My Higher Self: Understanding Reflection and Perception

ReflectionHowever you perceive others, this is always a reflection of you. And how you respond and react to others will be your own awareness of yourself. Understanding this concept will allow you to better release emotions and built up anger, hurt, resentment, hurt feelings, or anything that you may be suppressing inside.

The time for release is now. This is why you are seeing so much anger and emotions coming out to be released, individually and collectively. All of the stuff that you do not like about other people is stuff that you do not like about yourself. It is all coming up to be released.

Every time you get into an argument with someone, and you see the other person being mean to you or saying hurtful things, this is you releasing these things that are inside of you. When there are no more arguments, no more negativity from others towards you, then you have released all you need to release.

Understand that you are not only releasing things from this lifetime, but also things from past lifetimes. That is why this lifetime is your hardest lifetime. Everything is being released permanently that you cannot take into the higher dimensions. It may feel like anything that anyone does gets you mad.

You may feel that if you say anything to someone, then that person gets mad. You may feel that you are tormented by all of these angry emotions and are always down and upset. This is part of the release. Whenever you see something in others that you do not like, that is a reflection of you that you are releasing. What will happen is that once you release this, your energy will no longer resonate with that person’s energy.

You will release this because your soul will tell you that you do not resonate with that person. You will simply feel that you have no attraction to the other person’s resonance. You will no longer be around people that are angry, people that are mean, people that say hurtful things, etc… Like will then attract like and you will resonate things that are more of a reflection of your true I AM Presence; this being love based.

You will find people that are nice, courteous, loving supportive, etc… The hard part is going through this process of seeing yourself in others, Seeing YOU. It is not easy to see the real you. The real you that may have suppressed all of this pain, anger, hurt, frustration, separation, fear, need, greed, etc. over lifetimes. Now you are releasing. This is the hard part.

The letting it all go. Your ego will fight to keep it and you may feel that you are on a roller coaster ride with your emotions. Stay calm and be in the center of the storm. If someone does not resonate with you because of how they act or what they say or how they treat you or others, accept that this is you releasing these things.  Remember that you lived dark lives too and experienced everything in past lives, the good and not so good.

Then, release the person or situation and move on. If that person was meant to be in your life, they will come back when their resonance has returned to match your resonance with respect to energy. Remember that every soul is evolving at their own pace and some souls may have not yet learned the lessons that you have learned. Allow them their space to grow, even if this means that it will be at a lower consciousness level.

Respect their growth and do not engage in yelling or name calling. You need to stay calm and just observe the part of you that is coming out for release through the other person. Just observe, acknowledge and be happy that it is finally out on the surface to be released. Nobody else can do this for you. No energy healing will remove this for you. An energy healing may give you guidance on what needs to be released but the release needs to come from you.

That is why you came here. You know all of this subconsciously. But you must be strong and allow this process to occur. Allow the release to occur. Look yourself in the mirror by looking at someone else. The more you dislike that person and their habits and traits, the more of yourself you are seeing in these habits and traits. No release it and watch your life become lighter.

That person now will not be a part of your life, unless they resonate later at the same energy level as yours. Love them from a distance.  And how you respond and react to others will be your own awareness of yourself.  When you have awareness that this other person is reflecting you with your traits and habits, you then have release, as you are now aware of what you do not like.

If you do this without engaging in negative emotions and not defending and judging and criticizing, your forward growth progress with respect to releasing will be so much smoother. So understand that if it seems that everything is crumbling in your life, it is just releasing and cleansing. Remember, you came here to do this, you came here to experience this, and you came here to ascend. You know this subconsciously and you also know that this would not be easy.

But when all is said and done, you would not have missed this for the world. You are ready and you have prepared for so many lifetimes for this. Let go of everything that you were holding on to from all of your past lifetimes and release yourself.  Shed yourself of everything that does not serve your highest and best good and find that bright light that you are. You are so loved and so supported. Find your I AM Presence and find your true Self!


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  1. Andy,the message totally resonates with me cos I am exactly in the midst of a huge storm now and is hurting more than ever:) Makes me feel a little bit better that I could leave this situation and it would be o.k:) Thanks again for all you do:)


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