My Higher Self: What an Energy Healing May Do For You

HealingEnergy healings are an excellent way to release emotions that do not serve your highest and best good that you may be consciously or subconsciously holding on to. This may include emotional, mental or traumatic things that you are holding on to in this lifetime or past lifetimes.

You have all had many, many lifetime experiences and you have all learned many lessons and have been through so many different experiences based on the choices you have made. Sometimes things have not been resolved in a prior life with relatives or other people or situations.

Thus, you may be subconsciously holding on to hurt feelings or pain or resentment from a past lifetime that you may not be aware of. This too must be released into the light as the energies are now intensifying.

These things will definitely come up for you as they cannot go with you into the higher consciousness realms that you are now moving into. The energy healing will help identify these things for you so that you can heal yourself.

Energy healings help you better understand yourself. They help you identify things that you need to release and heal for yourself.  The healings will not heal you per se. The energy healing may eliminate your pain and discomfort physically. They may even eliminate diseases and things that have affected you your entire life.

However, for this to happen, you need to have learned the lesson that the situation that you are in has taught you. Energy healings are designed to help you awaken into spirituality. With an energy healing, you may envision ascended masters during the energy healing or angelic beings or places, faces, or shapes.

You may feel intense or subtle heat or coldness or see colors or hear sounds. Everyone is different with their energy healing experience. The more refined an energy healer’s energy is, the better the energy healing will be for you as you will better understand what you may need to do to heal yourself. The time is now for all of the negativity and pain, and everything holding you back, to be released and transmuted into the light.

This can be accomplished by the violet flame. The violet flame will transmute all of your transgressions that no longer serve you. A good energy healer will use the violet flame to help you release things that no longer serve your best interest and help you heal.  Mother / Father God has given everyone dispensation and grace to remove and release their karma at this time.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

A good energy healer can help you to release your past karma as well as help you cut any existing cords or attachments that you may have from this life or past lives that do not serve your highest and best good. An energy healing will allow you to better forgive yourself and others for any transgressions that you feel you have made or have been made to you or your loved ones by others.

Remember that we are all One and there is no separation. You must forgive everyone that has caused you any pain or suffering, regardless of what was done. If you do not forgive, you are holding this back and you are suppressing that pain and hurt. This cannot be and cannot be taken into the higher consciousness levels as all the higher dimensions are love based dimensions.

Earth is a learning school and you are here to learn and to grow and develop your soul. Learn the lessons and let go of the emotions associated with the lessons. Emotions that you carry and do not want to let go of are ego driven as they cause pain, judgment and separation. An energy healing will allow you to better see this so that you can heal this part of yourself.

There are emotional and mental issues that are blocking the collective consciousness and individuals right now causing you and the collective from progressing into the higher realms and dimensions. Energy healings will help expedite this for you. Energy healings will help you understand a situation that may be bothering you and give you clarity on how to move forward.

This will thus give you closure and perspective and you will again grow and develop. Energy healings will allow you to better understand yourself and make you more spiritual. The more spiritual you are, the higher your consciousness and energy level you carry. The higher these energy levels are, the more that is released and the closer you come to cleansing all of the stuff that is attached to you that you need to let go of.

Energy healings do work but they do not create miracles for everyone. Miracles can occur but only if the lesson from what needs to be released has been learned. An energy healing can do this and karma can be released and attachments and cords can thus be severed. Energy healings are a wonderful way to move your life forward.

They can give you clarity, peace and allow you to find that heart centered space. And once you see yourself healed, your new light resonance will shine on others. When this happens, you are affecting the people who you come in contact with and thus brightening and lighting their day. And they will do this to the people they come in contact with, etc.

Thus, a good energy healing can make such a difference to so many people. But you have to believe in the energy healing. Your energy field is like a home. The energy healer cannot enter your home unless you invite the energy healer in. You must trust the energy healer and believe in your heart that the energy healer will help you.

You cannot block the energies by your fear or lack of belief. If you do feel the energies from the energy healer after the energy healing, then know that the energies have been absorbed by your body. If the energies have been absorbed, they will do for you what is in your highest and best good; regardless of what you feel needs to be healed. The energies know you better than you know yourself.

And in these times as things are coming to the surface to be dealt with and released, everyone can use an energy healing. Nobody is immune given the multiple lives you all have lived in the past. So go out there and find a good energy healer who will help you and see how much better you will feel. By the way, I am partial to an energy healer who is typing up this posting, my lower embodiment, Andy Bojarski. 


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  1. This post was very informative. It helps me to understand just how an energy healing works. I have been reading your posts on “My Higher Self”, and am really enjoying the love that flows through your words. I look forward to receiving my healing! Thank you Andy 🙂


    1. Hi Marianne, I am sorry for the late response. I have approximately 300 healing requests or so but I am doing this full time now. I did respond on Skype and I look forward to connecting with you. Sending you lots of love and so many blessings… 🙂


  2. Beautiful post,wonderful message,Andy:) I can’t wait to get one from you,a loving,selfless energy healer:) I am totally looking forward to releasing a lot of unwanted energies and emotions during the healing process:) Thanks again,Friend:)


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