My Higher Self: How to Move Forward From a Stuck Relationship

BreakupThe times are here where your decisions need to be based upon your intuition.  You are all releasing those things that are not for your best and highest good.  As the energies are increasing, especially with the upcoming eclipse, your higher self will be prompting you to release relationships that you are not comfortable with.

You will see that certain people in your life do not resonate at your energy level.  You will need to decide how to deal with these relationships.  Trust your intuition, and trust your heart.  You are now at a level where you will be making decisions that feel right to you and not what you have been taught is the norm or what others tell you that you should do.

It is time for you to become empowered and stand in your light and stand in your truth.  If a relationship does not make you happy and seems to bring you down, that is your higher-self informing you that you may need to reassess that relationship.  You should not allow anyone to control you or tell you how you should feel, especially through fear or manipulation.  You do not have to stay in a relationship that is bringing you down.

Yes, it may be hard to let go of a relationship.  However, after every ending is a new beginning.  And a new beginning is always better than continuing in a relationship that is causing your light to fade which causes you to be stuck in a lower dimension.  You cannot allow this happen.  You must release all that does not serve your highest and best good with respect to all of your relationships.  You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness.

Each person is responsible for their own happiness.  If you are not happy in a relationship, find another one that will make you happy.  You are now starting to resonate with people who have your energy levels and as a result, you are seeing so many breakups and divorces at these times.  There is so much coming up to the surface to be released.  Do not worry that you can’t break up with someone because you will hurt them.

Subconsciously, that person knows that there is an energy vibration difference and that person will adjust.  If they were truly meant to be with you, they will come back into your life when the energy resonance has been matched to your energy resonance.  Love them from a distance.  The current energies will bring all of this up to the surface for you whether you want them to or not.  Do not be afraid of these relationships that may be ending for you.

Do not cling to something that does not serve your highest and best good.  Do not depend on someone to take care of you.  You are capable of taking care of yourself.  And if that relationship ends for you, you will feel better and you will attract another relationship that suits your higher energy vibration, as like attracts like.  By doing this and releasing a relationship that has come to an end, you are allowing yourself to be lighter and you will feel happier.

You will feel as if you are freed from your cage.  Remember that nobody can control you and nobody should be dictating to you what to do and how to feel.  Nobody should be criticizing or judging you or hurting you with words.  Those days of bondage and control are coming to an end and you must now stand in your light and release these shackles that no longer fit your arms and legs.  Remember that you are a beautiful being of light that is loved by so many.  You do not belong to anyone and nobody owns you.

You will always know if a relationship is right for you by how you feel.  Do you feel loved by the person you are with?  Does the person you are with makes you feel good inside?  Do you want to be with this person?  If you are having doubts as to the answers, it may be time to reconsider this relationship.  If you are feeling you should not be in a relationship with someone, then it may be time to make a move and release that relationship.

If it is time to sever the relationship, do not make any excuses as to why you should stay.  Kids and financial circumstances may be the two biggest reasons why people stay with someone and never leave. That is allowing another soul to control you.  You are giving your power to that person and nobody has power over you.  If you are being treated bad with disrespect and feel that you are hurting inside, then you must release that relationship and leave.

Try to remove the emotions from this decision and make the change that you need.  Remember that you are never alone and you have help and are always guided by your higher self.  The harder something may seem to you, the greater the growth you will have spiritually, and the greater freedom that you will feel.  So whether you are ready or not, the upcoming energies will force a lot of changes in you with respect to your relationships in your life.

Be ready and stay calm and try to not become emotional and critical and judgmental of the other person in the relationship.  That person is also releasing and learning at the same time and you are not the only one that is going through these changes.  Honor the other person for the lessons they have taught you with this release and move toward your light and stand in your I AM Presence.

You agreed to be here before you incarnated and agreed that this would happen and now the time is here.  You are prepared and guided.  Just stand your ground and release it and release the relationship that is not serving your best interest.  Remember, nobody should be telling you what to do or telling you how to feel.  You will always know inside whether the relationship is good for you or not.  Then act on your feelings and move in your light and release.


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  1. Dear Andy,You have no idea how much this message is speaking to me cos I am at an extremely difficult time right now and this message was a real knock on my head to literally shake me to go ahead and move on with my life as my higher SELF had always urged me to do so.I have indeed given myself all the excuses in the words,KIds,financial responsibilities,family prestige,you name it……..Looks like I needed this today to just STOP thinking so much and actually DOING something about it:) So,you’re an energy healer,counselor,spiritual psychic,what else,Friend???? Keep it coming,wayshower:)


    1. Thanks Roopa. Don’t you ever forget who you are as well. You are so loved and light is very strong and powerful. Believe it young lady. Blessings and love to you…


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