hugs,  Sherry



  3. Great post dear Andy….Indeed many of the things you mentioned has already happened to me.. I have noticed some changes… and I know for several months ago.. Who I am.. and Why I’m here… I go with the flow… and I’m sure many of us want to be back Home…but we still have some job to do here before that Journey to Home… Lot of ♥ ☼ and chocohugs !!!


  4. In the gentle inner spaces
    The mind can built many castles,
    rivers and dreams.
    And they all come with wonderful feelings.
    Go beyond the castles and dreams into the real magic.
    Form, life all made of bliss saturated with the greatest feeling of all: Love
    Unlimitted, personal, alive,
    inside the meditation and more and more outside too.
    Gradeually the outside follows the inside of consciousness.

    I AM building The Cosmic Bridge of love and compassion. I am choosing love and purity,
    I am awakening to the sacred journey of the heart, and I choose power and peace. Wherever I see refuse, I choose to transmute through the power of love.
    I AM a Cosmic traveler.
    So Ham Hangsa Om.


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